The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On Faith
III. Witnessing

1. Witnessing

Witnessing should be preceded by heart; to witness you should have so strong an emotion that you become a heartistic magnet who can draw the minds of all people.

Witnessing is like creating a second self. It would be no problem if you dedicate as much heart as a mother does to nourish and care for her newborn baby.

Have you ever heard the groaning and wailing of many people trapped in the tomb of Satan? And have you ever felt righteous indignation to liberate them?

There are many who want to save good people, but few who want to raise bad and pitiful people so that they may become good and happy people. Since sinful history has lasted for 6,000 years, you must spend at least six months dedicating your heart in raising each person you have found.

Who are the persons who will cry out in my place, inheriting my desire to visit all corners of this land and cry out?

After you are sent by God, don't make Him worry about you but become the person who can make Him say, "I can have you go quickly in my place." This is the glory of the earth.

You must always be determined to explode with your body upon your area and make a foundation of service there worthy of inviting Heaven.

Now is the time when fallen man's loud cry for help and salvation resounds throughout heaven and earth. Unless you can hear that cry, you cannot penetrate to the heart of restoration.

You must feel such sensitivity toward your witnessing area that your bones and flesh are melted. When you are about to speak on a stage, begin with this heartistic prayer: "Father, I am sorry that such an unworthy person as myself should speak." Don't be self-centered but regard yourself as a soldier of God, delivering messages from Him.

Witnessing results depend 40 percent on the spirit world, 30 percent on one's understanding of the Divine Principle, and 30 percent on one's practice.

In your witnessing area, you must have the conviction that you can confidently launch a competition of loyalty toward God by gathering all the residents and all the spirit men who lived there.

To climb a tall tree, you must start from the bottom, which is usually dirty and muddy. Likewise, to restore a town or city, you must begin with solving the most miserable situation of that place.

Be resolved to bring back even a handful of soil from the place where you shed your sweat and tears.

Those who do much work for God in this God-given period will receive many blessings from Him. just as one's school records follow him throughout his life, your merits in this one period will follow you for eternity.

Embrace many people from all walks of life, so that one day they may support your activities. You will find it necessary.

Find and educate three men with whom you can go over the hills of life-and-death situations.

The secret of witnessing to a person is to see him often with your eyes, talk to him often with your mouth, listen to him often with your ears, be concerned about him often with your heart, and give him much.

What is important is "myself." When I go someplace for witnessing, do I go as a "beggar", a "bystander" or a "master?" That is the question. Clearly know that you go witnessing not in order to be taken care of but in order to take care of people.

If you convey God's words to someone only with the intention to utilize him in some way, you will never be able to establish the standard of the "Way." Give what you have to others with your sincere heart.

When you, witness in your area and find a pitiful man there, you must be full of the heart to shed tears for him and to give something to him. If you witness and pray with this kind of heart, God will sympathize with you.

Don't fool around. If you do, the time will come when you will regret it bitterly in tears.

Don't say you can't do it. If you think you can't, then even force yourself to do it.

There is always a way. just look for it.

"Don't bother doing any work!" Doesn't this mean that you are unnecessary? There are no words more fearful than these.

"I do not exist. I was already lost because of sin, so I must bury 'myself'." Go with this kind of attitude.

Before you deplore your inability to gain results in witnessing, you must first check if your mind and body are united and if you are God's substantial object to benefit all people.

To lay your foundation, you should pour out all your sincere effort. To do this, you should: (1) give God's words, (2) set the example of the words through your character and deeds, (3) make such bonds of heart with others that they will want to tell you everything about themselves, (4) leave them as many unforgettable memories of life of faith as possible, (5) have them work as hard as you have worked for them, and, (6) make them your representatives.

When your witnessing result is not satisfactory, don't get disappointed but continue to prepare. Until your chance comes, pour out all your sincerity and yearn for good people with your true heart.

When you feel uneasy, be silent and make plans. If you cannot be successful even after that, it may be necessary for you to make totally different plans.

If you want to save all men, you have to understand their circumstances. In witnessing to people, you yourself should go to see them instead of telling them to come.

Blessed families must always be ready to be called out. If I command them to cross the Pacific Ocean, they must do so even knowing that they might die by doing so.

How many tears have you shed to love and save people? Without true sacrifice you cannot truly give life to men.

In witnessing, begin with your relatives and friends. Years ago, you visited them to take blessings from them, but now you do so to give blessings to them. Therefore, they will not oppose us.

In witnessing to someone, listen to him thoroughly and be concerned with all his problems. Only after that should you talk to him about your situation.

Witnessing is an act of engrafting. In witnessing to someone, therefore, you should have common elements with him and eliminate all of the conflicting elements. You can begin witnessing to him after he desires to reveal to you all his circumstances and secrets that he cannot talk about even with his parents and his spouse.

Don't have regret, even though there is no result after you have worked with all your sincere effort. Since God's work must progress and develop, your wholehearted work may develop only after enduring ten or twenty years.

Even when you work in a place outside of the Church, you should have such a heart that you can pray to God: "Let me manage to broaden your foundation here."

Only when you have such a heart that you don't want your guests to go home and that you want to give them all that you have, can you succeed in witnessing to and reviving them.

Any religion which aims solely at self-salvation will certainly perish. We should be saved together with all mankind.

If you witness to people with good ancestors, the merits of those ancestors will be connected to you, even though your own ancestors may not have had as much merit.

If you witness to the lowest people as though they were the highest, God will be impressed with you.

Even if only we Family members are ignited, this nation will turn toward the dispensation. We must regard this land as our own land, this people as our own families, and act as a Moses and Caleb for this nation.

When going to bed, you must pray that God may forgive you for resting before you were able to accomplish His Will to restore mankind and to serve mankind enough.

When did you ever convey God's words at the risk of your life? If you appeal to the problems, heart and desire of the person you talk to by revealing God's situation to him, he will be moved.

When you witness to someone about God, a three-level relationship of God, yourself and that person is realized. Thus you are energized.

My wish is to see the day when this nation and the world will cry together with me.

The life of God is such that He embraces the world in His heart.

For one hour of witnessing you should pray three hours. Before visiting a person you should shed tears. God works with those who shed tears.

Only when you care for your guest so intensely that you don't want him to go home, even late at night, can your witnessing be successful. If you want him to go home soon, it will not be successful. If you want to give everything to him, the more he will be drawn to you. If you pray for him in the night without sleep, he will come to visit you in the night without sleep.

Make a point of witnessing to your relatives and friends. If you do not do this while on earth, you will never be freed from their accusation.

Check whether you narrowed or widened the gate of heaven for those who joined the Will later than you did.

Suppose that you become spiritually wounded on the front line of witnessing. If because of this you retreat without God's permission, you will never be able to get well. You should go out to the front line again and determine to volunteer for a place many times worse than the previous one.

When your conscience bothers you and yet you don't do any work, you will become ill.

Those who joined the Unification Church and never witnessed will become mute in the spiritual world.

God sends you out for witnessing so that you may pay indemnity. Thus, He does this out of grace. If you have good ancestors then Satan cannot block your way. If Satan blocks your way, he will have to pay indemnity for you. Thus, even Satan helps you.

When you subjugate three people who oppose you, the rest of your witnessing will become easy.

When one gets up to a high place, he has to come down again. If he cannot come down on his own then he can come down to a humble position through his spiritual children.

Can't we who are to unify this world even fill this small church?

First, witnessing; second, witnessing; and third, witnessing.

Even cattle can discern poisonous grass and keep away from it. They can also sense where the slaughterhouse is. How much more should men be able to distinguish a place of life from a place of death.

When you pour your heart out to someone whom you wish to save and he does not respond, all of his blessings and merits will be transferred to you.

If you cannot do witnessing, your path will be blocked.

Jesus, too, walked the course of the cross by discarding the environment of his family life, his position as a son, and his desire, after he started on the path of the gospel.

Don't disregard people. If you treat your visitors carelessly, your way will be blocked.

He who can respond to the heart of a messenger rather than to the message itself becomes a family member of God.

Convey the Will of God to others with your whole heart so that they may accept it with their whole heart.

After you scold someone, pray for him. This is the way you can cope with and pass through the situation.

Have concern and love for people.

In our movement, to witness by the Principle is the means of seeking love.

Our goal of fighting at the risk of our lives is to find righteous people. How can we make them heavenly figures who can survive?

You will perish if you give something to others with ridicule. You have to give with tears.

The sorrow of history is that those who have do not give, and that those who have learned do not teach and show.

When in your activity of conveying the Will of God you have to sleep outdoors, making a bed with your overcoat on a mountain, say to yourself, "Ah! I have become a wonderful movie actor. The day will come sometime when people will see this film and cry."

Your Divine Principle lecture should cry out in God's place to reveal His internal situation. Worry about how your heart is more than how your lecture itself is.

Blessed families must certainly do witnessing on Sundays.

There should be a difference between the time when you were engaged in activities centered on yourselves and when you followed me loyally in the past. When you followed, you restored a certain spiritual standard. But now is the time when you multiply after your inheritance.

You have to witness to at least three spiritual children, in a year.

If a criminal is told that if he does not witness to three spiritual children every month he will be executed, then can he not do the task? Even we are in the sphere of natural execution because we will have to die some time in the future.

If you have three fiercely hostile opponents, one person will certainly come to your side.

Business should be done as a condition for witnessing.

2. Spiritual Children

Unless you have three spiritual children, your seven-year course becomes void.

You become a public person through your spiritual children.

Don't be overly concerned with relationships with brothers and sisters until after you have raised three spiritual children. If you raise three spiritual children, you will be able to become like a family.

You are very fortunate and should be grateful that you can have spiritual children at a younger age than I did.

In order to give life to spiritual children, you must make your own children endure hardships. In order to give life to this nation, the Unification Church members should undergo hardships.

Before you can enter Heaven, You must go through a ceremony in which your three spiritual children offer you gold, frankincense and myrrh. Those without three spiritual children face a difficulty.

Your three spiritual children are conditional objects which are equivalent to three offerings to God. Without three spiritual children, therefore, you will not be restored to God.

You must have at least three spiritual children of yours blessed in holy matrimony before you yourself can advance to the position of parenthood. Therefore, it is imperative that you raise three spiritual children.

You can love your own children only after raising three spiritual children.

If your spiritual children fully serve your own baby when it is still in the womb, restoration through indemnity will be fully realized and Satan will be fully cut off from the lineage of your family.

Originally each person should raise three spiritual children before conceiving his own children. Thus the former should fully serve the latter while the latter are in the womb. Only in this way can he have physical children who can go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

There were three archangels who were to serve Adam. In order to have their position restored, you should raise three spiritual children who serve your own children while they are in the womb. Thus, your spiritual children should be absolutely obedient to you.

Your three spiritual children should (1) have the heart that they can go to a place of death in your place, and (2) serve your physical children, who are in the Abel position, from the time of conception until the time of marriage. Only then can your family be completely free from Satan's accusation.

To God, three spiritual children vertically signify Adam-Jesus-Lord of the Second Advent, and horizontally, Cain-Abel-Seth, Shem-Ham-Japeth, and Abraham-Isaac-Jacob.

Even Jesus, after losing his three spiritual children, fell to the position of fallen Adam and was pulled down to the satanic world. Thus, he had to be tested by Satan.

Through the experience of having loved your spiritual children, you have to educate your own children.

If Jesus' disciples had died with him, God would have resurrected them prior to him. Then Jesus would not have had to ascend to heaven but would have established the spiritual four position foundation to do his work on earth with the Holy Spirit. The appalling bloodshed of Christian martyrs would have been avoided, and the Will would have been quickly accomplished. The three disciples were Jesus' spiritual children.

God visits those children who shed tears for Him.

No matter how ugly your mother may be, she is your only mother.

The greatest gift to God is to find fallen children and report to Him about them.

The restoration of three spiritual children means: (1) the spiritual restoration of the three archangels, (2) the absolute condition to determine the position of a parent, and (3) the absolute condition to raise your physical children up to the perfectly victorious position.

Those who joined the Unification Church later should compensate for the betrayal of those earlier members who left the Church.

Can you give your spiritual children the highest place you ever enjoyed?

Although you gave birth to three spiritual children, you have to be able to raise them one by one. Otherwise, you will not be able to expect heartistic unity,

You must invest your utmost sincerity in one person.

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