The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On Faith
I. The Church and Church Life

1. The Church

The Church is the training ground for life in Heaven.

When you feel like coming to the Church, you should come. If you don't come, you should at least either see Family members or witness to other people. Otherwise, you will feel depressed spiritually.

The reason you feel uneasy or feel like crying in the Church is that you are expecting a circumcision of heart.

Don't ever treat guests coldly who come to your church.

Three or more people should watch over a church at night, for no one knows what command of Heaven may be issued at any moment.

In our Church, there are some who seem in the position of the highest glory and others who must bear the cross of the world in the worst position. Therefore, the church is the place where all kinds of people are gathered who must help and guide one another.

You should know that when you joined the Unification Church, you brought with you the historical blessing (accomplishments) of your ancestors. But if you should leave the Church, you would leave these blessings behind. So, remain until the end in order to receive God's final blessing.

The term "Family" will never disappear even after ages and generations pass. Therefore, true Family members should go over the cross not only on the national level but on the worldwide level. In our Church we call ourselves Family members now because we are destined to go over the cross on the worldwide level.

Don't speak of the Church as if you were an outsider. Don't observe God from a distance, but feel that you are with Him.

The Church is our home and our core family. In order for the core family to become good, its branch families must become good first.

You should feel like visiting the Church early in the morning.

Our Family members are the advertisements of the Church and of God.

The time of worship service is the time of fighting to cut off Satan's chains and lead ourselves to the heavenly side. It is a most serious time in which we re-dedicate our hearts in order to revive our lives. In light of this, you should absolutely be punctual in attending worship service. If you are careless in this matter, your blessing will be taken away.

Since you are called "Family members," you should go beyond a sense of self-centered ownership. In your relationship among yourselves everything is owned in Heavenly Father's name and shared by Him with each one of you. Because I do not think my body belongs to me, I can do anything when I am commanded by God.

When you have meetings, have much time for testimonies and reports.

If you go to a place of blessing, you feel that it is like a day of spring. Where a new movement sprouts, it is spring.

You have to think of your church life before living your private life. You have to work with the determination to shed blood for the public in order to become a loyal subject of God.

If someone's sacrifice can give life to the whole, everyone should follow that person's way to be a Family member.

Are there young men and women in the Unification Church who can put up the flag of God's victory and give the glory of victory to all mankind?

An area is made when three points are connected. Two points only make a line. If you want to tighten your belt, do so firmly.

If there is anyone who is not dominated by the power of Satan but rather has an autonomous power to expel him, he can be connected with the Unification Church.

In order to become a Unification Church member, you have to inherit and receive the internal desire of God and the True Parents.

Unless you are officially approved by God in your church life, you cannot live for the Will of God in your social life.

The headquarters gives and objective beings receive. The headquarters is responsible for the fact that there are not yet many Family members in the world,

Church guidance cannot be performed by a means or a method. It should not be disconnected from the life of God, which is like our breath. Unite with the headquarters, which is your root.

2. Training in Life

If you are a leader, you should treat your members with concern and care. You yourself must become intoxicated with the Will of God before you can convey it to others. When you meet your members late at night, do your best to forget time in giving yourself to increase blessing for them.

Train your core members even all night. If you devote all your heart to them for three days in this way, they will feel so blessed and closely connected with you that they can never forget you for the rest of their lives.

If you see the good in others and cover their defects with your love, they will follow you. If you see only weaknesses in others, your spirituality will be ruined.

Once you become a Family member, you must establish the tradition of life and the tradition of the chosen people, centering around Father:

The principle of life and its system

Value education by Father

Relations with Father

Your own position as an individual

The life of a leader consists in heartistically contributing something to others. If you are a leader of a thousand people, your heartistic standard should be higher than that of any of these people.

Become a furnace of love.

Study people. For example, study a man next to you when he is angry, when he is asleep, when he is happiest, when he is acting responsibly, when he is getting married. These can all be good material for learning.

If you are a church leader, you should dedicate 10 percent of your time to God. After doing so, you should love your own family and nation. A third of your time should be devoted to your work. You should also pray at least two hours and twenty-four minutes a day (a tenth of the day). It is desirable that you pray early in the morning for two thirds of the daily prayer period.

In order to draw all your church members to you in leading a church, you have only to attract those at the top and those at the bottom in the church and all the rest will follow automatically.

Make up for your leader's shortcomings. He who criticizes his leader is the prince of Cains. He who wants to cover and take responsibility for the defects of his leader will eventually stand in the position of Abel.

A true loyal subject, although he may be a man of more ability than his monarch, serves him to help him grow.

Stop saying that you are not capable. If you are not capable, you must think that you can serve a man of ability as if he were your big brother and supply him with opportunities in which he can act in your place. Serve him more than the outside world would do, and try to establish a foundation next to his.

Family members are flesh and leaders are bones. Bones are never exposed, so flesh must surround and cover them properly.

If you must reprimand someone, first let him know that he made a mistake and then you can scold him.

If you want to lead people, you should work harder than they. Be a better offering than they, and treat them with a warm and affectionate heart.

A leader of a region is like a priest there. He must pray for that place even if it requires losing sleep. Since he should offer himself in order to give life to many people, he should toil with all his sincerity. God responds only when the leader (the substantial being) becomes one with Him (his master) in offering himself - His members (Family members) are not offerings; he himself (the leader) is the offering.

You must investigate a crime in private, but you must judge it publicly.

Now is not the time to live a lazy life. Your mind and body and your environment should be put in order. If you turn a screw tightly enough, no one will be able to loosen it. Now is certainly that kind of time.

Wherever you Family members may be, you must stand in the position of a friend rather than in the position of a teacher. Even in the position of a friend, you will be able to reveal your value fully.

When you appoint someone as your representative, you should use him with a prayerful attitude:
"Father! I myself should be doing this, but in order for me to accomplish a greater task, I need him as my representative. Please forgive me." Since he is your representative, your external self, you must work with him by loving, understanding, uniting with, and respecting him. You should have such a heart that he will feel like coming to see you again when he leaves you.

When there is any special gathering, read My Pledge in unison.

Be a leader who can move many Family members.

Don't judge one another. I know thoroughly who are right and who are wrong. Conduct yourself according to my example.

When the Church has things for you to do, it is an opportunity for you to meet God.

Those who are not moved to tears or thankful are not qualified to work in the headquarters. Since the headquarters is the headquarters of building the Kingdom of Heaven, those who work there must be capable of distributing happiness to all mankind in the Will of God.

If you help God ten or a hundred times more than He asks you to help Him, He will reward you ten or a hundred times more.

If God can say to you, "Although many people don't know me, only you are far from not knowing me," you will be the greatest victor.

We train you not for the purpose of making you members of the Church but for the purpose of making you patriots who can save the nation.

Learn anew whenever you see anyone.

When you walk a road, you must walk as if you were serving the True Parents by having them on each side.

You can enjoy development if you report to your parents about what you do every day and thus make them rejoice.

Whoever visits the headquarters should bring an offering with him. The offering is nothing else but his accomplishment of having loved the nation.

My life and love exist in your life. Both you and I should add our conditions of indemnity to each other.

You must report thoroughly. You must begin with whatever bad there is to report.

You have to become a living seed.

Parents want their children to become better than they. Children should resemble parents. But as your parent I love you to the degree that I want to resemble you.

Your conquest in life should lead to your conquest of the environment. This is your personality. Thereafter, you have to be careful of the words which represent your personality.

In the past we walked the path of sacrifice and sorrow in order to search for something, but now we have to walk that path in order to possess it.

You must live the kind of life that cannot be replaced even by the whole world. You must live an idea-centered life.

It is easy to live as you wish. It is more than twice as difficult to live for the sake of conscience and for the sake of God.

If I visit a famous place, I see it by wondering how valuable it is centered on God's fortune. I also attempt to connect it with God's fortune.

He who loves his birthplace loves his body. He who loves his body loves his mind. He who loves his mind loves God.

If you marry someone who is from a different nation and give something to the people of the nation while you are hungry, then it will become a good problem.

Without constant thought and concern you cannot succeed in doing anything.

The victory of a man who has no confidence is a false victory.

When someone gives you a warning, accept it 100%.

It is good to make a determination in your mind. But your determination will restrict you if it ends in failure.

When we Unification Church members go out to the world, it is desirable that we be needed in the field of reality and in the field of life.

Nothing is more precious than today, which connects the past with the future. You must have something which you can be proud of at this present moment.

When you like something, what are you centered upon? That is an important question. Unless you are connected with the whole, your seed neither sprouts, has leaves, blooms nor bears fruit. You will perish if you are only proud of yourself and neglect your surroundings.

It is the sick who have others take care of them. You have to become a person who sheds tears to give something to others.

A man of wisdom lives according to the true understanding of the time of the providence. He does not live centered upon the environment but centered upon time.

He who accepts a prophesied time as his own instead of merely prophesying it is a wise man and can become a world figure.

In what condition and in what place do you meet God? You always have to think of this question.

Whenever you see your face in a mirror you have to ask that face, "Mr. So-and-so, have you always walked unchangingly since you started?"

You have to pull your environment, not be pulled by it.

How wonderful and fortunate you are who have passed through all the crossings of life and are running a straight road.

If you have no concern, you cannot have any connection. Without connection you cannot have any relationship.

Those who go the path of faith must be careful not to be proud and arrogant.

If you work as a son or a daughter of a main house, can you live an easy life? You have to become a descendant of the Head House.

We have to know that nothing in the world is more valuable than our contents now. Those who do not feel the infinite value of the present cannot inherit the infinite value of the future.

You must certainly give. To give after you receive is not giving but paying your debts. In dealing with his servant, a master should give him food by saying, "I already ate," although he did not eat.

Although you all walk together, there is only one who is most successful. Many are competing with you.

So long as you were born, you have to give something to the world without having any debt. If a parent leaves something behind for his or her children, they will be grateful until their deaths.

Those who waste every day meaninglessly are not needed anywhere.

The longer you have been in the Church, the more you have to face providential realities as they are.

Although you have experienced uncomfortable things, you can overcome them and do comfortable things. Then you can have the relief of forgetting all your uncomfortable experiences.

If an opportunity for a happy meeting does not result in joy, it is worse than if the opportunity had not been given.

The more distant is an object of desire, the bigger and longer is hope. If hope is near, it will be finished soon.

There will be no conflict if two out of a group of three people are honest. But if they are dishonest, it will become the standard of judgment. For even if the two whisper to each other, it may be nothing to them, but they have already excluded the other person.

All mankind adore and console those who have a degree of love in evil surroundings more than those who have the same degree of love in good surroundings.

It is not that man creates goodness, but that goodness must create man.

When you see someone in your life and feel that your mind does not harmonize with his centered upon God, you must leave that place. Escape from the control of that environment.

Jacob was a futurist and Esau a realist.

Those who know have to strive to serve those who are ignorant.

The parent walks the path of a servant before the child until the child understands his parent.

If a root is pulled out, don't think that it happened because of the strength of the wind, but because you didn't make the root grow deeply enough.

A prison is the only place where you can feel the utmost joy and the highest nostalgia, and learn both the precious and the shameful. Therefore, not all about a prison is bad.

A prison is the place where you can receive the best education of the Way because you have neither friend nor enemy there.

Do your best to show loyalty and filial piety while you are alive. It is foolish to offer your wonderful things by thinking that through them you can show loyalty and filial piety after your death.

When those who parted from each other with lonely tears see each other again, they shed tears of joy. If you do not understand this, you do not know what human life is like.

If your family lives with me for three generations, then you family members will be unparalleled loyal subjects in the world.

It is wiser to adjust yourself to time than to adjust yourself to someone who knows time.

Even though the Will is realized by your leadership, you will be deprived of everything by others if you do not know time.

My three major goals in life were:
to perfect self-domination before seeking to govern the universe,
to act each time after questioning, and
to act according to God's commandment.

If you want to have access to the living room of someone's house, you have to make friends with either the master or his son.

When something joyful happens to you, don't look upward but look downward.

A sorrowful man should pay indemnity through his sorrows to gain joy. A joyful man should pay indemnity through his joy to go toward sorrow.

Be honest. Those who are honest can survive, for they can inherit their surroundings.

Mind is the apparatus which enables you to stand with God. Mind is not taken away. Only you know your mind.

A judge seeks the victory of those who win by observing laws. He can tell these the secret of victory.

If you want to live for a happy nation, you have to die for an unhappy nation.

3. Cain and Abel

Cain cannot walk the Way of the Will except through Abel.

The internal standard Abel must meet, in fact, is to love God and His works and become an offering for these works. Therefore, if you are in the position of Abel, you must have the attitude of wanting to take responsibility for what others hate and all that is difficult, not caring if what is good is given to you or not.

The Abel position was set up so that through him Cain may be saved. In order to save Cain, Abel should give him all the love that he received from God and additionally his own love.

In your daily life, distinguish between Cain and Abel. If anyone complains, he is a Cain. You must unite centering around your Abel.

It was Abel's failure that he was not able to subjugate Cain. Jacob spent three years to establish sonship and four years to subjugate Esau. Just as Jacob won victory after he wrestled with the angel at the ford of Jabbok, you must establish the standard of internal victory. After that, you as an Abel should heartistically visit this nation and the earth and serve the True Parents and be blessed as a Third Israelite. In this kind of fight, you should not threaten or beat people. Does heavenly law allow Abel to beat Cain?

God could not avoid having Cain even when He wished to have only Abel. The reason God had Cain was in order to raise Abel through him.

Abel must dedicate himself and his offering to Heaven. After they are accepted by God, he must then give them to Adam and Eve who are his parents. In other words, Abel and his offerings are for the liberation of Adam and Eve.

This world belongs to Cain. Cain has to give it gladly to Abel before Abel can have it.

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