The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On God's Words, Character, Heart
III. Heart

From the moment that you go into debt in heart, you begin to wither spiritually. Stand where Heaven cannot help pitying you. Face Heaven with the heart that you would sacrifice yourself to save the whole.

Words of truth only open a person's door. After that, he must be nurtured heartistically.

Heart is the object of desire, while circumstances are our living environment. Broaden your life centered upon God's heart.

March forward by creating in your mind the foundation on which God can visit you. God visits man in such a heartistic way as to permeate his flesh, bones and marrow. You, too, should have this kind of heart buried in your blood and flesh. If there are many Family members who are not in accordance with this basic standard, disorder will arise.

A good man is one who can always embrace everything with his heart, whatever he sees and wherever he goes.

Always keep your heartistic aspect in a state that you give off a fresh and stimulating scent acceptable to God.

The world of heart is unchanging, but in that world even when the same thing is repeated again and again you never tire of it.

There is no life without heart.

Treading the path in the valley of heart is painful and miserable. As you dig into it more deeply, more tears are shed and no trace of yourself can be found.

God wishes to visit every corner of the world He created. But He especially wants to visit those places in which His children are sincerely preparing the foundation of loyalty. As the children of God, therefore, you must pioneer to the end of the world and then invite Him.

From now on, try to know God's true situation, then learn from me, who cannot help bursting into tears when calling God, "Father!"

Be a hero of love and hero of heart. No matter how great a man you may be, you will be a failure unless you conquer the heart of mankind.

To be in harmony with others is the first step toward happiness.

True, it is important to connect yourself with the God who has been working the providence of restoration since the Fall, but it is even more important to connect yourself with God's heart from before the Fall.

Seek a teacher of heart more than a teacher of knowledge.

I don't look at you from the standpoint of success or failure of your task, but centered on your motivation of heart. It is important whether your motivation is self-centered or God-centered. When your standard of heart is the same as God's, all problems will be solved.

You can feel God's heart when you really feel in both your mind and body that God exists and you were created by Him, and that God and you are in the relationship of Father and son.

Unless you develop a heartistic sense and feel it to the bone in real life, you will never be able to remove your fallen nature.

You should not criticize those who are working centered on Heaven's heart. Think highly of the life armed with heart. Those who have more heart than I are Abels to me.

In the Age of Words and in the Age of Practice, inheritance of mission in case of failure was possible. But in the Age of Heart, it is impossible.

The objective of God's words is the substantial being, and the objective of the substantial being is heart. When teaching God's words, therefore, you should aim at conveying His heart. Those who learn God's words should strive to understand His heart through them.

In the Last Days, religion, philosophy, ideology and thought will be explained in light of heart religion, heart philosophy, heart ideology and heart thought, respectively.

The religion that can lead us to the world of heart is the religion which impressively teaches that God is the most pitiful being of all.

If an older member loses the standard of heart required by this age, God cannot avoid calling and using a new member who meets that standard.

Unless you become a king of heart you cannot be a king of power.

The home of eternal blessing is the place where God's heart dwells abundantly. Therefore, if you possess within yourself a place where God's heart can rest, His blessing works through you.

Blessed are those who have an unchanging internal standard of heart to respect Heaven, be harmonious with others, and love the earth.

God always guides those who impress Him through their life of motherly heart. Then children of God are the pride of His heart.

Give love and forget that you gave it.

The more love acts, the more it increases. Therefore, eternity comes from love alone.

The path of a good man is a life of overcoming.

The reason why man seeks the greatest thing is that he was originally related with God, who is the greatest Being.

The sin of trampling upon God's heart is unforgivable. Even Satan will regard you as a satan if you commit this sin.

You should become the kind of person who can heartistically subjugate others with his personality.

Since I know that there is an infinite difference between God's heart and my heart toward Him, I always find it a new and unique experience to know God.

You must develop the character, which can absorb all characteristics of God.

Resurrection comes in the springtime garden of love, in the environment of such deep love that your cells seem to be melting in the spring sun.

There is no inequality in front of love.

You must have many occasions on which you are moved to tears in front of God.

The root of love exists in God. He is present in the place where parental love, conjugal love and children's love become completely one with one another.

The world of heart begins to prosper only with the unity of desires with circumstances.

Have the resources that can become a source of heart.

You can serve God with all your sincerity, not because you have learned it from someone who guides or forces you, but because that kind of heart automatically springs forth from you. Loyalty, filial piety and chastity are not a matter of education.

Live with the desire to take care of True Parents rather than to be taken care of by them.

Be thirsty to give. Never be taken care of.

The best way to stimulate the heart of God is to dedicate your sincere heart. If three generations of a family continue the same dedication of heart, God will work in that family and their descendants will never perish.

God's heart is helpless before the person who, although he is suffering at the death of his own son, has such a heart that he can first console the sorrowful heart of Heavenly Father who lost mankind.

Only Heavenly Father's desire must be your desire; only His situation must be your situation; and only His heart must be your heart.

A parent wants to say to his or her children, "Follow the example of your oldest brother." What matters after all is heart.

Heart is the source of life. It is directly connected with the spirit world.

You must have such a heart that you are not the same as others.

Jesus was sorrowful representing God's painful heart. Your sorrow should be more than three times as painful as Jesus'. God's heart has the sorrow of having lost the ideal of creation and the historical sorrow of having sent prophets and saints to make them fight with Satan for the purpose of realizing this Will.

If you have the heart of a child who seeks his mother, you can go the path toward God.

We can feel joy only when our sorrowful heartistic connection with God surpasses that which Adam and Eve had when they fell.

Perfect love does not remember itself when it is practiced. Rather, it feels shy about itself.

There is no problem, which is not solved if you cope with it in the light of Heavenly Father's heart.

The term "reciprocal relationship" is a term used centering on heart. Perfection, too, means the perfection of heart.

God has been waiting in the background because He has not wanted us to know His painful situation and to see His sorrowful condition.

The only idea of possession that the Unification members should have is that of God's heart.

Although we can pass by certain things in this world as we choose, we cannot do so in the world of heart.

Prepare your history of nostalgic heart.

The roots of love are the vertical love of parent-child heart and the horizontal love of brotherly heart.

In the world of heart there is no unscrupulous man and no stupid man.

The world of heart transcends time and space. The Word of God and prayer are ultimately love.

He whose heart is warmer than yours is your subject.

If as a Family member you don't know other Family members then you will perish.

I shed tears three times a day. History was made of tears, so it must be washed by tears.

In order to find my standard of love, you have to feel agonized without being able to sleep.

Those who have no foundation of love are unhappy.

It is commonly true that you don't see any faults in someone who is the closest to you. Therefore, let us become those who are the closest to God.

The king of heart is the king of authority.

A deeply sorrowful man can only be consoled by someone who has experienced more sorrow than he.

We have to become a group of people who internally and in secret feel the pain of heart, which no one knows and live in such circumstances that everyone can be sympathetic.

I am in the headquarters, but I want to visit all the regions of the country. I also want to visit the whole world and heaven.

To pioneer heavenly heart is the path of those who walk the path of paths.

All those who are in the Last Days are those who owe the greatest debt and are lonely and sorrowful. The only means by which to solve this is heart.

All nouns which are modified by "true" can exist only together with heart. The term "true dutiful child" is used together with heart.

When you shed tears they should not be those which seek something but those which give something to others.

What is it which heaven wants to show and earth wants to be proud of? It is "I" created by the heartistic connection of heaven and earth.

The world of heart is the world where everyone is equal. The Kingdom of Heaven, which is the expansion of a family, is the world of brotherhood.

You and I want to live together, speak together, and work together. This is the historical heart of God.

If you want to love your nation, you have to love mankind. If you want to love mankind, you have to love God.

We have to set up the economic and cultural standard, which is centered upon the standard of heart. Then we have to have the standard approved by the worldwide subject. Only in this way can the ideal world be established.

There may be a country which is proud that it has the highest mountain, the largest river, and the greatest land mass in the world. But if it rejoices over this with Satan's heart instead of uniting with the heart of God who created it, will He rejoice?

The Unification Church must follow the fortune of God's love.

We must not let God take the lead in pulling things. We must have Him in the middle.

Jesus was able to go over the peak of the cross because even in the midst of misery he had overflowing hope, which would expand to the future.

You cannot inherit the internal heart of history unless you repent and restore all the historical failures as your own.

The question is whether you feel busy for the sake of God's task.

God's heart was higher than that of the elderly couple (Abraham and Sarah) who were willing to kill and offer their only son.

I already set up the standard of desire and determination in my adolescence. But I am sorrowful that I was not able to perfect it during my adolescence, for thus I was unable to invite Heavenly Father, who had not been invited in the age of Eden.

Don't resent not having received love, but resent not having been able to give love.

Let us build the world of relationship.

The tears of an individual are just individual. But the tears of a central figure influence history and the world.

Your love for the world should be even greater than your love for the Lord.

Everyone is equal centered upon love. We dominate and are dominated by each other centered upon love. Love is the basis of the hope of all mankind.

He who is heartistically connected with others exceeds him who is faithful.

Become an authority of the problem of heart. You have to be able to make others feel as if they were children embraced in the bosom of their parent when they are consulting you.

What matters is not that you work well in order to be praised by me, but that you are connected with me through internal problems of heart. You have to take responsibility for the error of your nation.

It is not that I make effort to love God, but that I cannot help loving Him. I have been that way. I pray for things 1,000 years from now.

A child of filial piety should feel ashamed of not being able to give something better to his parents, though he actually brought the best possible thing to them.

Suppose there are two sons whose parent is whipping the youngest one for his wrongdoing. If the older one asks his parents to stop whipping, then the parent cannot but do so. We should be in the position of the older son and stop mankind from being whipped. We have to be able to say, "We will do for the younger brother what he should have done, so please stop whipping him."

Even though I am concerned about external things, you have to be concerned about my internal side.

If you have never loved a younger sister, you are not capable of loving a wife. If you cannot love your mother, you cannot love your wife.

If you want to become a son of God, you have to resemble God's heart. Since God's heart is planted in the world, you have to love the people of the world.

Only when you resemble the ruler and his loyal subjects are the internal and the external connected with each other.

If anyone's mind is taken possession of then his body cannot move either, even though it is made free. Let us take possession of the mind of God.

God wants to love all mankind to such a degree that He becomes crazy. A son of God loves all mankind as if he were crazy.

The Messiah is the one who came as the ancestor of mankind centered on love.

The spirit world transcends time and space because it is the world of love.

You will be the best of all ancestors if you leave a will which says, "Love your children more than you love me."

Love has a blind power of breakthrough. Religion can transcend life and death because it is the way of love.

It is in the world of heart that the desire of God is realized.

When you have no condition of accusation from Satan, God can regard you as His son and command you.

The most miserable person in this world is not he who has no property, but he who has no wife and child. Thus, when we say that God has been miserable, we mean that He has not had any object of love. This has been His sorrowful situation. In order to seek His object of love, therefore, He has led the history of religion.

God gives happiness to those who can give it to others. In spite of their sincerity, religious people so far have wanted to receive it only for themselves, thus not giving it to others.

Women can console God because their sensitivity is rich. The Fall began with a woman, thus causing God resentment. Therefore, women should liquidate this resentment of God.

The foundation of heart should be laid in yourself before in your family.

The origin of love is God. Love started from Him.

Love is to be accompanied with conquest and sacrifice.

Love can sense new beauty so it is not concerned about whom to love.

The reason why God, the subject and the ultimate being of love, cannot forgive Satan is that Satan is the enemy of love.

More precious than life is love, for there can be no life without love.

You cannot have dominion unless you have the right of creation. But the origin of creation does not lie in power and economy but in love. Therefore, you can dominate creation through love.

Love is the core of unification. Thus, unification is possible through love.

Jesus was not able to say that he loved, but was only in the position of asking himself whether he had loved or not. He was in the position of being unable to love although he wanted to love.

All enemies are not bad. If an enemy turns into a lovable being, it becomes more educational and instructive than harmful.

The love between a man and a woman is not purposeful but immediate. Thus, it is motivated love. Love can leap to take possession of a certain standard. If you love God you can leap to the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you love me, you have to be able to hold the 220 million people of this nation in your hands and shed tears in my place. That is the path the Unification Church members should go.

God seeks the group of people who, when the day of victory comes, lay their faces on the ground and cry more than those who just welcome that day with rejoicing and praise.

It may be natural that children die without fulfilling their responsibility. But God must overcome that situation when He sees it. We have to know how miserable such a God is and console Him in His sorrow.

You cannot feel someone's heart only by knowing him. In order to understand his heart, you have to love him and live together with him.

A rebellious word from a child of filial piety is more painful to the parent than a thousand rebellious words from an unfilial child.

God's motivation in the creation of man was to express His love. Love transcends knowledge.

Love is equality. It is wonderful because it does not interfere with us.

The reason man seeks infinite love is that he has the original nature to attain God's love.

If we start by understanding the sorrow of God, we will not remain lying down even though we may sink to the ground.

The Bible introduces the love of God, but we cannot feel His love only by having the Bible. We have to know and embody His Heart.

Those predecessors are needed who, for the sake of followers, can say to God, "Please wait."

God can give a rope to fallen man, but He cannot come down to man's fallen state to lift him up directly. Man must hold that rope of religion which God gave and he must do so by exerting himself. That is heart. How careful that heart is will shorten your distance to God.

The heart of God, the heart of the True Parents, and your heart should be on a straight line.

The basis of the universe is man; man's basis is life; the basis of life is love, and the basis of love is God.

Dignity is not supreme in the world of love. Love surpasses the degree of dignity.

The heart which has soaked into the bone marrow can transcend law.

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