The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On God's Words, Character, Heart
II. Character

Those who can give without limit can receive without limit. Let us allow ourselves to be well-used by millions of people.

Give the ideal with your words, show the practice by your character and give love with your deep heart.

Become such a man of character that God will say He cannot live without you.

When you become a man of perfect character, your daily life itself is prayer.

Pray often to touch limitless spiritual power. You must become a person who lives by this power.

Be a man who can respect his own character. You must also feel that you are respected by all things without shame. Then look at your objective world, saying, "Follow my example."

Those who embrace millions of people and give them something will receive something from them.

If you become a person who is envied by others and appreciated by God, you will be in a joyful world of mutual relations.

Become an unchanging man in front of the Will of God. God is looking for unchanging children whom He can trust eternally.

What matters to God is whether or not He has one man who can be proud of the eternal future instead of today.

Though you may live in such a way that your mind and body are united, that kind of life alone cannot be the best life. Only when you create unity with the Will of God can your life become the best life.

In order to become a victorious man, you should not only win over the most miserable situation, but also be able to love your enemies generously.

A man of goodness is a person who lives in accordance with the Will of God. In other words, when the direction of the Will of God and that of man's life are in accordance with each other, his life becomes good.

You must sanctify the place where you stand by living in such a way as to make your body represent the holy ground, your mind heaven, and your heart Heavenly Father.

A man of character is he who, finishing his own work quickly, thinks of other people.

With the criterion of goodness, we can classify all mankind in the world into three groups: firstly, those who are opposed to goodness; secondly, those who know goodness but don't actively pursue it, living in the buffer zone; and thirdly, those who desire to take the responsibility of doing goodness. It is the third group of people who are needed for the Will of God.

If you work much and speak little, you will be a winner. But if you do little and speak much, you will be a failure.

Be a man of zeal, a man of good taste, a man who is needed, an exemplary man, a man who sacrifices first and rejoices later, a man who is a good judge of situations and missions.

Make your motto of life to "know Father." Wherever you may be, lead your life looking for and finding Father.

Just as various and sundry birds gather in a big tree, so feces might be attached to you while you work. But you should walk having internal dignity. Be a wonderful person who can dance pleasantly to the rhythm of the universe.

Never lose your dignity.

I am penniless, but my will is to lift up the world. If I have anything of which I am proud, it is this.

Always consider for what purpose you eat, sleep and do things.

You should be a person who can be proud of yesterday, is not deprived of today, and awaits tomorrow.

Study a person for more than three years before judging him.

Only after you can get along well with 120 different types of people can you join Jesus' family.

Before I hope to master the universe, I must first achieve self-perfection. That is my motto. God's love, life and truth can be developed on the basis of self-control.

Do not become a leaf, which changes according to circumstances.

A beautiful thing never has only a single color. A rainbow of seven colors is beautiful. Have many experiences. Life should be rich.

March forward thinking that substantial beings are more important than words and devote your effort to restoring them.

What will become of a man in the future is not a matter of importance. The most important thing is how your own heart, your own internal standard, and your own subjective value are now.

When you stand connected with the standard of infinite value, you are unchanging. Generally speaking, only hasty, scattered people look at relative values and relative purposes.

Man is God's substantial object. Therefore, God wants to rejoice through you. But if you are a defective substantial object of God with such aspects of fallen nature as jealousy, envy and arrogance, how can He feel happiness through you?

You don't belong to yourself. Since you are a fruit of 6,000 years of history, you are a public possession of history.

Heaven and earth and all men are your body. You should have the kind of character that can regard heaven and earth and all men as though they were your own flesh.

If you want to live a life richer than others, you must have more elements of profound taste than others.

Don't expect to have a smooth, even life. Isn't nature with its many curves most beautiful?

There are three kinds of people: those who are definitely needed, those who make no difference if they exist or not, and those for whom it would be better not to exist.

Don't be a bystander to the Will. Those who stand around and do nothing at God's celebration only get in everyone's way.

God came to me in order to feel joy through my life.

When people in this world are poor, they desire to receive. But we have to give everything, even if we are poor.

The final victory is won by endlessly giving even your most precious things, by loving endlessly, and sacrificing endlessly. In order for America to dominate the entire world today, she must give not only to the free world but also to Communist countries. Then they will all kneel down in respect.

Don't live your life as though you were measuring it with a ruler.

Before you reprimand someone, you should feel confident that if you were in his position you would do better than he, and then praise some good point in him.

We are the pioneers of truth, the pioneers of life, and the pioneers of love. Therefore, let us think better of our hands and know that God wants to achieve His desire through them. Let us take it deeply to heart that God wants to touch substantial beings through us, see our brothers and sisters through us, and save and have dominion over the whole world through us. Let us also realize thoroughly that our eyes, noses, ears and mouths are not our own but belong to God.

The universe is your raw material. As big and wide as it is, it will fit into your mind.

If you want to receive when you should give, then you will perish. Let us have the heart that will want to give what little we may have.

We have neither health nor money, but let us make others happy and good.

Since God is the King of faith, He seeks a prince of faith, and since He is the King of love, He looks for a prince of love.

Toil and fight in the awareness that you must be able to be proud of yourself and come before God in the future.

Make much of yourself, knowing that you are yet to be resurrected and that you must present yourself in the future.

We can never establish one unified world centered on a changing standard of goodness. A center must never move. The deeper it is, the quieter it should be. Look at the ocean. Waves may rage on the surface because of a storm, but deep below the surface the ocean is still. Let us learn from this.

We cannot tell at a glance whether the axis of a spinning top is moving or not. No matter how chaotic this world may be, let us live with an unchanging center.

If you remember what you give, you will certainly desire a reward. Try not to remember it even when you are giving it.

You must maintain heavenly dignity, decency and persistence.

Once you have promised to give to a friend of yours, you should fulfill without fail. If you break a promise, your character will be stained.

God is an invisible God. Adam and Eve were to be the visible, substantial form of God. If man had reached perfection, he would have possessed the blood, flesh and heart of God.

Don't allow yourself to have a sense of ownership until you come to possess the ultimate and greatest thing.

Have a big vessel ready. A small vessel can be filled with water quickly and then much extra water is spilled. Although a big vessel is hard to fill, when it finally overflows it retains an enormous amount of water.

Gold is valuable because its essence never changes, even in fire. If a man's will changes when he is confronted with difficulties, he can never be called a man of character and value.

Until today God has been giving the Word in order to prepare for ultimately sending the Substance. No one throughout history has been as blessed as we are for we are placed in the circumstances that can connect us with the Substance heartistically as well as with the Word.

To live boldly and to bear final fruit boldly is greater than to obtain or lose anything else.

Those whom God wants are those who have a character of infinite extravagance and flavor.

A loyal subject and a treacherous subject originally belong to the same class of people. But the only difference is that the former is obedient to the will of the king and the latter makes much of himself be-fore everything else. A loyal subject always walks a straight line, for God's beginning and end are the same to him.

Suppose there is a person who gives well to others even if he has only little with him. How much more will he give when he has much?

You have to be careful not to give "minus" elements to those with whom you are connected.

We have to pull into our heart the Holy Spirit who emerged as the co~nterpart of the truth, the Holy Son who emerged as the living God, and the God who is the God of love, instead of placing them in a remote place of hope.

When a personality of low value collides with the tranquil and humble personality of high value, the former disappears and is absorbed into the latter.

God is the embodiment of highly valuable love which can harmonize even with the mind of an evil person. In order for you to be similar to that aspect of God's nature, you as an individual have to prepare in yourself a personality that can harmonize with any evil person.

Jesus was a yeast. It is a material with which to make harmony. Jesus came as the one who intended to introduce the love of God and be His representative. So he was the yeast to love and restore even Satan.

The ultimate purpose of fallen man is to restore the autonomy, dignity and value of the self, which God gave him as the future purpose of creation.

I had to pray three weeks as a result of uttering one careless word.

A man of goodness is a sacrificial man and one who gives rise to love.

A man of rounded character is one who fits the four directions.

The fruit, which has grown on a ten-year-old tree receives the quintessence of the tree's ten-year period.

Fertile soil is the place where seeds can grow perfectly. It exists not for itself but for the seeds.

If you can say to the world, "I have something to say," "I have something to show," and "I have something to leave," you will be able to dominate the world.

Become a person who has something to show and be proud of.

A valuable being whom God seeks is a person who willingly speaks, lives and acts together with others for eternity.

The center of personality does not lie in truth but in heart.

Perfection is with the person who serves quietly and sometimes asks within himself.

Don't betray your character. You must be determined to move when heaven and earth move.

He who cannot win a victory in his internal struggle of mind cannot win over his external enemies.

I have no bitterness toward my enemies even when I am facing death. Therefore, I become a victor in the Will of God.

You have to become a person to whom a precious treasure can be entrusted.

Let us become people who are liked by the cosmos.

When you criticize others, do so in the position of their object.

You have to walk a path and leave it behind to all those who follow you, so that they may be able to bow their heads before it.

You have to be able to disclose the power of life which isn't readily visible.

Our objective is to return to the status of Adam before the fall. As unfallen Adam knew only God and had no fear, so we should be in the position of serving only God and knowing no fear.

What kind of person should we become? We should become a person who lives on behalf of God.

When you fall down and die in fighting for the sake of the Will of God, you have to be able to bequeath your last breath to all mankind.

Everyone has the field of heart (love) and the field of mission (task). Those who do not have these two are dead in the world of existence.

However great a historical person you may have desired to be, you have yet to know your value in reality. You as an indispensable individual started this Way of God's Will. You must prepare your autonomous and realistic self. An individual truth body is the same as the present focal point of cosmic history.

Although you may have died a thousand or ten thousand times, you are yet to become a son or daughter of whom God can be proud. In order to make Him shine, you have to desire to become His fertilizer and foundation.

Where is the source of life? If you are ignorant of your own value, it will be handed over to someone else and you will cry, feeling sorry for having lost it. Don't ever be that way.

All that I know is the fact that God cannot help feeling sympathetic with me.

A beautiful face is not one whose ears, eyes, mouth and nose are beautiful. The most beautiful person in the world is the one whose mind and body are in perfect harmony with each other.

A collective purpose governs an individual purpose. But if your individual purpose is not realized, there is no place where you can stand.

It is not bad to conquer the highest summit. But if you occupy a deep valley and embrace it, you will become an eternal master.

After you have finished a job, you still have to thank God for dealing with you.

A man of character sees, hears and acts. If you cannot act after seeing and hearing centered on goodness, you cannot avoid coming under the dominion of evil. If you cannot leave a good result behind at the end of your life, you are a debtor.

Only when you are free from the accusation of Satan can God regard you as His son and command you.

Unless each of us has an individual accomplishment which he or she can be proud of, "we" cannot boast of "ourselves".

Unless you can control material, you cannot do a great thing. When you are driven to the worst situation, even the smallest material thing can destroy your whole personality.

A fool is glad when he sees the external form, but a wise man is glad when he sees the internal content.

He who sees unrighteousness but leaves it alone is not a man of conscience.

The reason why man unconsciously seeks the place of his infinite personality is that God exists as the subject of infinite personality.

The time is past when man's personality was judged through his words. Now is the time when it is judged through his love.

If you want to be proud of something, be proud of history. The Way of Heaven has invisible authority. A man of character has historicity.

A formidable man is a person who, embracing God, endures.

A man of faith must have an unchanging character.

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