The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On God's Words, Character, Heart
I. God's Words

1. God's Words

God's words should be received as having the value of all creation. Therefore, when you do not listen to God's words after they are spoken, you will come to be judged.

God's words belong to all mankind. So give all words to God.

God's words are our assets.

God's words should not remain just as words. There is development only after these words are practiced and then the perfect evangelization of the world becomes possible.

Both he who speaks God's official words and he who hears them should take the responsibility of them.

Life's problems can only be solved by something which also has life. Since God's words have life, when you convey them you must speak with the spark of life.

When you speak God's words, remember their historical roots and think of their cosmic character. When you toil, shed the sweat of resurrection with the heart of restoring the entire cosmos.

You should give God's words with all your sincerity because someone gave them to you with all his sincerity. You should give them with all your heart, adding God's heart to it.

My words may sound easily spoken. But before I confidently speak I investigate and check these things, proving whether they are true. Therefore, the words of the Unification Church are confidently spoken in the form of assertion ("It is so") and not in the form of conjecture ("It may be so").

When you go to bed, embrace the Principle; when you wake up, wake up with the thought of the Principle. You have learned the Divine Principle, yet you have not studied its application. Unless you know how to apply it, how can you live a principled life?

Understand God's words not only with your heart and mind but also with your body and carry them out. We should become armed with God's words, like an atomic bomb of God's words. Therefore, we should not fizzle out when we are supposed to explode.

What matters is not how much you have understood the Principle, but how much you have practiced it. First you must know the Will of God, then assume responsibilities in His place, and then wipe away His historical resentment.

Jesus' words were regarded as an eternal spring of life, weren't they? You too should become an everlasting spring of life, not just a fountain, which spouts words only when it is supplied with them.

When you serve and march forward centering upon the Principle and God, I will take responsibility for you.

When did you convey God's words at the risk of your life?

For the restoration of the world, our words should be assembled according to the scholarly and conceptual standard. For that purpose, we should lead and unite all ideologies of the world into one unified direction centering upon our thought. We should also solve the many problems of the Christian churches.

Listen when someone speaks and evaluate his words. Are the beginning and the end of his words the same? Evaluate his words by checking for whose benefit the words have been spoken.

Words do not project themselves vertically. They spread out horizontally, centering around a person who speaks them. Therefore, you must not speak arbitrarily.

You must not do harm to others by your words.

Don't understand God's words only with your head, but know them in your heart and perceive them through your body.

Every word that I speak must be left as my will.

Become one with God's words. Multiplication will surely begin if you make your mind one with God's words and practice them actively.

God's words can create the personality of the highest goodness, the being of the highest happiness, and the being of the highest love.

Let us never profane God's pride by speaking indiscreetly.

You may feel like speaking before God proudly speaks. But don't prevent Him from doing His work.

Acquire a wealth of experience. I speak only based on my experiences of fighting and winning historically. This is the reason why my speeches always sound realistic.

In the Last Days, one word or phrase will decide the fate of heaven and earth, and the history of evil, which began from Alpha will end at Omega. In the Last Days, therefore, we will hear two different kinds of words: God's words and Satan's words, which were heard by the first human ancestors as well in the Garden of Eden. You have to clearly distinguish between the two and follow the former.

The Divine Principle has taught you how to meet God, but not how to live together with Him. That is why you need me.

2. Law

Assert the principle of the thing. Evil can never control it. (Insist on the fundamental Principle.)

God has been fighting until today, but He has never fought an unreasonable fight. He always waged battles for the heavenly law. Learn the law by which you can fight against Satan. If you do not observe the heavenly law, Satan will accuse you and God will be unable to recognize you.

Let the heavenly law always stand in front of you. Otherwise you will fail.

If you center around yourself and go against the heavenly law, you will be automatically rejected.

Never seek to avenge yourself. If something goes against Heaven's principle, it will automatically perish.

Let an idea stand above yourself, and let the heavenly law stand above the idea. If you stand above the heavenly law, you will become a traitor. If you let the heavenly law stand above you, it will serve as a shield for you, for Satan cannot smite the heavenly law.

The number 4 comes from the number 3. If you arrange God, Adam and Eve, and children in a straight line, they will make the number 3. But if arranged functionally, they will make the number 4. The number 3, coming from the number 1, is a fundamental number. The purpose of the rule of creation based on the number 3 is, just like drawing a circle, to maintain the eternal existence of God.

A miracle is in accordance with scientific principles, but it is an instantaneous phenomenon, which occurs with its time span shortened.

All truth should be sought on earth, not in heaven, and it is on earth that the Will is done in the Last Days. Therefore, God's truth should be sought here on earth.

The vertical manifestation of the number 3 is bone, and the horizontal manifestation, flesh.

Although the Bible has its many different writers, its direction or purpose is consistent, and so by looking at it we cannot deny the existence of God. History has not taken its direction accidentally. Behind history a great Power has worked to decide its direction.

A God who fits within the confines of our conception is useless. God cannot be comprehended by man's conception or logic. God is an eternal being who transcends the framework of man's limited logic.

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