The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On The Will Of God
VII. Judgment

Judgment comes after the heavenly law is established. Judgment is not done by force, but by God's love, i.e., by shedding blood, sweat and tears.

The purpose of judgment is not to capture men but to capture the enemy. It seeks not to liberate all things, but to liberate men.

Individual judgment derives from how we used our material, our family and our heart.

Do not be afraid of God's judgment. You are expected to become a representative of God, and take over the mission of judgment in God's place.

If you refrain from judging your worst enemy, his children will come to your side. What more severe judgment could come upon an enemy than this?

Jesus' nationality is different from ours because his ideology is different. If we unite with his ideology, language and action, we will come to be of his nationality. We should believe in Jesus and understand his love in our practical life.

Even though you have the righteous indignation that can penetrate this world, it will come to naught within your generation unless you have connected it with God.

When a good man strikes a bad man and enables that bad man to become good, he will be infinitely grateful to the man who struck him. But when a bad man strikes a good man, he will continue to be an enemy to that good man.

How can you publicly declare someone to be an enemy before God declares him to be?

You have to become a sword to cut off this world of death.

The purpose of judgment is not to confine sinners to hell. Ultimately it is to restore our enemies and even Satan.

Good and evil, and God and Satan are 180 degrees opposite and in conflict with each other. Therefore, go to the places that are the most hated by the sinful world and you will find God and His Will there. A way to avoid judgment in the Last Days is to give up what people like most in the sinful world and like what they most hate.

How meaningful it must have been for Jesus to be able to pray for his enemies even at the moment of his own death.

You should not feel at ease until God approves. Don't forget that you must go through at least seven difficult peaks of the Cain and Abel problem.

You cannot tell at what time God will decide how to use you. It all depends on how you go over a decisive peak.

All that you do from the moment of joining the Unification Church until the moment of your death will serve as the material by which God judges you.

If the past does not conform with today's goodness, we have to judge it mercilessly. The Unification Church is the place where we dispose of all the past history and create a new history.

He who is struck more will remain, while he who strikes more will perish.

The Last Days are like the autumn harvest. In the different Christian denominations many different kinds of grain have borne fruit, each having their own value. But no matter how well-grown they may be, unless harvested by the sickle of their master they will only become the prey for autumn sparrows. The reason why Christianity is dividing into many denominations in the present day is that now is the time when the grain must find the warehouse for storage.

The Last Days are the season when God harvests and classifies what He has been growing providentially for 6,000 years. Therefore, what kind of fruit you as an individual bear is a matter of importance.

In the Last Days, judgment by the saints precedes judgment by God and Jesus (I Cor. 6:2). Therefore, the testimonies by the saints are important, and you should have three persons who can testify to you. The content of their testimony will be decided by how deeply you have shared sorrow, pain and joy with them.

Judgment did not exist at the time of creation. In order to smite Satan, therefore, God set up a condition by smiting His only Son (Jesus) first. Thus, Satan was not able to accuse God. We should pray to God that he may smite Satan by smiting us first in the same way that He smote Satan by smiting Jesus first. If spirit men see us smitten in this way and become compassionate for us, their resentment will be cleared away. We should know, however, that God weeps and feels sorry for us after He smites us.

Lead your life based on the standard of the Principle, so that the condition of the Principle may not accuse you.

The gratitude felt by unforgivable people when they are forgiven is much greater than that felt by those who are forgivable. In my heart I want to forgive even Satan after everything is restored.

Be afraid that you may leave regret at your death.

The day will come with fear and pain when we believers seek the substantial fruit of a cosmic seed of goodness sown previously. That day is the Day of Judgment.

Unless you can take the responsibility of liquidating the resentment of God, the resentment of all things, and the resentment of mankind, you will be unable to evade the judgment of the unspeakable fear, despair and resentment in the Last Days.

If you attain perfection, you can judge all that is in process.

Let us place Satan before the heavenly law and judge him.

The Creator must judge, because He established His public view of the world.

Judgment is determined when you raise up God's heart again in yourself.

A victor is welcomed by the world, but a loser is rejected by it. Hell is the place where a loser laments and grieves.

We must ask God to postpone the day of the judgment of the world in order to save the world.

You cannot create the Day of Judgment unless you walk a path superior to that of those who know nothing about the Way of God's Will.

The Unification Church is to be judged first, then the rest of the world.

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