The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On The Will Of God
V. Tradition, Official Business, Responsibility

1. Tradition

Let us establish the living tradition of history, before which all mankind will kneel down in tears and reverence.

My tradition should shape you, and your tradition should shape the nation. That tradition must be the example which can be followed by this nation and the whole world.

Gather achievements over which your descendants will cry. This is the source of pride.

Let us make it our daily objective to fight for goodness. Let us march forward in the process of this fight, looking toward the glory of victory. We should not rejoice over victory on the individual level. We must be able to struggle beyond the individual to the family, clan, national and worldwide levels.

You may stand aloof while we go up by building a tower from the bottom. But when the tower of sincerity which we build outgrows your own, you necessarily have to come under us.

You must know the direction of the heavenly dispensation. Should you discover that your purpose contradicts God's desire and the objective of this age and history, bury it mercilessly.

Before your blossoming youth passes by, set up a sign of loyalty and filial piety which can be recognized by both heaven and earth.

Let us be the locomotive that pulls the fortune of history.

Even when bleeding at the point of death, never become a descendant of betrayers.

We should not be dominated by money. If we restore people after establishing the tradition of our ideology, then material will naturally follow. Can money alone save a nation? Let us save it by our ideology and tradition.

Let us have the pride which we alone hold since the creation of heaven and earth.

Let us establish the tradition which we can be proud of and which will be acknowledged by future generations for thousands and thousands of years.

I am worried lest you should have money before the tradition and foundation are sufficiently established. Is it because I like to see you suffer? No, it isn't. But unless you transcend food, sleep and clothes, you will not be able to restore hell.

If the root is deep, the tree grows large.

You must be one with God's desire, circumstances and heart. You will be destroyed unless you unite with His content, direction and purpose. Just as boils are removed from human skin, you will certainly be destroyed unless you become a good object which is well-connected with the cause.

We should not try to sow the seed of happiness, but the seed of suffering.

Establish traditions as ancestors who are enduring today for the eternal future. New members should inherit the tradition of that path of the cross which older members walked on the family and clan levels, and then should walk the remaining path of national indemnity.

When you have to die, where will it be? In what area will you have established a condition upon your death?

Dedicate everything and rejoice. It is the Principle of Creation that if you become empty in that way, you will be filled. Have you ever imagined what will fill the emptiness which you experience in dedicating even your body? After 33 years of hard suffering, Jesus dedicated his life in utterly difficult circumstances, and upon that empty ground a standard of world salvation was established.

A wise man, even at the point of starvation, does not eat his own piece of bread but gives it to someone else who is in the same situation, thus receiving a reward which will last for a thousand years.

Who can open the door of Heaven's hope? Heaven is searching for a man who has something to say, something to show and something to leave behind him.

Heartfelt tears overcome all corruption and barriers. When such tears are connected with real sweat and blood, the dispensation of restoration will be quickly fulfilled.

"In doing God's work in His place, I am the best servant of all servants (i.e., the representative servant remembered by God), the best adopted son, the best child of all children, and the most faithful member of the Unification Church (the representative member)" You must have this kind of attitude and lifestyle.

The eternal victory of mankind must be such that "Your victory is nothing but my victory."

Establish the highest standard of suffering so that you may show it to others.

We must inherit the thought of tradition.

We cannot inherit tradition without inheriting God's internal circumstances.

The main thought of the Unification Church is the establishment of an ideal world. Tradition is needed for this. Generally speaking, he who does not know to love his home town doesn't know to love his nation. Tradition is not changed by time and circumstances (weathering). The position of a heavenly descendant must absolutely be established.

Let us not forget tradition. We have to establish tradition based upon our conscience.

Establish the tradition of mainstream thought. Its source is parental love.

Tradition is needed for the purpose of connecting the beginning and end of a process, but not for the purpose of bearing fruit.

You all have to become exhibits representing the Unification Church.

Freedom is given to those who can preserve the tradition of history. An advanced nation is one which can always maintain its tradition.

However huge a river is, it certainly has a main current, i.e., a head current inside itself.

Today's "I" is an extension of the past, a condensation of the present, and an initiator of the future.

You should rather have the living tradition of your teacher than celebrate his birthday.

2. Public Purpose

Blessing is public. In order to receive blessing, therefore, You must become a public offering to set up a condition for that purpose. How precious it is to take the responsibility of a public task!

A parent who is responsible in a public position can never have bad children.

I am the one who is continually used for the public purpose.

In the Last Days, God will place all men and all nations on the same starting line in order to make them start all over again.

Assume liabilities yourself, while giving the benefits to the public purpose.

Serving the public purpose becomes a foundation on which to receive heavenly blessing.

Blessing comes after you have trod the whole path and finished the battle.

Goodness, happiness, righteousness and blessing-these are all of public nature. To possess these, therefore, you must go through a public course. Although personal things come and go, you must leave public blessing for the nation and mankind.

The one who constantly lives for the public purpose is the strongest, most formidable and wisest man.

"Public" implies something of an historical and future nature. In other words, it is guaranteed by history and proves itself in the present and future.

We did not put ourselves in a public position. We must remember that we are placed in that position because we are connected with our ancestors' desires and circumstances and God's public benefit. Therefore, all those spirit men with whom we are historically connected are on our side. Only if we put ourselves in the position of an offering with more public conviction and loyalty than our ancestors did, will all the good past historical and public connections re-appear today.

I am the king of affection, but when I am in my public position I am merciless and strict. Everyone must feel righteous indignation in public matters.

It is not bad to have personal relations, but in matters relating to the Will of God we must put an end to them. Pray that I may abandon personal relations for the sake of heavenly relations. This kind of prayer will really console me.

No man since the beginning of history has ever accomplished his public mission. Fight, therefore, having the confidence that you are a historical person with a public mission who works in place of those in the past.

Try to see yourself as a public figure. A public figure is in a responsible position because he is located in the midway position between above and below, between front and rear, between right and left. If he leaves his position, everything topples down. To have a good conscience means to be on a direct line between heaven and earth. Therefore, a public person must never act according to his own will.

The public virtues of loyalty and filial piety are approved even by man. Find the way of realizing these.

You should be a man who has words to speak and has things to do. Leave something behind upon your death.

A man who cannot love his country can never love God.

If you surrender ten times, you will be able to win ten times. If the entire world goes against you, you will be able to claim all the blessing from the world.

Being in a public position means being in the position of an offering. An offering should transcend its consciousness of self and its idea of possession. Don't minimize the responsibility God has entrusted to you. Add your effort to the gift He has given you. Don't owe debts of heart to brothers and sisters.

Maintain your public position.

In order to have public authority, pray that God may give you:
Such faith as will enable you to do anything for His Will,
such love as was never given to man from Him,
and wisdom.

I am an individual, and yet I am not an individual. I represent everything and all history. If you fail me, therefore, a complicated process of indemnity awaits you. I reproach you in public in a loud voice if you violate the heavenly law, not because I hate you, but because without publicly announcing your sin before heaven and earth I would not be able to indemnify it. Therefore, when I announce it in public I am already taking responsibility for it.

God is no more sorrowful than when He must wake up people who are asleep to give them His blessing.

Don't take official objects without deep consideration, and don't handle them roughly. If you handle them carelessly, you will forfeit all your accomplishment.

Before receiving blessing you must establish a condition by which you will never be deprived of that blessings condition which will prevent Satan's accusation.

The safest way to preserve blessing is to always undergo hardship in a public position.

If you are for the public, you are guaranteed by history, the present age and the future. Thus, to be, for the public has historical, contemporary and future value.

No one is so strong, formidable and wise as he who lives consistently for the public.

If you are a public being, you cannot say that you belong to yourself. But you are a great being because you belong to the public.

We should not become a group of people who regard the situation of the nation alone as if it were the situation of the whole.

Fire up your public righteous indignation.

If a hundred people think only of themselves, then you should have more than a hundred public thoughts.

God cooperates with you if you act by making the most of His Will and transcend all your private matters. You should not act according to the desire of your flesh.

To be for the public consists in having a reciprocal relationship with a higher center.

He who lives for the public has a lifeline in God.

If a pledged condition is fulfilled, it is a big condition. When you sweat at the risk of your life and stand up, God cannot help relating to you.

3. Sense of Responsibility

Since I first began my mission I never slept restfully. How could I enjoy a peaceful rest without accomplishing my mission? I have also been desperately struggling with Satan in order to prevent him from taking away the standard of heart I set up to love God first.

Don't think that the responsibility given to you is heavy. You must know that in order for you to fulfill your 5% portion of responsibility God has already suffered to fulfill His 95% portion of responsibility.

Nothing is more terrifying than when you are asked if you have fulfilled your responsibility.

When any mistake occurs, Abel must be the first to be found fault with. But when something is done well he must give the credit to everyone.

When you are carrying out your responsibility, consider it the time in which your ability is assessed and judged.

Be responsible for what you have done. Those who can trade responsibility for death are worthy of the Heavenly Kingdom.

If you do not fulfill all your responsibility, your descendants will open up your grave after death. Can the grave of a person who toppled before Satan have any place in the glorious garden of God?

There can be no victory without fighting. Victory is determined only after life-or-death struggle.

How can you depend on a person who wanders from place to place, influenced by external circumstances? He who escapes the adversities of reality is already defeated.

The greater our mission is, the greater the challenge and struggle we confront. God cannot entrust any mission to those who fear challenge and struggle.

If you are too concerned with small things, you cannot do great things.

Those who are ordered to do a task but don't fulfill it are failures.

God is asking us to undertake a responsibility too great for us to handle. We must always realize our shortcomings and pray that He may give us great power.

Those with many responsibilities are to be pitied. They are constantly being chased by time and have no moment when they can feel relaxed. Such is the life of responsible persons.

Don't expect me to be with you. In my absence think as though I were near and maintain the same standard of conduct. Always study to improve yourself in this matter.

From the viewpoint of responsibility, the Son must be responsible for God, the Holy Spirit for the Son, and the saints for the Holy Spirit. Since the Will is the Will for the whole, the whole must be responsible for it.

The glory of a victory starts from the commander-in-chief, but it is also equally divided among all those fellow soldiers who participated.

To indemnify 6, 000 years of history, a representative in each field is necessary. You must search for your own field of responsibility. If no one else can fulfill the mission in that field, God cannot forsake that person, whether He likes him or not.

We should know that we study, eat, clothe ourselves daily, and assume responsible positions not for ourselves but for the sake of the Will. If we cannot fulfill what the Will requires of us, the day will come when it accuses us.

Only those who can devote themselves even at the risk of death can complete their heavenly path in one generation.

God is your Father, so what matters to Him is what matters to you. If you cannot really feel that the sorrow and pain you receive for the sake of the Will are your own sorrow and pain, you cannot yet stand in the position of God's true child.

No matter how tired I may feel, once I think of the responsibility I have yet to fulfill, that feeling dissipates.

It is important to have a long history, but it is more important to live now by making the most of every moment. Don't forget that a moment of sleeping or eating can be a moment of historical destiny. Your momentary failure might nullify all the accomplishment you have made all through your life.

The world or a man can come and go, but once the Will is gone it can never return. To fulfill this Will, therefore, we must always do our best with a sense of responsibility.

It was man who lost the world of goodness, and it was man who sowed the seed of sin. Thus, it is man who has to take the responsibility of liquidating the sins of men and recovering the world of goodness.

At this moment you are at the solemn fundamental point of whether or not you pioneer tomorrow. Be serious before taking responsibility.

God has called each of you so that He may have you stand for His 6,000-year old Will. Therefore, each of you should feel greatly responsible for liberating many people who are groaning in the grave of Satan.

You should be able to say before God, "Father, give me the responsibility for this Will."

We should be responsible in place of the Absolute Being and in place of the True Parents (our true masters), thus becoming victorious soldiers.

Those who are responsible have to soak into the Will.

You should not think lightly of your task, even though it may be a petty one. Isn't an eye more important than anything else, although it is small?

Let us become those who desire to be commanded.

We have to indemnify the historical footprints left by our ancestors, and take the responsibility for the bloody footprints left by the martyrs and historical sages.

Even plants scattered in mountains and fields reward us after a certain period by growing in variety according to their purposes of creation. How much more does man do so?

The responsibility weighing upon us consists in how much sorrow we can remove and how much joy we can realize within our generation.

Glory cannot do without the love of God. The Fall meant that man sought the glory of God without fulfilling his responsibility. What we should not forget is that we must accomplish our responsibility before seeking glory. Glory does not begin with us.

You should not represent me in name only, but in responsibility and heart.

Once you take a responsibility, it is a matter of life or death.

You have to practice renovation and reflection in your life.

God is not stupid. Don't make excuses before Him. God will not make excuses, even though man may cause damage to His promise. You must take that degree of responsibility too.

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