The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On The Will Of God
IV. Practice

If you think something is right, set it in motion unconditionally and carry it out boldly. Heaven will surely work with you.

If it is for the good cause, pursue it even though you might lose. You will never perish.

We can accomplish whatever we plan. But we must make such a desperate effort as will enable us to go over three crises.

We have no weapons. However, let us open a battle and dash forward, regarding our red blood, red sweat and red tears as our cannonballs.

The secret of winning when you have only equal ability is to move around more.

Heaven will work through those whose hearts yearn to be commanded.

God does not interfere with what man does not desire or give any thought to.

Let us find even a square inch of land and even one man for the heavenly side.

Our objective must be clear before we can have a life of clarity.

When you are shedding sweat, you must feel God's sweat mixed with it. When you are shedding tears, you must realize God's tears mixed with them. And when you shed blood, you must feel that God sheds blood in grief. As long as you live with this feeling, you will never perish.

Pray that before your young blood is gone you may stir up this nation and dedicate it to God. Become a soldier of loyalty and filial piety while you are still young, rather than when you are old.

You must not be like a crowd which only moves when it is pulled by someone. Once you know the Will, you must pioneer your own path, asking God to give you purposes which center upon the Will.

Time and effort are what determine success or failure at a turning point. Courage is necessary to do so. Strong and bold courage comes from conviction, and conviction can never be maintained in an irresponsible position.

Let us become self-moving, self-advancing and self-achieving people.

You cannot accomplish a great task unless you develop enough interest. Try to take up many tasks that at first baffle you.

Never be low in morale. Where there is no confidence, there is no advancement. Raise your own morale when you do things, for Heaven never cooperates with those who have no desire.

An atomic bomb is exploded when its button is pushed. In the same way, let us become the button to activate the conscience of mankind.

When one has nothing to do, his life fades away. If one cannot find a mission to accomplish, he is unqualified to claim the right to live.

We have to do more than Satan does in every way. Let us be devoted to this kind of life, and people will be moved by us and follow us.

Thorough preparation is necessary. Jesus had a 30-year period of preparation. If you have enough preparation then your period of practice will be shortened and your period of fighting will be even shorter.

Nothing happens where there is no thought.

If you want to advance your action, you must become a unique person. For that task you must forget sleeping, leisure, love, sightseeing, etc., and devote yourself only to the work.

Some risk is necessarily involved in doing any big task. For that occasion you must first train your body. No matter how hungry you may be, you are encouraged to exercise in the morning.

In fighting a battle, God excludes those who won't fight and uses only those who will fight. Take the lead in devoting your life for the Will of God. God is looking for those whom He can command at any time.

There can be no perfection where there is no confidence.

Quickly get away from where your conscience bothers you. If you stay there long, you will perish.

First decide a point of purpose consistent with God's Will, then connect your conscience with that object, accurately plot your direction, and pour all your effort along this straight line.

Study a secret way by which you can concentrate all the energy of heaven and earth.

When you feel you are the least capable person of all those doing the same thing, try to find something in addition to what you are doing now and pour all your effort into it. This is the secret to come before God.

When you arrive at a new decision or determination, don't limit it to today, but extend it into the future.

An army exists in order to conquer the enemy. You are in the heavenly army to surmount all obstacles. Broaden and fill your environment with goodness. This is our objective.

You are held captive in the satanic world. Break through Satan's besieging forces to open up your new way or you will die.

Imagine the bitter result which losers in war taste. How can we ever lose?

The tears and sufferings until now were for indemnity. Now let us shed tears of glory for victory. Throughout history, tears, sweat and blood were shed for indemnity, but now let us shed real tears, sweat and blood for restoration, to complete the sacred task of dedicating this nation and earth to God.

Let us fight the war for Heaven. We will never perish. The reason the Israelites failed in the wilderness was that they lacked the conviction that they must win.

It is a great person who can dominate time. Time can bring you everything, but it can also rob you of everything. He who can dominate time can dominate his life.

Foolish is he who knows the significance of the time, but does not carry it out.

All suffering up to now was the suffering for Satan. Although we have worked very hard until now, because of Satan our effort was not enough to set God's heart at ease. In other words, suffering was for indemnity but not for restoration.

Up until today evil has lured goodness into evil, but goodness has not been able to lure evil into goodness. This may be the reason why up to today Christianity has not been able to boldly fulfill the Will of God.

You must be able to stimulate and encourage yourself.

A living person naturally grows and develops. Don't become a living corpse.

Think well and practice much and you will be ahead of other people. Many people failed after much thinking, but no one ever failed by practice.

Be joyful in working.

There is no better asset than a fighting spirit.

Learn how to appreciate the food you eat and conquer sleep. All historical figures slept only three hours a day.

You must prepare by centering on your conscience. Then practice. Our movement aims to trigger the consciences of people so they feel they cannot help coming to our side.

Think more than others, prepare more than others, and practice more than others. You must go with the confidence that you will always add to any place you have been and never cause it to lose anything.

Tears, blood and sweat are our weapons.

Jesus left us with God's Will and teaching. You too must leave God's Will and ideal behind you. For this purpose, you must have accomplishments you can be proud of.

Those who have something to tell God will receive blessing.

You must not borrow help from other people in order to accomplish something in connection with God's truth. You must do it by yourself. Without your own accomplishment, you cannot lead your offspring and future generations.

Content alone is not enough. You must have results that can be recognized by all.

We have to have at least three things that we can proudly show in front of God, mankind, our nation and our children.

Let us accomplish what others have not been able to accomplish.

If you don't comply with a command from God, He will not give you the same command again.

One who is afraid of fate will be swallowed up by it; but if one meets fate head-on, it will give way for him.

The way we can win victory is to sleep less, eat less, have fewer clothes and make more effort.

Work while others sleep, work while others play, and work while others eat. There's no time to waste in the race toward the final goal.

God's time begins at the moment you receive His command. Time visits and leaves you without your knowing it. The day we receive God's words, our days in ignorance end and the new day of hope begins.

Spring sunlight prepares itself even during cold snowy winter.

Shouldn't we worry about the future instead of the present?

Those who are critical cannot do revolutionary things.

Have a small hope and make big preparation.

Jesus was he who came with purity, idealism, righteous indignation, and harmony on the cosmic level. Unless we put these ideals into practice in his place, we will not be able to put down the loads which he had us shoulder.

So far we have been working in the names of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But from now on we have to pray, "Give me opportunities to work in my name."

If no conviction stands, no practice exists.

Gain control of situations by your conviction. Rise above them with your loyalty. Be strong with your action.

For the sake of 220 million people, have conviction, show your utmost loyalty, and fight.

March forward, trusting yourself. You have to be a man of integrity in the position of going absolutely alone.

You have to march forward with the kind of strong determination which you can proudly show to others.

"Oh, this earth! I may be in a certain situation now but look at me years from now." We should have this kind of spirit.

No matter how precious God's Will and purpose may be, how much value do they have when they are not realized?

The Word of God should be spoken through practice.

God neither retreated nor failed. God took at least one step forward within one hundred years. If you will to fight, you need conviction and full preparation.

In order for any creative action to be developed historically, it should first be thought of and determined; second, it should be prepared; and finally, it should be practiced.

If we do not surrender to whatever environment we are situated in, we will become a group of people who survive until the end.

Invest 120% of your energy. Even though you may fail by doing so, it is not a failure. Someone who can help you will certainly come forward.

I only have to discover the diamond deposit. Do you want me to undertake the labor of mining it as well?

Because we are running in the final contest, we have no time to take a rest.

Those who practice in reality with significant con-viction become masters in the future.

You must get over every final situation by yourself.

Sometimes practice is more precious than prayer.

You have to make a plan for your life by dividing it into several periods. Life is short.

Your present situation should become the basis for your next stage. Many people live wastefully.

Sacrifice is the motive power for development. What is true needs no apology.

You can only cross over the final summit through your conviction and belief that because you won in the past you can win again.

Practice, don't just pledge.

In the world of the Way, any promise must absolutely be kept.

Hope is not realistic. It is a future dream. However, if it is realized in actuality, it can bring forth more value and joy.

When a farmer sows it seems foolish, for he loses seeds in sowing them. But it is a wise thing, for he sows not for the present but for the purpose of gaining more harvest in the future.

Because history began with a war, it cannot be solved by means of a war. The only solution is reconciliation.

God does not use the tactic of surprise attack, but that of a slow, regular attack. Even though God's side wins a fierce battle and gains booty through it, not all of it is useful to God because none of it has had time to be perfected. But if He fights slowly, all the resulting booty can be used by Him.

You must say to yourself and no one else, "Be strong and bold."

If there is anyone who would rather suffer eagerly for the generations to come than gain a glorious prize and be praised by many people, he will be the one who succeeds.

Oneness of mind is realized when you follow the way of parental heart. Unity is realized when you share unhappy conditions with others.

You have to become a soldier who, by serving God who has been driven back, conversely, marches for victory.

If God, the King of kings who governs heaven and earth, remembers you someday, it will be your greatest honor.

Whether you retreat or go forward depends upon yourself. If you retreat, you will be disliked not only by people but also by God.

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