The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On The Will Of God
III. Leaders

Leaders are people who will be taken advantage of, but they will never perish. Come to be taken advantage of by all people of the world for the sake of God. Then they will come under your influence.

A great leader is a man who has the spirit to be able to accomplish great things without a penny, and such a boundless heart that he can embrace the whole world.

A leader must have the desire to work harder, offer himself more and become a master of miserable situations more than anyone else. He must also practice that determination.

You can become a leader only after you occupy the position of unchanging teacher and unchanging parent and loyal subject before the unchanging God.

Leaders can never lead without tears. True leaders are those who, foreseeing the forthcoming tribulations of their nation, train their people by driving them into suffering and hardship beforehand.

Make up for your leader's shortcomings and help him grow. He who judges his own leader is the king of Cains. But he who conceals his leader's faults and tries to take responsibility for him will stand in Abel's position some day.

The leader who commands his followers when they cannot willingly obey will perish.

Leaders are those who lead by shortening the period to accomplish the purpose of restoration. If they want to do great things, they should know how to have great faith, digest much defeat and make ever higher leaps.

In order to become a historical leader, you must be able to confront and go through the difficulties of the past and present, making the best of any unfair situations. Heroes are those who can turn enen-ties into friends.

You must shed many tears before you can make others shed tears.

If you want to rule others, you must first be ruled by them.

Those who fear the age of wilderness are not the people of Israel, but are those who will eventually decline and become prey to birds.

So far we have been in a war of attrition and as a result our strength was often drained. But endure and march forward for three years, following the standard of God, and a heavenly foundation will be built.

I have loved my physical family more than others loved theirs, but I was not able to tell them about the principles of restoration. I knew that the environment of four directions should be prepared before its center could be determined. Look at the rule of the dispensation of restoration. Hasn't it always worked its way from outside to inside? First you must feel that the world and all other people are like your own family and you must be able to really make yourself understood by them.

Before you were concerned, your central figure was even more concerned, so you have nothing to say before him. No one has ever thought more about the problem of your life than your central figure.

Learn to console the heart of God, who must carry out His dispensation by depending mainly upon people in their most unreliable years [i.e., those in their 20's and 30's].

Favorable publicity must be made before Father can appear. Don't you think so?

Creation began from one purpose and one motivation. Therefore, the reorganization of this scattered world begins when it is reassembled under one motivation.

Heaven intends to give mankind great cosmic happiness, but man has shortsightedly been seeking only small happiness. Therefore, the great blessing originally intended for us has become a great disaster for us rather than a blessing.

People living on earth at this moment are unconsciously struggling to seek better things. Heaven's yearning toward earth is no different.

I cherish each Family member so much that I long to conduct a wonderful funeral when any one of them dies. If you think just of and love others with your whole heart, even the minds of evil people will turn toward you.

I advance from the internal standard to the external, while you seek your way from the external standard to the internal. Therefore, you must feel like talking all night when we meet at one point on the path of restoration.

I have undergone all the historical sorrows. Therefore, if you dig down into my heart, you will find that I am connected with the sorrows of God Himself. When this becomes known to this nation and the whole world, they will burst into tears.

History and the world will be ruled not by the experts of theology or philosophy, but by the experts of God's heart. Jesus was the first to understand the heart of God in the 4,000 years from Adam's fall, the first substantial object to be found by God since Adam was lost. It is lamentable that today there are no saints who understand Jesus' heart as deeply as Jesus understood God's heart. It is difficult for us to do what we hear and see. Can you imagine how the heart of God has been who has toiled for 6,000 years in wordless hardship?

Remember that the Unification Church rose, not in freedom, but from a prison, the pit of suffering.

If you have no nation, you cannot become a citizen of one. A position of sovereignty can only be assumed on behalf of God.

Because God must, in the end, accomplish His Will, we who were in a position to perish were enabled by Heaven to survive instead.

Joseph forgave his eleven brothers when they visited him in Egypt because, despite their evil, he thought of them as the ones who cared for his parents in his absence. Likewise, the reason why we cannot help but bless the existing churches which are against us is because they worked for God before the Unification Church came into being.

Before you were born, God designed your eyes, ears, mouth, etc., so that they might perceive and know all that exists in this world. Is it possible for man to have known everything beforehand? The being that knew everything in this way must be omniscient and transcendent of man. That being is God.

The taller a tree grows, the deeper its root becomes in the soil. A tree whose root is shallow will either wither away or be uprooted by the strong wind. A leader is like a root.

Be victorious in dominating yourself. For this purpose you must be recognized as a victor in the field of faith and in the field of love.

A leader must work at the same pace as the heavenly opportunity. The master who controls the heavenly opportunity is God.

In order to become a man of responsibility:
You must establish a foundation to stand upon and control your environment.
You must stand at the head of the line of advancement of the Will.
You must be in the lead in considering the whole purpose.
You must think of and pray for those under you before you eat or sleep.
You must think that you exist for them, not they for you.
You must want to add your effort to what God has already given.

Jesus visited his disciples after his resurrection because he could not betray the pledge he had made to them. A leader cannot be at ease until his pledge is carried out.

While in the period of wilderness, the Israelites criticized Moses, their tribal leaders and other responsible persons, so that they were about to perish. Moses had to push and strike the multitude because if he had left them alone they would surely have died. Therefore, he had to drive them on even at the point of a sword.

The Word of God alone is not enough. He who sheds sweat can move people.

Saints are the people who toil to introduce God and establish the heavenly way.

A man who does not like people can never become a leader.

Don't be pulled by your circumstances. You yourself must pull the environment.

Look back at yourself once again. Are you going forward or retreating?

I consider myself to be in active service eternally. And I pledge to God that even when I am an old man of 80 years old, I will not be led by you but will walk in the forefront as the standard-bearer of the Will, even if aided by a cane.

A leader must have the courageous character to make great decisions, as though cutting something in two with a sword. He must be big enough to see a mountain as if it were a small thing, or at times small enough to investigate things like a tiny hair carefully. At times he must be strict enough even to disregard his own kin, yet so benevolent that he is unable to step on an insect.

We should know how to nurture a small blessing instead of eating up a big blessing.

Have you become a person who can maintain your dignity and honor before heaven and earth?

You should become material which tens of millions of people can be happy to make use of.

A leader must:
suffer more than anyone else,
become an offering, and
become a master of the suffering heart.
He must embody these attitudes and practice them before anything else.

If someone does not come to you, you must strive to have him come.

In the same environment and with the same ability, those who are more active will win.

If you cannot take responsibility for a small region, how can you take responsibility for heaven and earth?

Defeated soldiers cannot again be included in the chosen troops.

A leader should not cease to shed tears.

If you cannot become a needle, you should at least become thread.

In order to become a true master, you have to:
establish the God-centered idea of possession,
have a strong sense of responsibility, and
offer your things and not others' in your service to God.

If we are to live at all, let us live wonderfully, fight wonderfully and finish our life wonderfully.

God needs men of the following types and of nothing else:

the type of man whom a leader can call and consult with, and

the type of man whom a leader can command.

Don't be a person who is pulled, but a person who pulls, i.e., a motivator who calls and inspires many historical people who will be publicly responsible.

Don't be waste matter which is drawn out by the water of indemnity, but be a substance which bears fruit and remains.

Even if you are treated well, you should not become accustomed to it. After you are treated well, you should certainly pray in tears.

We leaders should leave the tradition that we have become crazy for God.

A leader must work day and night, in such a way that he even feels the coming of night after sunset is abhorrent.

However poor you become, don't be taken care of by Family members. Instead have the attitude that it is mortifying that you cannot give something to them.

Love your enemy before you strike him.

Just as a root grows quietly and deeply, so I do not appear.

The higher and more precious your position, the more responsible you should feel. You should also have hope for the future.

If a predecessor is successful then his successor will also be victorious.

Man follows his original conscience or someone else as his center because he is weak. Therefore, he comes to have a teacher.

Consider my youthful days. You can feel the value of life only by going over death.

A chief priest must not have an idea of possession since he is an offering.

If you know yourself you will say, "I am defective in many areas." This is a good gift to have.

A true leader is he who discovers the true path of life which men must go. He is also the one who can help others to shoulder the load of suffering of 6,000 years and can command them to do more because the accomplishment of the day is not enough.

Moses lived in the opulent palace of the Pharaoh but he belittled it by saying, "So what," and thought more of his nation. Therefore, he was able to become the leader of his nation.

You have to do the work of a hundred people, and go ahead of them in doing it.

The ruler of a nation should be like the mind, and its people would be like the body. A nation should have autonomy to govern the whole, and an individual should have autonomy to govern himself.

Those who disregard history cannot be responsible for the real world. Those who want to be responsible for reality should inherit history. Jesus inherited the past through his death, and coped with the future through his resurrection.

A leader must start to make preparations for Sunday service three days ahead, making the utmost effort to bless his congregation on Sundays as if he were blessing all mankind.

A leader should become:
a fervent person,
a tasteful person,
a needed person,
an exemplary person,
a person who seeks to sacrifice himself before seeking joy, and
a person who knows the situation and his mission.

A leader is not happy. On the contrary, he is extremely miserable. He has to collide with this world to establish a new historical tradition.

A pioneer is always lonely because he is ahead of others. In his path he has no companion. He copes with materials and creates new ones. A pioneer, therefore, has neither history nor connection.

A responsible leader must know the childlike mind.

A mother must feed her child with milk, even when she is ill. In the same way, a leader cannot become tired and think of his own circumstances.

When dealing with others please have a smiling face, and it will naturally protect you.

If someone takes offense at a church director, a Family member who is spiritually older than the church director should emerge. Otherwise, the way of witnessing is completely blocked.

Those who are hopeful are always constructive.

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