The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On The Will Of God
II. The Heart of Restoration

The way of restoration is the way of suffering and shedding blood.

The course of restoration is the course to seek what was lost, and the course of the Divine Principle is the course to tread.

Until this day the history of restoration has been the course of being beaten and recovering. Thus, history has been made by those who were beaten and persecuted. Go where people hate to be, and where people cry sorrowfully from the depths of their hearts. There lies the bone marrow of history.

Who is going to be responsible for God's sorrowful situation and disconsolate heart? Indemnify through your own life the entangled conditions of history since Adam. In order to do so, don't blame Adam. Try to understand him and sympathize with him. Only in this way can the Will, which was not able to begin from him, begin with you.

We are the stems and leaves; God is the root. As another leaf springs forth, more labor is required of the root.

God tries to forget all the burdens and sacrifices He has borne for mankind, but Satan tries to attack us because of our indebtedness.

You must know that in you God's resentment is made solid. Therefore, you must not live self-centeredly but as a historical person who must untangle the circumstances in which God has been caught for 6,000 years. Unless you break down all the lamentable barriers which have been accumulated between mind and body, among brothers and nations in the world, and between heaven and earth, God can never rejoice through you nor love through you.

Even when I was tortured in prison, I first thought of the circumstances in which God Himself must go such a path, before thinking of the fact that He commanded me to go.

Who knows the things concealed in my heart? Not even my wife and children do. I am indeed lonely. If someone were even so much as to touch upon this, saying, "Aren't you in such a circumstance," I would burst into uncontrollable tears.

I was never able to enjoy the springtime of life when I was young as you are. I had to hasten the passing of my vigorous youth in order to meet the age of forty.

All that I possess are blood-stained tears over which even God cannot help but cry.

Ring out the years of the sorrowful past. Ring in the years of happiness to come. The wish of the cosmos is to have filial piety. The aspiration of all mankind is to have untiring loyalty.

I have thought of what others have never thought of, and tried desperately to make people recognize things they have never even dreamed of.

I am not anxious about how to achieve unity. Rather, I am concerned about how to establish indemnity conditions.

If future generations know that in the present day I fasted on my birthday, it will become the source of a great tradition.

Heaven is not searching for a man of knowledge or power, but a man who will work with blood-stained tears to make smooth the thorny road of the cross

The desire of all generations is the unified world. The desire of heaven and earth is the Unification Church.

Blessings and other historically valuable things can not be inherited in any other circumstances but on the cross.

When did we ever devote our efforts to create an altar like Abel did? When did we suffer like Abraham, Moses or Jesus?

The flesh and blood of Jesus were not mere flesh and blood, but actually represented the world and ideal of heaven that Jesus was hoping for.

The purpose of the history of restoration has been solely to have the True Parents inherit all of God. Mankind must receive that inheritance by becoming one with the True Parents.

God intended to carry out His Will for the Israelites centered upon the idea of the worldwide level. But they failed because they were content to think of that Will only on the national level. Therefore, when facing the ideal of the restoration of the cosmos in the Last Days, we must fully conform to that ideal of God and keep pace with Him.

Though I may not recognize your worthwhile efforts, God will recognize them.

So far God has been looking at us through a pair of glasses [i.e., with doubt]. How pitiful it is that He should look at His own children with glasses! We must help Him to take His glasses off.

God allows man to undergo trials and suffering so that He may cut off evil from us, make our minds one with His, and bring our hearts to the same level as His own.

God is always just and loving. At least three times He tries to lead even the most wicked men by way of their minds.

God's love emerges where people make harmony. The purpose of God's dispensation of restoration is to provide a central figure through whom the disharmonious world can come into harmony, thus expanding the scope of His love and clearing away all His accumulated resentments.

The one who has gone through the worst misery, injustice and indignation is God. Religion is to liberate God from such a miserable situation. You can be called a person of the Way only when attending God as your Father, having such a heart that even on a lonely island in a distant sea you want to raise for Him something that does not grow there.

I am neither a man of wild fancies nor a dreamer. I am very realistic. The more you probe into me, the more you will see the sorrowful heart buried within me.

God's true sons and daughters are those who feel indignation toward the past mistakes of the ancestors of mankind.

Noah was the first point in this world of wilderness where Heaven could cast an anchor, but Noah did not know it. It was the same for Abraham and Moses. Our ancestors always failed because they did not know the profound reason why God approached them. The Israelites did not know that Jesus came to them as the Messiah. Thus they had to go through another path of indemnity.

Heaven is waiting for a person to appear who, recognizing the significance of the time, is willing to strive to carry out the work that the time dictates. God is looking unceasingly for a person who can become the foothold for His dispensation but He cannot find such a person. As far as Heaven can see, this world is like a wasteland.

Leave your own situation and try to understand that of God. He needs His foundation and His people, but He cannot find them anywhere. How miserable and impatient He must feel!

In the history of restoration, one point has to be restored first, and on that basis the dispensation can broaden its scope to encompass the whole.

The heart between father and son can never be altered. Even God is not capable of that. God teaches us that the tie between father and son is His final purpose. The weapon with which you can unify the world is this father-son relationship.

The essential teaching of Christianity is the Fatherhood of God, but it was not able to teach this clearly. Everything may be lost in history, but the father-son relationship will remain. God seeks, above all else, to have children to whom He can say, "You are the bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh."

Jesus' thirty years of preparation was the period of tears, his three years of public ministry that of sweat, and his three days of resurrection that of blood.

History has progressed in the order of symbolic history, image history and substantial history. In passing from one stage to the next, God was determined to go through radical revolutions. Even at the cost of sacrificing thousands of people in symbolic history, He wanted to raise one person who could inherit image history.

An individual or nation will prosper when the direction of that individual or nation is in accord with the direction of God's dispensation.

Providential history begins with father-daughter cooperation. But it must be succeeded by husband-wife cooperation, which in turn must be followed by mother-son cooperation. And ultimately, in winning over the Communists, women must lead the way.

As creation began with one, so does re-creation start from one. In the Last Days, therefore, all of the old historical relationships break down and the idea of individuality emerges. Only then can we bring about a new world.

On Easter, we must not reminisce over what occurred in the past, but take this occasion to think of our future resurrection and strengthen our determination.
4/17/1960-Declaration of Heartistic Resurrection.
4/17/1961-Declaration of Substantial Resurrection.

The Unification Church will never die, never rest and never cease to grow and expand.

How precious time is! Seeds must be sown in the spring, for if they are sown in autumn they wil have to endure the suffering of winter.

Find out what God really expects from you. Unless you know this, you are a ship sailing without a destination. By knowing what God expects and knowing how our ancestors failed, we must be prepared to succeed at the times they could not.

Spiritually, I have been living as though I were standing on the point of a needle.

Just as there ought to be many tastes, so also many kinds of people are necessary. Too bitter a taste and too sweet a taste are disliked, but when just right, either one is very nice. This is the unity Unification Church is aiming to achieve among all things.

The purpose of the providence of restoration is to establish a being who can bring forth harmony in the world of creation which cannot now be harmonized. Thereby he widens the scope of love in a way that will completely untangle the complications in individuals, families, nations, and the world.

In order to restore your original mind, you have to discard your secular self and find your meek and humble self who represents your insufficiencies before God.

Jesus came as God's representative, with the fullness of God's glory in himself. He did not strive for thirty years for his own glory but for the purpose of bringing forth God's Will of glory and hope to fallen man.

The problem of indemnity emerges when you do not pursue the path which your ancestors pioneered. Therefore, you must have the purpose and ideal which they had.

Victory or defeat is decided in this present moment. (Those who cannot overcome the present moment cannot bring forth future victory.)

We should become a group of people who are needed.

Of course it is important to live a good life in Canaan, but it is more important to solve resentment by winning over our enemy in Canaan.

Everyone seeks the person who will be responsible for his action, life and heart.

When God sells you in public at the shop of history what price will you sell for?

The foundation of restoration holds promise wherever tears are shed first.

A man has resentment only during his lifetime, but God's resentment is a historical one, for Satan is the historical enemy.

You have to go on, even if a hole is drilled in your foot and even though you topple over.

The first objective is to unite your mind with God; the second, to unite your mind and body; and the third, to unite God and children.

You have to be a subject of goodness. For that purpose you have to sacrifice yourself and serve others.

How many years will it take for someone to recover himself by re-building his ruined house? Even the re-building of a house takes much time. How much more difficult it is to correct the declining fortune of a nation!

The entire territory of this nation is stained with the blood, sweat, and tears of the Unification Church.

There is no indemnity paid in a peaceful situation.

No one is more to be pitied than I. I have no place where my mind can be at ease.

The path we go is the path which the son who has lost his parents should go. Therefore, let's go to the grave of our Parent (God) to cry out with our whole heart and to make firm determination.

Let us become a hothouse in which our nation can grow.

The principle of restoration cannot be taught. Therefore, you yourself should seek it.

In the Unification Church I am the one who is going to pioneer a new history, discarding the rotten trees and using the roots which remain.

The Lord of the Second Advent must resolve the resentment of Jesus, whose desire to love and to be loved was not fulfilled.

There has to be someone who can become a Master of the purpose.

Peace is brought forth in the world when the spiritual current and the social current become one with each other.

You should go forward for the future without being satisfied during the process. You should not work by looking at the present reality, but by looking at history in order that you may affect your descendants.

What a shame it is if an athlete who has started running cannot reach the finish line!

You should die only after you have pioneered the worldwide fortune.

In the relations of the heart of restoration, we have to regard God as our Parent and ourselves as His true children. Thus, we have to pledge ourselves to represent mankind before heaven and earth.

The basis of the universe is "parents and I."

God visits as the One who paves the way of the cross.

Let us cross over the last peak with absolute loyalty, to become victorious men of self-domination.

We have to fight until Satan himself confesses that he is defeated.

The noun "resurrection" exists only when it is presupposed by joy.

The Messiah is the one who has come as the central figure to turn history around correctly.

In order to reverse the direction of the compass needle which points at north and south, we need a power stronger than the earth's magnetic field. In the same way, in order to change the fallen world, we need a power stronger than it.

Salvation goes together with the Messiah. It will be realized if you become inseparably related to him in your mind, heart and life.

The path of restoration is indeed the path full of resentment.

You can stand in front of God only after you attain substantial resurrection and finally, glorious resurrection.

Religion goes up from the lower to the higher class. World history descends from the higher to the lower class.

You must deeply bear in mind that you have inherited and taken upon yourself the historical connection which was left unfulfilled.

The history you are now making will form the material of the ideal world which is left your descendants, who will adore you for eternity.

Although we have inherited the history of misery, we should become the ones who strive to hand down the history of hope to our descendants.

The Messiah is he who started by centering upon the essence of the Absolute.

You must have confidence strong enough that you can unite all your resentment pain and sorrow into an arrow and shoot it at the bosom of Satan.

Those who live in the wilderness cannot speak of their personal dignity and honor. We are now in the wilderness.

Can those ancestors who did not fulfill their responsibility be called ancestors? What if we knew the location of Adam and Eve's grave? Be careful, lest your grave be trampled on by your children.

Let us know time. When you notice the time after it comes, it is already past.

The democratic world is a step ahead of the Communist world. But religious people should be a step ahead of others in making the world in which men live with God

God is still shouting, "Isn't there a soldier who fights for mankind and for God?"

Those whose strategy is to give something to others are the ones who are given to from them.

The first human ancestors fell even when they served God with their unfallen standard of mind. Therefore, how can we be saved only through human power?

We have to compare what resulted with what was invested /n order to be helped through the principle of restoration.

He who has pledged himself to be loyal to God is not only a man of the present age, although he lives today, but also a historical being whose task is a historical mission.

If we can make the Communists cry by showing them the contents of God's heart, that one ability will more than overcome Communism.

The Messiah is himself the purpose of conviction, the purpose of hope, and the purpose of love of all mankind. He is also the fruit of faith, the fruit of hope, and the fruit of love of all mankind.

Those who retreat in the world of misery cannot win the happiness which exists beyond misery.

If Christians around the world overcome the anguish of the Last Days, then the Messiah to come need to have nothing to do with it.

All mankind is the material through which to restore one man, Adam. Therefore, we can say that the history of 6,000 years is the history of the restoration of Adam. In order to realize that purpose, however, we have to cross the boundary line of death.

God can work with us on the path of the cross on the church level. But we must go without His help on the path of the cross on the national level; the Church must become the internal spirit world to save the external world.

You need the kind of conviction and will which will boldly and happily accept suffering, sorrow, loneliness and resentment.

I do not know how many times I prayed so intently that my padded baji and chogori were soaked with sweat, how many times I pledged myself by being ready to stab my stomach with a sword, and how many thousands of times I steeled my mind to cross the path of death.

How serious Jacob was when he wrestled with the angel at Jabbok! The angel dealt with him with the heart of one generation, but Jacob dealt with the angel with the heart of a thousand years. This is why he was able to win.

Every moment in restoration through indemnity is important. Even after the moment of the completion of restoration there are still problems.

A day is composed of 86,400 seconds. Is there any one of you who realizes that you have been mobilized to guard the Will of God in those seconds? You have to think that you are responsible for even one of those seconds.

Experience the consequences of defeat. Let us march forward by feeling inside the heart of the defeated. Those who don't start their march forward by feeling how miserable is the despair of defeat will not have the glory of victory.

When you perfect restoration, you will be able to enjoy the sympathy of God, the sympathy of the True Parents, and the sympathy of brothers and sisters in one place, at one time. Only in this way can the heartistic unified trinity be established.

The founders of religions were men chosen from the fallen lineage. But Jesus was born in a lineage that, due to indemnity, had nothing to do with the Fall.

The point of limitation in the restoration of a man is where he must seek his mother. The point of limitation of a child is where he must look for his bridegroom. The True Parents must seek the world.

It is the President who commands in a battle, but it is the captain who copes with the situation after it is over.

God's resentment consists of the fact that the standard of the number eight - of true father, husband, older brother, son, true mother, wife, older sister, and daughter - was not truly established.

The crucifixion of Jesus was miserable. Yet God was proud of it and intended it to be instrumental. Hence came Jesus' right of resurrection, which became the way for all mankind to live.

The Israelites were confident for 4, 000 years that the Messiah would come, but are we now the nation which is confident that he will come? The answer is no. The reason is that nowhere on earth is there a nationwide foundation for the Messiah.

God has not been able to:
Love man as His child,
Have His child marry, and
Love one such family.
Therefore, He works to restore them.

It took infinite, historical suffering for God to find the Messiah alone. Thus nothing is more pleasant for Him than to establish families and clans.

There is no "normal" path for an indemnity condition.

If you are afraid of death, you will not be able to succeed many times.

If you pray for the blessing of your enemy instead of avenging yourself toward him, you will find there is a way to survive.

The first seven-year course was to establish the tradition on the individual level, and the second seven-year course, the tradition on the family level.

God can postpone the establishment of His purpose by setting a condition in His work, but a man must establish his purpose within the limited sphere of his life. Therefore, the more he goes, the busier he must feel.

After you join the Unification Church you are to bear new loads instead of unloading yourself. The more loads you bear, the more help results for mankind, and therefore, God must give blessing to mankind through you. Thus you become the foundation of blessing.

Christians believe that they can go to the Heavenly Kingdom by believing in Jesus, but Unification Church members must save the world by believing in the Unification Church. Christians will only follow us after the world pulls us up by saying to us, "The world needs you."

When you do something with God as your whole motivation, there is added indemnification to it.

In order to inherit the history of restoration, you must visit the spirit world and establish the standard of victory there in every respect. The Lord who has come is the fruit of spiritual victory and the initiation of physical victory.

Because you were born under the fallen lineage, deny yourself completely. Only in that way can you attain perfect resurrection.

The path of restoration is the path you walk by your own choice. And the path of the Principle is the path on which you follow God's footprints.

The history of restoration must begin in the most abhorrent place.

We are going to establish a religion-centered society of God's ideology. The longer this is postponed, the more people will go to hell. Therefore, it is desirable to shorten the period of restoration as much as possible.

The reason for wars is that men, women, you and I exist. There is a war between husband and wife, and a war among brothers. But the parental mind has no enemy. Therefore, the essence of God is love.

You are the fruit of history, the center of this age, and ancestor for the future.

If you want to be a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom, you have to be a man who can enjoy God's love. In other words, you have to be perfectly equipped with the condition in Principle of completing the path of indemnity and your portion of responsibility.

God is in the position of a judge, Satan in the position of a public prosecutor, and Jesus in the position of a defense attorney. The judge, being unable to defend the accused, only judges by comparing the words of the public prosecutor and those of the defense attorney. Therefore, God, unable to defend man, cannot unconditionally regard him as innocent, although His heart to save him from evil is immeasurable. Thus, man must devote himself to go the path of indemnity. Even God cannot do anything if man is accused by Satan.

Those who are not accused by Satan can be approved by God as perfect.

For 6,000 years God's resentment has not been cleared away, although men have been chosen to complete the providence of restoration. From now, women should go ahead of men to clear away God's resentment.

Christianity was born, not through the crucifixion of Jesus, but through his resurrection.

The reason the Unification Church has come to use the term "Family members" is that we may clear up Jesus' resentment that he was not able to share love with his parents and brothers and sisters.

Since God's front line seeks for and fights on the front line of the world, He cannot take care of those followers who turn their faces backward.

If we want to take responsibility for each other by having the heart to say to each other, "I will do not only what I do, but also what you do," then the path of restoration is pioneered.

When you become a person who creates a heartistic relation even with your enemies, you can restore history and be resurrected.

Your portion of responsibility remains even after restoration through indemnity.

The three seven-year courses are meant to indemnify the 2,000-year history in twenty years.

History revolves around its axis. God takes one end of the axis and man the other end.

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