The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On The Will Of God
I. The Will of God

1. The Will of God

God's Will came before me. God is the beginning of the Will, content of the Will and purpose of the Will.

The Will is the basis of all our happiness, our pride, our authority and our knowledge. Man may live and die in vain, but the Will can never perish. It must reach fruition and be consummated without fail.

I never yield even an inch for the Will. To accomplish the Will I do not avoid the path of sacrifice, no matter what sacrifice may have to be made.

We should not be satisfied with today if we have not completed the path which we should go. Instead, let us pioneer a new history with a greater will that can enable us to cut off any worldly attachment.

Though your body dwells in the present reality, your daily feelings and ideals and all your spiritual connections should yearn for the ideal land of Canaan, and should live in that land.

We have to maintain the standard of heart where, even though we suffer from pain at the lowest level, we can laugh at and step over the highest glory of the satanic world.

Those who are acceptable in the Heavenly Kingdom are those who have such an unchanging heart that they cannot forget the Will of God even when they are offered the highest position of glory in this world.

I am going this way burdened with agony. How then can you expect to tread your way without pouring forth your most earnest heart?

We cannot think of restoration at our ease. We cannot set up indemnity conditions unless we persevere and survive when beaten over and over again.

Punch through the very bottom of hell!

You cannot conquer anyone by beating him. If you beat him to restore him, you will have to be beaten. The only way to restore him is to be beaten first yourself. Consequently, you win by losing. This is the ultimate way to fight.

Now is the time to reflect upon Jesus' teaching that we should not worry about what to eat, wear or drink. If we worry more about our own life than about God's kingdom and His righteousness, we will perish. Without our world, all individuals, families, societies and races will be trampled. No home can exist without its world.

Those who avoid Heaven's worries and seek their own comforts are not needed. One man who is needed is more valuable than thousands who are not needed.

We go the path that no religion has pioneered before.

As the twelve tribes and the seventy elders mobilized the mass of 600,000 people by centering upon Moses, so also restoration cannot neglect the precision of organization.

God's dispensational program proceeds from Him who is the Source and Apex. Therefore, we who go the path which we do not fully understand should obey the Commander. That is the shortest way.

If there emerges a perfect subject (+), there will appear a perfect object (-). But if another subject exists before the object appears, the object's appearance is thwarted.

Moses should have whipped the Israelites if necessary in order to lead them into Canaan, even at the cost of losing half of them. Since he did not do so, Moses, the Israelites and the opportunity waiting for the Heavenly dispensation were all lost.

For 6,000 years God has been striving for the fulfillment of one mature time, one man and one task. Therefore, those who oppose this man's task and this time are betraying the 6,000 years. Those betrayers will receive all the accumulated retribution, while those who loyally welcome him will inherit all the blessings of 6,000 years.

I feel it is abnormal that Church members who have learned the Will of God stay placid and indifferent.

I am leading a serious life centering on the Will, feeling as if, along with God, I am in a tug of war with Satan and three billion people on earth.

The inmost desires of fallen man are:
To return to the side of God
To regain possession of heaven and earth.
To take vengeance against the enemy Satan.

Moses' cross was that of the words; Jesus' cross was that of the body; the cross of the Lord of the Second Advent is that of the heart (love).

I am always working one step ahead of you. Therefore, you have to be concerned with the things I do for they will become the objectives of your life.

It is a rule that one go the course of restoration through indemnity by himself, without the help of others. Once you help someone, however, you must also be responsible for his very life.

You can change your mind a hundred times when you meet hardships, but I cannot change at all. Even though death may await me on my way, I am destined to go on, for I know too well that the cosmic pain suffered by not continuing is greater than the pain of going over death.

Out of those who are in the same position, God will choose for His use the more able person, for it is His will that he fight against and defeat Satan.

You must know that God is shedding tears in the position of a servant, in the position of a child, and in the position of a parent, and you should dedicate your heart to dispel this resentment of God.

Satan will invade those who hesitate before the Will of God. Never hesitate when you know God's Will.

God knows only the Heavenly principles and rules. I know only God's Will.

Just as we cannot put on new clothes without taking off old ones, so we cannot see the new world as long as we have old concepts.

The deeper you plant a seed, the longer it takes to sprout. Don't be impatient. Since restoration history was planted over the course of 6,000 years, how can we expect it to sprout in a day?

The ideal of unification will be fulfilled when you treat everyone as your Abel.

When you are about to die in the midst of hardship in working for the Will of God, you should pray that whatever you have left unaccomplished may be fulfilled through your descendants. Only after you die this way can you come to them and cooperate with them.

Each person must go with confidence that the blessed land of Canaan is his land rather than the land on the national level. And he must be convinced that, even if Moses himself dies on the way, he must go.

Pursuing the Way of the Will is like going through neck-deep water to an endlessly far away destination, carrying God on your back. Just imagine that if you drown in the water, the Will has to return to the beginning and start anew.

Just as Jesus prayed, "Not as I will, but as Thou wilt," there can be no difference between my will and the Will of God, the Father.

If you can show God three of your accomplishments which each so impress Him that He exclaims in surprise, He will never be able to help becoming your God.

What God likes and what I like are the same. Therefore, if I do good for others, this means that I am doing good for God. That is what we call goodness.

History has been an evil history and the world an evil world until now, so goodness has been driven away and insulted throughout history. Isn't this the path which the saints and prophets had to tread? We too have to be driven away and insulted and must shed tears many times for the sake of God's Will. Otherwise, after we go to the spirit world we will be unable to stand before others as dignified people who have nothing to be ashamed of.

The Old Testament Age was the age when man worked with distant hope; the New Testament Age, the age when he practiced faith; and now it is the Completed Testament Age when he seeks love and practices it.

If there is anything so precious that without it history and the world will be destroyed, where will you keep it? You will naturally want to keep it in the deepest part of your mind. If you desire to place it in the depths of your mind, it needs to be invisible. It is for this very reason that God exists as an invisible being. It is fortunate that He is invisible, for if He were visible how could a great contest to gain Him be avoided? It would be difficult for God to endure the pain of seeing it.

When you are motivated by me and walk with me toward the same purpose, you make progress. Otherwise, you do not.

God created man to want to return joy to God. When God gives, He wants to find that He and man become completely one.

Do not try to sow or harvest centered upon yourself. Both motivation and result should be returned to God.

Happiness is to find someone whom you want to give to and give still more, whom you want to help and help still more, and whom you want to make happy and make happy still more.

Jesus did not have an environment that would accept him on the national level, although he established a victorious condition on the individual level. This is why he was crucified.

The first seven-year course is the period, externally, to lay the foundation by which Satan is prevented from invading above the top level of the growth stage, and internally, the time to set the standard by which Mother can be restored into perfection. During this period, therefore, Mother had to establish the standard of perfect obedience to Adam, and my family had to attain the victorious standard by eliminating completely any condition of satanic invasion.

The Old Testament Age is the age of preparation of the bride; the New Testament Age is the age of the bride; and the Completed Testament Age is the age of the wife. The age of the wife is the time when the ideal of her unity with the Lord is realized. On that foundation the time will eventually come when you can pray in your own name.

Is the Will true which we believe in? If it is true, we have to reflect upon our way of life to know whether we are living in line with it.

The greater you become, the more you have to watch your step.
The smaller you become, the more you have to look up to God.

I have been passing over the peaks of history by shouldering the cross of discovering the Word, the cross of establishing its substance and the cross of establishing love.

On the path which the Unification Church treads, you must try hard to find the real Essence and to resemble the Original.

Man has the domain of heart (love and family) and the domain of mission. Unless he possesses both, he is dead in the world of existence.

True relationships can never change along the way.

A nation which is capable of coping with a multi-racial society can control the world.

"You must absolutely not betray God!" This is the Unification spirit.

You should march forward, by having your body serve your mind, having your mind serve the Providence, and having the Providence serve God.

The highest purpose of God is man.

A headquarters is like the summit of Golgotha.

You should only think through God.

God does not work where utmost sincerity is lacking.

Let us see one another at the place of final tears.

We will not perish now, even though the world is against us.

The relationship between truth, life and love is such that they are one with each other. Where there is truth there should also be love and life; where there is love, there should be truth and life.

If the Will of God should perish, we should be ready to suffer anything.

Don't worry about me but fulfill your own responsibility.

The difficulty of knowing Principle is as great as picking up a grain of sand from the midst of the huge, blue ocean.

It is neither God nor our nation who is responsible for the prolongation of the Will of God. We must yearn after the Will of God day and night. If we stop doing so, everything is over. Therefore, we must always live in a state of alarm.

The sun which rises from the east has a definite direction. It seeks its goal through its main current.

Our purpose is not to know the Principle, but through it to know God and the Central Figure.

What am I doing now for the Will of God? I always ask myself this question.

God's religion is the one which can lead people by introducing His heart.

The Will of God is for the world and for future generations.

If you die and sink down on the path of righteousness, your death will enable you to conquer heaven and earth. The fortune of heaven and earth lies on that path.

Unification thought consists in maintaining today in order to make it tomorrow's fighting spirit.

To realize the purpose of the Will means to realize the individual purposes of all things and men.

Heaven and earth are in motion along their orbit even when you are asleep. If you behave selfishly because no one is watching you, you will perish.

Those who embrace the Will of God are not free from anxiety until the Will has been realized.

We must be able to maintain a straight line between these three points-God, His purpose and our purpose.

Let us march forward by always having the attitude to work for the Will, and then the day will come when we know the Will in our surroundings.

The Will of God may flow away from you. Can you stand here as an individual who can represent eternity? If you do not march forward, you will lose the determined standard.

Your individual mission must not end with you. It must unite with God's collective purpose.

God's purpose for creating Adam and Eve lay in their children. In the same way, His purpose for sending the Messiah does not lie in the Messiah himself but in mankind.

The task of the Unification Church is to correct religions, representing God, and thoughts, representing the world. Religions are vertical and thoughts horizontal.

The father-son relationship is the fundamental axis of the universe.

The main current is short and straight. It is also a short cut, for it is the way we can go straight forward.

It is impossible for any relationship to be made unexpectedly.

The Fall meant that God suffered misery before man became miserable.

There are no rehearsals in the providence of God. Therefore, you must have the utmost seriousness.

Once we walk upon the path of our life, we cannot go back.

Unification thought should be such that historical expectation pierces it. It should be such that all the historical saints and sages can cry, "This is it!"

If you get hurt for the sake of the Will, it will be good education not only for your future, but also for your children.

Only when you become one with God and His Will can you become the second Subject.

There is nothing we can trust other than the Will of God.

2. Good and Evil

Goodness is never centered upon yourself but consists in sacrificing yourself for others. Evil is centered upon yourself and sacrifices others for yourself.

Goodness does not begin loudly, and it appears without notice. But evil begins loudly; it appears with boasting then diminishes into insignificance.

Goodness is to give unconditionally.

Never regret that you have done goodness and never trade away the goodness you've accumulated.

True goodness and happiness must be stored in the nation, in heaven and earth, and in the mind of the Creator, rather than in your family.

Man's ultimate desire is to know God, to own His goodness, happiness and love, and finally to possess God Himself.

Before eating food, good men first think of Heaven, then earth and then mankind.

Always have a good and compassionate heart.

In goodness, the Alpha and Omega are the same. Therefore, those men whose beginning and end are the same are the final victors and good men.

If you do a good deed and forget it, God, who is the subject of goodness, will certainly remember you.

God gave us conscience as a guide whereby we can distinguish between good and evil.

It is good to sacrifice an individual to raise a family, and likewise it is good to sacrifice a family if it will help make the world good.

Love and goodness belong to the whole world. God created heaven and earth in order to share His greatest goodness and happiness with it. Therefore, men are drawn to the place where much love, goodness and happiness dwell.

Even though you may fail to do goodness because of adversity, you are not a failure. It will definitely be realized at another place.

Evil appears as if it were true, even though it is not. Those who work for themselves, or those who try to dominate the world according to their own will, must surely perish.

Goodness is to love one's family more than oneself, to love one's nation more than one's family, and to love all mankind more than one's nation.

No evil can strike goodness and survive, and no goodness can be struck and perish. So you who are on the side of goodness must endure many beatings and then quickly claim compensation. Become a loyal one in the course of restoration.

Goodness is to want to share what one has with all mankind. If one can do goodness and has the ability to become harmonious with others, he can become their center.

Goodness is to live for bigger things. It is good if we sacrifice the entire Unification Church for the sake of a race or a nation. If a nation is sacrificed for the sake of the world then when the world prospers that nation will become the central nation. If a race is sacrificed for the sake of its nation then that race will become the central race of that nation.

Be a friend to both good and evil people but never become reconciled with evil; rather, act as a magnet to turn such people around to the good side.

Even God does not tell you what is good and what is evil. Sometimes He may tell you that something is right, but at other times He may tell you that it is wrong. Therefore, you yourself should discover what is good and evil.

That you should love your enemies does not mean that you should forgive their sins and evildoing, but that you should pity those who are possessed with evil.

The Satan of the garden of Eden made his sinfulness obvious, but the Satan of the Last Days does not do so.

We must call the God who created us "Father." But instead we came to call Satan "Father." This is the Fall.

Benevolence is set up when perfect good is accumulated and headed for the world of higher dimension.

Evil is punished, but good is not.

To live is to remove evil elements and engraft good elements to the Essence.

We stand at the crossroads of history at which we must be a representative of good and a judge of evil.

Good cannot be taken advantage of. Although it may seem to be made use of temporarily, those people who make use of it will ultimately perish.

When your heart can embrace those who flow away like waves, the foundation of your heart is goodness.

Only when your desire to go toward good is strengthened hundreds of times more than ever, can you take a step toward good.

It is evil which destroys heavenly laws. You as an individual Family member should take precedence over the Church.

Goodness is such that it cannot go down even if it wants to.

Goodness cannot emerge in a place where it is not in motion. Therefore, good is decided when it is in motion for the sake of all mankind.

Good is decided when you speak frankly and act truthfully.

Good and evil are not decided in the future, but at the present moment, every day.

An evil person does not want to perish by himself because the course of the Fall, in which Adam was seduced, motivates him that way.

Good is quiet when evil is put in motion because, being unable to act in conjunction with evil, it emerges only after evil disappears.

If you see and speak and do anything for the sake of your object it will result in good.

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