The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon


This book should have been published long ago (at least for the sake of us Family members).

And it follows that it should have been a perfect one. But it became a book with a loosely organized structure because I was forced by necessity to edit it hastily within a limited time. So, I am sorry in front of Heaven.

This book has been edited by selecting some of those words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Founder of our Church, which can be considered very qualified as a guide for our life of faith. They were chosen from messages given at public meetings and special gatherings [in Korea] from the time when he began to teach the Will of Heaven until today.

In making this book, I have neither combed all the materials we have nor worked with the greatest possible thoroughness. On the contrary, I have quickly put it together for the primary purpose of satisfying our spiritual hunger. Therefore, the reader is asked to understand beforehand that this edition is honestly just the beginning.

Father always says, "It is natural for us to receive much by expecting little, rather than to receive little by expecting much." In the same manner, even though this edition may greatly fail to meet Heaven's or our own desire, we should receive fully the words collected here in order to make from them our blood, flesh and bone which can give us priceless vitality to go this difficult, endless Way of God's Will. I would like the reader to make a special effort to keep Father's words in mind.

Young Whi Kim
Holy Spirit Association for the
Unification of World Christianity (Korea)

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