The Way For Students

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Man's Portion Of Responsibility

1. The Realms Of Indirect Dominion And Direct Dominion

1) The Realm of Indirect Dominion

Isn't there the term, "portion of responsibility" in the Principle? Why is there such a thing as the portion of responsibility? Man must grow big. He must grow and rise. Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, he must develop until adolescence in the growth stage. If he is to rise to the center from this point, he must grow. As he attempts to develop, he must wait until that point. In the Unification Church, this is called the sphere of dominion over accomplishments through the Principle. It means that there is a realm of direct dominion and a realm of dominion over accomplishments through the Principle.

Unless you develop and arrive at maturity, you don't understand what love is. This is true no matter how hard you may try to do so. That is why you must wait until you develop. When two people become one from a two-dimensional point, if God comes exactly at that moment and marries them, that is all it takes. (137- 100)

You must know the content of the Principle. You can logically explain that when man was created according to rules and principles, it was inevitable for God, who wished for man to reach maturity, to set up the realm of indirect dominion around the age of twenty. Do you understand?

Why did He create the realm of dominion of the Principle? It is because if this were not set up, it would be difficult to determine where the limits of maturation were, what the appropriate period would be. The question is when adolescence would be. Thus, we wait until the time of the realm of the dominion of the Principle, until adolescence. Therefore, God must not intervene with anything in the area of love. What man requires is absolute love. (148-150)

Looking at the Principles of the Unification Church, there are the realms of indirect and direct dominion. However, as a result of man's fall, he can now only be in the realm of indirect dominion. He has not been connected to the realm of direct dominion until this day. Adam and Eve were unable to fulfill their responsibility and thus were not able to link the realms of the indirect and direct dominion. This is where the human portion of responsibility comes in. That is why the providence of restoration has been postponed many times, because of this portion of responsibility. Humankind did not know this.

In order to go to the realm of God's direct dominion, the realm of God's love, what must we do in the realm of indirect dominion? In order to perfect ourselves, we must fulfill our portion of responsibility. (139-231)

2) Realm of Direct Dominion

What will happen after man accomplishes his portion of responsibility? What happens is that he can enter into the realm of God's direct dominion. We must know this. Isn't this the principled way? [Yes]

After entering the realm of direct dominion in this way, God will extend his direct dominion centering on what? Centering on money? Centering on ability? Based on what will he extend his dominion? [On love.] That's right. It would be love. At that point, Adam and Eve will receive God's blessing and enter into God's realm of love. After Adam and Eve enter into the realm of love and become one in that realm, God's love will be spread in the two-dimensional world; this period is the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (124-306)

When the perfect love of God appears centered on the love of God, Satan will not even be able to come out. That is the completion of the portion of responsibility. If the portion of responsibility is fulfilled, a connection of love will have been made between the realm of indirect dominion and the realm of direct dominion. Starting from there, vertical love and horizontal love are connected. (173-286)

As I have said many times, isn't the realm of the portion of responsibility a position in which you have become one, centered on love? When you are connected with the vertical love of God, moving towards completion, aren't the realms of indirect dominion and direct dominion connected? Satan does not exist there. When the realms of indirect and direct dominion are connected, the realm of the heart is connected as well, and Satan cannot exist there. The problem was that the fall took place before this occurred. (172-198)

The point of unity of the unified realm of direct dominion with the portion of responsibility is possible only within the love of the ideal parents. (137-254)

2. What Is Man's Portion Of Responsibility?

1) The Five Percent Responsibility of Adam and Eve

What is man's portion of responsibility? We must know God's love, and the standard by which God and Adam and Eve can become completely one; the central standard of God's love and the central standard of the love of Adam and Eve must become focused on one point. (145-320)

What does it mean, that Adam and Eve fell? If they had thought to ask God before they fell, they would not have fallen. This act of asking is the five percent portion of responsibility. One is free to ask something. Thus, they should have asked God, "The archangel is saying this and that, but what shall we do?" Had they done so, God would have responded to them. However, without even asking, they consummated a horizontal relationship. This is the problem. The problem occurred because they acted without asking. It is always that way. Do you have the confidence to fulfill your five percent portion of responsibility? (33-241)

The reason why Adam and Eve fell was because they could not fulfill their responsibility. Then, to fulfill his responsibility, could Adam have done this by himself? He first had to become one with God, centered on God. We should know that we are not able to complete our portion of responsibility before becoming one with God. Next, we must become one with the Principle. These two conditions must be fulfilled. (87-122)

2) The Reason Why God Gave Us Our Portion of Responsibility

Originally, why did God give man his portion of responsibility? This was in order to make man participate in the work of Creation. And then what next? [To confer creativity and the qualification to have dominion over all things.] Next? [To preserve the absolute and perfect nature of the Principle.] These are the three things.

You must all partake in the work of God's creation. We have such a responsibility even if we are in an unfallen state. It is not that man's portion of responsibility was set up after the fall. Even if man had not fallen, he would have had such a responsibility. Even if through God's ninety-five percent the ideal form of creation that man could attain was prepared, man must still fulfill his own five percent. The perfection of man is not left up to God, but man has the responsibility to supplement this to attain perfection. Even if he had not fallen. (115-66)

As we know through the Principle, God loves man, and grants him the love and authority to which the entire universe yields; he gave man his portion of responsibility, considered the highest love and highest authority that all would bow to.

Then why did God set up the portion of responsibility in man's life? The Almighty conferred His omnipotent creativity and as He is the subject of eternal and unchanging love, He could not help but grant the portion of responsibility in order to make man stand in the position of representing that subject of love. This became a condition for blessing; as it was like the key through which the whole could be occupied, God had to grant this to man. Yet, we must know that man fell because of this problem of the portion of responsibility. (20-210)

3) Result of Not Fulfilling the Portion of Responsibility

The term "portion of responsibility" as used by the Unification Church today is a great term. All of you are in a position of not having fulfilled your portion of responsibility, isn't that so? [Yes] As the human ancestors were unable to fulfill their portion of responsibility, that position of not having fulfilled it came under the realm of Satan's dominion. Thus, the world of evil sovereignty arose from that position of not having fulfilled the portion of responsibility. Therefore in the era of restoration, the world of good sovereignty starts from the position above the line of having fulfilled the portion of responsibility. Theoretically, it is so. Below the line of portion of responsibility becomes the realm of evil, and above that line becomes the realm of good. Then how was the sovereignty of evil begun? It was begun through fallen love.

When the realm of Satan's love connected to the boundary line before the gates of Heaven, the abyss of death was created through the sins of the ancestors who brought about a gap between the realm of direct dominion and the realm of indirect dominion. (137-251)

What came about as a result of the violation of the sphere of the portion of responsibility? Another set of parents emerged. This other set of parents is Satan. We must know this clearly. (137-247)

4) Fulfilling Our Portion of Responsibility

What kind of a man is a person who has fulfilled his portion of responsibility? He is someone as perfect as God. God created ninety-five percent; as man is in the position of being qualified as a creature who is 100% perfect, when man is perfected this becomes the completion of God's work of creation as well. The completion of the work of creation occurs at the same time as the completion of God's will and we can say that this is the perfection of God as well. (130-20)

If the portion of responsibility is completed, Satan will disappear. The being who accuses will disappear. If we cannot go beyond this standard, no matter how hard we try, we will not be able to enter Heaven as there remain conditions of accusation. We cannot enter [into Heaven] as long as we have conditions that can be accused. When we stand in the position of having connected with God's love centered on an absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging love, Satan is not able to set up conditions of accusation there. If we stand in such a position, there will be no place for Satan, night or day, wherever we go in the world. Even if Satan were there, he would escape. It is time to set things straight. (169-84)

By completing our portion of responsibility, the realms of indirect and direct dominion are connected, the kingdoms of Heaven on earth and in Heaven are connected; without this, nothing is effectual. Therefore you must become the substance of love who has completed the portion of responsibility, the embodiment of love: love God, love your wife, love all things in the universe, and love your family. Only such people can enter Heaven. That is the formula for entering Heaven. (150-42)

3. Discovery Of The Portion Of Responsibility And Its Significance

1) Discovering the Portion of Responsibility

As we did not know about the portion of responsibility thus far, history. . . Why have good people been sacrificed while evil people prospered? Looking at history, why have dictators ruled the world? It has been impossible for the good forces to appear and unify the world; in studying history, we see only the records of dreams of dictators who sought to make the world one. That is because it has been Satan's world. As the realm of the portion of responsibility had been violated, all creation under it, and man himself who was under it, looking at all races on this earth as well as at ancestors who appeared on this earth and went to the spiritual world, not one has been able to transcend the realm of the completed portion of responsibility.

That is the Principle. It isn't something that I took and made up. Without knowing the term, the portion of responsibility, we cannot resolve history. Isn't that right? None of history can be clarified. We cannot resolve the twists and turns of history. Why is it a history of war? Originally, the condition of good called the portion of responsibility was in a position to overcome the conditions of the evil world; thus, the battle to overturn the world of Satan, caused by the fall must be fought. That is why it becomes a history of the struggle between good and bad. (137-266)

Who made this word, portion of responsibility, in the Unification Church? Who discovered it? [Reverend Moon!] I just discovered it, but I didn't make it up. (Laughter) God made it. God did. Did the words exist before I discovered them or not? [Existed before.] Since when? [From the time of creation of Heaven and Earth.] From the time of creation of Heaven and Earth. This law is an eternal law. We must know that.

God's love is absolute; at the same time, if that love does not stand on top of an absolute portion of responsibility, that love cannot be realized. It is absolute. It is more fundamental than eating breakfast and thinking about living.

So I discovered the word, portion of responsibility? I discovered it, but did I do so just sitting quietly like all of you? I fought to discover it. The world of Satan would collapse completely if this were discovered, so Satan sought to hide it with all his might, to cover it up under mountains and hide it completely. (150-41)

Today, we must know that the clarification of man's portion of responsibility is a universal discovery. It does not even compare with the invention of the atomic bomb or the discovery of Einstein's theory of relativity. If we don't know this, none of the problems of mankind can be resolved.

The fact that you know the truth about man's portion of responsibility means that you possess something great. Yet today, Moonies dislike man's portion of responsibility the most. It should be the Moonies who love it the most, but it is they who dislike man's portion of responsibility. How is that? Do you like it or dislike it? [We like it.] I said, "You should fulfill man's portion of responsibility," but have you? [We haven't.] (124-303)

All of the contradictory situations in the universe and all of the winding, tragic outcomes of history occurred because man did not know about the portion of responsibility in history. You are thinking of the portion of responsibility just as you choose. "The portion of responsibility is something taught within the Principle and it doesn't relate to us. We can live as we please in this world." That is how you are thinking.

When you view it in that way, you must know that the discovery of the portion of responsibility by Reverend Moon was indeed a great discovery. How important do you think the portion of responsibility is? The entire universe is dependent upon this portion of responsibility. God is not liberated, the universe is not liberated, hell is not liberated because of this; the history of every possible contradictory immorality in society is hooked on to the wall of the portion of responsibility, and is groaning.(124-94)

2) Significance of the Portion of Responsibility

The term "portion of responsibility," is not something used very often in this world. And yet, particularly in the Unification Church, it is a term given more significance than any other term. Within the Unification Church, without knowing the two terms, portion of responsibility and indemnification, portion of responsibility and restoration through indemnity, none of the content of history can be understood, and neither mistaken history nor unknown facts be resolved. That is how important they are.

The term "portion of responsibility" as used in the Unification Church is very important. By fulfilling this portion of responsibility, Adam and Eve are finally completed as human beings. They will become perfected human beings. And if there is a Creator, the purpose for which he created man is fulfilled when the Creator perfects man. This results in the Creator establishing his authority. Thus, the position of man having fulfilled his portion of responsibility signifies the accomplishment of all of God's ideal of creation. (169-45)

Portion of responsibility! We must know this well. We must emphasize this to the children. The history of salvation is the history of restoration, and the history of restoration is the history of re-creation. How is re-creation implemented? In a principled manner. We must fulfill the portion of responsibility. Portion of responsibility! The portion of responsibility is our absolute belief. Absolute obedience. There is no other way. Assertion of the self is not possible. Do you understand? Eve asserted herself and fell. Don't come into the Unification Church and complain. (143-113)

3) Our Attitude in Implementing Portion of Responsibility

What has happened to fallen man today? Fallen man not only must carry out man's portion of responsibility. He has trampled on 97% of all creation. Therefore, re-creation must take place, but what is re-creation? We are not in a position of being able to stand on the border of the portion of responsibility. Everything in the process of creation has been destroyed. Thus it is an extremely difficult thing to do. Therefore, unless man fulfills 97% worth of responsibility, there is eternally no way to complete the portion of responsibility. We must create again.

Consequently, the providence of restoration becomes the history of re-creation, but why is re-creation necessary? This is because man's portion of responsibility exists. In order to progress to our original position, man's portion of responsibility must be fulfilled and we must absolutely undergo the process of re-creation. In order to undergo the process of re-creation, indemnity must be paid. Indemnity conditions must be laid. The path of trials and ordeals must be chosen.

God has responded to the human world at the point of man's portion of responsibility thus far. However, man who has fallen under that position must somehow build a bridge to cross over. All of humankind is caught in that realm. The entire world and history as well, all of those who have gone to spirit world in the past, present-day man, all of posterity to be born in the future are unable to leave this realm of fate. This is the fallen realm of resentment.

Thus, what must we do in order to create again? We must definitely undergo a process of struggle. With whom? With Satan. Who is ruling the realm necessary for the process of re-creation? Satan is controlling it. Satan rules 97% of the realm and above that God rules. This is how we must view it. (15-67)

Within the portion of responsibility, there is the individual portion of responsibility, the realm of the family portion of responsibility, the realms of the tribal, racial, national, worldwide, universal and cosmic portions of responsibility. Why is that? Because it is a fallen world. As it is a fallen world, there is no gate. The gate must be a realm of love centered on the portion of responsibility. Individuals will oppose this, families and tribes will oppose this. So will the race. . . (162-92)

Do you now understand what the portion of responsibility is? [Yes] How many times a day do you think about portion of responsibility? We must be conscious of portion of responsibility as we eat, as we hold our chopsticks, wash spoons and dishes, use the toilet, as we walk. Adam and Eve were ruined because they did not consider their portion of responsibility. If you do not fulfill your responsibility, you will also be destroyed. Understand? We must not be like Adam and Eve who fell, unable to fulfill their portion of responsibility. In order to become restored and victorious, we must regard portion of responsibility as important, 24 hours a day.

The members of the Unification Church should from now on use this word when you greet each other. Take the H of human and R of responsibility to say "HR." Say HR as "Har!" "Har!" In that way, history and culture will be created. It is the fountainhead of all history. From today on, we can greet others saying, "Har!" and if asked, "What is 'Har'?" we can teach people saying, "You haven't heard? Listen for a minute." "Har! " in the morning, "Har! " in the evening. That's most convenient. (Laughter) Har! All right? [Yes] I like that and God and the universe like that. Now you understand? So, members of the Unification Church, please don't forget the portion of responsibility of the Unification Church. This is what is important. (124-103)

4. A Prayer For Us

Dearest Heavenly Father, our young boys and girls have gathered here in this place. They did not come from one region, but gathered here from all the regions of this country. Father, please have mercy on their future.

Please make them boys and girls who were born, not for anyone else, but for You. Make them fighters, not for others but for You. Make them a flock who will live for You, rather than for anyone else.

We have come to know what kind of path is the good path, and what kind of path is the evil path. We have also learned how your bitter sorrow can be resolved, so please, Father guide us so we can take that road.

No matter what severe difficulties may confront us, you are walking this road, so make us children who sense the connection of parent and child, and choose this destiny.

We pray earnestly that even if sorrow befalls us, you will make us sons and daughters who know that if we overcome this, your healing will be upon us. (47-90)

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