The Way For Students

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Student's Duty

1. Student's Responsibility

In the school there are the principal, teachers, and students, where the subject and object relationship is set between them. Therefore, any student opposing a teacher should be kicked out. If a student goes to school with another plan rather than study, he should be kicked out. (11-19)

Everyone should have his own position. In the family, a son must wait upon his parents, sister, or mother and father; each of them should have his own position. Everyone has his own position in which each of them forms a connection and establishes a relationship with each other, where he or she tries to do his or her duty fully. For example, a student who goes to school as a son of any parents has his own position and responsibility both as a student and as a son. If he did not have that position, he would be in a miserable condition.

Without such a position and responsibility coming out of those relationships, he would be a lonely person. The position being clear, centering on it and having helpful surroundings to get what he wants to get through systematically, the front and behind, right and left, above and below relationships, he could make his mark in the world in future. But no matter what position was set with all conditions fulfilled, when the surroundings were not helpful to harmonize with his direction, he would have trouble in making his way. It is the same in the path of our life, in our family, and in the society as well. (41-130)

Young students today go to school carrying bags with them. But some of them have no idea why they go to school. "I am going into the society." And then where are you going? "For the country, I am going to carry heavy responsibility." And then? "Into the world, for I want to lead them." And then? Here, they don't know where to go more.

They lost their way before Heaven. Everyone in the world is in such a miserable situation. (5-178)

For a man to succeed in his life, he should set up a purpose. You should have a real goal of life. If you wonder from your purpose, you will waste your time. It is to fool away your time. When you go in your study, a major field in your course of study is very important in carrying out your original idea through elementary school, junior and senior high school, and the courses for the master and doctor in the university.

Judging from the foregoing, at the time when you are placed, for example, in your primary school days, if you make every effort, you will achieve the chance for the days of the middle school. It takes about 18, or 19 years to take the master's course, and 20 or 21 years for the doctor's course. The school years are fixed, but you can shorten it if you make desperate efforts to do so.

Who can shorten the school years to 18 or 10 years? It is up to me whether to shorten it or not. The limitation of time does not control me. "I" should become a capable person to control time.

It takes a certain time to accomplish a definite object. There is a proper time period during which you should input a certain quantity of labor. Even though you have invested a certain quantity of labor in a certain time, you still need to do something more. That is to devote yourself to it. It can make a vast difference to a common thing through investing the unified oneness of your mind and body. What is the source of the driving power for you to devote yourself and to make desperate efforts? Do you have to turn to others for help, or should you establish your subjecthood by your own efforts? Which is more effective? When you have the driving power in yourself you can go your own way in case you could not find any helper from outside.

What do you need the most to get the driving power in yourself? What becomes the core of the motivation? You may easily imagine that there must be a foundation on which you can have the way to establish your subjecthood through the heart. From where does the higher heart give me such an explosive driving force? It comes out of the reciprocal relationship between parents and children, my lover and I. From where do you receive that explosive stimulation? You receive it from love, which is different from place to place. It is influenced by its environment, such as a satisfactory or unsatisfactory surrounding.

Why do you go to elementary school, middle and high school, and the university? [because of the duty] You should recognize that you are determined to go through the undertaking. According to whether you could accomplish it or not... to bring a solution with great value in a heavy responsibility you go to school. (98-234)

2. Student Days Are A Preparatory Period

Students are the core of all society, the concentration of all social elements. All the social systems are connected to the students through the school. Through the fields of learning they can connect any social fields such as politics or economics etc. In short, a school is a training camp of the society where the core of all social systems works in a reciprocal relationship with the students.

Between the society and school there is a relationship of an equation of the first degree. No matter how high a grade you got in school, you must try to do best in the society too. There is no room for a free passenger. You must grow up as much as you did in school. If you grew up as much as this, you must set an objective condition as much as that in the world.

No matter how high a grade you made in school, you cannot succeed in the society as long as you spare yourself. However fine job you obtained after school, you might fall behind others as long as you spare yourself for ten or twenty years. Therefore, you should keep trying more than you did in school. (180-130)

You are all youth. But whether you will win success or not will be decided in a crucial moment. Watch the moment. (91-29)

When you start your study in the school, the teacher is your teacher and you are his students. But after one year, some failing students might be among you. And then the teacher says, "I love you, but there is no other way. You must stay back in the class while the others go to a higher class. I must follow them. But you cannot follow me." You must accept what the teacher says. Your complaint that your teacher and students cannot do anything for you doesn't make sense. (123-204)

What traces will the students leave in their school days? And what are you going to leave in this frontline? It must always be borne in mind to do something meaningful in every circumstance. Understand? [Yes!] What shall I leave in the relationship with others? Make sure to think about it. (96-331)

3. Type Of Student

1) True Student

Do you think there is a true man in the world? It's a question. A miserable man cannot be a true man, can he? You like gold, don't you? Do you want pure gold, or alloyed gold mixed with another metal? [Pure gold] If anyone would call some mixed gold pure gold, you would hate him. The pure gold must be 100 percent in the degree of purity.

When you add pure gold to pure gold, it is still pure gold. But the gold mixed with a little of another metal and the pure gold will become alloyed gold. Therefore no matter how much pure gold you add to the pure gold, it is still pure gold. But in case you add even a little artificial gold to the pure gold, it is needless to say that all the gold, even the original gold, would become alloyed gold. When you think of it, are you sure to find a true man? Raise your hand if you think you are.

You there are students. When you say "he is a true student," the word "true" has only a general meaning. You should know this. The "true man" you commonly mention means a man a little better than usual men. When a boy may look a little better than the others among the students in a village, you commonly say that he is a "true student." Therefore, the word "true" you say every day doesn't have any absolute meaning. (41-171)

When you say any student is the "most true student" among all the other students, you mean it only in that school. The school has its past and future as well. Then can you say the true student represents those of its past? Furthermore, can he be the utmost true student among all the students of the various schools, or of the uncountable students in the future? Nobody can be confident enough to answer them. When you say, "We officially recognize that this man is the true man not only in the village but also throughout Korea," can he really represent the past, present, and future together? It's a question. (40-306)

When you say a "true student," what else does he have to forget to be the "true student"? In case you went to the library with about ten friends, he should be such a student who plunges into the study with a dreadful zest forgetting even that he is studying, whether it is night or day, or eating lunch. Such a student who forgets everything except his study can become a "true student." Wherever you go you should live on true love.

Even being beaten and kicked by your elder brother, you could forget it. If you were beaten here at this corner, you should, even though you were not recovered from being beaten, be able to follow him there to that corner, saying, "Where are you going, brother? Let me go with you." Such a person could be a true brother. (174-281)

2) Good Student

Let me talk about students in the school. The student who is willing to follow the principal and teachers as well is a good student. But the student who fails to follow is a bad one. So it is in the family. The child who follows his mother and father's idea is a good child, but the one who doesn't is a bad one. The employee who does as the president of the company thinks, is a good employee, and who doesn't do so, is a bad employee. Am I right or not? [Yes] Among the Moonies in the Unification Church, some caboodle who follow Reverend Moon's idea are good Moonies, and some opposite caboodle are bad Moonies. Am I right? [Yes] Then which part do you belong to? [Good Moonies]

Why good Moonies? Same thought as my thought? [Same act] You got it. Do you have better ideas than I? [No] But I do want it. Do you agree with me? [Yes] Logically, can the man who is doing as God thinks be a good man, or bad man? What can he be? [A good man] (104-206)

What is the good boy? You can be a good boy when you can digest a bad boy and have a standard to teach him. A good boy cannot be influenced by the bad boy but he, instead, can influence the bad boy. You should know it. The good boy cannot be a bad boy; if he could, he should be the bad boy. A bad boy is the one who is coming and going between the two worlds. (116-195)

When you think of yourself, are you a good man or a bad man! Let me ask you once again. [good man] Haven't you really loved and liked your mother and father? Then you must be a bad man. Have you ever really liked your brothers and sisters! Have you done so? [Yes] Anyone who hasn't done so is a bad man. How much did you like your friend! How much did you like your teacher? How much have you liked saints in the world! How much have you liked God, whom you should like the most? When you think about these questions, whether you are a good man or a bad man, how about you! Good man or bad man? [good man]. Are you now a good man? (laughter) You should always think about it. (76-275)

I told the junior and senior high school students this story at Soo Taekri yesterday. I asked them, if they had put their parents to trouble, to repay their kindness. If your parents' love seed were big, you should be brought to fruition adding even more. Therefore, you should be dutiful to your parents. You should respect your teacher and render devoted service to your country. You should not be a burden to your parents. (68-171)

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