The Way For Students

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. School And Teacher

1. What Is The School?

A church exists for the purpose of God, and a school for the future generations. God's will always rests on the future generations. Through the sacrifice of an individual person He seeks for great happiness of the descendants. He knows that a great nation and world for the future generation will come, through the sacrifice of this generation. God has put his heart and soul into the work of teaching people to be able to fulfill their duties. (96-33)

2. Reason To Go To School

You all go to school. When you begin school, there must be a reason for you to start from the elementary school. As a primary school pupil, through your interaction on a daily basis, you finally come to finish the process and graduate the elementary level. It means you have accomplished your first objective on which you can add your second objective, through the interaction with the new world of the middle school, high school, and college and so on. (66-242)

You students go to school. Why? You go to school for the sake of the nation and the world. You should have this attitude. You should be somebody having special thoughts. (117-95)

When a baby sucks his mother's milk, he is happy and comes to recognize his mother's face as well, thinking, "Oh, I like this person best. She is the right person giving milk." In this case, if they are true parents, feeding is not enough. They should train and exercise their child under the perfect discipline. As the child grows up they try to make him strong enough to overcome the world with the strength gained through intensified training and then they can be called true parents.

It means that we send our children to a primary school, middle school, high school, and university to train them to win the world. We don't want to let the world win our children, but want to have our children gain a victory over the world. (95-87)

3. Education And Goodness

You have a morality class among the subjects in school, don't you? What do you call this class? [The right life] Right life? In the class your teachers teach you not to pay a rascal with a wicked act, but to be patient. When you see a man doing a wrong and you have no confidence in your own ability to do something against him, keep away from such company. To set apart yourself from evildoing is to separate yourself. (30-308)

Although in Korea today there are many universities, middle and high schools, and some institutes, they don't know the definition of good and evil. They say the population of Korea is sixty million. They only know the word "good and evil," but they don't know the standard from which they can say good and evil. What is the prime standard? They don't know it. This is a great problem. If something is a little different from yours, you say it is wrong. "I am in this way, but he is in that way. So he is a bad guy." As you say like this, you tend to say wrong for everything. When you say "that bad guy," what is the standard on which you are able to say like that? You don't have the standard. When you use a changing standard, you will be on the brink of collapse. judging by the present situation of our society, we have no prime standard. In every measuring instrument like a dial scale, the standard is never changed.

As it is never changed, it can be the unit. What in the world has this never changing unit? It is the question we should answer. (136-110)

No matter how we human beings continue to live, born in the world, we should live our own lives. While living our lives, we follow many ways of life. It is easy to do a sinful deed which will corrupt us very easily. But it is hard to keep on doing good, which will not let us fall into a trap. The easy thing to do is an evil thing. For this reason we have lots of sanctions and laws against doing easy things.

When you are asked, "Which way do you want to follow, the right way, or the wrong way?" you answer, "I will follow the right way!" Everyone of you have said that from childhood. From the days of a baby to the days of the primary school, middle school, high school, and university, the more education you have taken, the more you have been taught to go to the right way. But the higher you climb a tree, the more difficult it is to keep yourself in balance. You should know that we live in such a world. (98-232)

We know that there have been two ways in history. Wherever a good man is, there must be an antagonist. When you are doing good things, you must face opposition as well. Historically, our society has not been on the side of goodness, but hostile to goodness. Because of that, it is not easy to practice goodness, but easy to commit evil. You should remember that you are in such a social situation where it is more difficult to do one good thing than ten wicked acts. Thus, evil established its foothold from the historical backdrop and dominated the actual state of beings today, and wants to subjugate the future of the world we are seeking for. If you assumed a wait-and-see attitude and escaped from this social trend, the new world we are looking for could not be realized. Therefore we cannot make ourselves good individuals. Without good individuals it is impossible to form a good family. Without a good family it is beyond the range of possibilities to build a good nation or world. (54-12)

4. Courses Of The School

For a primary school boy, the primary course is a sort of binding rope. Isn't it? Curriculum is a binding power-rope for the students. When you go to a university, the subjects on a school curriculum are like handcuffs to put on you. You have to remove your bonds, don't you? (126-42)

If you want to get something done, you have to pass through the period of number seven. You go to primary school for 6 years. How about middle school? [six] Who in the world made it six years? Without going through number 6 you cannot pass over one period.

Number 6 is double number 3. Three objectives means to separate three stages of formation, growth, and perfection. The ideal number is number 7. When it connects to the number 6, it becomes the center which is called the completion number. Don't you understand? (181-90)

Can any primary school boy say, "I don't need to go to school"? Is he able to do that? Refusing to go to primary school, he cannot have the foundation for middle school. Right? [Yes] Without finishing a middle school he can't go to high school. Why on earth can't he go there? Why isn't it possible if he can do whatever he wants to? Is it because he lacks power, or because he is not handsome? Is it because he has no money, or because he is not dressed up? [No] Even though he dislikes school he has to go through that course of study.

Starting from the kindergarten, we must go through the primary, junior and senior high school courses before entering a college and getting a doctorate degree. As you go on to the top process you cannot say you don't need the lower process any more. Why do you still need what you learned in primary school? In the primary school you studied the basic subjects. You still need all of them. You may say so because you were so naturally digesting them in the present situation that you forgot even the fact you already learned them. As long as you recognize that you studied them you cannot say you don't need them any more.

What did you study in kindergarten? You go to kindergarten to prepare for the primary school, which means to make the study in primary school easier. Why do you go to elementary school? Not having difficulty in the middle school is the reason of your going there.

Why do you go to the middle school? In order not to have trouble in the high school. How about high school and university? In order not to have trouble in the courses of the master and doctor degree. Am I right? [Yes] Look. To study in the primary school is more difficult than in kindergarten, high school more than middle school, and the courses of the masters degree are more difficult than those of high school. After bachelors, the doctor course is more difficult.

When you set out in the world it is more difficult. Everything goes on like this. More and more it becomes difficult. More and more. Listen. Are you now learning from Reverend Moon of Tongil Church or not? [laughter] They don't teach you this even at the university. This lecture, you know, listen attentively to it. It is basic education. Do you feel it? [Yes] I cannot tell you how great. . . When you go out into the world, you can have such a critical eye that whatever great figures say means nothing to you. So Moonies are said to be "smart guys."

You have something with you. It is an established reputation. Look. When you go to a middle school, you would like to dress up as you did in the primary and elementary school but since entering high school and university you don't have time enough to have a haircut or a shave. You are in the depths of misery. You are often obliged to view the past as the "good old days" of the kindergarten and primary school.

5. Good Teacher

When you go to a primary school the teacher, in the beginning, controls all such things as sitting in the room, speaking, and every conduct. All of his statements are "do nots." In so doing, no matter what you may become after a university or doctor course, you can be a person of large caliber. Wherever you go and settle down you can be a master there. You prepare it from the primary school. Therefore, all of their teachings contain "don'ts." You like to run about, jump over the fence, and kick the door as you want at rapid speed. But you are always told "don't." So is our Kwon Jin. Mother gave him advice: "You must stay here. Don't get into mischief outside." He is, however, trying to rush out into the street early in the morning whenever his mom and dad aren't around him. So there must always be "don'ts" for him.

You should know this. Therefore, making this instructional material. . . . God never uses good and sweet baits in fishing. He always puts restrictions on us with various "Don'ts." You are apt to become dirty every moment wherever you go in the fallen world. Therefore He cannot let you do as you wish, but asks you "Do only this in this way." This is all He can do: "Jump high. jump high" to let your neck be hooked by Him. (136-209)

Which teacher do you like in your school? One says, "Hey, guys. You don't like to study on this beautiful day. Why don't you go out and play in the field of flowers?" And the other says, "You rascals, Spring day? By no means. Study! Study!" Which teacher is better? [the latter] (131-117)

In your school, which is the good teacher, the teacher who strictly teaches you, with a piece of chalk, making his eyes glare, or the teacher who takes it idly and easily in his teaching? Who is the good teacher? [the strict teacher] You know it. Therefore, in your school, the strict teacher is a good teacher. Do you understand? If you obey him and digest his teaching even if he uses abusive language, you can take your share in that class. Through the sharing in that class you can become a direct disciple of the teacher. That is the principle. Is it or not? [Yes, it is] That is the principle. (161-37, 125-82)

Teacher should give the students deep love. And the students absolutely obey the teacher who is giving them deep love. Are the students of today the ones who make the grade, or flunkers? [flunkers] They are terrible flunkers. They cannot be pardoned. . . . God loves us, therefore, let the universe be all obedience! (164-50)

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