The Way For Students

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. Laughter And Harmony

People's laughter is very mysterious. Some people grin when they smile. What happens when you smile? Your face becomes round. When an old man laughs, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and then it curves down to "He! He! He!" don't you think it's strange! Why does his laughter curve like that? Because laughter is round. If you laugh, "Ha! Ha! Ha!" your mouth becomes very round. The person who has a big smile is not evil. I'm not talking about face reading. Are you interested?

When you laugh, your eyes laugh one way and your nose laughs another way, right? No, they laugh together. Your eyes, nose and mouth all laugh together. People with lips like this will always lack food. If your nose doesn't move when you laugh, you will lack offspring. If your eyes don't laugh with your mouth, you lack heart. Do you follow me? You must have a big laugh and a big smile.

When you laugh, is it possible that one eye laughs and the other doesn't? God has dual characteristics, doesn't He? While God's internal character is laughing, can His external form not laugh? No, that's impossible. When the internal character laughs, so does the external form, automatically. Can the external form say, "Hey, the internal character is laughing, now I have to laugh too? Is this how it works, like a machine? No, that's impossible. If one side laughs, "Ha!" the other side laughs, "Ho!" automatically. Isn't that so?

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