The Way For Students

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. Plan Of The Human Body

1. The Eye: Symbolizing God

If they say there is no God, without inquiring into the truth of the matter, we go in faith and proudly say there is God. I would like to tell you about the human body structure centering around the Divine Principle. I hope you will not lose interest and curiosity.

When looking into a mirror you see your face. The face symbolizes the universe, this is the center of harmony of heaven and earth. The eye symbolizes God. Therefore, the life of every biological species begins with the eye. The human eye is the center as the eye of the universe. As the neck moves due to the eye, the universe moves due to God. The eye is the information center.

Everything is made of three stages as said in the Divine Principle. The eye also consists of three stages: the white outside, the iris next, and the pupil at the center. The dark pupil is placed at the center because it is important. Next, why is it round? It indicates that man and woman should be round.

They should not be angled. An automobile runs because both wheels are round. If they are not round but slightly crooked it will cause a big problem. Hence, a human should be an eye-like person. Man and woman should resemble the eye. It is really a peculiar phenomenon. The important thing is placed at the center. (39-167, 94-64)

The eye symbolizes God. Then, what does the eye like? It likes colors. It inspects colors. The color exposes the fundamental aspects. Every color indicates the internal condition of its essence. That the eye moves about is due to the fact that the eye symbolizes God and the Universe. Among all parts of the body the eyes are the only round parts. Therefore, they are located in the upper part.

What if the eyes are located here like God? Then, there would be no order there. If the eyes were not moving at all, the neck would be very tired. How great the mental stress would be. Thinking over and over you can appreciate His great work. If this one is off by this much, that one is off by that much, could you stand even one day? (118-112, 159-270, 107-294)

Since the eye symbolizes God, one has to peel the first layer, the second layer and the third layer to see. This is like a chestnut. In shelling a chestnut, after removing the first outermost thin layer, there is the second nut skin layer and the third pucker layer. That is the way it is. And the eye signifies human nature. One can tell his nature by watching his eyes. When a tadpole is born out of an egg the eyeball comes into existence first. Do you know why? That is because God existed first. (38-253)

Even you yourselves look into the mirror and think you look handsome. Look at your eyes, then you will find that they look mysterious. The problem is why in the world they are placed there! They have no other place besides there. What if they are placed up here? The eyes should be placed in the middle, right at the center. At the center! Most cases they are placed right around the center. In the middle! (37-17)

Gazing at the face you ask yourself whether the eyes are placed in the right place. What do you think? Why are the eyes placed in the upper part? Do the eyes have more chance to took up or look down? Since the eyes spend more time looking down, they have a hard time to look down. So then, wouldn't it be better for them to come down, down to the foot! So they can took straight. What if the eyes move up and down, one time up above the head and next time down below the feet? How about that? Do you like this idea? The eyes! To place the eyes in our body the following factors should be taken into account: the standard that the eyes should be capable of measuring everything; the position that the eyes look, the place where in measuring relative to the top and bottom, upper and lower, the eye should be able to look over, so we can measure. If there is an enemy one should be able to look for a potential refuge, in all directions.

Now, the head moves around. Why is that? If you ask the head, "Hey, you poor scamp, head, why do you move here, there, up and down?" It will answer you, "Alas, I don't know. But it is because of the eyes." If you ask again, "Do you like it or not?," it will say, "I don't like it, but I have to." That is the way it is.

Why does the head move up and down, right and left? It is all for the eyes. What if the eyes are placed above the head and the head moves around? The eyes would get dizzy. Considering all of these factors we know that the eyes are placed in a very proper place.

God is really a harmonious God. Just think what if God placed the eyes vertically instead of horizontally? It would not be necessary for the face to be wide if there are no eyes in the face. Even a narrow face would be all right. Since the eyes are widened this much, and since these ebony ones are widely spread, one's face has to be wide. Though a face looks like a pumpkin, people do not look at that wide face but look at the eyes first. (145-278)

Why do eyes consist of a pair? What if there were only one eye? Why did God make two eyes for each person? If there is one nose, one cannot catch the four directional feeling. If there is one eye, the body declines, and it turns. To have a directional sense with one eye, one has to see it in two different directions. But if the two eyes are placed this way one can sense the direction. They are capable of sensing the position. Hence, the eyes are placed horizontally. Would it not be inconvenient if they were placed here! Wouldn't it be lonely if it were all alone? The right eye says to the left eye, "Oh, here you are, left eye!" Wouldn't it be good this way? (83-169)

In general Europeans have bigger eyes while Asians have smaller eyes. But Europeans are near sighted. Hence Europeans are the actualizers. They cannot see things in whole for their eyes are big, though they see near. But Asians see the future. They see the future for their eyes are small. (94-67)

2. The Eyebrow

The question is "Why did the eyebrows come into being?" It indicates that Heaven and the human world, the earthly world are one but there is this gap. (94-63)

What in the world are the thick eyebrows doing there in the face? Indignantly we ask why are they there? Hairy pine-eating caterpillar! And there are even two instead of one. Look, look at them, disgusting! Aren't they? Reflecting deeply, they say to themselves, "Luckily, we got fastened." You know they are in a good mood. Does our face took good without these eyebrows?

The communists make excuses saying, "We become that way as we make ourselves adjusted to the circumstance." But it is not right. The problem is why these are placed here. And do we need these eyebrows if we crawl with four feet? The brows came into existence because they are in need for man who walks upright on two feet. Had there been fur on the face Of man, he would not have needed eyebrows. Since animals crawl, they do not need eyebrows but they have traces there. But man definitely needs eyebrows for he walks upright.

If man had not had eyebrows he would have had a hard time when he was in sweat. If man sweats, water runs down from man's forehead, and passes the eyebrows which lead the sweat to either side of the eyes, preventing the water running into the eyes. That the sites of the eyebrows were raised up a bit is all related to this purpose.

The places where the eyebrows are placed are uplifted slightly. It is good for man to have these areas of the eyebrows raised a little bit. But for woman it is better to have these areas lightly lowered.

The eyebrow areas are raised slightly and form the mountains well. Certainly, they are placed at the most auspicious place of all auspicious places. Why are they created this way? The fact that man walks upright is known a priori. What if a man walk upside down? Then the eyebrows should be placed under the eyes. Shouldn't they? Indeed, the eyebrows are placed well in the proper place.

The ideal eyebrows must stand out. If the eyebrows do not, they become concave and sweat stagnates. And the rubbish will gather there. If that were the case the eyes would have been without exception the trash-gathering places. Would you sell your elaborate eyebrows for some millions of dollars? You will be a deformed without eyebrows.

And why do eyes blink occasionally? If the winking stops, the eyes undoubtedly become trash boxes. It means air is dry when the eyes blink. When the eyes are exposed to dry air they become dry from the evaporation of water from the eyes. So, blinking is like wetting the dry eyes with a wet cloth. And see that there are some whiskers hanging at the very edges of the eyelids? Do you know why? They have a double purpose: one is to warn eyes of coming intruders like dust and the other is to protect the eyes from dust, debris, and so on. Besides, these radar-like instruments are found no where else on the body.

And the eyes are not created concave, nor collapsible. The eyebrows are placed uni-directionally. The eyes are slightly uplifted. The reason which the eyes are slightly uplifted is for safety and is for preventing water running down. The eyebrows are placed uni-directionally and both outer ends are sagged slightly to prevent sweat running into the eyes. God who knew that sweat runs down into the eyes and that it harms the eyes if the dust and debris get into the eyes set the boundaries with the eyebrows and placed them just above the eyes. The sweat pricks the eyes. It is hard to bear. If sweat and water come to the uplifted places of eyes they cannot help slipping down. That was not enough to protect the eyes. The eyelids have grooves. The tears run down sideways through the hollows. The safety is there. Whoever planned them, it would have taken well over thousands and tens of thousands of years.

In summing up all of these things, the eyes are really well made. (39-163, 38-248, 38-155, 37-17)

The eyes have knowledge. They knew that there is air on earth. Hence, they needed the eyebrows. They knew everything: knew that on earth there is radiation and heat evaporating water. Therefore, there are the eyelids to wet the eyes as they blink and to prevent dust coming into the eyes. They knew everything a priori. They are not made by throwing dice. (187-58)

A long time ago when I was in Japan, I had friends. Among them a good many were communists. I used to gather them together and instruct them saying, "Look you rascals, what shape does an eye have? Why does an eye blink? Otherwise your eyes become trash. It proves that the eyes knew there is dust in the air. And do you know why eyelashes are fastened to the eyelids? They form a grid and protect the eyes from dust, debris and so on. Are they created like throwing dice?

I had demonstrated the very existence of God among them. So they hated me. In this way I have trained myself solving the world's problems.

Every time you look into a mirror watch your face carefully. As you look at the eyelids they blink some thousands of times a day. If they stop blinking a single day, what would your eyes be like? The blinking cleans your eyes. It is really a peculiar phenomenon. They were born prepared for this circumstance. (38-215)

3. The Nose

Look at our face. How about the nose? How precious is it? It eats always, every hour, day and night, even in sleep. It should eat more in the night for it snores. Why does it eat twenty-four hours? Life depends on it, so it is serious.

Therefore, it is worth placing the nose at the center of the face. It says "I am at the center," to be treated like a king. You can stand for five minutes with your eyes closed, but what if you close the nose. . . It is placed vertically with great dignity for it is important. Next, there is a mouth there. The mouth. The mouth is placed horizontally but it moves vertically.

Why all of these? They all resemble one another. Resemble each other! The horizontal one resembles the vertical while the vertical one resembles the horizontal. What does the nose symbolize? Adam and Eve. It symbolize man.

And the nose passes in all directions: to the eyes, to the ears, and everywhere. Therefore, if you blow your nose the wind. . . The right side nostril stands for male and the left side for female. What are these? God breathes through these holes. Breathes what? God breathes the air of Love. That is the way it is in Spirit world. What is air? It is Love. Love. One should know that there are man and woman as each other's counterpart to drill to feel Love, to breathe Love.

Hence, though the nose is placed vertically it has two holes. They become one in the inner part. Since they become one, why not make them one in the first place? All the reasoning leads that way. Do you feel good if one nostril is clogged? It malfunctions. Out of order! Therefore, this clogged nostril causes the whole body to malfunction. If these are Adam and Eve, the malfunctioning male and female cause the whole universe to be crippled.

What can we connect with this nose? We can always connect a lifeline! Adam and Eve both become one and connect the lifeline centering around eternal Love. And the ears are a factory, the eyes are a factory, the mouth is also a factory for tasting. Here are intelligent agents: they smell, taste, hear, they do everything. Since the eyes symbolize Heaven, the nose is connected to the upper part and to the mouth. What is the nose? Looking at the nose itself one can see that it goes to Heaven and universe above. They are all connected to the nose. Hence, it became the center. Everything becomes the center. There is a line starting from the nose, isn't there? That is why it controls even the creation. (118-112, 123-127)

Among all other things in the face the nose is the ugliest. Washing one's face one has to bend one's cloth because of the nose. Why is the nose formed this way? To make everyone bow and be thankful as one washes one's face. Why was the nose made this way? It knew ahead that there would come rain and snow. What if the nose turns upside-down? Rain and snow may get into the nose. The nose has a wide bottom because it knew that there is a mouth underneath. Besides, there are ditches on both sides to make sweat run down. The ditches somehow knew that sweat runs down, didn't they?

Rev. Moon's nose is somewhat distinctive. It is elevated and tipped, like a Jew. The religious clan has a sharp nose. Look at the Jews. They are all tipped. When one's nose is tipped, it means that one is keen. See for yourself. Mentally one is sharp. Artists and religious leaders are born keen.(96-229)

The nose symbolizes Adam and Eve. How can Adam and Eve be happy? If we look at the noses of Western people, this part is narrow and this part is high. With Eastern people, this part is low and this part is wide. And if we look at black people, this part spreads out and this part is short. But if you look at the proportions between them, they come out about the same. (laughter) Think about it. Isn't it that way?

Then why do black people have to have this part so wide? Because it's hot, a lot of air has to go in and out. And because white people live in the Arctic Circle, in cold areas, it wouldn't be good for a lot of cold air to go in. It should go in slowly little by little. (laughter) The whites come from the Arctic Circle, the Arctic Circle. The Far East is in the temperate zone, the temperate zone. The yellow race, because it is in the temperate zone is rounded like this. . . . (laughter) It's true.

If we look at it like this, if this symbolizes Adam and Eve, in the future who will accomplish the harmonization of the people of the world? It's neither the blacks nor the whites. It is the yellow race. From the point of view of face reading that conclusion can be reached. And the representative country where the blacks and the whites are fighting is America. Therefore God thought about it, and sent Reverend Moon. That can be said. (applause) In order to hold on to the two and to get them to stop fighting, it takes perseverance. We need perseverance. The way that blacks are in general is relaxed, laid back. Laid back. Why are they laid back? Because it is hot, they cannot help but be laid back. Isn't that true? [Yes.] (laughter) And whites are very industrious. If the bears living at the North Pole don't move, they freeze to death, just sitting still. So the whites are industrious, too. It's true, but in the temperate zone, in summer it's hot, so people become relaxed or laid back, and when winter comes it becomes cold, so they become more industrious. This makes for harmony. And especially there are spring and autumn. In terms of the climate as well, in the future the person who will be able to lead the world is not a white, nor a black, but rather someone from the yellow race. I'm not saying this because I come from the yellow race. Do you understand that? (laughter)

Therefore, world leaders, people who presented thought systems and ideals came from the East. The thought of Western civilization served as a stimulant in the history of conflict. The people who shed a lot of blood in history are the whites. You need to know that. In the Arctic Circle one has to hunt animals in order to eat. That's the way it is. Blacks eat a lot of vegetables. They pick fruits and eat them. That's what they do. In the history of humankind, the race which has shed the least blood until now is the black race. And the yellow race is between the two. People of the yellow race eat meat and eat vegetables. Having these concepts in your thinking is good. (laughter)

And when we look at this nose, we should know that the nose itself should resemble a circle. Isn't that the way it should be? It must be harmonious. Look at the structure of the white people. Not someone like this, but ample people whose faces are round will take possession of all things.

Therefore Western civilization one-sidedly says it is deep. In science or detailed matters it is deep. And blacks don't care to think about one continuing problem for 10 years, 20 years or for a whole lifetime. Their thoughts are more short-ranged. And Eastern people think the most about people. Therefore they have high-level concepts about the ethical problems of humankind. Do you understand what I'm saying? [Yes.] (107-297)

Knowing that it wouldn't do to not breathe air, the nose was made with tiny hairs like lattice work in the nostrils. If you look at the nose you see that there is hair in the nose. If a pipe is blocked, it makes you angry, right? If a pipe is blocked, it makes you angry.

Originally a pipe should be smooth and if one blows whoop, the air should pass right out. If something blocks it, it makes one frustrated. Then it would be good if the nostril were made so that nothing blocked its passage, so why is it blocked in such a confusing way by all this hair?

Look in a nostril once to see if you can see the actual air passage. Even if you stand upside down and look in, you cannot see it. Anyone who has not seen this, later on before we eat lunch, take a good look in your friend's nostril to see if what I'm saying is right or not. It's blocked very well by hair. All of the hairs grow towards the center and have blocked the nostril very well.

It knew that there was dust in the air. The air usually goes in through the center, but because dust must not go in, the hairs grow toward the center. When we look at the nostril we may wonder why this bothersome hair is there. But that hair must be there. The ends of the hairs all gather in one area and stop the dust or particles which enter the nose. If dust comes into the nostril, it is caught on the hairs and mixes with the mucus in the nose and hardens, and comes out. The nostril was made that way after much research. Did it just grow that way naturally? Would it have become like this just naturally?

Even if mankind had designed it, it couldn't have come out like this. So did the nose know that there was dust in the air or not? [It didn't.] If it didn't know, how did it come into being on the foundation of this absolutely perfect principle? Then mustn't there be an internal originator? What do you think? Even communists have nothing to say when I talk to them about this.

When we look at it like this, our body is so mysterious. I just wanted you to experience more concretely whether God exists or not. (38-155, 54-99, 37-20, 24-20, 39-164, 38-250)

4. The Mouth, Tongue And Lips

The eyes of man symbolize God, the nose symbolizes man and the mouth symbolizes the creation. Since the mouth eats, it symbolizes the creation. The mouth is well made to eat a lot of food. Through this mouth the interconnection between mind and body is made. What does the mouth like most? The mouth metabolizes food. It makes connections among all the creatures. And all the words proceed from the mouth. (39-167, 38-253, 107-293)

And the teeth were created knowing that there is food for them to chew, weren't they? And the tongue was also created knowing that it is to speak. If the tongue is to speak it should harmonize with the lips. But if the lips were like wooden boards the tongue would not be able to speak. Watch me speaking. The tongue and the lips, they keep time well. It is really astonishing to see. In this respect they all knew these earthly duties. (39-332)

The tongue in the mouth, how wonderful it is! The tongue practices the reciprocal motion of contraction and elongation for over 70 - 80 years without causing any problem. It is really a wonder, a miracle. So it is well made for speaking. Eating and speaking, the tongue plays its part. I can hardly comprehend. They are all like miracles to me. There inside the mouth take place all kinds of actions: pulling, pushing, rolling, passing through cutting gear-like teeth but in perfect harmony with each other's beat without causing any accident. These are all miracles to me. How vast is the sum of them! Harmony box, that is what it is. I speak very fast like this. But it keeps time with the lips so well that we who met for the first time yet feel cozy and warm. What makes it? The tongue. Isn't it?

If the tongue acts like fingers, it will cause big trouble. But the tongue performs miraculously so many things in a short time that words are not enough to praise its work. Look, in perfect time and at speed. It eats, speaks, and treats many other things in a very clever way. It is really a secret and a miracle. Without the tongue, how can we eat and speak? It performs what is called "the heaven and earth harmony." You should thank the tongue, Without the tongue, how can one eat and speak? The truth hidden behind this fact is that there is someone who knew all of these things beforehand. (38-155, 38-250)

Between the two lips, which of them is thicker? Yes, the lower one is thicker than the upper. Now, which of them is longer, and why is the upper longer? It just looks longer outwardly to match this line! They are well harmonized. You think the upper lip is longer as you look at the lips. In reality the upper lip is shorter. Why is that so? To match the weight to the thicker one the upper one must be longish. Hence, they are a good match for weight. Or if this side gets raised, it looks even longer. It is all because one is considerate of the other. (94-65, 118-112)

5. The Ears

How did ears come into being with such a nice shape? Someone knew before the ears existed that there is air. Also, look at your noses. Why do they look like that? You can tell if God exists or not by looking at your eyes, nose, and ears. For those who say that God does not exist, I suggest that they take out their eyes, block their ears, and cut off their noses. (38-154)

What if your ears hang upside down? Someone already knew that you will be listening and talking on the front. Big ranges and small ranges form harmony, and they know when an accident comes and prevent it in advance. Now, are they born without any pre-knowledge? (54-99)

Look at your ears. Through them, all sound waves become connected to the ear nerves. The representative sound is one. Do you know tuning forks? It is like hitting one tuning fork. If one goes "ding," so does another, "ding." (Laughter)

What if auricles look the opposite of what they are? What if we are without auricles? What if all the sounds simply pass by us? It will be upsetting. You will not be able to hear what is being said from far away. Ears are made in such a way that they hear the sound coming in the front inasmuch as we always talk face to face. Normally there is no one who talks to someone in the back of the head. So now you know that auricles are shaped this way so that you can hear the sound in the front.

So did ears know that air exists? Why do you think they are made in this way? It is so that air is captured there and forms a harmony. Suppose that your auricles are cut. Auricles have big circles and small circles in order to sort sounds well. When a big sound comes, the large circle mutes it and hand it over to the small circle; if the big sound goes directly into the ear, it will create a big shock.

Do you think ears knew that sound is transmitted through the air in the front of a person? They did not know, but since there was some pre-knowledge about this, ears came in such a shape. It is not that ears created itself with such a knowledge but that somebody knew it. Who is this person? (38-248, 96-26)

Ears want to hear good things and not bad things. If your ears desired to hear bad things, why do you listen to music? You would rather listen to a bugle in the bathroom. (laughter) So what do you want to hear through music? Good sounds, and best sounds.

You want to see the best sights, hear the best sounds, smell the best scents, and touch the best things. Then what is the highest of the best? It is love. Who is the master and king of love? It is the creator God. (37-22)

6. Hair

A hair is like a tree. When you rub and feel a hair, you can tell which is the direction of the root and which the direction of the tip because it is shaped like a leaf. From this we can see that hairs are shaped so carefully as to protect themselves. It is as if someone studied through an encyclopedia and created a masterpiece with one hundred percent of value. This is the human being. But did they come into being just by accident? (37-20)

God created our body most naturally, and it will score the full one hundred points. Hairs, upon a close look, look like trees. When you rub and feel them with fingers, you can see which is the direction of the root and which the direction of the tip. When your finger moves from the tip to the root, you will get a scratching sensation. A hair clings everywhere because it is scratchy. (38-155)

These days, if you analyze someone's hair, you can see his personality and vocation; moreover, you can see his background and circumstances. We are living in such a scientific age. Our bodily parts are not just ours but they are connected to many things. (59-175)

7. Forehead And Face

Let us think why our forehead is wide. It is to symbolize that the sky is wide and also that God is large. Who is the center of the universe? It is God. (96-63, 39-167)

8. Mustache

Why do men have mustaches, when women do not have any? It is needed for protection. Men work hard and sweat a lot. So that mustache protects the face by not letting the sweat spread around. (38-250)

9. Neck

The human world is connected with the spiritual world. The part above the neck is like the spiritual world. Why is the neck narrow? This is an information center. Spiritual world smells, hears, tastes the human world, and issues commands. From this, we cannot deny that human beings are living in an orderly organization.

So this has vertical and horizontal, and we need one more dimension for three-dimensional shape. We can imagine it as a sphere. Then it becomes vertical, horizontal, front, and back. We call this in the Unification Church the relationship of front and back, right and left, and above and below. You should know this. The universe absolutely needs order. (123-129)

Why does the head turn like this? Not because of the ears but because of the eyes. This symbolically shows that the universe turns because of God. (54-18)

10. Hands, Fingers And Fingernails

In the Unification Church we teach that God is the Subject with dual characteristics. Ladies and gentlemen, to indicate the number one, you hold up your thumb like this, right? You don't hold up the index finger, do you? What does the thumb mean! The thumb represents God. It has only two joints. This is the symbol of God, who has dual characteristics. That's why the thumb is the symbol of God. God has dual characteristics, male and female.

When you give birth to a child, the baby comes out with its hands tightly closed in a fist. Why is this? This is in line with a cosmic principle. The thumb has two joints, symbolizing the dual characteristics of God. The other four fingers represent the four seasons. They each have three joints; together these joints symbolize the twelve months of the year. The baby's closed fist symbolizes God hidden within the cosmos.

What about your eyes? The eyes are not eyes alone. When you say eyes, they are automatically related to the whole. The hand itself is a part of the whole too. If a hand says, "I can do whatever I like by myself," that doesn't mean the hand can operate alone. It moves in relation to the whole, centered on a common purpose.

When the hand moves it does not move alone. When it moves, every cell of the body goes together. The mind moves. The whole body is in a position to assist its movement. Therefore the hand's movement represents the whole body. Look, when the hand goes this way, if the mind and the eyes go another way, it's no use. When the eyes took without the mind, looking is no use. So the mind goes first and then the body follows. That's normal.

Do you all know how precious your fingernails are? Without fingernails, how could you pick things up? If you want to know the precious value of your fingernails, try cutting them off. Then you'll know how precious they are! Look at the palm and the back of your hand. The skin is different. The more carefully you look, the more you feel the hand is well designed. The more you look at it, the more mysterious it seems. It is beyond imagination, so well designed! The hand itself is a mystery.

11. The Five Senses And The Sixth Sense

Is the Creator related to the creation? In what way? Through true love they have a reciprocal relationship. If the original Owner is the owner of love, then the creation cannot go against Him in a hundred million years. It will just follow Him.

All creation is related centered on this love. The creation is made up of the animal world, the plant world and the mineral world. They all have senses and original attributes of character. That's why they are all capable of relationships of true love.

In the created world the first owner is man. Human beings have five sense organs. What are these five? Eyes, nose, mouth, ears and skin. But do you know there are a sixth and even a seventh sense? This may be the first time for you to hear this. You may have heard of the sixth sense, but to know God you need a seventh sense. Because of the fall humans have only five senses. But actually we need our sixth and seventh senses. Without these we have trouble.

Where are the most important parts of the human being? The first is inside the head, and the next is inside the body. The head is the symbol of God; thought is the symbol of God. What is the heart? The heart is the symbol of the center of the earth. The human being has two sides, like the front and back of a mirror. The body is the reflection of nature; the spirit is the reflection of the spirit world. We have not only five senses, but a sixth and a seventh sense as well.

Our senses are not related only to ourselves. Through our senses God's love can dwell in us. Through our senses, we have a vertical and horizontal relationship with God's love. We are living centered on our five senses, but these senses are not only for ourselves. Through them we have a relationship with our Subject, God. This is really true. Therefore our senses, including intuition, exist not for themselves but are all happily related. We cannot deny this fact.

12. The Cells

If we look at our body from a physiological viewpoint, man is an advanced animal. The human body consists of billions of cells. The body is incomparably complex and delicate, yet all its cells function harmoniously under one purpose and direction.

Every cell should have elements which serve the purpose of the human body. Otherwise the cell could not function property. New cells are created only when they contribute something for the sake of another cell. Otherwise everything would be destroyed.

What you have to know is that in order to bring unity between mind and body you must find the way of God's love. How can you be happy without unity between your mind and body? Only God's love could bring complete unity between mind and body.

Our body consists of countless cells. Yet all the cells come to unite in one focus because of the power of love. The power of love is a greater stimulus than any other force. That's why everything follows the way of love. If the spirit and body, the spiritual body and the physical body, were united 100 percent in God's love, how strong would they be?

When all the cells of the spirit and the body are united, they resonate with each other. Do you know this sound, this resonance? Because they share the same frequency they resonate. But this system is out of order. How can we repair it? It cannot be repaired by money, by power or by knowledge. Only with God's love can we repair this.

13. Everything Else

The human body moves and sustains itself centered on the heart. There is also a center of the spirit. This center is absolutely essential to human relationships.

Everyone has intestines. Inside them, we all have excrement. Can you say, "I don't need this; I want to get rid of it, I just want to keep what I need"? You cannot. You need everything, including excrement.

Everyone breathes. Have you ever counted how many times you breathe? Have you ever heard a hammering sound in your heart? If a fly lands on your hair, you sense it. Yet you don't feet the hammering of your heart. That's very strange, isn't it? Even though you sense the slight touch of a fly, you don't feel the hammering of your heart. It's really a big sound if you hear it through a stethoscope. If you compare it, the sound of your heart is several thousand times stronger than the touch of a fly. Yet you don't feel it. This is very mysterious.

If you count your pulse you will become neurotic. Try counting, one, two, three. Can you count it? You can go one week, ten days, or one whole month without even thinking once about your pulse. If you do think of it often, you will go crazy.

If you think, "Today my pulse is like this, but tomorrow it may be different, it will drive you crazy. Not knowing is good for you. If you could always feel your pulse, there would be trouble.

It's a good thing that the nervous system of our body is invisible. Imagine how it would be to live looking at your complicated nervous system all the time. Could you handle that? It's the most complicated machine of all machines, made up of hundreds of millions of parts. It could be broken, out of order. When you think of this, it's a good thing it's invisible to us. If it were visible to our eye it would be a big problem. If we were aware of the beating of our pulse it would be a problem too.

Why aren't we aware of these things? Because they are too close to us. They exist inside us, not outside where our senses would be aware of them. If they were projected like a movie on a wall we would be aware of them. But they are projected around and beyond the wall, so we are unaware of them.

God is like this. We cannot see Him because He is too close to us. You cannot see your own eyes because they are too close to see. If something is too far away you cannot see it; if it is too close you can't see it either. That's the way it is. But once you feel the love of God, it doesn't matter whether there's a God or not. Isn't that so? The world is like that.

The brain is the center of the nervous system. Isn't that so? Can we see our nervous system? The heart is the center of the circulation system. Which one is the center? [The mind] Let's talk about the mind later. Now we're talking about the body. The nervous system and the circulation system must work together harmoniously. If the circulation system functions and the nervous system doesn't, it won't work. If the nervous system functions and the circulation system doesn't, it won't work either. Naturally, they share a common fate. If the circulation system doesn't function, the nervous system automatically stops. If the nervous system is blocked, the circulation system stops. Isn't that true?

The human body is divided into two parts. Its dual characteristics exist in harmony. These two systems are related centered on what? Centering on our life. Can the blood flowing in the head say to the blood in the feet, "Don't come up here"? Are there any such boundaries? No! In this respect, there are no differences between black and white and yellow. Look at this, this skin is white, this skin is black. This is yellow. The colors are all different.

Isn't that so? Originally, when germs enter our body the white blood cells fight back. Right? The germs are on the offensive, and the white blood cells are on the defensive. Life hangs in the balance in this offensive and defensive battle. Life itself is fighting.

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