The Way For Students

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Mystery Of The Human Body

1. The Human Body Is The Royal Palace Of Mystery

The human body is the royal palace of mystery. The palace of mystery, indeed. It is of no use what a scientist or a scholar says. Even hundreds, thousands of volumes of books is not enough to publish the research on a single finger alone. The human body is the royal palace of mystery. There are over 40 billion cells in a human body. And each and every of the cells functions separately in the body. If we expand them, they would reach beyond the scope of the universe.

That they function harmoniously without collision daily, yearly, and life long is a mystery itself. But scientists say that they naturally adapt and develop by themselves.

The body is the palace of mystery. It will take thousands of years for many doctors to study this finger nail. Among so called doctors today, there are a few who are scoundrels. Comparing the research work accomplished by doctors with the universe, their work is just one part in some 100 billions. Such insignificant doctors argue about matters pertaining to the existence of God. It is really disgraceful.

There are laws, formulae and so on in the world, but there are so many exceptions that are not included. Have you ever given a thought to where the end of a formula might be? The problem is to which state or level do the advanced mathematics formulae that we learned in high school belong in the universal world of formulae. We have to think that we are born equipped to adjust ourselves to the circumstances of nature.

Think daily as you look at your face in the mirror how mysterious it looks. Thinking on the sum of all these countenances, we are compelled to acknowledge that the whole world is full of mystery. The royal palace of mystery! Regardless of how great medical knowledge we have attained it is impossible to investigate the inner part of the human body thoroughly since there are endlessly hidden mysteries in the human body. Even some thousands of volumes of books cannot contain the information about a single finger. It is not just molded like a toy finger by a child who snatches a lump of clay. Our fingers are made perfect in every way with no defect.

As we look at the structure of our body it is the palace of mystery. It consists of mystery itself above all creation. If there is the One who is capable of putting all of these mysteries together to create life, He must be a master of infinite skill.

2. The Three Stages Of The Human Body

We have learned that there are three stages for any creature to be perfected: the formation stage, the growth stage and the completion stage. The number 3 is important. The number "three" appears throughout the natural world which consists of minerals, plants and animals. For example: a face consists of three parts: the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Grasping a hand indicates number 3. Like this: One, two, three. Grasping the hand means number 3. The eyes are also connected to three points. That is to say that the focal point connects three points.

In this respect the number 3 is needed. In oriental thought, though not in western thought, it is held that the universe is Heaven-Earth-Man. So is the world, isn't it? Top, middle, and bottom. Even a circle should pass three points. This straight line should be connected by three points. All of these should be interconnected from the same point of view.

3. The Elements Needed For Human Life

One thing you should know is that Adam and Eve, though they were simply a man and woman, were the center of the universe and God's Body. Therefore, man has dual characteristics; it is for God to enter into the position of one's heart. The heart is like air centering around God. Where in viewing the universe there is the empty space filled with air that is like the heart. Next, where there is like earth there is a body. It has the triple structure. Everything consists of the triple structure. Where there are some elements which a body needs in earth, in air and in the spirit world, there is also a life element that our eternal spirit can inhale.

Of course one should eat food, inhale air. But that is not all. One has to ingest life elements in the spirit world. To eat is the formation stage. The mouth is the formation stage. The nose is the growth stage.

Next you should receive the life element to inhale the eternal life. Yes, whole things consist of three stages, three stages. Look at a hand. It has a palm, a finger and a white finger nail; three stages. Everything is that way.

How many parts does an eye have? It consists of the white of the eye, the iris and the pupil; just like the formation stage, the growth stage, and the perfection stage. A perfect match. The nose has two holes which unite in the innermost. Look at the ear. It has three portions. In combination they enable us to hear. If you fold a finger, there are three knuckles there, too. Inspecting all of these one can realize that everything consists of three. Hence the three stage law is the universal law. Everything is in order. The principle of heaven and earth is all contained just in a human body.

It is an old saying, if one fails at the first trial, one can get it at the third trial. The three-combination should match up. Where the three-combination matches, there God abides. When one offers something one's elder, one offers it with two hands folded. That is because that is the way the principle of earth and heaven is. When you bow you bend your back. You know why? It is to establish one-ness. If there are three then one can unite them in one.

4. Indispensable Elements Of The Human Body

Three-fourths of every existing being is water. Water! Where there is harmony there is life. Excess water causes one's bowels to loosen. A lack of water demands water be supplied. It is water which sustains the human body temperature constant at 36.7 degree Celsius. It controls the whole of life, doesn't it? For this reason water is absolutely indispensable. In this aspect, what are you? Drifting water vapor! Water vapor. Water vapor. All water vapor is a vagabond.

It is very fortunate that God is invisible. We have to be thankful for that. We are beneficiaries of the Sun, yet we never thank it. Do we say, "Mr. Sun, thank you"? in token of gratitude? We live daily just ignoring especially the great debts.

How much would we pay for one liter of air if it were the last air in the world? If God were a rascal it would have been easy to unite the world. It would not take more than 6 minutes. God would evacuate all the air in the world, and ask them if they unite or not. Then, they would say "We will unite!" in unison. He could have united the world instantly if He chose such a way. Thanks be unto God that He does not put that possibility into action. We cannot live without air. Air is an absolutely indispensable element in our lives. Do we thank such an important element as air? We eat it up like a thief. Do we not?

Three-fourths of our bodies is water. The human body is like a water bag. Do we the debtors gratefully thank water? How thirsty does one become en route when one rides a bicycle along a mountain ridge on a hot summer day. There are usually orchards there along a mountain ridge. just think how pleasant the taste of a cup of water being offered would be. It is worth millions of dollars. After drinking such water one might thank the one who provided the water but hardly anyone thanks water. Does anyone say "Thank you, Mr. water?' No, they don't do it.

And again, how precious is sunlight? Without the sun everything would be frozen to death instantly. We never feel grateful to the sun regardless of how precious and important it is to sustain our lives. We receive all of these precious things free. Water, air and sunlight, they are the most precious.

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