The Way For Students

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Position And Characteristics Of Human Beings

1. The Status Of Human Beings

1) Physical Nature of God

According to the Divine Principle of the Unification Church, God, the neutral subject who contains the dual characteristics, is the invisible, absolute subject. And it is said that Adam and Eve were created as the neutral individual realities of God's dual characteristics. Had Adam and Eve grown up to maturity and connected horizontally centering around True Love to fulfill the ideal of creation, they could have established a vertical relation with God. In other words, if Adam and Eve had matured fully, the masculinity of God's dual characteristics would dwell in Adam's heart while the femininity of God would dwell in Eve's heart. But it does not necessarily mean that God's characteristics are divided. Since God is the subject of dual characteristics He could abide in the hearts of Adam and Eve.

Who is God? God is invisible and in the position of internal Adam. Being in the invisible internal position and being unified internally and externally. Who is Adam then? As to all mankind Adam is to be situated in the position of the substantial father in whom God abides internally. And who is Eve? She is situated in the position of the substantial mother of all mankind, who bears Mother God internally. Hence, the horizontal base is expanded through the vertical condition.

Why does God need Adam and Eve? There are two reasons: firstly to fulfill the Ideal of God's Love, and secondly for invisible God to reveal Himself as a visible being. Therefore, Adam and Eve are the nucleus, the basis through which God can have a relation with the visible universe.

Should Adam and Eve accomplish the Ideal of God and enter into the spirit world, they would be God's body while God would be their hearts; and they would be enthroned. It is God that created Adam and Eve to accomplish oneness, one complete person of one spirit world into the physical world as one end-product body in complete harmony with mind.

2) Counterpart of God's Love

A man is the masterpiece among all creatures. What is he like? Just an immensely big and wonderful creation. Now, if there is a subject, an absolute God who creates man, would He create him insensible to His words, to His vision, and to His passion and feelings?

Among all creation God created a creature to be the subject of His love: man, who is the object of God's love. He endeavored with all His heart, all His might and all that He had. God does not want the object of His love to be like what present-day Christians believe in, like a wishy-washy type of creation, nor does He want a person who was created by an incantation, "So be it" like an American kid playing nowadays.

One should know that God devoted Himself fully to establishing a man as His Love counterpart in His Love. What would He intend to do thereafter? To establish the nucleus of love in the universe. This is the ideal of God's creation.

3) God's Sons and Daughters

Many Christians nowadays believe that since God is the creator, and is unique, omnipotent. . . that men, the creatures have no relation with Him, and that the creatures are vulgar while the Creator is absolute and holy.

But though there is a chasm between the omnipotent and the vulgar there must be a resemblance in intellectual content between them to achieve a relation centering around the concept of love. It means that the content of each heart must be identical. That is to say, the nature must be identical to that of a man of character.

Therefore, in whose likeness is man? God's! Hence believers say, "God is our Father, we are His children." But what does it mean? It means that we, mankind, take after His likeness. Through what do we take after Him? Through the blood lineage! It means that we are interconnected through love.

The essential privilege of a human being is the birthright to be a prince or princess in the Heavenly Kingdom. That is the human value. That was the essential human dignity. Now then, what will be man's wish? A man's ideal, a man's hope. . . what are these? Where will be their final destination? What will be their ultimate goal? What is the first? One can conclude the ultimate purpose of a human being is to become a son or daughter of God. What is the next? It is for one to be loved by God. What will be the third wish? It is to inherit all of God's existence. There won't be any other wish besides these. Do you understand? What is the human wish? "To become a son and a daughter, to be a son and daughter loved by God, to inherit God's existence"; that is all there is!

The problem is how to become God's son. One has to have a life connection between oneself and God.

That is to say, one should have God's blood lineage. Should human ancestors not have fallen, whose children would we have become? Men naturally would become sons and daughters of God.

4) Lord of All Creation

A man is said to be a lord of all creation. We know that "lord" means "standing in the middle representing values of all." A man, great or little, wise or foolish, has the desire to be the center of everything, the center of infinite value. If there are beings in the world, they would like to be the top among them, and if there is an absolute center one wants to unite with it. Thus, it is our human nature to crave for something better.

Why then does our heart have such a tendency? Because man represents the total value of the historical age. Therefore one should know that such craving is prevalent in the fallen world.

Whether God created man and woman, the lords of all creation to represent the center of the whole of earth and heaven or part of them is the main issue. Yes, God created man and woman, the lords of all creation to represent the center of the whole of earth and heaven. Therefore, every human being has sovereign rights. One should know that there is not such a thing in the anthropoid apes world, not in the lions, nor in the tigers.

What does the lord of creation mean? Who is the lord of creation?

It said nowadays that it is a human being, but in reality it is God. Isn't it? You know that there is spirit: the spirit in man. Since man is the lord of the spirit, one can have a direct connection to God, so that he is called the lord.

Man alone cannot be the lord of all creation. How could he become a lord of all creatures in the light of his being himself a creature created by God? The creatures are relative end products. One cannot reach the cause by looking at the end products alone, nor can one occupy the origin, but rather the creatures are occupied by the cause. You are the end results. We should know what the "lord" means as the center of spirit, implying tacitly that God and man were originally one.

A. Differences Between Men And Animals

What are the differences between men and animals? In eating, in sleeping there is not much essential difference between them, but there is a little different in clothing. And there is not much structural difference in eyes, or noses, between them. What is precious about men, then? What gives them values? Bodies, noses, living styles? What is it? There are spirit men and secular men among human beings. To my way of thinking, a man consists of spirit and body. These two combine to form a unity. In secular life there is not much difference from an animal: he eats, sleeps, then seeks after food, just acts like an animal. What is the difference? I am asking again, what's the difference?

We can easily deduce that if there is any difference, that will be the different value, the precious value which distinguishes man from animal. If a man is called to be precious, it means that he is not secular but rather spiritual. That is, to say that the spiritual is precious means that it is different from the secular side.

Or, to say that the spiritual is valued means that the secular is unvalued. It means that these two are different in nature.

Let us now compare a man with an ape. The man and the ape are different in origin. An ape primarily groans for food, eats, sleeps, and brings forth its young. Does a ape get homesick? Does an ape sacrifice its life for its brother and parents? How about a man, then? Does a man sacrifice his life for others or not? He does! They are different species. Do monkeys come together to discuss matters about what their ancestors have accomplished and about God? Do they think about the spirit world? Do they dream dreams of this universe -- the peaceful world and the unified world of oneness and the world of love flourishing? Those who believe that man evolved from such apes are no different from dogs and hogs. Apes and men, they are quite different species.

Man is not centered around himself but rather centered around others: centered around something bigger than oneself. Man is never to live longing for an inferior. It is an entirely different story.

From of old, from the very beginning, rather men have worshipped God. There is not even one tribe in the world which has not worshipped God. Man has lived worshipping God, thinking "better world, better cosmos." Can a ape with such a brain think those things? It is utterly impossible even if a million reprocessing stages of apes have passed. How can a strong, reinforced force ever infuse into an ape? It's just unthinkable!

B. God's Absolute Object, Man

What kind of a creature dare reveal itself in the presence of God adorned with absolute value? Think about it! Is it an insect or a cute little puppy which sleeps in our backyard? Could they possibly be a being of an absolute object. If the puppy were it, then the ape which is more intellectual would accuse it.

Then, could it be the ape? Nowadays, people believe that the man, Homo-sapiens, evolves from anthropoid apes. What if I persuade college students to greet professors, "Ape's professors, how are you? You have ape's brain and ape's bone." You professors may not like to be greeted that way. You would scorn them, saying "Yeaki inom!"

It is true that human bones are like an ape's, but they are in a different species, on a different level. A man of spirit is different from ape without spirit. The origin of man and that of ape are different. The forms of hands and of food are not much different between men and apes. Because many likenesses between man and ape are found, people tend to believe that man evolved from the ape. This Mr. Moon hates even hearing about apes.

Ironically I was born in the year of the ape. I think I was born in the wrong year. I dislike apes that much. There are many differences between man and ape in anatomical aspect. But it is believed that in the theory of evolution mutation caused the ape to change into man. The theory sounds very plausible. It is so subtle that it leads people to believe. But one should know that there is some magic in the theory hidden by the atheists. That is why we Unificationists; have fought against communism with the theory of victory over communism. You should not believe that false, untrue, absurd theory saying that the ape changed into man by mutation in a process of evolution.

If an ape is placed in the presence of the absolute being, God, as the absolute object, how much would man rebuke the apes, saying, "Look at that ape, God's object which cannot even control its movement, and which walks with four legs!" It is an incomplete stage when an animal walks with four legs.

When we are infants we walk with four legs. Therefore, the ape is in an incomplete stage in its shape. Man does not walk with four legs but rather walks with two legs. That means that man is more stable than an ape.

And man is the agent of communication between heaven and earth. Man can cross a line not zigzagging but straight. Therefore, there is a content in man that is connected to oneness.

C. The Reason That Man Walks Upright

Do you know why man walks upright on two legs while all walking animals walk with four legs? Why is it? Because he is the vertical representative. Man is to know God and is to think from the lower part, below the vertical, of the universe to the infinitely high vertical world, which is called the spirit world, since he is the only creature among all God's creation who can stand upright and walk on two legs.

Therefore, man, walking upright should keep his dignity. The value of a tree standing upright expands because it stands upright and because its sprout faces the sun. The value that man walks upright is to adore the radiation of God's Love. This one should know. Now, does man long to be a man of low rank or of high rank? There is no question. The answer is, "man of high rank." Such is man.

Among all moving and walking creatures, man is the only one who walks upright on two legs. It proves that every standard consists in a vertical direction. Next, the value standard of everything in God's creation depends on the angle it makes with respect to the right angle, 90-degrees.

2. The Human Position In God's Creation

1) The Subject of Two Worlds

Man is to subdue two worlds. God in heaven and I are as though holding a saw on both sides. And we are to cut the world like a gourd. Is it easy to cut? The edges of the saw should become dull. just think that on one side of it stands the male unification while on the other side stands the female. How would you make it were if you were in their shoes?

2) Center of Harmony

Man is the center of harmony. But in order to establish harmony there must be a basis for the center to be established, as in the case of an orchestra in which every player plays their instrument centering on the conductor.

We have learned from the Divine Principle that the center of harmony in the universe is man. Since such a man is in one accord with the absolute basis, the universe will remain in the place where that man abides. And the existing world will venture around him. Force in the existing world results from this action.

Now, if God wants to smile to communicate with earth He should go through man, and if Earth wants to smile to communicate with God she should also go through man. Do you know why the Universe needs man while God needs man? Do you know what it means? It means that if man moves, God moves, and if man moves, the universe moves. That is to say, if man stops God stops, and the universe also stops its reciprocal motion. Can you understand what it means? You should.

What is the center of the universe? It should not be a man. The center of the universe is God, the creator.

The Absolute Being should be the center. The one whose contents coincide with God's could stand near the center. In other word, it depends entirely upon the degree to which one coincides in heart, or in reasoning, or in wishing with Him. If one matches 100 percent with God, one can stand nearer the center.

3) Image of the Great Entire Universe

What is man? He is the image of the universe: the microcosm. What is meant by "Great Universe" and "microcosm"? The source of the Great Universe is the source of energy, force. What is the origin of the energy? It is God. I retain the value of relative object of this Great Universe as a microcosm standing in front of the Great Universe as the energy flows into my heart from the continual source of the Great Universe.

For this reason man is the flower of the Universe. This is the way it is. Do you understand this? In comparison with a tree there is a big tree of seedling of the Great Universe there. I am just a flower of that tree. It is spring time when a male and female blossom as flowers of the Universe with fragrant scent.

Man is not all alone. What kind of being is he? He is not alone. Is it not a man who becomes the end result of all common causes? There is enclosed in man every image of the creation. There is contained every characteristic element of his ancestors there.

A Mr. Kim, he is not one. Is it not a man who is the integration of many substances, namely, vegetables (plants), meats (animals), minerals, every form of creation. His face, though he feels it is his now, has gone through a tens of thousand years of history to be formed. Thousands of years have passed to form a man inheriting ancestors' blood to come into being. It is a miraculous reality. Besides, he came to exist because there has been a heavenly connection tracked down in his background. In the Heavenly context one should know that there are so many ups and downs in one's life to be born.

3. Types Of Man

1) Divisions of Man

The carnal man is an animal while the spiritual man is a mental man. If we divide men into two types, one is an animal type and the other is a spiritual type. The animal-type man is worthless while the mental man is precious. What are the differences between the two from the view point of quality? The animal-type man leads his life centering around himself, while the mental-type man leads his life for the whole.

One should know that there live three different types of human beings in the world. The first type is led by carnal desire, the second type is led by mind (Know that one's mind varies!), and the third type is the one who places himself to be united with the part with which God's mind and God's body are united.

There comes a historical man who is the center for men of three distinguishable characters, namely, man of belief, man of reasoning, and static man. They go into 12 different types and they divide into three different stages to form 36. And they become 72 if they are split into dual characteristics.

2) Various Types of Man

Even among Unificationists there are so many varieties of people in the group. Not all are alike. You should know this. There are some types standing East, some West, some South, and some North.

Among you some are East-type, West-type, South-type, and North-type. There, some are in spring season, some in summer season, and some in autumn season. There are some like frozen ice, and there are some who make someone happy by just looking. A summer season type is someone who looks trustworthy and prosperous. An autumn season type is someone who climbs up instantly and comes down quickly.

You should know which season-type you are. Thinking of one's temper can tell one which season type one is spring season type, summer season type, autumn season type, or winter season type.

The spring season type is one who is very attractive and affectionately cozy and who endures in any circumstance. A summer season type is one who is warm and easily moved to tears. A autumn season type is one who is unemotional, keen looking and free from blemish. A winter season type is one who is frozen tight and has some element which is absolutely impossible to separate. You should know which season type you are.

An autumn season type man should be matched with an opponent. In other words, he should be matched with a spring season type. A summer season type man should meet with a winter-type person. One who is worryingly hot should meet with someone who is cold to cool himself. It is distinguishable through eyes and through one's appearance.

Through prayer one can attain such power to distinguish instantaneously whether one is type A, type B or type C. There is something like that. Only when one goes through such experiences. . . Spirit also has as many varieties as human kinds. There are many kinds of men, aren't they? Such are the spirits.

Therefore, to judge spirit one should know whether it goes left or right according to one's own standard, the zero point. Or you may not be able to distinguish them. You can tell if it is a good or evil spirit by such spiritual feeling. Therefore, you should know that one has to have practical faith.

3) Characteristics of the Human as an Individual Truth Body

Listen all of you, each of you has a different body as one has a different face. You can smell the difference. That is why a dog can chase that different smell.

In our church we have a special vocabulary: individual truth body. It may sound strange to you. But I cannot help using it.

The characteristics one has are unique. And one's appearance is also unique.

In the Divine Principle we have a term "individual truth body." The individual truth body of each individual is different from his mother's and father's, though he was born by his mother and father. If one had no distinction in nature and in characteristics from one's parents, one would be of no use.

God intended to have many individual truth bodies on earth. We are born as such an individual truth body.

God's whole satisfaction can be realized only when He deals with us individually regardless how great He is, for we are individual truth bodies. In this respect we can see that though one individual is small, he or she is equal in freedom and in value.

Now, what if every one of you had the same face; how dull it would be! We would feel disgusted. We are interested in looking at one who has long and wide face with different nose. It makes the face interesting to behold again and again. For these reasons it is really interesting watching this face, that face. . . Now, there are many differences in clothing between man and woman even in the same season. And there are many differences in walking, in hands working, in laughing, in voice . . . everything is different. Hence, it reveals one's individuality through this individual truth body. It is precious.

Just watch one's face. There are four different kinds there in the face: eye, nose, ear and mouth. There are none alike even if we bring 4 billion faces. This is a secret. It is itself a secret! Don't you think so? In this point of view Heaven, where every individual truth body delights, and male and female enter and live, must be a place where everybody's harmonious self appears wholly in the ideal type.

4. Human Characteristics

1) Humans Are Precious

As we glimpse at creation we can tell that there is an origin of each creature. There must be an origin there. As we consider the origin it matters which one is the center. Is it man or something else? It is also important which one of these -- mineral world, world of plants, or animal world -- is the first.

It is said in an old saying: "among all of creation man is the most precious." The problem is by whom this saying is acknowledged, and who decides man is precious? Now then, does it mean that the world of plants is not important? Of course it is important, but what is meant is which of these has the utmost value. Then, was it evaluated through one's full life? And if I am just one of them connected from of old, my ancestors, through my blood lineage, then how about all my ancestors? Are they all accredited the same as myself? Then how about my descendants, are they all valued the same? Who evaluate them? That is the question. The other question is, "Can we trust the answer?"

If one says, "Man is precious," or "that man is a precious man," who is it that decides that? We can trust the answer if it is from the one who is the motivation, the origin, the central being, the master rather than ourselves. But if I decided it, or we decided it, it is not trustworthy because centering around our lives we do not know where to head, and the rest of the people in the world at present don't know either. We cannot trust if the answer is from someone who has no vision and who believes that their lives are nothing but that of an animal. If these people say "among all creation man is the most precious," it is absolutely unacceptable and it is universally unjustifiable.

Who would be the judge to make it acceptable? If it were Someone who made all creation come into being. . . When we look at the mineral world there are so many elements having cross relations. They are not formed, nor shaped without meaning. They retain their objective value centering around the definite direction. It is the same in the plant world and the human world as well. If there is someone who has made everything in such order and He says, "among all creation man is the most precious," then this can be approved by the whole.

To be in such a case I myself should have some kind of relation with the very Essential Being whom I can think precious.

Speaking about the value of a human, is one valued as in the present situation or is one valued as one leads one's life towards completion of one's whole purpose of living? In this respect one is not evaluated by the present life situation and living environment. But rather it is conceivable that the evaluation is implicitly weighted heavily on the content of human responsibility and achievement of purpose.

In that point of view, what am I? It matters what I am. What am I whom people expect to be precious? It is possible to draw a conclusion of preciousness of the value of an old saying after matching it to the kind of process it has gone through and how it attained the goal centering around the standard to measure the value which people expect for a man to be precious. One who is called precious before he has reached the goal should think that he has not reached that post. That is why they say, "One should be matured."

What is precious about a man? Is it because he walks upright? Even a baby can walk upright! What is the merit of a man. The merit people have is that they are qualified to share love with God.

What the most precious thing about man, the thing one must know, is the root, the essence. That is to know God steadfastly, to know your parents firmly, to know your spouse resolutely, to know your children solidly, to know your brothers steadily, that is all. After that, one should affirmatively know the country one's brothers live in. This is the end. That is the first.

The recent trend among young people is to attain a master's degree, a doctorate degree. . . . But can you exchange your degree for your mother, for your wife, for your brothers, for your parents? What should we call one who has the most precious thing, yet knows nothing about it? He must be ignorant and will be defeated. He must perish.

2) Original Human Nature

Do you know what the original human nature seeks? It seeks precious things. Where can you find them? You cannot find any precious thing where it changes. What changes has no relation with precious things.

Therefore, where there is no change there a precious thing lies. The precious thing remains intact. Why is that? It is because our original nature itself remains intact. Since our original nature tends to remain absolutely intact, that nature is to seek the value that remains unchanged. Therefore, people live expecting better things tomorrow than today, and expecting even better things the day after tomorrow than tomorrow, and so on. It forces us to make life worthy by thinking, "Though I struggle now when I am young, I might live well off when I reach middle age." If not, what could make life worthy? There would be nothing!

Allow me to compare our life as a creation of God, the author. It may hurt the author if the work does not come out the way it should. But if it turns out better than the author expected, is there any who would say, "I am hurt for it came out better than I expected"? It is very natural that one wants to keep that masterpiece in one's bosom in a dream, even during flight in war, and wants to love it every moment.

3) Human Mental Power

One should know how great human mental power is. Who originated this idea, "I am tired for I slept only some eight hours"? Pick it up and throw it away. Sometimes one doesn't get tired even if one stays awake all night working. Who said we should eat 3 meals a day? Who decided it? Certainly, I did not do it. We can survive with one meal a day. Therefore, if you go through "a meal a day course training" for 400 days, you can live daily just like an ordinary man, but rather you could live healthier than before. Would you believe that it is going to work?

One should make up one's mind to be strong. One's body is subordinate to one's mind once one puts the right thoughts into one's heart.

4) Human Pursuits and Needs

Investigating one's heart now one can find that everyone seeks after something better. If it is true today, it will be true tomorrow. We seek to become a more valuable being in some better and wider circumstance than that which we are in now.

What do man and God want and expect at this point now? We cannot deny that we and God are wanting and expecting something better than what exists now: wanting and expecting good today and better tomorrow; a good situation today and a better situation tomorrow. For this expectancy comes faith.

A newborn baby knows its mother's breast only. Then it knows parents as it grows, and then it knows itself. Man's mind always tends to pursue the highest level. When will it stop its pursuit? And how high is high enough? That is the question.

People's desire to meet a better person is to meet God through him, and people's tendency to seek a better one is ultimately to see God. Therefore, it is a pleasure to seek the thoroughfare leading to God.

The prime problem of mankind is to unite with the ultimate center whom we seek, the Absolute Being. In seeking relative notables and absolute notables one should surpass the relative notables and unite with the absolute notables. There, one establishes the relation between high and low. Man should enter into such a relation.

The place where a man likes to go is a good and nice place. Students like to go to school. Why do they like to go to school? They go to school to get promoted, be uplifted. What would be the next after being lifted? To get better.

What would be the next after getting better? What would be the next? To go beyond the secular world, and go to the top of heaven where God abides. Is it good to be getting lifted? Human desire is endless. It causes a problem. What will be the destination of human desire? Where is the goal? This is the problem. Man wants more and more, wants to get lifted higher and higher, and wants to grab every good thing, even the world itself.

Everyone likes to be respected, and expects to be the center of the multitude. Being the center one likes to be the result of all things. Or becoming the motivation of every work he wants to show up the end result. In other words, each and every one has the desire to control one's circumstance as from the center, in the ruler's shoes.

5) What a Human Desires

Does man like a thing to be tangible or intangible? People like something mysterious. Don't you want it? The mysterious things are concealed. The treasure placed innermost in the essential palace which is locked tight is more mystic than anything else. People want more mystic things. People want bigger things outwardly while they want more mystic things inwardly.

Let us say there are a high place and a low place there. Then, which of those is the center? People like the high place. Was the high place created after the low place, deep place or the low/deep place crated after the high place? Do people like the low place or the high place? Which one do people like? Of course the high place.

Why don't they like the deep place? As you climb up higher you can have relations with various worlds. Since on the hilltop all things come into your sight, you can connect to everything. But if you go down into the deep valley every thing fades gradually from your sight. Do you understand this? Every relation you have had fades away one by one. Why does every one like the high place? That is because in the high place one is in the subjective position where one has relations with various worlds, can observe everything. But in the deep valley the situation reverses.

In this respect, the one in the high spirit position is precious. Even though they are physically the same, one who is in a low spirit level is less.

The one who lives in the spiritual level is greater than the one who lives in the carnal level. In like manner people are divided. Have you ever given thought to a tree, "We are happy to see green but how tiresome you are keeping that green day in day out!" Have you ever thought this way? You may wish it to be yellow or red. It means that one does not live for oneself but for nature.

Now, why does green have to have green? Just think if it radiated red color in this hot summer. . and what if it radiated a mottled color. It would be cumbersome, and it would irritate you a lot.

What if all were in blue: blue sky, blue sea, blue plant. We would be suffocated. What if they were in yellow, which I like, or some other color. Soon we would get bored. But green is the comforting color. It is the comforting color! By the way, why do people like green, then? I am asking why people like green! This existing world is well harmonized with green.

Therefore, there are many green colors in soil, earth. This is the way I look at the situation. Earth is mostly green colored. Hence, it is very natural that I myself molded with earth should like green. This is theoretical. It is quite plausible. God knew everything a priori, so He created a blue heaven, blue sea . . . centering around humans to be harmonized with the color green. How splendid it is!

6) Human Characteristics

Man, being a thinking animal, will not commit himself if he thinks it is a losing game. He will never put something into action if it does not profit him. He will act if it profits him. Don't you do in like manner?

Raise your hands if you want for everything to go well with you! And raise your hands if you want for everything to go wrong with you! Woe to you who wish bad! It won't be necessary to ask. One will not only raise one's hands but also his feet too if one knows the way. There is none who wants destruction.

Every one of you wants to be a great man or woman, don't you? Then, where to start? One would be happy if all of one's friends became great.

Though people live in this world they have dreams for the future. It is known that people, unlike other animals, have dreams. What are the dreams? The dreams are high and high and high while they are good and good and good! These are the dreams. Dreams for tomorrow, dreams for the future. . . as far as dreams are concerned there are not any bad, bad, bad dreams at all. Therefore, when we talk about a dream, we talk about good and good again; happy and happy things again.

Studying one's life you can find that man is a peculiar being. You notice that the old proverb, "It never rains but it pours," works. When it goes wrong it goes all the way. But when one starts to like the other, one cannot stop liking him. Also, it is man who can join one extreme to the other extreme. And it is also man who turns one end to the other end.

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