Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 6. Unificationist Lifestyle

1. Meanings And Goals Of Life

1) What Our We Means

Today your life is not just your personal life. It represents the life of all. (3-206)

You life represents the times and the world in which you live. Therefore your salvation is not your personal salvation but that which transcends your self, your family, your people, your world -- ultimately to reach God. (11-254)

2) Unified Life

The Unification Church is possible only when life itself is unified. (155-119)

Life must be unified, like manning a battle station. (12-172)

What kind of church is ours? "The Unification Church, you answer. So, it's the Unification Church. "Yes," But is it unified? "No, it's not," you say. What is it that we are trying to teach? Unified ideas, unified spirits, unified minds, and what next? "Unified life," you say. But can we honestly say we are unified with our ideals when we look at our families, ourselves?

For the Unification Church, the church that insists on unification, there is one purpose, and one purpose only. We are born as different individuals but become one in pursuit of that one purpose. We are all connected. The connection resembles the father and son bloodlines. According to the principles of heaven and earth, we could have all be born as one father and son, but for the fall of man. (155-139)

You must transform yourself so that you become one with God and comprehend his ways. Then you can avoid errors and frictions. There is only unification in ideals, in action, in life. Only then would God find a place of eternal rest on this earth and take eternal delight in being one with man. (3-277)

2. Truthful Life

1) The Life View of a Unificationist

Unificationists must sympathize and love this world and humanity that is like a pitiful orphan. You must understand that you must love them like your brother, like your sister, and like your parents as loving them is the Unificationist's creed.

What is that single prayer for which we bow our heads and beg God's mercy and glory, abundant worth and abundant nobility, and insist that the Unification Church fulfill? It is to find the true parents that we have lost. If we can find the true parents and rejoice in avoiding the life of an orphan, the joy of meeting the true parents overrides our own pride and power. It matters not in what nation this encounter takes place. It matters not what it may mean to the rest of the world. (22-87)

Then, what kind of life view have you been maintaining? All self-centeredness, all selfishness. "Why should I do it when somebody else can do it?" you say. But can you give to someone else that which is your responsibility? "I don't need to eat my breakfast. Why don't you eat it for me?" This sort of thinking would surety kill the person. Responsibility is absolute. We cannot avoid carrying our responsibility. It is a privilege for each individual. (60-284)

Our life view must change. How would you spend your money? You must spend it for your country, for your world. You must earn money for your country, for the world. That must be your purpose. You must live for the world, for the will of God. God does not want to unify the world just for one people, but for the good people everywhere. There are people who avoid confronting hardships, but we must welcome them. Here is how we part company with them, it's like the difference between master and slave that separates the two kinds of people. (174-303)

2) Rules of Life

Everyone needs and loves parents. Everyone wants to see and be with them. But why? For what reason? There is the age difference. Rules of order require superiority and subordination. There is courtesy, and sometimes very elaborate courtesy where children bow to their parents. We must remember the very principle of superiority-subordination in social life and in human ethics. We must want to meet our parents through our unquestioned obedience and subordination. This is the rule of father and son bloodlines. (112-251)

You must now obey the rules in your daily life. Heaven demands that, in order to construct heaven, you must keep heaven's ways. Not only must you know heaven's ways, you must live heaven's ways. You must become one with heaven's love as you understand heaven's ways. God has been working to rebuild heaven, but for what do we need to keep heaven's ways? We must keep heaven's ways through the gospel words of Jesus our Lord. The word is heaven's ways and our own principle. Here is the way for you. You must live heaven's ways by internalizing the gospel as your central principle. (1-337)

We must establish a new tradition that transcends the tribe and the national boundary. We must establish the foundation as the will of God, not our own. It means you must re-examine your habits, past customs, or present fashions. It's different, vastly different. You must know that. Is it understood? [Yes.] You must harmonize the way you walk, sit and do everything else. You must harmonize the way you greet your teachers with the ways of heaven. Even to greet the teacher? Really? Yes, really? If it should be in one aspect of life, shouldn't it be in all things?

You cannot just do as you wish, like propping up your feet on the desk. You must re-examine it. Like the way the Americans do, as they put their feet on the table like this (laughter). Is this acceptable, can you imagine?

You can see harmony when you took at the world. Seeing that the world is naturally harmonized without a hitch should give you the idea for your motivation. There is nothing that attracts unwanted attention. For example, as I speak, if someone wants to sit near me there must be a careful angle and courteous distance between us. There is a rule of angle and distance, as you move your body this way or that (as he demonstrates), not this way or that. There is a rule for proper angles and distances. Should there not be something? Shouldn't there be a rule? You must understand that there are trials and tribulations in the way of our effort to correct the fallen man's ways. You must overcome these. (66-297)

3) Truthful life

Many people praise God but we must praise the work God has done. A selfless praise of God must become our daily way of life. You must not forget to measure your life in terms of your eternal praise of God's work, not just in moments of prayer, as the center of your life. Truthful life begins with a truthful day, a truthful day with a truthful moment. How to maintain a life based on truthful moments, truthful days, and truthful years, is the very task of your life. Some might say, "this is my own life" and squander their youth. That kind life is wasted life. Even Satan loathes them. Could God love them when Satan rejects them? You must live a life that God loves and Satan envies. (26-128)

We cannot realize our goals without truthful living, without truthful life. All of our deeds are recorded in our afterlife. One click, we see all of our childhood and our adulthood. The truly great winner is one who has a record that his children can be utterly proud of and cherish. You must be determined to become a winner and leave a life of truth. Do you understand? Every moment is a moment of trial for you. You must not waste the moment for which God has been seeking you out. You cannot miss it as it is more precious than a thousand-year history. You must not miss that moment even if you lose the whole world or lose once again all your treasure you worked so hard to gain. You must make every effort, even at the sacrifice of your own life, not to lose that moment.

You only live 70 or 80 years just once. Our life is just one moment, one breath, even when you think your life's effort seems unending. Isn't that so? (26-141)

Okay, you Smith, you Jones, when are you going to start living a true life? Life is just one day at a time. There is no true life that is not linked day to day. No one can attain victory without living life's abundant worth and desiring abundant victory. (26-124)

4) Life's Standards and Foundation

Your personal life is measured by the standards of your Teacher. Reverend Moon does not center his life on himself. You, each individual, a Mr. Smith, a Ms. Jones, must not pursue your own profit. You must aim for heaven. (166-248)

God does not recognize our body. Why, because we are fallen man, born of fallen ancestors. God accepts your conscience, but not wholly, because your conscience is affected by its environment. Your current standards for conscience are different from God's original standards. God's conscience is the standard; nor is your body the standard, God's is. Your life is not the standard; God's is. You are affected by your environment and its ideas. (11-91)

Today you must be able to discern things in your environment. As a farmer must discern crops from weeds you must be able to discern God's ways from Satan's ways. What kind of person would you now want to become? You must become one who rejoices in abundant harvests. You must become good enough to stand proudly before your father. True harvests, not poor crops, must be your goal. So, you must be good enough to receive heaven's blessings in abundant harvests. You must also know when heaven's blessings come. You must know exactly when God wants to send the new principles to save fallen man. You must be able to discern true abundant harvests from poor crops by being able to discern God's new principles.

Mankind still cannot tell truth from falsehood even after six thousand years of history. There is not one single person who, on behalf of mankind, has gained true harvests. If anyone ever lived to harvest, you must remember, it's only Jesus Christ. Your way of life must center on how to become fruitful toward true harvests. You must be reborn and begin your journey of a second life. Your mind is not always filled with truth. It is filled with true seeds and false seeds. It's not just your environment that's planted with false seeds, it's your mind also. You must recognize it's Jesus Christ who wanted to cleanse your mind by sacrificing himself. Now, how is your own life? In your daily life, if you make one move that is not true, then it becomes a false move. All you see, hear, speak, or feel becomes false. You must realize that around you is everything that is either true or false. Today Cain and Abel are in you.

There are true harvests and false crops in you. Your actions are either Cain-like or Abel-like in their nature. Everything has the stamp of Cain or Abel. No matter where you go, you must be able to tell the two apart. Even lowly animals know toxic food from good food. Shouldn't the master of all things know that? Know which is Cain and which is Abel? Among the Unificationists there are some who have faulty yardsticks. One should not use the faulty yardstick and insist on a wrong measurement as a correct measurement, without realizing one's faultiness. Each correct yardstick is based on one standard, which is the correct measurement.

One must measure all things from the central standard. When one speaks, the speech must be based on the central standard; when one acts, the action must be based on the central standard. So, there can be foundations for peace, and for the unification authorities. Some people use their own yardsticks even within the Unification Church. All of you must come to the central standard everyday to see if you are correct. You must check several times as standards can change.

So, there is the constant emphasis of "getting together," and "trying to unite" in your efforts. Get together to do what? just to party? To measure the fitness with the central standard, horizontally and vertically. All angles must be measured against the central standard. You must establish the standard in your life and in your action and measure all things against them. All things must be done that way. I say it's wrong to deviate from this idea, and act accordingly.

Life consists of sleeping, waking, coming, going, being good and bad, as they are the six common activities. All these activities must be measured against the standard. One cannot do as one pleases. You will become God's son and daughter when you measure all your actions against the central standard whether your station in society is high or low, whether your life is good or bad, without being affected by the vagaries of life. Yours is God's family, God's tribe, God's nation when. your life is based on this. Unificationists the world over do not live separate lives. Their lives must be one action, one mind, one ideal. You must be part of this unifying process. You must share your joy, sorrow, and tears, and even bear the cross together. (156-52)

5) Living with God.

We must live with God, with the world, with all of our humanity. I don't want to live my own separate life. I am not even living as a Korean. I want to be part of the Unification Church leadership. Is that true? That is possible only when we place love as our living thought and sacrifice ourselves toward that goal. We must live with this idea. (129-96)

You must become sons and daughters who can answer the father's call even from the valley of tears. You must be able to hear "Bear it as I am here" when you tearfully call out "Father." You must be able to hear "Endure it as I have endured it" when you call to him, "Oh, Father" from the depth of suffering. You must be able to hear "Don't despair as I am here" when you call him at the moment of your death. The question is how you live with your father, consult him, not whether you call on him in his moment of glory. Why? Because the day of his glory is not here yet. (11- 102)

6) The Importance of Daily Life

Our longevity spans our whole birth-to-death existence. Our life consists of our day-to-day existence. What should we do to leave a legacy of true life? The answer is in our true day-to-day life. If we fail in our daily life, we fail in our whole span of life. So, we realize how important it is for us to sharpen our daily wits and discern the battle between good and evil. (26-112)

In our daily life, a moment in our life is not just a moment in our day. Our present moment is simply a link to its past. Even as I speak, my present moment is connected to its past moments, and just as inevitably to its future moments. To view the moment this way, what then is the present moment? We can say there is a line, and perhaps there is no such line, that separates our present. It is indeed surprising and awe-inspiring to think that our present may or may not exist. If we look at one day, there is the day before and the day after. If we look at one month, there is the month before and the month after. If we look at one year, there is the year before and the year after. If took at any youth, there are his childhood and mid-life.

Thus, we cannot deny that every present moment has its past and its future. We are confronted with the thought, as we look at our present moment, that it is a moment of the past as well as a moment of the future. Past and future meet in one moment. Therefore, the present moment cannot deny its past, nor can it deny its future. What is the glorious worth of our present? It is this moment that has inherited the glorious past and that has the potential to establish a glorious future. Without this, there is no glorious present. (68-204)

Our life span contains infancy, childhood, youth, mid-life, and old age. Large or small, every life goes through these stages. A life span covers the whole life, and it is long. It covers the span from birth, youth, mid-life, old age, and the ultimate demise. The whole process is connected through our daily life. Therefore, our misspent daily life contributes to a misbegotten life span. A glorious life span cannot be produced from a misspent daily life, and there is no other way this life can conclude. In view of this, what is the most important factor in a believer's life? It is not how one swears that he is going to live his daily life for God, but it is how he actually dedicates his daily life to God.

Needless to say, a misspent daily life cannot but lead to a misdirected life span. We must remember that, although a day may be spent thoughtlessly, each day is a crossroads between eternal life and misdirected life. The battle is won or lost in daily life. It is a decision of every second, every minute, and every hour. As we recognize this, it's not one day that is important, but every hour, every minute, every second. It's our decision. If we want to live eternally with eternal God, we must establish eternal goals and eternal life span in our daily life. This makes our daily life a very serious affair, indeed. Life and death are decided at every moment. We must realize that our life and death are decided at each moment, and that our destiny is decided in each second, minute, or hour. My sorrow does not begin at this moment. I do not plan a specific day of sorrow. My feeling of sorrow comes at a particular moment. Gladness may go through morning time, noon time, evening and night time, but gladness begins in a moment's time. Therefore, our each breath, each movement, must be thought of in this framework. Let's try to represent our life as a graph. Let's represent your daily life as a graph. What did you do? I met a friend, met somebody else, had a quarrel with someone, etc. Our everyday life consists of so many different events, feelings and actions.

But what is the direction of all these events, feelings, and actions? We very easily forget all about the direction of our lives. Do we ever stop and say, "we came this far this way, so we must turn the other way for a while, trying this angle or that angle." No, we don't. We simply follow our own habits and go on blithely. We may use the compass and correct our misdirected journey, but we have to realize that we are off-course. Should not the believers live their lives differently from the rest of the world? (57-234)

Every step of your journey leads either to Satan or heaven. Either of the two. Everything you see or hear, everything leads to the two. And you waiver between the two. Are you moving forward or backward when you waiver? [Backward!] (102-273)

3. Methods Of Life

1) What is Living Well?

All of you are lost, not being able to see the past or the future. In other words, you don't know how to live or even articulate it. You have only learned it from Satan. People feel pessimistic about their lives. It's because they have not learned how to live. They have fallen and lost their parents. So, they must reconnect to their heaven-earth parents, who can teach them about the orderly relations among members. (12-68)

You want to live well by being members of the Unification Church, but what is living well? It's not just driving a car or eating well. It's living without shame in the eyes of God. (163-33)

2) Living around a Central Theme

How should the Unificationists live? What are the ways of Unification life? With what should they live? It's living around a central theme -- the theme of love. Look, Adam and Eve were to perfect themselves to represent God's horizontal love, but it didn't work out as Adam and Eve became corrupted, and the archangel, wanting to be the lord over them, left his position created to serve man. Man destroyed the relationship by forgetting God's love and perfection.

The error started then. The north-south axis has become non-existent or nonfunctional, sometimes north-south, sometimes west-north. All things are destroyed if there is no axis. The universe is destroyed. All living things and all elements of this university pivot around the axis. Even the most primitive creatures rely on these rules of the universe. It is the ideal operation of the universe. But the fall of man has destroyed this ideal of the axis which connects man with God. (180-158)

The world of today has no center. We don't know which way mankind must go. We don't know what is good and what is evil. No one seems to know the correct ways for the individual, for the family, for the nation, or for the world. (57-83)

You as a whole have lost the center. To speak theologically, it is the indemnity of the fall, the price of the sorrowful and bitter fall of man. (11-16)

What is the wish of mankind? "It's to find the center." Through the fall, man lost his center and is still searching for it. Of course, we want a perfect personal life, a perfect family life, and the world itself wants a center. This center is what builds the perfect world, or the nations, or the tribes, or the families, then the husbands and wives. Some might recognize this by saying, "I've moved a few degrees, a few meters." But many don't even know this.

To speak of the Unification Church, let's say we recognize the teacher as the center of the church. Where is that teacher? We say, in the United States. Then we should all turn toward the United States. If the teacher is the center, then, even if he is in the United states, one must think of how many kilometers the new location is removed from Chungpa-dong. If one goes to Chung Pyung, then one also asks how many kilometers it is removed from the center. How far is it removed in the north, in the south, from the center? One must always think how far one is removed from that very center. One must think of the center at all times.

This does not mean you can overlook the teacher himself. But thinking about the teacher is secondary to thinking about God and his center in all things. Circling ten times is an expression meaning that one must circle the center ten times in order to traverse the outer circle ten times. But when you circle the outer limit, what do you circle first? Of course the center, before you do anything else. A top cannot spin unless it spins at the center-axis. If it does not spin at the center, even one thousand spins cannot be said to be true spinning. Only the spin that evolves around the center-axis can truly be said to be a spin. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes.]

The world has no center. Christianity has been derailed from the center which is Jesus Christ. America was great when it was centered on Christianity. Things break down without the center. Is man the center? Behold man. The old saying goes, human sentiments change in the morning and the mountain remains the same. Human thoughts shift throughout the day. They change twelve times a day. Isn't that so? Can you trust your own thoughts? Can you trust anyone else's thought of the moment? Accordingly, even scholarly theories change with the times, without the truth. Does the earth have a center? Heaven must send us a center as it is its responsibility. Otherwise, there is no heaven. Unless we are prepared to stand before the center when it does come down, we cannot make the connection with it. What is mankind's wish? To meet the center. When mankind meets the center it will find its family, its tribe, and its nation-state. (64-192)

There is nothing on this earth that can reject God's life and God's love. As we get closer to the truth, as we attain more of the truth, the harder it is for someone to take away the truth that is the center. Even through ten-thousand quakes, even through a fiery destruction of the universe, one who stands by his conviction will not sway or shift. (2, 133)

3) Living for Others

The teacher's most important point is in the word "for." Based on love, one must devote one's full self for God. Once fully devoted, the dynamics of vacuum and high pressure will create motions. When high pressure is totally spent, it will become low pressure. It will become high pressure on the opposite side. Then what happens? Things reverse. When one gives completely, one receives completely. (169-188)

People who want to achieve must wish the outside world well. Do you understand? That's why the Unification Church's creed is "Live for others!" You were born for something. Creation was God's complete dedication, and God's act was centered on love and his creation was for love. Our sin is to insist that the world "live for me." It's also our fall, which is an error from the start. We have been born for others. We must think that way. I was born for my parents. We must all think that way. We receive our lives for parents, for our husbands, for our wives, and for our brothers, and for our country. That's why we have been born, for the world. The reason the Rev. Moon's ideas will emerge in the 21st century as the mainstream thought is because he opposes the "live for me" model in favor of the "live for others" philosophy that he discovered. Speaking rationally, there is little hope that the world will go in the latter direction. That's why the only hope resides with the Unification Church. Tens of thousands of years will follow the idea of living for others in the next century, rather than the live for me philosophy. People don't like the idea and will not follow me. (169-87)

What is the main idea of the Unification Church? It's simply to live for others. If we exist for God and if we exist for something, we can overcome any opposition. Even if the whole world opposes, the Unification Church has survived because we know that we will be saved in the hands of God. (77-302)

Why, then, was God compelled to set up this principle? I will explain it below. Why did God give us the commandment to live for something. It's a problem, as you can see. I will ask you: Let's say you owe someone your life. Would you repay him just half way when your whole life is owed to him? Or would you repay him with all your heart?

What is your true feeling on this? Because we want to repay him 100 percent of what we owe there is the possibility of our salvation.

When Mr. Moon saves the life of Mr. Lee or Mr. Kim, they will repay more than they owe. Thus, favors beget favors. When they repay me one hundred percent, I would in return repay someone else 120 percent. Looked at it this way, giving begets giving until the act reaches the point of eternity as the ultimate destination of such loving acts. If one gives back only 70 percent or 40 percent of what one receives, then it will eventually reach zero, nothing, totally depleted. It is obvious that the God of great wisdom has established the principle because of this very fact about giving. Living for something brings about eternal life as well as prosperity to oneself.

Progress dwells right there. The young people here don't seem to understand this simple fact, do they? One must repay what one owes, with all one's heart and truth. This is the surest way to the kingdom of heaven. Also, what is the second reason we tend to forget this simple principle? Let's say you have a family of eight. The family is composed of parents, brothers, sisters, all together eight members. But it is the youngest of the family who devotes himself to the family more than the parents, brothers and sisters, and where would he gradually move in the family? Why, to the center of great esteem by the whole family. (77-272)

You don't know that much about spiritual matters. Rev. Moon knows about spiritual matters because he is an authority on the subject. The spirit world is reached only by those who live for something other than themselves. You must understand that this is the very principle of the world. We are mere travelers in this world and must find our way home. To find our way home we must learn about the ways of our home. This is what God teaches us, so that we can go home.

That's why God has given us our religious teachings throughout history. The reason religions teach us to live for others, sacrifice and serve is merely to make such teachings the training ground for our entry into this higher world. We can see that with all the principles that God has taught us through history it is obvious that history is God's own handiwork. Now, looking at it this way, I am very certain that whether you live for yourself or live for others will determine your place in the kingdom of God. (74-165)

4) Sacrifice is the Center of Love

Look at religions. Christianity merely talks about love. Christianity talks about "God's love," but what after all is God's love? What is it? What is love? Love is love... (laughter)

Along with Christianity, Buddhists also talk about mercy. Everyone talks about love. No religion can be a reasonable religion without being centered on love. None can be a world religion. If a religion is centered on love, it calls for sacrifice if a higher love is to be emphasized. You must understand that to illuminate the path of love, to lift up the love connections, you must choose the path of sacrifice.

But why so? Why emphasize sacrifice? Why emphasize sacrifice, you ask? There are several reasons. The first is the very contradiction that our body represents. What is the contradiction between mind and body? There is a difference between mind and body. For the body resents sacrifice, resents humble submission, resents obedience.

So, we must destroy one or the other. We must use force to weaken this contradiction and establish a foundation to unite mind and body. Do you understand? [Yes.] Why do all religions emphasize sacrifice and humble submission? Because that's one of the ways to enter the world of faith and love. This makes the unity of mind and body possible and this possibility opens up the way to greater love, true love. We can find the theoretical basis for this assertion. (94-279)

Who is the center of the Unification Church? [True Parents.] What is the center the parents? [God.] What is the center of God? The center of God is love. Who is the center of love? It's sacrifice which makes love grow. It's like this. Is there love without sacrifice? Where there is love, there is sacrifice. For this the center of the Unification Church is the teacher. The center of the teacher is God. What is the center of God? It's love. What is the center of love? It's sacrifice. There is no love without sacrifice. (56-340)

What can outlive us in history as our legacy? Only the spirit of sacrifice can outlive our fallen world. Look around. Is it or is it not true? Don't you see? Only those who sacrifice become saints, historical figures, and great statesmen. Only in sacrifice does our achievement survive. Only in sacrifice do we leave our legacy. What, then, do we give to others in sacrifice? We re-create as God sacrificed himself in the act of Creation. As God created me in his original act of Creation, I re-create myself for the second act of creation. The act of re-creation is an act of remission, a remission through the act of re-creation, and therefore sacrifice is the inevitable element in this sacrificial act of re-creation. (82-240)

Therefore, all historical prophets have borne their sacrificial burdens and have been persecuted. That's historical fact. Why so? Because of our fallen world. The fallen world's master is not a loving God, but his nemesis, Satan the devil.

The prophet comes to this world to destroy Satan's kingdom, and therefore Satan does everything to cut the prophet's head off. This is the law of the wicked world that has martyred many of the religious faithful through the hands of Satan. We are familiar with the many tragic ways this has taken place. Is death the end of it all? By no means. As long as there is God, there is payment for wickedness. Indemnity requires three times, seven times, a hundred and twenty times, one thousand two hundred times for the price of each martyr persecuted.

Depending on the bitterness of persecution, the payment intensifies accordingly. That's the law. So, bitterly martyred sacrifices thus bring back much greater indemnities. In the Unification Church, for convenience, we use the term indemnity for remission. Therefore, good people who choose the right way always face sacrifice. That's why we teach sacrifice. To say "live for others" means to "sacrifice for others." Is there any profit? It's sacrifice. It's our investment. How much should we invest? Invest all you can and all you have, that's how much. I would say, even including your own life. (78-61)

5) Blessings from Hardships

The formula for going to heaven is simple. All it requires is to love heaven and earth. But this requires hardship. There has not been a single person who has been working sincerely. (11-33)

A true religion revolutionizes the human world. So, we say, fast. Do you like to fast? Raise your hands if you like fasting. We want all our Unificationists to experience hardships, hardships. Being with the Unification Church is about as tough as working for a Ph.D. You experience nothing but hardships. But, why? Everyone, remember how a snake sheds its old skin? Is molting an easy process? The snake tries to move into a crack in the rock, if not the head then even just the tail, and struggles. It's the same thing for us, like a snake shedding its old skin. (82-279)

Experience hardships! This is the very first condition you must accept. But this hardship experience is not just for oneself, but for heaven and earth and God. You must have a strong spine. You must struggle in the spirit that says, "If I cannot relieve you of your grief with my hard work, father, then I will try it with my death." (12-168)

Where do the blessing come from? "From hardships." Even those blessed must experience hardships. (151-275)

This teacher is convinced that only through hardships does the Unification Church receive its all-glorious blessings. Before that time, however, there are only hardships, and more hardships. Thus, it is obvious that the Unification Church does not pursue popularity. Then, what do we do? We sacrifice until we have to cry, "Oh, this is killing me. I can't do it any more!" That's what we do. I do this until I fall down. There is nothing we cannot do if there is a will to do it.

So, the Unification Church exhorts you: "Only hardships and more hardships" until your spine is bent into a hunch, until pus streams from your backbone. I say, "Even unto death, try to take a few more steps forward." Upon your death God will bestow the reward of a winner upon you. The winner is one who takes one more step and moves one more inch. The Unificationist never takes a step back, one only goes forward. (34-188)

Do we Unificationists want to live well, or to live in hardship? Which one is it? To live well or to live in hardship? "To live in hardship." But, for whom? For Rev. Moon of the Unification Church? For whom? For God, of course. This is the only way we can please God. (42-33)

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