Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Way Of The Unification Church Members (Part 4)

10. We And The Time

1) This Time Period

Then what kind of time is this time? It's a time that it could be good or it could be bad, and it could be difficult or it could be easy. It's the time that everything in the world will collide all at once in front of our eyes. To digest this and to go over this, what do we have to do? A person must appear who has the ability to keep only the things that can be happy, and who can digest the hard things. Without that kind of person appearing, the person who can inherit such a world can't appear. It's that way. Do you understand? (64-338)

Then, what is this time? It's the time that you should gather all the power and show the real aspect of the Unification Church. Understand? It's the time to show the real aspect of it. (131-59)

If we look at the Unification Church now in terms of the age, from a historical, providential position, the Unification Church has already passed the night-like time of suffering. Morning is coming. A time like spring is coming. There everything has to change. Don't things change in spring? All the plants put forth sprouts. The light that makes them sprout is itself beautiful, but you must know that the environment which makes them sprout is also beautiful. Here in this place where an absorbing harmony is realized with the environment, and all the beauties of nature are arrayed. In the same way, by greeting the new spring you should fill your heart with the world of love, and if the environmental world is bad, then you have to digest it. Aren't people like that?

Trees take in carbon dioxide and make oxygen, but humans take in oxygen and make carbon dioxide. They have give and take with each other. In this way they harmonize by cooperating together. So to speak, they are coexisting while forming a relationship with the environment. The time like that has come. We must become new, but how must we become new? This morning you have to take a new stand by casting off your habitual faith of the past. You have to discard your attitude of life which dealt with the night, and absorb and digest this environment with a subject nature, which is able to greet the new environment and the new spring. But since it's spring we shouldn't gather together thinking we should rest saying, "It's nice, it's spring. Now that spring has come here too, let's rest!" Such people cannot hope for fruit or anything.

From spring, we must pass through summer into fall. Therefore I cannot just let you settle down in spring. Someone has to push you out, must drive you out. Who must send you out? Someone from the outside cannot push you out. Then Reverend Moon cannot help but send you out. To where? So that you can go towards the fall season. Because it will not do to just leave you here, there is not other way but to send you out in the direction heading towards autumn even if it takes thrashing you with a bat.

2) The Signs of the Time

So history is entering the time period of intersecting. Since that happens not only on the earth but also in the spirit world, these days, the 60s, most of the youth in America are having spiritual experiences. They call it neurosis, neurosis. They call it neurosis because they don't know this. (75-219)

We have to correctly know our own identities. In spite of the urgent mission which is approaching us, the Unification Church members who flow along with this current time period, whose footsteps are dragged into the environment where they can be ruined and disappear without leaving even a trace, are highly foolish people. Those kinds of people can't be Unification Church members. The more confusing the environment is, the closer our time has come. You must know that as the rumors you hear become more urgent, it is not our end that is coming, rather our time is coming closer. The day that we can break down this wall and go through, the world will have a new beginning because of us.

3) Match Yourself to Your Own Time

Today you were born with a relationship with the heart of God, so you must reach the conclusion of this within this time period. The fact that only we possess this one time period which didn't exist in the past and doesn't exist in the world of this era, is an extraordinary and infinite blessing, and you must know that you have been given something with such value that it can't be traded for anything. If you miss this time then you can't meet it again even if you wait a thousand years.

Therefore, we must know how precious this time period is that we are living in. When we live the life centering on the will for 10, 20,30, or 50 years, that life must be begun by entering through the seven year course. If our lives begin with this seven year course then how precious is this seven year course in our lives? If you cannot unite this seven year course with the will of God totally then you cannot live in the realm of God's love with God's will, for the course of your life which should be centered on God.

If we think about it from that standpoint, we must realize that this seven year course time period which we talk about in the Unification Church, is the most precious time period which you can't buy with any amount of money. A person who misses this time period cannot have a true life course. You should know that it took so much hard work to bring before us this seven years, which seems like a moment, like morning dew which disappears. God did infinite work until now to prepare this one time period for us. God, who knows that without having this one time period He can't form a relationship with true children, did infinite work to prepare it.

Also not only God, but the saints and sages, the patriots of old who pursued goodness through the way of truth, until now sacrificed themselves to prepare this one time period. But in the end they couldn't do it. And after all that, our meeting this time is not by chance, but by the correspondence of rules and necessity. If this time does not come, then the necessary family, necessary nation, necessary world, and necessary cosmos cannot appear. The family, nation, and world which the Will desires cannot occur by chance.

For those families, nations and world to occur, they have to match that one time period and have the necessary conditions. Therefore there has to be a time period which is the standard to determine the final destiny of our fallen lives. We must not just let that one time period go by. You must know that only by pushing forward throughout your life with that one time period as your beginning can you live a true life. (26-115)

The only people who can conform to this period by matching their own period are we who know this will. No matter how many people will be born without knowing the will, they will be people outside of the family. Our individual destiny which is to establish in this era a true appearance in front of our descendants, centering on our destiny which is to walk that kind of life course, what kind of appearance are we going have for our descendants of the future?

You must be creating now the value which will be manifested then. Going to the west and going to the east centered on the Will, and being devoted to and loyal to the Will, is not done for some person. It's to establish oneself before the nation, and it's to establish oneself before the world. It's all to match one's own time well. By matching one's own time well, that time can become the time of humankind, and by matching one's own time well one could represent the time of the nation and the time of the world. (26-120)

You have to work adding your young passion to Reverend Moon's youthfulness. You must clearly remember that now this is the only time period to obtain the condition of glory by participating in the great work of recreation. What must we perfectly feel? First, you must have the heart, "I'm not the same as you." Can't you do it? I can do it! You always have to be prepared with this kind of mind. (8-329)

4) The Way Not to Lose the Time Period

Don't miss the time period, don't lose the time period, and don't let your work be taken away. Reverend Moon will now tell you the way not to lose those things; there are only two ways. Don't be an offensive person, and be a person who loves people. . . If you do just those two, then you can never lose those things. You just have to pass that. That's all there is. I checked it out and that's all there is. (94-143)

5) Now is the Time to Do Activities

Until now, it was the time of prayer, but now the day of celebration is coming. When you have a celebration, it's OK to eat as much as you want and get tired and take a nap. But now is the time when we must suffer and go over that door sill; you can hear the sounds of food frying and rice cake being beaten to prepare for the party, then how can you sleep? A person who sleeps, in spite of that, is an insane person. You are like that right now. Everyone, should you run around, or what should you do? The time has come to all run through the streets in every neighborhood to spread the news that we have to celebrate. In other words it's the time that we must witness. Nevertheless there are people who say, "That season has come again. I must rest a little during the summer vacation." What remains if you just rest unconditionally? (33-22)

By going to Danbury, I accomplished all indemnity on the world level. Going to Danbury was as same as going with the cross on my back in a position with the whole world opposing me. What was the purpose of carrying the cross on my back? The purpose of carrying the cross on my back was to unify the spirit world and liberate the earth. Unification is the purpose. So then, when I went to Danbury, all the groups on earth were involved starting with America. From the Jewish religion, Christianity, all the religions, and then from America, through the Communists, and all the nations in the world. . . Anyway, through the CIA they researched 25 nations. They were trying to catch me and put me in jail by finding any condition. In this way all over the whole world they opposed me with their full effort.

Then why were we struck? What is the purpose of it? It is to struggle for the spirit world. Obtaining the spirit world was the purpose. They tried to hit and break down and destroy our Unification foundation. There, the American government and I were one to one. The United States of America was the plaintiff and I was the accused, and we fought. In that way I turned this over. What tuned over really means is that the spirit world came into the realm of unification. So because the realm of unification has occurred in the spirit world it has to keep pace with the earth. From now on, the work that you do is not your doing. Behind you there are many spirits which are all connected here. Of course you ancestors are connected, but if there is a religion that you especially believe then centering on that religion's leader, they are to concentrate completely on what you do. Therefore if you believe and hit something it will break down.

You must not think that you are alone. Tens of thousands, and millions of spirit people are mobilized. So forty million is not a problem. The several hundred billions of spirits in the spirit world are all trying to plow furrows centering on left and right. They are trying to plow furrows. If you want to plow a hard field, then the plow has to be hard. And then the ox must be strong and the person who is plowing has to press down hard. However strong the ox is and however hard the plow is, the person who is plowing has to press down hard. The ox and the plow are all ready. Now the spirit world is pulling like an ox. We have to press the plow down centering on the principle. Then who presses this down? Your leader must press this down. Then in that way it can be plowed deep. This depends on your faith. You must know this. (164-167)

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