Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Way Of The Unification Church Members (Part 1)

1. The Three Types Of The Way

1) The Three Types of the Way Centering on Good and Evil

Human beings are going roughly three ways. One of them is going the opposite direction of the way of goodness, opposing goodness; another is going a kind of neutral way, neither this way nor that, and the other is going the way of heading towards goodness and being responsible for it. In other words, there are people who are going the opposite direction of goodness, people who are going the way of no gain and no loss, and there are people who would even die for the purpose of goodness.

Then what kind of way are we walking? How was it in the past; how is it in the present, and from now on what kind of way must we go? We must go the way where you would die for the purpose of goodness. And then when a certain time arrives, you will sing a funeral hymn and expel the evil elements of the world of humankind. You have entered a very difficult way. You will know yourself when you realize the things that you should, that this is the inevitable way you cannot help but go. This is not the midway course nor the way which is opposite of goodness. You must realize that this is the way where you have to establish a relationship with the Absolute Being. From a religious point of view, there are three ways; the way of betrayal aiming towards evil, the way claiming only to follow the conscience, and the way aiming for the best goodness. Here, it's different to live by conscience and to live for God.

Through past history we can see that there was the way of evil and the way of human morals shown by the conscience. This kind of historical background keeps us bound by convention and makes it hard for us to go the absolute way. It makes it hard for us to get out from the habits of the past. You must cut off these habits and go on. Humankind must go somewhere anyway, but where and how should it go? It goes without saying that humankind must go the way of living for God and for the Absolute Being. This fact is impossible to change even though heaven and the earth change.

But you have not even emerged from your own problems yet. The body is close to evil and the mind is close to the conscience. There are still lots of people who are at the point of doubting whether there is a God. But God is not some fantastic Being, He is a Being who really exists and who does things. There are three separate ways; then where must one's first step go? Of course it has to go the way of living for God and for the Absolute Being. Then how do you go while you go the way for God?

Just as there are several ways of working for the nation, there are several different paths along the heavenly way. There is the way of a servant, the way of an adopted son, the way of children, and also the way of parents. Then what kind of way must we go? Which position should we be in to go more elegantly and to have more value? We could just be in the position of a servant. But you wouldn't want to go in the position of a servant to go all the way with the determination to sacrifice all. God also wouldn't recommend that you go that way. How about in the position of a brother? Not that either. How about the position of an adopted son? Neither God nor your yourself will want this. (11-237)

2. The Original Way Of Life Completing The Three Kinds Of Love

Now there are three ways to go. How can you go the way of parents? You must know that. Our providential history is like that. And then how do you go the way of the bride and groom? And then how do you go the way of children? Isn't that it? Those three loves are the important points for God to visit. Therefore, viewing things through parental love, conjugal love, and children's love, through these three ways, which way are you going on? If you can't go on all of them at the same time, then you either have to go the way of love as a child, or go the way of conjugal love with Reverend Moon in the position of bridegroom and all of you in the position of brides, or go the way of love which is like raising a child with parental heart. These three kinds of love exist in the Unification Church. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes] (63-302)

It's up to you to determine which way you will go among the three ways I talked about before. You should be capable enough to go your way. A lot of children must appear who will say, "Father, come to me." He is a Father who can't come even though He wants to because there are no children. You must be a prince of triumph who can say, "Oh Father, who wasn't able to come because of Satan. Please come. How bitterly did you suffer? Come and be honored." You can get into the realm of heaven only if you are a person who can bow in front of God as such a prince. To prepare the way for God to come and to prepare the nest, you must go forward saying, "Oh Father, please discuss with us and please direct us." God has wanted to be here in the midst of the beautiful rivers and mountains of Korea, but He could not because of Satan. Now you must build the realm of heaven and tell him, "Please come." Do you want to do that? [Yes] Then let's do it.

Everyone, this alone you must never forget. There are three separate ways, and we must go the way of being responsible for the world of goodness centering on God's Will. I am doing this because I knew this. I will never just die. Even if I die, there will be branches, and there will be new shoots, and the Will shall be accomplished. So let's not hesitate to be in the front line of going the way of the Will (11-244)

3. The Way A Unification Church Member Should Go

1) The Way of God and a Unification Church Member

The way the Unification Church is going is not the way of living for Reverend Moon. You have followed Reverend Moon so far, but you were not following Reverend Moon. You followed God. You must follow God. If you deny God here then you are an enemy. It's better to die than to exclude God in front of Reverend Moon. It's better to die than to exclude the human race in front of Reverend Moon.

Therefore, it's a clear fact that the Unification Church is the group which has the mission to relate to the world culture and to present in a logical system of ideology how to tell people that they must go this way centered on God through obeying the moral laws; individuals must go this way, the nations must go this way, and the world must go this way. This way is about how to meet God, not about reaching the goal of Reverend Moon. (71-76)

God is taking the responsibility to lead you and goes ahead and takes responsibility to fight for your way. Do you think that is easy? Look what kind of fight that is. To protect me, one being, what kind of fight does He have to do? He has to protect the world. Isn't it that way? And He must defend not just the world but also the nation. Also He must defend the atmosphere of the tribe or the family. Without defending those, God cannot take me with Him. Consequently, God has to desperately defend the world's front line to lead one person, myself (51-33)

What Reverend Moon is teaching now, and the way that Reverend Moon wants to go is the way where God will be able to interact with the universe, live with the universe, and unite with the universe. That's what he wants to find. That is the Unification Church. Understand? That can't be denied theoretically. You know about the providence. Providence is this kind of way. (117-115)

The way God goes and the way humankind goes cannot be different. Of course Satan and humankind go different ways. (51-27)

2) The Way of Fate that a Unification Church Member Must Go

Today, what way is the way you have to go? It's the way to find the liberation of my historical, lost homeland, to find my original homeland which was lost in order to greet the day of my homeland's liberation day. The people who believe in religion are the people who go the way to establish God's nation. Therefore you run into the obvious conclusion that the religion which doesn't have sacrifice as its essence is a fake religion. Understand? You must know this. What do we have to do to go that way? You have to keep sacrificing for others. So you become a driver, but should you individually drive and pass the individual stage quickly, or stay as an individual? You must pass the individual stage.

Without sacrificing as an individual, one can't take over the family's duties; without sacrificing as a family, the family can't take over the tribe's duties; without sacrificing as a tribe, it can't take over the people's duties, and without sacrificing as a people, they can't take over the world's duty. Therefore religion sacrifices.

Someone who will be patient until the world level realm of religious nations is established will be saved. Our Unification Church is following this formula course of the law. The individual must sacrifice for the family. Not the family of Satan. We must sacrifice for the family which God considers ideal. The family which God considers ideal doesn't mean the kind of family that is in the Republic of Korea today. In that sense, in the Unification Church citizens of the world gather together and celebrate, and make a family. It's different. (56-176)

Where will Unification Church members go? Where will you go? The many colors of one's own bag of fate is all personal fate, but if you belong to the Unification Church then you have to go the way of the fate of the Unification Church. Is that right or wrong? [It's right] Come on, you all, it's wrong. Is that really right? [Yes]

OK, then let's talk about how it is really right. It is right. It will be clear after listening to the following. The way of destiny of the Unification Church is different than the individual way of destiny that you carry in your bag. But you can't say, "Since I'm wearing blue glasses Unification Church members have to wear blue glasses." Many religions exist in order for individuals to get into heaven and to receive blessings. The way of destiny of the Unification Church is different. It's not a way of receiving blessings; it's a way of receiving punishment. What can we do about it; it's destiny. Do you understand?

We'd like to receive blessings and go on our way, but the destiny is to receive punishment. What can we do about it? So, what are you tied to? Are you tied to the way of your own destiny, or tied to the way of destiny of the Unification Church? [The way of destiny of the Unification Church] The way of destiny of the Unification Church. Are the minutes tied to the hour or are the hours tied to the minutes? To the minutes? [the hour] I guess you know it. Also, are the hours tied to the day or the day tied to the hours? The hours are tied to the day. Also are the days tied to the month or the month tied to the days? [The days are tied to the month] I guess you know it after all. It is that way. (120-25 2)

Unification Church members sit and say, "Everyone goes out witnessing, and everyone does pioneer witnessing; that's what we do every day. It should be all right even if we don't do that. It's enough if everyone follows Reverend Moon. Oh, I don't like restoration through indemnity. I don't like restoration through indemnity. We should just live like other people. How nice it would be if we could do all the things that other people do and also go this way. That useless Unification Church indemnity, indemnity! That's for ugly and simple people to do, not for smart professors like us, etc., we can't do that." But we are going this way of destiny. (14-130)

We can't turn back while we are going on the way. At any rate, we will have to return after reaching the end of the world in eternity. We are to return, but we are not to return before reaching the end. That is the law which God's love enacts. Understand? For that reason you still have to go on after death. If there is a spirit after death, that spirit also has to go on. You can get into the original ideal heaven which God created only by passing through that. Will you experience the resurrection of the second coming after death or now? [Now] (Laughter)

So now, we know the formula. I have to love myself, and you and then love them, and then what do we have to do? These kinds of love; that is to say, parental love, conjugal love, and children's love, you must know that it should be the way of life of the Unification Church members to apply these three great loves of God to the whole world, not just within the wall of your families. You must love the universe more. Love the universe more than your husband, and love the universe more than your children. If you think, "Oh no, I wish it were more centered on me, then God's love doesn't come. You cannot reach God's love centering on your selves.

We are going this way in order to reach God's love. For that reason you must, if you earn money, earn money not for your children and your family, but for the world and for the universe and for God. How great this is! If the universe lives then our family naturally lives, and if God feels happiness then I naturally feel happy. It's a principle. If you give out everything centered on love, then from that point you are to be filled, automatically. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes] That principle can't be wrong. It's absolutely that way. This is the formula that Unification Church members can have. (125-100)

4. The Way Of Restoration And The Way Of The Principle

1) The Meaning of the Way of Restoration

You can't establish the world of eternal love which God wanted to establish if you just leave the world this way. It is only by completing the ideal of creation which God, the Absolute Being, originally intended that God can bring back His original authority. He has made that ideal the standard and He deals with the evil world, and he is leading the world towards the world that He originally had as an ideal. This is God's providence for the fallen world. You have to know that the thing that is needed for this providential course is the way of restoration.

In other words, without going the way of restoration, fallen humankind cannot go the way of perfecting an individual, and without going the way of restoration the Will of perfecting a family cannot be established. Also, without going the way of family perfection, the perfection of the people or the perfection of the world can't exist. We arrive at the fact that it is the inevitable destiny of fallen humankind to go the way of restoration. If you think about it, the only way that an individual, family, people, nation, or the world can become perfect is by going on the way of restoration. We are learning this through the Principle. (63-153)

To go the way of restoration you need the Messiah, and to get recovered from an illness you need an object for the condition. It is that way. Understand? [Yes] To be restored, you need a doctor, and then an object for the condition, and time. Don't they say, "Take medicine for three days. I have to give you medical treatment for a week." Do they or not? It is that way, so a person with an illness must keep faith in place of the Messiah, the lord. Be a representative. Understand? You must believe the word of the lord, the doctor, more than your own word.

Therefore, if you look at the Principle of the Unification Church, you need a sacrificial offering for restoration. And a sacrificial offering requires time, and then an object for the condition. And then I said a being representing Adam is needed, right? A being representing the son, a being representing the Messiah, a being who can carry it out as a representative, that is. . . If someone becomes a person who keeps the doctor's orders, then even though he dies, he becomes an Abel-type being. Can you feel that? Can you feel it or not? [We can.]

Therefore, whether you like the Unification Church's Reverend Moon or not, if you have an unconditional attitude about Reverend Moon's words, and say, "I'm the representative of Reverend Moon," then you become an Abel of the Unification Church. And then what do you have to do? You have to set up an object for the condition. You have to take the medicine. If he says take the medicine lying down, then you have to take the medicine lying down; if he says take it while running, then you must take it while running. You can't know why he asked you to take it while running until you are in his position. You don't know it until you become a doctor yourself. Right? If he says chew it, then you have to chew it, and if he says spread it and eat it, then you have to eat it like that. If he says eat it at night, then you have to eat it at night, and if he says to eat it at the top of a poplar tree, then you have to go up and eat it. (laughter) Why do you laugh? You have to obey absolutely in setting up a object for the condition. To do this it takes time. You have to know this.

To be restored you need the Savior, you need a doctor and centered on that doctor's words you must have an absolute condition, time . . . This is what we call the way of restoration through indemnity in the Unification Church. Understand? When restoring something, we don't just restore it. What do we do? We do the restoration through indemnity. If something is out of order to an amount of ten, then to fix that you have to work as hard as ten. If an illness has accumulated for 10 years, then to recover from it you have to take care even it takes longer than 10 years. Then how can you restore something? It cannot just be done; it is done following the rules of the Principle.

When giving a condition, the doctor doesn't do it just as he pleases. When he prepares medicine, he doesn't just mix this and that kind of medicine. He puts them in according to the rules of the Principle. Going this way is the way of restoration. That's how it is. Now, let's reach the conclusion. How must you go the way of restoration? You can't go alone. Understand? [Yes] You have to find the way of restoration, but since you can't go alone, you have to meet Messiah and then find the way. Understand? [Yes]

What do you have to do after meeting that Messiah? You have choose the rules of Principle as you go the way of restoration. After meeting the Messiah, the doctor, you must choose the rules of the Principle centering on that doctor's words. The way of restoration is the way we must seek, and the way of the Principle is the way to go step by step; the conclusion has been reached. Do you understand what it means? Without doing this, God's ideal world, or the ideal object world which can give God joy, the world of love will remain just our fantasy You must know this. So we, who have entered the way of restoration, have to find that way.

Then how do you go the way of restoration? On the way of restoration, there is the way to restore the individual, the way to restore the family, the way to restore the nation, the way to restore the world. In heaven, on earth and also in the spirit world. they are sighing. Speaking in a phrase of the Unification Church, we have the responsibility to restore the cosmos. Then we must know what kind of being God is, and we must know God well. Only after restoring God, can you go up to the level of God's love. The way- of restoration is left like this. Understand? Saying something like, "Well, it's enough to just go to paradise by believing in Jesus," is the same as saying it's good enough to just go to kindergarten.

Since humankind has fallen, it has to go the way of restoration, but to go that way of restoration it has to find the Messiah. But there are lots of people similar to the Messiah. But there is only one true one. Centering on the individual, the way that God can go as the way to represent the world, to represent history, or to represent humankind is only one way. There can be only one way; can there be two? There's only one. That kind of one, centering on that best one, He is uniting.

Nowadays, in the fallen world the are lots of similar things, but since the one true person hasn't appeared, the thought of the second coming exists. The one who comes in the Last Days represents the past, represents the present, and represents the future, and he comes as the standard of individual perfection. And then he provides the method to prepare a prescription to perfect the individual. And then he teaches the way to perfect the family, to perfect the tribe, to perfect the people, and to perfect the world. The Messiah is the being who has the responsibility for all of that. Understand? [Yes]

For an individual to perfect himself, he has to go the individual way of the cross; that way of the cross is the way of the sacrificial offering. If you say you don't like that way of the cross, then you can't find the way of individual perfection. (63-183)

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