Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. What A Unification Church Member Is (Part 1)

1. The Background Of Members Joining The Unification Church

1) The Background of the Will

Think about it once. Think, what wind caused you to jump into the Unification Church? (157-90)

Think about when you joined this church. You did not just come by your will. I know that. There is a bloody history of tears here. (123-28)

2) We Were Called Here Carrying an Historically Extraordinary Mission.

When I look back on myself, who took charge of me? When we look back on our own personal, historical courses, we will realize that we ourselves didn't prepare anything substantially that made us worthy to be called for the providentially historical and extraordinary will of God. The more we feel this, the more we cannot deny that we were called and should believe that fact firmly without any doubt. And we should be grateful to God for calling us despite our inadequacies. Also, we must not forget the fact that a pitiable history of death was necessary to the process of God, so noble and high, coming and establishing a relationship with our humble selves.

Until we were called here, you should know 1) that Abel's blood cried out, 2) that Noah's 120 years of sorrow dwell there, 3) that history was suffused with the sorrow of Abraham who in order to serve God left his homeland and suffered as a wanderer, 4) that it was filled with the sorrow of Isaac who determined to be a sacrifice in front of God and to be obedient to Abraham, 5) Jacob's heart of longing for his homeland with a heart centered on wanting to restore the people of Israel during his 21 years in Haran dwelled there.

Furthermore, 6) there was the sorrow of the Israelites who suffered for 400 years in Egypt and on the way to the blessed land of Canaan many of the people became ill and died during the 40 years in the wilderness, 7) the second generation who remained went into the land of Canaan and centering on the concept of the new temple went through numerous indemnity conditions in order to receive the Messiah, and they were invaded by foreign peoples and experienced the sorrow of a people without a nation.

All that sorrow was there. And 8) you should realize that there remains the sorrow of Jesus who could not accomplish his mission even though he came to Israel which was a tributary state of Rome in order to meet the day of hope and he should have fulfilled his historical mission to subjugate Rome. And that is not all. 9) You must know that from after the time Jesus died until now, for two thousand years there was so much sorrow in the history which shed so much of the blood of our Christian forefathers.

You should know the limitlessly high God connected all these things to your lowly self. You must never forget the solemn fact that your connection comes on this foundation paid for with blood, through these conditions of historical sorrow, these requisites of sadness. We must keep this kind of heart and I must know that in choosing me, although I am inadequate to be chosen, God had a hidden will to bring to fruition through me the historical price.

We should know the fact that you and I with our pitiable histories are needed because God became pitiable and history became pitiable. Therefore, in the center of our minds and hearts, we must have an earnest enough heart to multiply all the strength we have, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand times, and to give all our loyalty and filial piety to God, and even if our life finishes to not die, You must clearly know that if you don't have that kind of mind, you are a traitor to the Will of God, a traitor to the hope of our historical ancestors, and a traitor to the mission of this age.

The more you realize through what process that noble high God had to come to set up a relationship with your humble low self, the more you should realize that even with dressing up properly, kneeling down, folding one's hands in prayer and bowing thousands and ten thousands of times to God, you are still inadequate. God called me because I am needed for the fight of goodness. Therefore I must not be a deserter who enters the fight of goodness and turns back. I should rather decide that I would rather die as one of the believers of Unification Church. This is the attitude we should have and we should realize with confidence that we must be in this situation.

One must make a determination which compensates for one's inadequacies but with doubled or tripled determination, and compare oneself with a person who has all the necessary requisites. As much as one feels his inadequacy he should double or triple his determination. We should realize that we are in this kind of situation as believers of Unification Church. (22-88)

3) The Fruit Born by the Achievements of Our Ancestors

You must realize that even though you don't know it, behind you there is a foundation of the achievements of your ancestors who came and went, and you don't know it but because among the many tribes your ancestors achieved more, their achievement accumulated over and over again, and you are the people born as the fruit of it. Because the people who are gathered and called this way are the people harvested as the fruit of the achievements of their ancestors, and are the tribe which God has gathered into one among so many tribes, the fortune of the nation gets ruled by how the people with such backgrounds move. (22-90)

Today the fact that you are related to the Unification Church is not centered on just a couple years or couple months of your life. This place is a historical place and a place of hope. It is the place with a historical relationship which could in reality be the starting point your life. Then if throughout your life you didn't see the history, and you weren't related to it, how could you become connected to this historical relationship? And also how could you have this historical relationship of connecting to the Unification Church? That is due to the level, whether is be large or small, to which you made an effort to match the direction of your mind to the same direction of mine as your ancestors and to match it with the direction of the flow of the age. That is to say, according to how much you tried to become close to it, you could connect that much more closely to the Unification Church

When seen from that viewpoint, today the situation you are involved in is not made by some individual named Mr. Kim. It is made through historical relationships. Today my being is wrong and is randomly put together, but among the historical relationships, many of our ancestors were loyal to the purpose of history and thereby made a foundation of merits which could unite with that purpose. It is due to the relationship of those merits you were chosen today. (21-105)

4) We Are the Presidents of Good Ancestors Corporations

What are you right now? Historical fruit. Aren't you? Fruit is fruit, but you are the fruits who are centered on historical tribes. Get it? You met me because you have good ancestors and because of those good ancestors' achievements. It's not because you wanted to meet me, nor because you are so great. No matter through whom you were born, that ancestor is related to part of the public history of Korea. Even in an evil nation there are more evil things and less evil things. Therefore regardless of how evil a nation may be, there is a less evil side. Heaven works in history centered on the less evil side.

Therefore, you met me because of a relationship in which you resemble your good ancestors' characters according to the law of heredity which follows your blood lineage relationship to your good ancestors' achievements in the public area centered on goodness. Don't think you met me because you're so great.

Not even one of your eyes belongs to you. If anyone looks at his own face, he will see he resembles his mother or father or grandfather. At least one part of him resembles them. If you analyze all this, the blood lineages of thousands of generations of ancestors are all mixed up. Any cell, everything is made like that. If your ancestors took away everything that was from them, you wouldn't have anything.

So you are the presidents of good ancestors corporations. Everyone has to obey the president's order. That is how it is. Then does that president have to be great, or not qualified? He has to be great. Then what sort of president is a great president? One who doesn't run counter to the historical tradition of the past, who stands in the front line of the present ages' activities, and who can be a model for his descendants is a good president. (46-152)

5) The Cooperation of Ancestors and Resurrection Through Second Coming

Then you, who are in such position, are you, as one who has been chosen into such a historical relationship, living in such a way that you can in your life show off properly the light of this historical relationship? (21-105)

Long ago at the time of Jesus, through Jesus' coming to the earth, in the same way that the spirits who had lived and died before then could go from the form spirit realm of the spirit world into the life spirit realm of the spirit world, through the condition of your being on the earth your ancestors have entered into a special realm of benefit by being able to come to the earth at this time. Do you understand what this means?

Because you are in the position to become a life spirit if you become a victorious branch of the lineage since you have come to know this will, your ancestors are cooperating with you. In this way you must become the base on which thousands of generations of ancestors can return. At Jesus' time, it was an age of cooperation from the spirit world in order to be resurrected to the life spirit stage conditionally, but now the spirit world unconditionally cooperates for resurrection to the divine spirit stage.

There is no greater blessing than the fact that this kind of age has come. Do you understand what this means? In other words, the spirit world is cooperating. Therefore from now on the work of finding the tribe will go faster. Because we have a historical relationship, because we have the condition for cooperation, it will go faster. If on earth we do work which can bring about returning resurrection, what a holy thing it is. If in your ancestry you have patriots or an exceptionally virtuous woman, or a filial son, and if you call them in prayer, they are to come. Because now your ancestors must cooperate with you. It is like that now. They are upside down now. (14-22)

2. The Proper Attitude To Joining The Church

1) The Purpose for joining die Unification Church

Everyone, when you joined the Unification Church, did you join because it was good, or did you join because it was bad? [We joined because it was good.] You joined because it was good? [Yes.] Did this place prepare rice cake and then ask you to join? What was offered when asking you to join? What was offered when you were asked to join? Not rice cake. You were not asked to join to guarantee your success in your career.

When you were asked to join you were offered God's public pledge. You were offered God's public pledge. Why did you join the Unification Church? You joined for God's public pledge. What is that superior pledge? It is not money or knowledge. It is love, the love which can govern money, the love which can govern power, the love which can govern knowledge. What is the pledge that God, the world of angels, God's creation, and also humankind, without any exception, would like? What is that? It's a pledge about the universe. (83-190)

What is the purpose for which you came here? You did not come in order to solve some environmental problem. You came here to clarify the fundamental problem of humankind, to stand in front of the Absolute Being and to be recognized and confirmed by the Absolute Being. (11-224)

Everyone, what is the purpose for joining the Unification Church? Was it to learn the principle of indemnity? [Yes] It was to learn the principle of indemnity, right? [Yes] It's nothing else. The principle of indemnity can't be unknown to be sons and daughters of God. You joined to learn the principle of indemnity. I am the teacher who teaches the principle of indemnity, aren't I? [Yes] I have the responsibility to teach you and to make you practice it.

So you who practice it will suffer. It's simple. Suffering is something to be thankful about and it's a good thing, right? [Yes] So, when you were suffering with starvation, did you laugh like this, "Ha ha ha"? Did you appreciate it? I imagine you didn't appreciate it and didn't like it. You will appreciate it in the future. (153-151)

2) Things that Happen After joining the Church

When you first joined the Unification Church, maybe you felt like your body was going to float in the air. You have experienced it, right? You just felt good. You felt good without any reason. Do you know why that is? It's because the foundation for your body and mind to have give and take had been established.

According to our principle, when subject and object become one, then God who is a larger subject has give and take with their unity as a partner. Then because of the action of that kind of high-level power, one can feel a strong sensation such as one never felt before. A feeling of happiness comes from the power of strong action which is ideal power. It's not just vague. It's all by the principle. By the principle. (27-226)

When you first listen to the lectures after joining the Unification Church you feet like you're floating and walking on air. You don't even know your legs are touching the ground. Your heart feels so happy that you don't have to cat; you still feel good even if you get cursed, and you still feel happy even if a bump forms on your seat. (172-161)

Everyone, when you first came into the Unification Church you were so happy you kept grinning, didn't you? Did you come in crying with sadness? However you joined, you joined but you could feel your heart swelling up and beating and even when walking in the street you would smile like someone feeling a cool breeze pass by. So people would say it was strange. By watching carefully, it could be seen there was something excellent here. It's okay even if the church building is a board shack or some kind of a cave. They are all to come if I'm here. (24-72)

Have you experienced that kind of thing? Haven't you? When you were joining the Unification Church, you were overwhelmed by hope, right? But looking at yourself standing in the middle of, if you call it fate, fate, and, if you call it relationship, relationship, at a point which is barely touchable by a pincer in the middle of the flow of history, you might doubt whether it is false. I was the same. But you cannot help but recognize it even though you try not to because heaven gave the living evidence which cannot be denied even though you try to. You don't just feel happy or feel appreciation without any reason. (17-33)

We started with happiness when we Unification Church members joined the church and faced the will for the first time. You would have felt everything in the world was made centering on you. You would have felt that the more blessing you received, the more everything resurrected centering on you, and everything formed relationships centering on you.

Therefore you might have experienced the feeling that when you are happy then the creation is happy, when you are sad then the creation feels sad together. At a time like that, the world doesn't look evil even if it really is; the world doesn't look sad even if it really is. One lives a life of pledging to fulfill tomorrow's responsibility and tomorrow's hope believing that happiness can take over the sad world. I believe you have experienced those things. (34-129)

You have to restore the heart you felt through the will. Don't you think so, too? Even students who go to school want to stop at the church before they go home once they join the Unification Church. You would have all experienced it. Why is that? You caught a disease. You have been sucked into the realm of fortune of thousands of years, the first time one could finally greet the springtime in six thousand years. It's not the fortune of a couple of years. It's the fortune of thousands of years. You became that way because you gathered at the one time you could ride the fortune of thousands of years. That heart is extremely precious. When you trample on that you are trampling on history and trampling moral laws. (51-263)

So, do you want to come to the Unification Church? After you hear sermons of the Unification Church, your feet, which were going towards home, automatically come to the Unification Church. You know going back home after school is a duty, an obligation, and a responsibility, but if you just hear sermons of the Unification Church your feet, which were going toward home, automatically come to the Unification Church.

If you look at the building it's dilapidated, and it's deep in the valleys of the mountains, but if you go there you think, "I want to eat and live here and not go. I like being here." Then the Unification Church is real. If you want to be here, then what's next? You should want to live. You should have a mind to live as brothers, by uniting with each other with God's eternal love. If that doesn't get accomplished the ideal world won't come. (63-62)

If you believe in the Unification Church it's like that. If you believe in the Unification Church you think you will receive many blessings, but actually things get twisted. Thinking carefully about it, it seems that things will work out well, but rather they get twisted. Why is that? Because that is love. Therefore it has to get twisted. If you believe and attend the Unification Church, and you are greedy for say a level of ten of something, and you get as many as a hundred, and again you want a hundred then you will walk a twisted road forever. If you are greedy for ten then you should pluck out ten things. By plucking out those things, by attacking that external greed ten times, you are promised the inevitable consequence that you will become intimate with internal God, you will receive blessings from God.

Worldly people don't bring you what we call "blessings"; worldly people bring what you say you hate. In that way, you should not accept living in a relationship with an environment where worldly people can laugh and like it; rather you have to break off from those things. If you don't break off from them, then they will bite at you. They will all bite at you so that you don't break off with them. That's why a contradiction appears. If this kind of thing doesn't happen, then we can assume the conclusion that the religion is not a religion seeking a true path. You should know that God and we are heading different directions. It's not just that. God stands in front of us and He fights with Satan who ruined and made a failure of God's providence and also blocked our road of life for six thousand years. (51-32)

3) Attitude To Have After Joining The Church

If you were called and started on the road of the will through Reverend Moon, then you have to know, as a person who is called, for what you are called, where you are going, and if you decided to go like this, then what portion of the way you have gone. If a person has once determined something, he has to make his decisions centering on that determination. "Yes" or "no," you have to answer it.

It's also the same for me. I promised in front of heaven. . . "I will certainly go this kind of way, so even if my friend betrays me, even if my parents betray me, or even if my wife and children betray me, I will go. If my people betray me, and if the Unification Church itself which I belong to betrays me, I'll go even sweeping it away." I have been going like this from the day I was called. I'm also going that way now. I'll be going tomorrow, too. It's better to go the way quickly. The slower you go the worse it is. There are tens of millions of lives on a train to hell and they are all falling into hell. (99-223)

Today, you, the people who joined the Unification Church, are learning the principle. You are learning the principle centered on Adam's family; you are learning the principle centered on Noah's family; you are learning the principle of the time period of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, and you are learning the principle of God who has been carrying out the providence behind the scenes through history until now.

But you are beings who just follow. Therefore you have to walk the way without a break following the principle.

Through it, you should think "I'll establish and save Adam's family, I'll save Noah's family, I'll save Abraham's family: I'll even teach them, not just save them." Since you have been called and have the whole responsibility to take care of the world mission in this black world, you should stand in a position which allows you to point out the things that were wrong to Moses when he was leading the people of Israel. (12-196)

If you pledge something after joining the Church, by what standard are you going to do it? If your pledge in front of the will was done with a true heart, then since it endured a long time, it would have grown a lot internally even if it didn't show so much externally. In Abraham's time Abraham didn't know, but saints in the spirit world and world of angels were cooperating with him. If there is a person who pledges himself and is loyal to God, then even though he is living in this era, he doesn't end as a person of this era: he will be an historical person. Also, the work that he is doing is historical work. In the words, "It is historical," everything is included. (12-107)

4) Things to be careful of after joining the Church

Today you are going on the road of faith and your know the noun called "religion". . . If you joined the church then are you qualified to accept the good things of the Unification Church. Are you qualified to manage those things? One who cannot manage it, cannot have a relationship with the good world. Can you be responsible? One who can't be responsible can't make a relationship with the good world, either. Do you get it? [Yes] Therefore humankind must be responsible and manage the responsibility. After that, when its good and someone likes it, that will bring about the consequence of goodness. We should know that. (151-208)

One doesn't become a person who can be called by God, that is, one who can carry out God's responsibility, in a day or two. That kind of person should be a person who can remain with God's heart even while suffering starvation and shedding blood, but this can't be done in a day or two. It takes more than three or four years of time. (17-12)

These days people who joined recently are trying to smell out something like a hunting dog. And though they're smelling things, they're not trying to smell normally; they're walking around like mongrels with their mouths dragging and they're only trying to smell dung. If people have joined the Unification Church, then they should try to solve the problems centering on me. What are they going to accomplish by mixing with good-for-nothings. It is useless to hang around with those good-for-nothings.

I am saying this because the time to establish a new attitude is coming. Therefore you have to have a new attitude as a believer, as a believer of the Unification Church. The most important thing here is to have a firm faith about the center. Before you have that belief, no matter how much you make determinations, it is of no use. What will happen to me when I run into some incident while going on this way? Try asking and answering this to yourself. (27-114)

You who are calling yourselves believers of the Unification Church, if you have determined to fight with style for heaven with brave spirits, then you must not trade that with anything at all. You should be able to say "No," even when someone says he will give something any human would like; "No," even when someone says he will let you rule any kind of realm: "No," even if they threaten to kill you.

Only when someone does God's will should you say, "Yes;" Humankind are fallen people who must break through the stronghold of Satan. If it doesn't end at one, then go up to ten; if it doesn't end at ten, then go up to a thousand. But humankind don't know this. Thank you for joining the Unification Church. But you must throw away your personal desire and ambition from that day on. You should start this task after burying the desire and ambition you have. It's that way when seen by the providence. Jesus did that, the many prophets called out to heaven with their jaws set even as their blood was being shed by their enemies spears. You must take deep into your hearts the determination of those who said, "Father! Release your sorrow!" (8-60)

Don't be disappointed that you joined the Unification Church. If you joined here, all the laws and order of love established by all the logical conclusions that Reverend Moon talked about are here. Then it is true that it is certain that you must go this way forever and settle here forever! [Amen.] That kind of person is a true person. Then you understand the true appearance? [Yes.] Now you must go forward and not forget. (139-227)

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