Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Mission Of The Unification Church (Part 1)

1. Three Difficult Problems Of The World And The Unification Church

What does the Unification Church want to do? We know that out ambition is not for the nation, not for the world; it is to carry the burden of God. Then if God exists, what is He like? Would He think or not? What is the heavy burden of God? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever thought about what might be the heavy burden of God? [Yes.] What is it? The first thing is the problem of declining Christianity and the many religions.

The first problem is how to make these many religions into one. God is suffering from a headache over how to unite religions. Then if the Methodist Church is praying, "God, our Father! Forget about the other Christian churches and bless our Methodist Church," would God listen to that? It is only one among the 400 denominations. When God sees things like, He will think, "Oh you jerks! You damn sectarianists! Before you pray for yourselves, unite Christianity into one! Unite into one and then pray! If you do that, I'll answer your prayer." Would He think like that or not? After having united Christianity, if one prayed, " Oh God! Give us strength to take on your heaviest burden, your greatest headache to make all religions into one. Give us ability! Help us to unite them!," When one prayed like that, heaven would answer, "All right, your prayer is proper!"

Do you think that He would say, "Oh, aren't you greedy. You shouldn't pray like that"? Would He say, "You believe in the Presbyterian Church; you believe in the Catholic Church; you should keep within your denomination when you pray to me." Would He say that? God is hoping for a person to appear who can break down the denominations.

He is waiting for a person to appear who can break down the denominations and make them into one. (clapping) That is the case. For God the first thing that is a problem is religion. The second is how to make the countries of the world into one nation. In view of that if America prayed, "Oh, God! For two hundred years you blessed our nation and established the Christian realm and made us prosper, and made us best in the world. Oh, God! We don't know about the whole world. Forget about the world, and centered on America, bless only America!"

Would God answer that prayer? [No.] What would God do? Would He listen intently, or would He cover His ears? Whether a white person, black or yellow, it doesn't matter. If a person appeared who sought to make all the nations of the world one in God's name and who prayed, "Heavenly Father! Make the people of this world one. Make Christianity into one, and through Christianity make the world into one!" would God pay attention or not? Going beyond his tribe, saying the whites are good, and the blacks are good. . . . In American they teach, "One nation under God." But they do not teach "One world under God."

God's headache is how to make the people of the world into one, or the countries of the world into one. That's a severe headache. Think about it. God thinks about those things; what else would He think about? Then what is the third? What is the third heaviest burden for God? It is how to liberate hell; how to unite the spirit world and hell is a problem. Only if He does this, is God the God of love.

Look. Let's say God is sitting on that throne. When He sees the spirits who have gone to hell and are suffering, saying, "Please save me," what would He think? Would He think, "Hey, you deserve more than that," or would He think, "They are so pitiful?" [They are so pitiful.] Hell must be liberated. So what has to be done? True love goes beyond religion; true love goes beyond the world; true love goes beyond hell. If you have true love you go together with God.

Therefore if you have true love, even religions can be made into one; through that kind of truth the world can be made into one; and hell can be liberated. God has that kind of ability. So centered on God's love we can go together with Him. Patterned after that kind of true love, in order to lay a foundation on the earth centered on true love, many forms of religion were made in the different cultural realms.

You should know that among the religions, there are some religions that are like a world kindergarten, and there are some religions that are like a world elementary school, and there are some religions that are like a world middle school, and there are some religions that are like a world high school, and there are some religions that are like a world university, and there are some religions that are like a world graduate school, and there are some religions that are like a world doctoral course. Do you understand? [Yes.]

I mean that from God's viewpoint it looks like that. They are not made to oppose each other. Once one understands he can see that they are not made to oppose each other. The larger a university is, the more departments it has, Eastern studies, Western studies, African studies, etc. Religion is the same. It should go along as though it had many different departments like a university with this department and that department.

Then what is the Unification Church? Is it a high school? Is it a middle school? Or is it a university, a graduate school, or a doctoral course? Which is it? The more difficult it is, the more like a doctoral course it is; does that make many people go because it's easy? [No.] (laughter) But kindergarten and elementary school are so difficult no one can go. [No] No. You understand well. Good. (laughter)

Not just anyone can come into the Unification Church. Not just anyone can join here. Can anyone come in? No they can't. Studying this is, whew, difficult, and to do the activities, whew, whew. (laughter) (98-114)

The biggest headache for God is communism. Communism. His biggest headache is how in God's name communism can be blocked on this earth. The second problem is who is going to rebuild the established churches which are impoverished, falling behind, and falling into destruction. And what's the third problem? Look at the American youth. They have all become trash. They all need to be thrown into the trash can. They're all addicted to drugs. . . This people is heading for destruction.

Who is going to save these young people from here back into the realm of God's name, centered on a new moral order? Who will take responsibility for these three big problems which are worrying God? Who will do that? Can the present American government do it? The American government can't do it, nor can the UN. There is no one who can do it. No one can do it. These difficult problems which are giving God headaches cannot be solved, and continuing in this way humankind on the earth will all be destroyed.

This is the conclusion that is reached. You should know that centered on Reverend Moon the Unification Church members have come forth saying that they will take responsibility for these three problems. Therefore you must know God's will thoroughly and precisely. God's will is to liberate humankind. His will is for the liberation of humankind. But without resolving these difficult problems, liberation is not possible. That's why the Unification Church has begun to deal with these problems. (90-154)

2. The Providential Mission

1) The Mission of Salvation Through Restoration

What's the Unification Church? It's a church to achieve God's purpose, but what kind of church is that? It's a church shouting that we must go back to the past, that we must start over again. So the church which exists for restoration is the Unification Church. In the original world, God and people existed. But God and the people separated. Their relationship was broken. They didn't even get to shoot. Because the people fell, they didn't even get to shoot. So even if that goal is here, since they couldn't even shoot at it, it's of no use. That's failure, a failure. Everything was a failure.

So people must bring God here, stand here and measure the starting point again, and shoot. That's the only way. When looked at this way, what is Unification Church? It is the church which precisely establishes the starting point for restoration; it can clearly establish the goal, shoot, and head towards the goal. Do you understand? Then what is this straight line? Through what is this straight line drawn? That's the problem. What can determine what this straight line's path is? What is the path which here, without fail, 100 percent accurately, can connect and arrive at a straight direction?

What can do that? What is it made of, this original line which was originally shot and which is the direction line directing history? Is it right that is was shot with strength? Is it right that it was shot with money? Then if you shoot with a straight line, is it right? This is the problem. Therefore the Unification Church is telling people, "Go back to the original starting point." You should know that it is for sure a historical line, a historical line in world history. Isn't that for sure? [Yes] If you arrive here and there is no original point, what will you do? What do you use to aim your shooting? If from the starting point you shoot, and have put a target the size of the world, and then in an extended place along that direct line you put a small target, it's all the same.

If you put a target this size and hit it when you shoot, then it corresponds to the world-sized target. (He draws on the blackboard while speaking.) Even if you put a sign this size and shoot at it, its center corresponds to this center. If from here we shoot to the world target and hit it, what happens? It represents the whole universe. The whole purpose has been realized. Because this is possible, through God and man's full power. . . (134-56)

If the path of restoration could be changed, then God would not have had to work so hard until now, and He would not have had to send many saints to the earth to shed their blood. Therefore what does the Unification Church do? It is a church saying that we should go straight along the road of restoration. (97-119)

Now the age when we have to make a new beginning has come. What is precious about the Unification Church? It is precious because it can resolve the grudge caused by the wrong beginning. The standard of hope to resolve this grudge, which can unite heaven and earth is not your individual selves. You must carry out the responsibility to go beyond the individual to connect the nation and the world.

To fulfill this mission, even if it cost his life, Reverend Moon has gone this way to pioneer this way with the determination to last to the end. This was not for an individual purpose. Then you have to go together along this way. If in this way there is something more precious to be thought about, then you need to follow at least until you die. If not, who will deal with the world of sin? You have to deal with yourself and the cook up the world. (20-329)

2) The Religion which Says It Will Relieve Jesus' Suffering

What does our Unification Church do? What does the Unification Church seek to do? We seek to relieve the sorrow of Jesus. That's the goal. Jesus not only was not welcomed by the nation, and he was not only not welcomed by the people, he was not welcomed by his tribe, his family, or his brothers and sisters. Isn't that true? Look at the Gospel of John. At the Feast of the Tabernacle, Jesus' brothers wanted him to appear and said, "show yourself to the world." They caused Jesus great unforgettable sorrow. (99-250)

From what point does our responsibility begin? It does not start with external things; it has to start with internal things. We must not say our responsibility is the external constitution of the personality. We must straighten up the internal personality. Everything which moves to show itself externally must be swept away. Shouldn't you become the people who go to sleep and wake up in an environment where everyone can sympathize with and feet the pain which tightens peoples' chests without anyone knowing? If someone comes home, just shows up and lives however he wishes. . . there are lots of disgusting people like that, aren't there?

Therefore the external responsibility is not the problem. The external responsibility just flows away. Today the Unification Church must relieve the sorrow of Jesus' deepest inner heart and relieve the sorrow of God's deepest inner heart. This is what Jesus is hoping for most in this age. The painful heart which His unfilial path of death caused God is what Jesus wants to relieve in this age through us, isn't it? So this is something that Jesus should support and heaven should support and the apostles should support and Christianity should support and our historical ancestors should support. (57-221)

When God delivered Jesus to the place of death, how frustrated must He have been? God did not deliver Jesus to the world of death in order to relieve God's sorrow. It was in order to relieve the sorrow of humankind that He delivered Jesus to the world of death. The relief of God's sorrow does not come through man, in spite of it coming through God's son, because humankind betrayed and opposed God's son Jesus. In order to prepare another way to save humankind, God delivered Jesus in the position of a sacrifice to atone for the sins of mankind.

Then who relieves the sorrow of God? Humankind cannot do it. Jesus must relieve it. The thing through which Jesus can relieve that sorrow is not the nation nor the world; it is the body. He must relieve it centered on the body. Jesus had the responsibility to take out the basic root of Satan which is connected to the body, and establish the foundation for victory and stand before God proudly as a beloved son and give comfort to God. But Jesus could not relieve the sorrow of God. So we should realize that because of that, thousands of years have passed as a preparation period for the Second Coming.

Then what is the mission of our Unification Church? In Jesus' stead we must fulfill the responsibility of relieving the sorrow of God which Jesus could not do. Therefore our mission is not to stand in the position of an offering to be sacrificed for humankind; it is to relieve the sorrow of God which could not be relieved while going through the tragic history until now. And after making God happy, to make humankind happy. Our mission is different from that of ordinary Christianity. Do you understand? [Yes.] (47-81)

3) The Unification Church Which Must Complete the Missions of the Three Ages

You should know that the Unification Church has a historical mission. You have studied the Divine Principle, haven't you? [Yes.] Studying the Principle only includes the signs. You don't know the background behind everything, do you? When you eat you say, "Today we have a lot of good food," and you just eat it. But you don't know whether in order to make that food the person, who made it had to fight or what happened. You just pick up things and eat them because they taste good.

For the person who is eating that's understandable, but for the person who made the food, it's not enough. It's the same in all of nature. We don't know how the food was made; whether the rice was stolen; where was it brought from; what kind of people the workers were. The person who made the food could be an enemy of your wife; he could be an enemy from an evil group; people with relationships like that could be the ones who made the things brought in to make the meal with. If we knew all those things we wouldn't be able to eat.

Because God knows all that, we have to separate out those things. Since God is all knowing and all powerful, He knows all those things. Therefore those who are seeking heaven in Satan's world without knowing those things and without cleaning and putting things in order and without purifying them, those people cannot go to heaven. (138-183)

The age of the Second Coming is on a world level. It is not on a national level, it is a world level. Therefore centered on all of the five races, in Africa, South America, and Asia all are told to do fund raising. Everyone is told to go out. Everyone is told to sacrifice. Go out and be insulted. Therefore the Unification Church is the resurrection of the Old Testament Age, the resurrection of the New Testament Age, and the resurrection of the Completed Testament Age. Do you understand what is being said?

So you must become the substantial bodies. You must not fail at that. Everything historical which was invaded in the three ages must be indemnified. Does that follow the theory or not? Is it right? [Yes] You should know that it is here that the theoretical evidence of Satan's world passing away and the heavenly world's being born is clarified. That is the mission of Unification Church. You should know that this is the work which is being done centered on Reverend Moon. Up until now Unification Church members were not to have their own possessions. I do not have my own possessions, either. (119-196)

The Unification Church is going out saying, "let's seek a world one level higher than the established churches." If the established churches show a flat nature, then the Unification Church shows a three dimensional nature. Then which is greater? If I say this maybe you will say I am praising myself, but which is greater? Between the Unification Church and the established churches, which is greater? The Unification Church is greater. Cosmosism is greater.

The Unification Church is saying, "Let's live together with the cosmos." Therefore our Unification Church must complete the missions of the three great ages. We are saying let's liberate the spirits who have gone to spirit world; let's liberate the people living in this evil world, and from this point forward let's liberate the people to come of the future generations. This is how we present the liberation realm of the three great ages. This is an enormous, awesome occurrence.

What would happen if this dream-like content became real? Our eyes would open wide; our jaw would drop; our ears would perk up; and our head would bow down for sure. I have not yet seen a person who was running somewhere fast, do it with his back stiff and straight. Everyone bends over to run. Now the Unification Church is not going off sightseeing somewhere. We are running quickly. Because we are always running, people say they like the doctrine and the sermons, but not the method we are using. To follow on that road their legs would rip apart.

But why is that wrong? Because it's different from the present reality. But we have to use a world-sized step. If we live like this we will not be ruined. If we live like this and are ruined, that would mean that God doesn't exist. Why is that? Because I am living together with the world. This is really marvelous. (28-201)

3. The Unification Of Religions

1) All Religions are Seeking One Goal

There are many religions in this world. We know that they are hoping for the highest goal and are seeking those goats. This is realized by truthful people. Truthful people gathered together in order to seek a true goal, and in history many religions came into existence. Then it is not right for there to be several kinds of truth or several kinds of goals of religions. According to the flow of history, even if a religion existed within the realm of a certain time, when we look at that religion centered on the future goal of goodness to which it is connected beyond its age, even if there are many paths of many religions, we can definitely conclude that they must all pass through one way to reach the world of the one purpose.

But in Christianity there are many denominations. And Buddhism has many denominations, too. Even looking at the world religions that we know, we can see that there are many denominations spread about. Then what is the purpose for all those denominations to have come into existence? It is certain that they would have been started due to an internal desire to establish in their denomination more realistically a better goal which they determined. Because of that even though there may be factional rivalry between the denominations, that is not causing a retreat in the present move forward. It is a rivalry to go to a reformation on a higher level. In spite of that, when they have not been able to do that, the realm of the goal of the two denominations will be in the upper level. Even in a big religion, it will certainly be heading towards one of the highest of purposes.

We know that the goal of a religion, or the center of a religion, the beginning was centered on a god. The god they revere may appear as the god of victory at the very end of the universe. And that god, through himself, through his religious order, or through the way introduced in his doctrine or scriptures will without fail bring to a conclusion one world of victory. It will have a life of faith like this. But there cannot be two gods. There can be only one God. That God is hoping for one goal. He cannot help but be determining one conclusion. (63-13)

2) God's Will is the Salvation of the World, Not Sects and Denominations

Then what kind of' religion is a true religion? It's simple. The religion which follows God's will. What is God's will? God's will is to save the universe. In other words, it is to save the world. The Christians must realize this. God's will is not to save some Christian Presbyterian ritual. It is to save the world. Even if we have to sacrifice the ritual, we have to save the world, and even if we have to sacrifice Christianity, we have to save the world. This is God's will. (77-271)

Doesn't it say so in the Bible? Beginning in Sunday school people are taught to memorize John 3:16. What does it say in John 3:16? Does it say, "For God so loved our Presbyterian Church that He gave His only begotten son?" Does it say, "For God so loved our Methodist Church that He gave His only begotten son?" Does it say, "For God so loved the Catholic Church that He gave His only begotten son?" No. What did God say? "For God so loved the world" -- the world. Setting that teaching aside and putting one's church first, one's denomination first, the wicked groups stressing this will all fall, clatter clank, to ruin in the Last Days. Therefore we are breaking down the denominations.

The denominationalism of the Pope in Rome, His right of omnipotence, all these things. . . . What does the Unification Church's Reverend Moon say? "For God so loved the world that." Jesus came to love the world. Jesus died to save the world. Not just the Presbyterians. The ideological bases are all distorted. In trying to reform this, even while being opposed I am going with my heart. The path of truth is gone while being opposed. I am doing a movement for the unification of religions. For example, in Islam there are several denominations. It is divided into three denominations which are fighting. I gave money and started a unification movement for them to become one. Come on, is that possible? The Christians are fighting, but I have begun a unification movement for the denominations, even while being opposed. (144-223)

The original mission of Christianity is to take on the responsibility of saving mankind in order to realize God's will. If they can't do that, standing in front of the judgment seat, they won't be able to go the way they want. When I checked into it, that's what I found. You must know this clearly. Where is the true religion? It is the religion which seeks to invest its nation, of course, and its denomination or its church for humankind.

This kind of religion will not fail. It will not be ruined. There are too many heretics, too many false arguments which cannot be believed; in this current society there are so many things to be sorted out. . . When we look at things from the viewpoint of the principle of who does more for the nation, and who does more for the world, we can see how the truth and the false can be distinguished. You should know this. (77-272)

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