Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Thought And The Assertion Of The Unification Church (Part 2)

4. What The Unification Church Teaches

1) it Teaches the Fundamental Rules of the Principle

What position are we in today? What the Unification Church is teaching today are the fundamental rules of the principle. What position is the world in today? It should be dominated by us. Do you understand? [Yes.] Based on God's will this world should be dominated by us. It should be dominated by perfected people. Because the goal of imperfection is perfection, because there is the ideal, in front of a person who stands on the level of perfection, those who are imperfect still have to go in the direction of perfection; they should be dominated. They should be given direction. (84-99)

What is done at the Unification Church? It is the place where the purpose of humankind is taught to those who don't know their purpose. It is the place where the purpose of God is taught to those who don't know it. The purpose of God and the purpose of humankind are not contradictory; they are united. They correspond to each other. The Unification Church is the place which teaches that if the purpose of God and the purpose of man are in unity, then without fail humankind will become the sons and daughters whom God is searching for, and they will become the leading figures of the world God seeks to realize.

What else does it teach? It teaches past history from God's side; it explains the present world from God's side; and it teaches the future from God's side. And it teaches the world viewpoint and the universal viewpoint from how it looks on God's side. Do you understand what this means? (154-66)

2) It Teaches About God

From where can the Kingdom of Heaven begin? Without comforting the sorrow of God, we cannot go into the Kingdom of Heaven. Because fallen humankind has been creating a sorrowful history since the fall until now, we must go and directly find all of the sorrowful relationships of history. We must find all of the relationships of the six thousand years of history since Adam and Eve. That which exists to teach about the God of sorrow is the Principle of the Unification Church. If there is sorrow, the people of the world despise it and run away. It is the principle of the Unification Church which teaches about the sorrow of God which contains more heartbreaking situations that any other sorrow.

In the world, if there is a sad occurrence, everyone avoids it and runs away. But the Unification Church's principle's essence is to go through this sorrow. In the world when there is a sad occurrence, everyone tries to evade it, but original humankind is made not to do that. If we know about the sorrow of God, in reality it makes a great strength appear. The more we know about the pitiful circumstances of God, the more the source of strength to resolve it becomes an unlimited explosive source of motivation. This is the extraordinary strength which the Unification Church possesses. (21-113)

We need to know what God's purpose was in the past. We need to know what God's direction, situation and heart were like in the past. Then we need to know God's purpose, direction, situation and heart in the present, and God's purpose, direction, situation, and heart in the future. If we accomplish this, humankind will automatically reach perfection.

So what does the Unification Church teach? From the standpoint of the providence, it teaches the purpose, direction, situation, and heart of the God of the past, of the God of the present and of the God of the future. The purpose means the perfection of the concept, and the direction means actions. Therefore the purpose and the direction must be in unity. And the situation means life, and the heart means relating. (6-141)

3) It Teaches God's Will

What is done in the Unification Church? It is the place where God's will is being taught. This is the will for the individual, for the tribe, the people, the nation, and the will for the world. The world cannot be saved by the will of democracy nor by the will of communism. It has to be a will which everyone, even the crippled and lame, will run forward to and say, "That's right!" a will which everyone desires, that is to say, God's will. That is what the Unification Church is teaching. (14-319)

4) It is Teaching God's Love and Heart

God wants to love the earth centered on man. We know God's will (desire), His love and His heart, and from that position we must become eternally one with God. It is the Unification Church which teaches these three. Until now humankind wanted to know God's will, love and heart but couldn't. So the Unification Church is seeking to teach these things. Even if we gave up our body a thousand, ten thousand times, we cannot give up God. (12-2 1)

Then what does the Unification Church do? If I had my wishes, I'd like to say it's the best church. And if God is alive, He would say, "Wow! I've never seen such a church, so go and try to be the best!" What does the Unification Church do? There must be some people who have come to the Unification Church for the first time. What does the Unification Church do? The Unification Church teaches about God's situation, God's desire and God's heart. Furthermore, God has existed from before eternity until now.

In the past, what was His desire? And in the past what was his situation? And in the past what was His heart? And in this age, what is God's desire for this age? And what is His situation in this age? And what is His heart in relation to this age? And furthermore, what is God's desire for the age of the future? What will His situation be? And what will His heart be? Provided a religion can teach all this content, it will be able to embrace all nations. It will become a religion which can atone for all people. (151-235)

What are the tasks that must be done and the conditions to be solved by we who have been born in the Last Days? If we become the people who can resolve the essential conditions, then God cannot be cold to us. When we go to enter the gates of heaven, if we are not welcomed it would be going against the laws of heaven. So in this age which is the Last Days, what the Unification Church has to do is teach the answers to the following questions: "What is God's desire? What is humankind's desire? What is God's love? What is humankind's situation? What is God's heart? What is humankind's heart?"

It is the Church which has appeared to do that. It must teach that kind of world. If it can teach that, and it teaches one thousand people, ten thousand people, all the people, then even if the world didn't want to unite, it couldn't help but unite. (151-23 7)

The main content taught by the Unification Church is the heart of God. We can't see God, and we can't see the heart of God which is within Him. How can we teach about the heart of God which we cannot see? This is a big problem. You have all eaten honey, haven't you? Honey. You've eaten honey, haven't you? [Yes.] Can someone who has eaten honey explain the taste of it or not? [He can.] (77-237)

Then what is the problem? What in heaven's name is the heart which is talked about in the so-called Unification Church? What in heaven's name is heart? This is talking about the foundation of God's absolute love. All the things of creation flowed out of it. All ideals also flowed out of it. It is the complete foundation of everything. All completion and perfection flow out of it. Apart from it there can be no completeness and no perfection. (82-291)

The ideology which is the highest ideology on earth is the ideology of the Unification Church. You should know that. Why? It introduced pursuing love centered on religion; it introduced God, the source of love, as the Father; because it has presented substantial content which you can love more than your father, more than your country, the Unification Church is a greater religion than any other religion. It is teaching the love of God who is unchanging and centered on heart. (94-79)

The heart which our Unification Church is talking about is the heart of hope which all humankind is publicly hoping for. It is the heart which cannot accept not having a relationship with all people. It is the heart God has been looking for until now. As for its domain, it is the heart which can contain the entire cosmos; it can embrace everything and still have room left over. Therefore if you want to become a hero of heaven, first you must communicate with this heart. People are the next problem. (14-177)

Today the Unification Church is talking about God's heart, and there is nothing higher than that. In the world where people do not know if God exists or not, this talk will sound like the talk of crazy people. If one does not know whether God exists or not, how can one know God's heart? These words go beyond the level of wondering whether God exists or not.

The problem of heart occurs in the realm of daily life. Isn't that true? The love of parents, the love of couples, the love of brothers and sisters all take place in the realm of daily life. It is talking about things which evolve in the realm of daily life. Therefore talking about God's heart is on a different level. (33-23 1)

So the Unification Church is talking about the realm of personality of the heart, and it talks about the family of the heart, the tribe centered on heart, the people centered on heart, the nation centered on heart, the world centered on heart, and heaven centered on heart. When all things are centered on heart like this, all things are liberated. Then that becomes an inviolable realm. Even though it may be on earth, it is the Kingdom of Heaven because it has become perfected Therefore life in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is possible. Because we can realize love and live, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth can be formed. (101-78)

5) It Teaches the Relationship With True Parents

Then what is the Unification Church? You need to know that. What's the Unification Church? What does the Unification Church teach? Centered on the Creator and humankind who have been longing for this hope, here the process which is necessary to know how to become an apprentice in front of the True Parents is being taught. Do you understand? What process do you have to go through to become sons and daughters of True Parents? How can you be grafted to the True Parents? Today True Parents are coming as the true olive tree, and being born of false parents represents the wild olive tree. A tree was planted in order to have true olives, but it became a wild olive tree. Then what must be done to the wild olive trees? They must be grafted to the true olive tree.

In order to graft it you have to cut it. If you want to cut it, it must be cut from all the ideologies, or universal viewpoints, or knowledge, or concepts. So the true ideology of the person who has come as the True Parent must be taken as an example and the view of life and view of the world must be moved and planted just as they are. Then the roots of all the wild olives until now should be cut and a shoot or at least a bud of the true olive should be grafted to them.

In the Bible it also talks about this in this way, "I am the vine and you are the branches. . ." You must go through this grafting process.

Then what is the Unification Church? It is the church which today is teaching the method and the process of how the fallen wild olives can be cut and grafted to the true olive tree, meaning fallen man and the True Parents centered on God. Do you understand? [Yes.] So the wild olive becomes a true olive; they become unified. So today it is possible to be good.

Until now if a true olive was planted in this evil world, what would become of it? It became a wild olive. In front of the wild olives who have no truth or goodness in this evil world, one true olive has appeared, and it cut the wild olives and by its grafting a bud to them for the first time in the same position as them, they became one with it. Therefore even evil people can participate in goodness. It is from there that the name Unification appeared. Do you understand? [Yes.] (159-298)

Now what must our Unification Church teach to the people of the world? It must teach about the True Parents. It must clearly teach what kind of people the True Parents are. And not only that, it must teach precisely what kind of people true sons and daughters are, and what kind of people true brothers and sisters are, and what kind of tribes are true tribes, and what kind of peoples are true peoples, and what kind of world is a true world. The thing that teaches this is the Unification Church Divine Principle. (32-268)

Today centered on the Unification Church what is being taught? It is not the activities of the Unification Church that are being taught, it is your relationship with me that is being taught. Centered on that internal relationship, a model is being formed to magnify that relationship externally. As this has the value of being able to become the absolute seed, without making it definite, an absolute reciprocal realm in the environment cannot be formed. It's like that. Therefore in the life of the church this is the most precious thing. (76-155)

6) It Teaches the Way to Become Filial Sons and Daughters of God

What is religion? It is teaching the duties of the filial son and daughter. Today what is the Unification Church teaching? It is teaching the way to become filial sons and daughters. (153-66)

What is taught at the Unification Church? It is teaching the way to become true sons and daughters centered on God. Is that right or not? That's why you are called true children. The group which calls itself God's sons and daughters is the group called the Unification Church. If we want to explain it in various ways, there is no limit, but it is the Unification group which has reached that conclusion. So all of you have added to your name tags the words child of God. (57-320)

5. The Thought Of The Unification Church

1) The Source of Unification Thought

Unification Thought does not take a vague position. Centered on God it goes forward assuming a vertical direction. What is that vertical direction? It is the site of heart. (51-70)

Our Unification Church thought is the thought of the Four Position Foundation. What is the prerequisite for becoming the site of that thought? It is God's heart. At the same time that it is the beginning, it is the process; and at the same time that it is the process, it is the conclusion. That conclusion cannot be a bad conclusion; it can be a joyful conclusion. (50-24)

The Unification Church is teaching the history of heart, and the world of heart. The reason it is the history of heart is that the vertical world of heart is spreading out to the horizontal world of heart. You should know that this is Unification thought.

Thought unification is the unification of what thought? Is it referring to the thought of the Unification Church? What does Reverend Moon of the Unification Church say about that? Thought unification refers to thought unification centered on heart. There's a footnote attached to that. It is thought unification centered on love. That's something different. Do you understand? So we say, "Hey, that's a great conclusion!" I'm not saying that to advertise the Unification Church; it's just true. Do you understand? The thought is thought, and the unification is unification, but only the thought unification which is centered on the heart is a term in the Unification Church The heart centered on absolute love, only that thought unification can build the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of peace. It can perfect the Kingdom of Heaven on earth which is the utopia humankind longs for. (109-134)

Our Unification Church asserts Unification Thought. This thought did not come from man. What is the main point of that thought? It is love. We are showing love. It is a love which goes beyond any one people. It is not a movement to unify one's family centered on himself. It is stressing a love of a higher level than any family on earth has ever loved. If this becomes possible, through it a new moral system centered on the family will be formed. A moral system which never existed in history will be formed. From the moral system united by strong love, the family relationship will develop horizontally. It will go beyond the family, tribe and nation. It will appear as an origin of heartistic, subjective love which will influence the world. It is sure that the whole world will recognize it. It is with that meaning that we put forth the world of heart. (60-266)

Today we see that centered on the Unification Church a new concept of Unification Culture is developing. Where is the originating point of this traditional thought? It is God's Day. How hard did the Father work to find God's Day? How hard did He work to find me? We must communicate with His historical heart, His heart in the present age, and His future heart. In order to become filial sons and daughters who can relate without any lack to our Father who worked so hard, we must know our Father's heart and content, and we must comfort Him, and beyond that we must be able to take responsibility for all of that.

Accordingly, where will the ideological root of the Unification Church be in the future? It will be in God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things. For six thousand years until now creation has lamented, and God's sons and daughters and the many ancestors of humankind moaned and worked for six thousand years. (22-24)

2) What "ism" Is the Unification Church?

What "ism" does the Unification Church like? It is not Reverend Moonism. It is Godism. It's Godism, but what kind of Godism? It's not an "ism" advocating wrestling and track events; it's an "ism" to have a love relationship with God. It's an "ism" to give love eternally and to receive love eternally. The gang dreaming this is the Unification Church gang. That makes you angry to be called a gang, doesn't it? Because it makes you think about being a sect (the Moon gang). Such people are the Unification Church gang. It is a fundamental rule that love can cause all things to unite. (57-255)

What "ism" is the Unification Church? It is Godism. We see it that way. A person with that viewpoint can communicate by heart no matter where he goes. It is not attending a conceptual God; it is attending the God of daily life. In the Unification Church we discuss the heart of God. (59-101)

Who is the lord who will take dominion over the world and create a new history? If a thought system appears whose "ism" can love the people of the world more than its own people and go beyond its national boundaries, that thought can dominate the world. Do you understand?

If people with such an "ism" appeared in a tiny country in Africa, if people who could really do that appeared before the world, the world would submit itself to them. Then what is the "ism" of the Unification Church, the "ism" of Reverend Moon? Reverend Moon's "ism" does not give first consideration to Korea; it gives first consideration to the world. The reason Korea is needed is to love the world. And the reason established churches are needed is to love Korea. It's, to make a bridge. In conclusion it is to love the world, to love heaven and earth. (33-298)

Then what is the "ism" of the Unification Church? It is "standardism." It's an "ism" recommending we function as the delivery department. And what does that delivery department deliver? It's a delivery department to deliver God's love. Has humankind longed for a bundle of God's love to be delivered or not? [It has.] So you are being asked to act as delivery people-delivery people of love go to heaven. (34-292)

3) The Main Stream Thought of the Unification Church

So until now I have asked you to establish the traditional foundation of Unification Thought. That's what I have been asking of you. It is on that foundation that the family must be realized and the nation established. What is the main-stream thought? It is not a thought centered on one's self; it is a thought centered on the whole. Then one must go the way of sacrificing one's self for the whole. This is the main-stream thought of Unification Thought. Is that right or not? (47-197)

Let's say a certain country established its policy for the sake of the world, and its citizens took the clothes off their backs for the world, and that nation fell into ruin. Would that nation really be ruined? If there were a nation which was ruined in that way, that ruined nation would have established a tradition of thought which could lead the future world. Therefore it may took like that nation was ruined, but because it established the tradition for the world, the world will be under the dominion of that nation and that people. It will be saved.

At the end of the 20th century, don't lament that there isn't a nation. With a national spirit which can lead the world, and with a thought which can lead the world, when that people begin to die in the place of hope, when they begin to establish that thought, the way to live eternally in the ideal Kingdom of Heaven will be opened to them. That's what will happen.

So our individual selves represent the family, and the family represents the tribe and the tribe represents the people, and the people represent the nation, and the nation represents the world. In that way our families, our Unification Church blessed families do not exist for our blessed families. This is the main-stream thought of the Unification Church. (5-104)

Therefore God is a pitiable God, a lonely God, a God of unspeakable sorrow. In order to liberate God, become a standard bearer, become a soldier in the front lines, and even though you bleed and receive direct hits, even though you bleed and collapse, with the conviction that you could all fall at once for the liberation of the nation, if the ranks of heroes going to bring the world into oneness get bigger and bigger, that is the starting point of God's happiness.

Without that God is a God to be pitied. And Reverend Moon of the Unification Church is to be pitied. But even though I die centered on this land for a firm fight, I will begin the second attempt. You should know that this is the main-stream thought of the Unification Church's Reverend Moon who is leading the Unification Church. (64-286)

Then what is the main-stream thought of the Unification Church? If we look at the course of history up to now, we see that a thought system of killing others and advancing one's self were the main stream, but it is that kind of thought which has destroyed history. The history of humankind has been a history of wars. What was the motivation for those wars? People pursued their own development and were not concerned about sacrificing many others so that they alone could live well. (50-166)

4) An Understanding of Unification Thought

Then what is Unification Thought? Because the concept of history is divided into two concepts, the material concept of history and the spiritual concept of history, in order to resolve this problem it was Unification Thought that was studied and organized. You should know that everything was synthesized and Unification Thought was newly organized as a new thesis with the goal of presenting a new concept of life and a new concept of the world. (65-337)

A healthy person can digest what an ordinary person cannot digest. So everyone likes healthy people. Let's say a person has a healthy spirit. When a person is spiritually healthy, that person can digest anything. He can digest democracy; he can digest communism. He can digest anything. Then what is the "ism" of the Unification Church? It's Godism and beyond that Unificationism.

Is Unificationism an easy thing? [No.] Look at it this way. If we look at our whole body we can understand it. Our body has eyes, ears, a nose, and hands and feet. Here, there, they are connected by one life and have to unite. Then in order for them to become one, can one of them say, "Oh, I don't like the eyes. Get out of here. I don't like you?" I like everyone. They have to say, "I like everyone." We must be able to digest everything. (111-97)

The Unification Church's thought is not materialism. It is an ideology which raises one up to God. Therefore God can raise us up. But since materialism is an ideology which brings one down, it ruins people. (106-287)

How big a fight is the fight which the Unification Church is fighting now? How big is this war? How big is this war which Reverend Moon started? Here communism is hanging in the balance and the neck of America is in the balance. And Japan is involved, all are involved. Therefore Reverend Moon is gradually becoming famous. In order to do what? After becoming famous what should I do? I'm asking what should be done after becoming famous. [Create the universe] What? [Unify the creation of the universe.] Unify the creation of the universe? God does the creation of the universe, and we should do the unifying. (Laughter) Unify the creation of the universe . . . Does that involve creating? You should know that. Wherever you live, will you be digested or will I be digested . . . . It's an issue like this if you meet a communist, "You (communist, will you be digested by me, or will I be digested by you?" That's it. If we talk about the world, it's simple. There are two great thoughts, two sides, the democratic world and the communist world. We say they are divided into the left and the right.

The left-wing thought is on the left and the right-wing thought is on the right. Then where is the head? There is no head. We talk about the left and the right, and we talk about left-wing and right-wing, but if we talk about head-wing, where is the head-wing? And where is the foot-wing? There's only a lot of controversy about these arms. There are no legs. Is that a person?

So what wing are we? [head-wing] It's unification-wing, unification-wing. The unification-wing, if it were a person, what would it be? Head-wing. The head-wing group. Well, now by talking like this, we've created a new word. And what does the head-wing group mean? The time will come when someone will say, "Ah, on October 5, 1986 on the first Sunday at Chungpa-dong, in the sermon titled "The pride of Unification Church," the term "head-wing" was used. The person who knows that first is a world scholar. Those who don't know that must bow down to me." What kind of group is the Unification Church? [the Headwing group] (laughter) Then what is foot-wing? What is the foot-wing group? The people down in Africa may be the foot-wing group. There is left and right-wing and there is head-wing; then if there is upper-wing there should be lower-wing. Then what makes these move? What makes the hands or feet move right or left? Can the right hand make the head move? Can the right hand make the four limbs move? No. It can't make the left hand move. No matter how big it is. For the rightwing to live . . . it can't live alone. "Oh no, my right hand it itching. Let's scratch it." Can the right side scratch it? [No.]

What I mean by that is if the right-wing has a disease, it has no way to cure it. The cure has to come from somewhere else. Can it come and scratch an itchy diseased part of the left-wing? [No.] Come on you guys, when the left arm is sore and itchy, the right arm has to come and massage it, and scratch it and give it a shot.

If we look at the world, the left and the right are fighting. We are taking responsibility to stop this fighting of the left and right. That is the mission of the Unification Church group. Do you understand or not? [We understand.] This is the pride of the Unification Church.

What does the Unification Church have? It has Unification Thought. That is our pride. How big is it? We have the thought which we call Cosmosism. That is an amazing statement. It is seeking to eternally unify the spirit world and the physical world. Its container is so big that if the whole world were put into it, the world would fill just a comer of it. It is an ideology that can only be filled by putting the spirit world, the whole cosmos into it. It is not some blind ideology. It is an ideology which is founded on gradually developing laws and connected to a formal process. This content is difficult, so people who have come for the first time may have trouble understanding what's being said. (147-184)

Have you ever heard the term "sonism"? The parents take the viewpoint of "sonism," and the son must take the viewpoint of "sonism," and they must unite. Have you ever heard of anything like this? That "ism" does not fit in the realm of familyism. In familyism, the families are needed in order to unite to form the nation. This familyism is then absorbed into nationism. And nationism is absorbed into worldism. And worldism is absorbed into cosmosism. And cosmosism is absorbed into heartism. From that viewpoint, what "ism" is today's Unification Church? What "ism"? [heartism]. The "ism" of the Unification Church is heartism. When we say cosmosism (Chunjujuui), which Chinese character is used for "ju" in "Chunju"? In the term cosmosism (Chunjujuui), how is it possible that the "ju" character meaning "home" is used? Why not the characters meaning the great lord of heaven's "ism" (chundaejuui) or the great king of heaven's "ism" (chunwangjuui) or the lord of heaven's "ism" (chunjujuui)?

So why does the word for cosmos (chunju) use the character for home (ju)? The home is the cradle of all joy; it is the beginning point of the world; it is the crux of the matter for all blessings. I mentioned it before, but heaven is the subject and earth is the object.

When we took at things centered on that subject and object, and when we talk abut love in relation to humankind who is in the object position, for instance if it's Adam, centered on Adam, then in front of God, who is the subject to Adam, it is the family which can occupy the place of that point where they can unify perpendicularly at the point of unity. Isn't that so?

Because the family is the place where the center axis of the universe can finally take its place on the earth, without finding the family, the center of the universe cannot be established. That's why it is called cosmosism (Chunjujuui). Now do you understand why the character "home" (ju) is used in cosmos? (24-276, 57-112)

The "ism" of the Unification Church is cosmosism. Cosmosism is of course the making of heaven and earth into one, but in cosmos (chunju) the character for "home" (ju) is used. In other words it means familyism. The man is heaven, the woman is earth. If these two people become one, heaven and earth are becoming one. Isn't that right?

What that means is that centered on heart, going beyond the tribe, the people, and the nation, the family must be tied together like an impregnable fortress. The people is not the problem, the tribe is not the problem, the race is not the problem. If there can be tied together, the world can become one. (37-78)

6. The Power Of Unification Thought

Then what is Unification Thought coaching us to do? Today it is blocking the direction of history which is flowing into the realm of death, and it is saying let's present a new direction; let's present a unification plan. It is saying let's not be second in shedding sweat, blood and tears for the nation. Even not having meals and starving, or in summer going along and eating the dogs' food, let's love the nation and the people in order to save the nation.

The time and the situation for us to speak has come, so if we expand, all the evil things will naturally disappear. We have been doing this until now. What is the unification historical view of the future? The 30 million people of Korea will become one with this thought, and for the world they will raise the banner of being able to peacefully sacrifice for the world, and when the mood is established where all nations will be able to align themselves with that, even if we tell them not to come, they will come. (48,189)

No one can swallow up our Unification Church ideology. Even communism cannot swallow it up. No ideology can swallow it up. Could anyone swallow God? Actually if we look through history God seems like an awfully foolish God. He was constantly trod upon. But in the end He will subjugate Satan.

No one can swallow up the ideology of the Unification Church. After teaching you, what are we going to use it for? Let's melt heaven and earth. Let's get totally rid of Satan in heaven and on earth. Everyone! If this person standing here is not half crazy or mad, then it's a big problem. The day of 2.7 billion people opposing Unification Church must come quickly. If they cannot subjugate the Unification Church, that's the end.

For that we must have minds which can have the victory. Through tears and sweat and devotion we must go beyond the people, go beyond the world and melt God. We must have that mind. Have you ever had that kind of mind? If you cry tears, cry them with the mind to melt God; if you fight, and you fight with the mind to melt God, then you will go to heaven for sure. (11-241, 11-259)

The Unification Church's view is internationalism. If you say internationalism, it includes racialism, and nationalism. These one-sided "isms" should be denied and destroyed, but the Unification Church seeks to absorb them. One scholar said, "Wow! The ideology of the Unification Church is internationalism. That's great. It connects with the family; it connects with the society. It connects with a plan to develop the society and a plan to develop the nation. It has all that content and it stresses the duties of love. When I see all that it is beautiful." (126-336)

What is great about the Unification Church is the fact that through the thought of the Unification Church the whole world can be educated in 40 days through our media organizations. That's great. The directions would be changed abruptly. You should know the amazing fact that we have a world view that can do that. (139-290)

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