Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Thought And The Assertion Of The Unification Church (Part 1)

1. What The Unification Church Is Seeking

1) The purpose for Appearance of the Unification Church

The Unification Church came into existence today because humankind fell. If humankind had not fallen there would be no reason for the Unification Church to exist. The Church began because humankind fell. Then what is the purpose for the Unification Church to have come into existence? It is to restore the original world where the fall had not occurred. It must be restored. Then how is restoration carried out? Originally the things of creation were below humankind. But through the fall, Adam and Eve, the parents and the people who could be their children fell below the things of creation. They fell into the unprincipled world. (149-48)

If God exists, then there must be a church which can be one with God's will. But because God knew that the established Christian churches were a religion which could not accomplish all of God's will in every area in His stead, He estimated that at some point it would have to change. When that time comes, God will desire a church which can, by fulfilling the necessary responsibilities, take over His will and advance it throughout the world. It is with that meaning that I think the name of our Unification Church came into being. (76-229)

Our group was established not to achieve any kind of individual goal. It goes without saying that our group was established and began in order to realize God's will, in order to complete God's will. Then what is the full content of God's will? It is the promised perfection of Adam through the course of historical re-creation. On the victorious foundation of Adam's perfection, Eve is perfected. And then on the foundation of Eve's perfection, the family and the children's perfection is realized. In order to connect the foundations which can realize the perfection of the children, here the realm of the tribe or a real realm of a tribe which represents the clan must be formed. This is the center of the providence of salvation. And it is the main content of the completion of the providence of salvation. You know this, don't you? (113-92)

What kind of mission does the Unification Church have? The Unification Church came into existence to completely liquidate every act that went against heaven and from a sinless state begin to realize God's ideal on earth. (145-127)

The reason the Unification Church appeared is to make people who are not worth more than a few cents into the solid sons and daughters of the great Lord of heaven and earth. Reverend Moon made the Unification Church in order to make all people believe in God. Can the Unification Church unite all the people or not? [It can.] (39-253)

2) What the Unification Church has Sought

If we say ideal (isang), we mean true. . . The Chinese character "yi" means the king's neighborhood. It's a neighborhood where kings live. Then what kind of beings are kings? "Kings take responsibility only for the best things in the country." Is that it? Or is it the following: "Kings take responsibility for all the worst things in the country." Which makes someone a king? [Taking responsibility for the worst things . . . ]

Then what's a good king? Not caring for good things and taking responsibility for the bad things, living like that makes a good king in my opinion. Then in this universe, who is the king of kings? It's God. What kind of being is God? He is not someone who will only be responsible for what is good. He is the king who has taken responsibility for the worst things in history. Therefore God is the king of kings. Before such a king we should not say I only like good things. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.] In order to be able to go into the neighborhood where the king lives, "yi," you have to be a person who takes responsibility for such things.

Then the "sang" character of ideal (isang) means that there is an eye in a tree. That is to say, in the midst of the eye of the tree there is an idea. It means there is an eye in a tree. Do you understand an eye in a tree? Whether up high, or down tow or in any of the four directions it is all the same. Think one time that you have the mind which thinks about the eyes of the trees. It's not thinking about something other than the whole; it's thinking about the whole.

The ideal then means "It is the house of the neighborhood where the King thinks of the whole." That's the ideal house. What does that mean? If God exists, He is that kind of being. Then what on earth does our Unification Church do? The goal of our Unification Church is "Let's realize an ideal house." The goal of the Unification Church is finding the ideal house; it is trying to build the ideal house. (169-18)

Then what has our Unification Church been seeking? You should know that we have been seeking the family centered on heavenly fortune. And furthermore, according to the laws of the universe, the Lord of the Second Advent who is to come will have to stand in the position of heading towards the world after realizing a family centered on heavenly fortune. And furthermore, all people must realize such a family.

That family is not for one's tribe. It is not moved centering on one's family relationships or relatives; because it moves following heavenly fortune, its direction is different than theirs. That's why they get upset. Because the direction the nation is going is different, struggles occur. They are ostracized by the nation, ostracized by their relatives, ostracized by their teachers who taught them. But even so they are not destroyed because there remains the direction of uniting with heavenly fortune there. You should know this. (24-229)

3) The Goal of the Unification Church

What is our goal? What is the goal that the Unification Church is heading for? It is the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven. Realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is the goal of all the Unification Church members. When we say the Kingdom of Heaven this is not just any random kingdom. We must know precisely what kind of kingdom we are talking about.

What relationship do I have to the Kingdom of Heaven? Centered on me, there is my family. Centered on my family, there is my tribe, then there are the people and the nation. We must know how that world centered on the nation is connected. Our Unification Church members know that at the same time that they are on this earth, they are also living in the spiritual world.

Then what is the relationship between the Kingdom of Heaven and the spiritual world? After the Kingdom of Heaven is established on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven is realized in the spirit world, then what will happen? It doesn't finish there. What is the relationship with God? This cannot help but be an important issue with people who are seeking to realize the Kingdom of Heaven. That is to say, it is content which must be realized. If that content is not clear, in reality we cannot accomplish that content. Therefore we must know that.

What is one important standard for realizing the Kingdom of Heaven? What is an important element which can realize the Kingdom of Heaven? That is called unification. Without going through the basic rule or process of unification, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be realized. It's like that. The Kingdom of Heaven is only realized where unity is achieved. The peace and joy that people are looking for today, the place where peace and joy can be realized is also where unity is achieved. As we know, when my mind and body are not unified, no matter how I try to be happy, I cannot be happy. No matter how we try to keep a standard of peace, we cannot do it. Therefore we must understand that becoming one is more important that anything else. (82-271)

I know that you love me. And I love you. I love you, but I love you centered on God through God's love. This love of God is a love which dwells in the midst of the people of the world; it is not a love which remains in the Unification Church. In order to plant that love in the world, to leave it in the world, I cannot help but send you out. Sacrificing you and putting you through difficulties, making you into those who can contribute to this love, contributing to bring about the fruits of love which represent the world, it is all to make you into a Unification Church member who can receive God's love and who can receive the love of humankind. You must know that we are such a movement. The goal of the Unification Church is to make people who receive the love of God, people who receive the love of humankind. Man's love and God's love. . . (82-53)

What's the goal of the Unification Church? It is to relate to man and together with God and with the messiah to dance together here on earth and even try to have Satan receive a blessing. This is the way of the Unification Church. It's great, isn't it? [Yes.] How great it is! That is the Unification Church. Until now the one saying "Let's go!" was the Unification Church. Well, when we hear that, we discover that the Unification Church is an attractive place. Is it a lowly place? [It's a great place.]

Really? People of the world say the Unification church is such and such, heretical, and so on, but we don't even bother to snort at it. Holy people are going on their way and the neighborhood dogs bark; we think of it like that. (laughter) (80-257)

We all know the hometown where we were born and live. But the original hometown which humankind must find has not yet appeared. If our human ancestors had not fallen, where would that hometown be?

Without a doubt, it would be the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived, in that village, by those mountains and streams.

Today people who were born receiving the blood lineage of their fallen parents, think of the place where they were born when they hear the word "original hometown." But the ideal original hometown which the people of today are longing for and seeking is so false. What is the highest goal that our Unification Church is looking for? We must go out and find the original hometown which was lost. In that original hometown, our parents are there, our brothers and sisters are there, and our relatives are there. We must look for the original place where they will greet us not in sadness but rather will greet us in eternal happiness and joy, and that joy will not last just a moment but rather forever. (23-74)

2. The Main Point Of The Unification Church Doctrine

What is the main point of the Unification Church doctrine? It is attending God as our parent, having Him as the basic parent of humankind, and finding him as the source of heart. Next, what do we want to do? We want to find our ancestors. Here we see the concluding point. This is what the Unification Church is hoping for. Because we have fallen parents, because we were born as the descendants of false parents, we must reject this actual historical situation, the worldwide situation. With the prayer of love centered on God, we must search for the true parents of mankind who are in the object position of receiving the love of the one God. That is the final goal which the Unification Church must head for. Isn't this what the heartistic life of the Unification Church members is seeking?

When seen from that viewpoint, today the Unification Church members are not discussing the issues of heart centered on mankind on the earth. Rather because we are discussing the heartistic works which originated with our ancestors from heaven, you must realize that we are seeking the world of heart. We must establish a relationship with God's heart. We must realize the world of heart. That is of a different level. It is different from the established level. It is a revolutionary level, a higher level. Starting by establishing a relationship there is not a flat emotion; it is the beginning of a content with a solid, three-dimensional emotion. (61-25)

Well then, what is the main work that Reverend Moon is doing? What is the main thing that Reverend Moon is asking you to do? This is the problem. What on earth is Reverend Moon asking you to do? What on earth is the Unification Church doing? And having done that, what does it do? What does it matter? What does the Unification Church matter? We need to know precisely whether it matters or not. First, what are we trying to do? [Trying to realize God's heart.]

The Unification Church teaches the Divine Principle. What is that principle? That principle is the original truth. The true principle we are talking about is not talking about science. It is talking about the world of humankind. We must understand that what we are talking about is centered on God's providence.

What is "divine"? Divine refers to God. It's talking about God, a Godly providence, a providential principle. It's a providential original truth. We are teaching that path. We are teaching a providential principle. We must understand that. Then what's a providential principle? First there is the original God, then original man, then the original archangel. Then there are all the original things of creation. This is how it is. The original God, original man and the original what? [Archangel] and the original what? [All things of creation]. That's it. These original beings must all relate. There must not be anything which does not relate. Everything must relate.

As they act together, owing to love they realize the realm of unification where they can be in harmony yearning for the ideal subject and object and the love of God. God too can think about that kind of original ideal. What's that ideal? It is not talking about just relating with one other. Everything must unite. Do you understand what that means? Then the whole in the ideal can relate this way and that way. It's okay for your eyes to relate; it's okay for your nose to relate; it's okay for your mind to relate. Everything can relate everywhere. This is the ideal.

If God desires something, then humankind wants it too; the angels want it too; and the things of creation want it too. The level of the content is different, but it is so. In the Unification Church what is first? [the original God] Then what is next? [people] What are original humankind? They are the True Parents. What's next? [angels] And next? [the things of creation] Everything is included there. We are talking about meeting God, meeting the angels, meeting all the things of creation at the point before Adam fell. If they all become one, we can do anything we want. We only have to cast out Satan. (117-117)

But today none of the people of the world know about the providence of salvation or the providence of restoration. And especially among them there are many religious orders which worship heaven and are called religions, but the religious orders themselves do not know about the providence of restoration. They don't know that restoration is being carried out; and the religions don't know that the providence of restoration is being carried out according to the principle of re-creation.

Today the Unification Church has appeared, and it has made the historical proclamation that because the providence of restoration is the work of re-creation, it is carried out according to the original principles of creation, and furthermore, upon close examination the religious providential history can be seen to be the providence of restoration.

Then where are we returning to? We are returning to the original hometown. We have gone out wandering. Fallen humankind lost the original hometown and the whole world is at the peak of its wandering. If these people do not prepare the road and prepare their ranks and grope to find the way of fortune that they must return on, they will not be able to return. In that sense the Unification Church is proclaiming to the people of the world the new way for returning which people must find. That means that they must find the direction of restoration.

You should know that what the Unification Church movement is proclaiming is an explanation of the principles showing where the peaks and mountains are, and which bridge to take to cross the rivers and the valleys in order to return straight without any accident to the original hometown. When we consider the word return, we see that the providence of salvation is the providence of restoration. Because the history of restoration came about because of the fall, the fallen history is a history of denying God. It is a history of humankind denying the original ideal. The beginning of the fall came from parents who denied. We must know that. Our human ancestors Adam and Eve became parents of denial. That is to say they did not become the parents that God desired; they became the parents the devil desired. (144-101)

3. What The Unification Church Advocates

1) it Advocates the True Parents' Thought

Today because humankind fell, God must re-create humankind through the Principle, re-create them through the principle. What must be done with humankind who are like clumps of dust in the unprincipled realm? From just the same position as when God created Adam and Eve from the dust, He must work to have them become one with His word. His words are not vague. They are according to the principle, through the fundamental rules.

A person's eyes are a certain way, and his nose is a certain way due to the word, which is principled rules and design. We must become people who can unite with that design. Shouldn't we? Luckily in this situation, what is our Unification Church advocating? We are advocating an absolute value system along with the True Parents. What is the standard of that absolute value we are hoping for? What is the final destination? It is becoming the sons and daughters of True Parents. It is becoming the sons and daughters of God who can have eternal life and eternal love. There is no other way. (68-139)

Even though all of your blood lineages and backgrounds are different, in order to resemble your parents, you must be grafted to them. You must be grafted to them. To be grafted to them you must liquidate your remaining indemnity course. Because that began with parents, it must be liquidated through parents. So you must be grafted to the True Parents. Because Adam could not become the True Parent and became a false parent, until now God has been seeking True Parents. In the days of the Second Advent the bridegroom and bride and the Marriage Feast of the Lamb are all in order to find the parents. (24-203)

2) It Advocates the Family

What is the content that the Unification Church advocates today? The Unification Church advocates the family. This is a new family centered on the parents. From a new family order, sons and daughters making a new beginning must liquidate the past. In order to advocate hope for the future world, the revolutionary goal is not the nation. It is not the world. In the course of history, there were people who advocated national revolutions and there were people who advocated world revolutions, but there has never been a subjective group advocating the revolution of the family to establish a new key point for the family.

Then what does the Unification Church seek to do? Before there is a revolution of the family, there cannot be a revolution of the tribe; before there is a revolution of the tribe, there cannot be a revolution of the people; before there is a revolution of the people, there cannot be a revolution of the nation, and before there is a revolution of the nation, there cannot be a revolution of the world. Because of this, we are seeking the perfection of the individual and the revolution of the family. (35-278)

No matter whether a woman is a doctor, or how important her position in the world, her deepest desire is to meet an ideal man. It is to meet an ideal man whom she can love and to be blessed with beautiful sons and daughters. This is the root of happiness. It is to this kind of family that the Unification Church's doctrine is tied, and not one individual can be removed from it.

The ideal of the Unification Church is not anywhere else. The beginning point is the family, and the conclusion is the family. Because there has never been anyone who solved this problem, it has been the hope of everyone. Because that is the place where happiness lies, by organizing it and bringing it to the cosmos, its limitless value was revealed and the thought of the Unification Church became officially recognized. Accordingly, when none of the people dislike this idea and submit themselves to it, the world will automatically unite. (23-103)

3) Teaching the Way to Be Officially Recognized by Satan

What does the Unification Church teach? It teaches the way to get official recognition from Satan. Even though you are recognized by Satan, it is not enough to be recognized only spiritually. You must be recognized spiritually and physically in reality. Christian history which has walked a path of terrible suffering while shedding sweat and blood during six thousand years of persecution, today is still in the position of having realized only a spiritual foundation.

At this point, if there is a way of morality which would allow both the spirit and body to be perfected together at once, then no matter how difficult it may be, we must go that way. Many people think that if their own little group pushes for its own way, they can go that way. But it doesn't work that way. When I see people like that I feel that they lack the ability to think and observe. No matter how attractive they are or what they have done, they look ridiculous. (17-125)

This Unification Church which has appeared, what is it advocating to the world? It has not given you money, nor has it given you social success. It has advocated the essential condition for goodness which dwells in your original nature, that is to say, it has advocated to you the content which allows you to develop your center of goodness which can form a relationship with God. It has not advocated anything else. (25-258)

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