Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Meaning Of Religion

1. The meaning of the word "religion"

If one speaks about religion, in the languages of Korea and the East it is a basic teaching like the central wooden floor of a house. If one speaks about a home, one is speaking about the central wooden floor. In all teaching, in all teaming it means it is principled, it is basic, it is the central teaching.

If we see a house, we speak about the beam of the house, the central beam. Therefore, if God is removed, the entire universe suddenly collapses completely. What we call religion, we see as a providential foundation for building a new home of the universe. Therefore even if the land is leveled, the pillars raised, and everything provided, if the ridge beam, the central beam is not raised up, everything will come to naught. (102-230)

2. The Basic Teaching Of Religion

Until now there have been many religions in the world, but what should religions teach? All religions should first of all teach about God. Any religion which does not teach about God is not a religion. And if a religion teaches about God but does it vaguely, then it is not an authentic religion.

Then what is it that a religion teaches that makes it a true religion? If God exists, what He is like, what His character is like, and what His love is like-the religion that teaches about these things is a true religion. (18-108)

What is the first thing that religion teaches? It teaches about God. Then what does it teach? It teaches about God's purpose. And then what does it teach? It teaches about God's love. Seen through the teachings of religion, man should be the subject of God's purpose. That is to say, man should belong to God. In the midst of such a relationship, we want to prepare a place where our conscience can rest eternally and where we eternally want to be.

Therefore you need to know that you are being resurrected. When we consider this fact, our conscience is something we should be grateful for. Because of this, when people first come into the church they are deeply moved, saying, "Ah, life has this kind of value!" (16-48)

Even if man's conscience conquered the world, and realized God's purpose in heaven and on earth, and even conquered God Himself, it would not be satisfied. Even after conquering God it could not be satisfied. Even after capturing God who is the lord of the one world purpose it is not enough. You must understand this fact. Then what must we conquer? We must conquer even the love which is hidden in the center of God's heart. The conscience does not want to rest. Therefore today's religions must teach that. (16-47)

Religion must teach how to capture God's love. That is only possible through the teachings of religion. The more thoroughly a religion teaches the content of the closest love between God and man, the higher religion it is, the more world-level religion it is. If we compare religions by this standard, Christianity embraces that content the most.

In Christianity, God is taught as the Father. And it teaches that Jesus is the bridegroom and we are the brides. If we become bridegrooms and brides, we become God's sons and daughters. Christianity is the only religion which tried to establish families centered on God's love in this way. Therefore, it can be concluded that Christianity, both in name and reality, is the worldwide religion which God established. Religion reveals that God exists, and teaches the way to capture God's love. (18-327)

What does religion teach? It teaches God's love, and because it has the mission to realize the purpose of God's love, religion teaches sacrifice. That's natural. A religion must not rule the world centered on itself. The Unification Church is teaching people to sacrifice oneself. It is teaching Unification Church members to unite together and sacrifice for the nation which is larger than the Unification Church. If you sacrifice for the nation with a sacrificial heart which has not yet appeared to this people, this nation, then a patriotic spirit which has never existed in history will manifest itself. Do you understand?

When a new tradition of loving the people is established, the organization which established that tradition will not be destroyed. This is not recklessness. Today the Unification Church's sacrifice for the nation is in order to have the nation sacrifice for the world once the nation has been embraced. (57-25)

What is meant by the teaching of religions? Because two ways came into being due to the fall, it seeks to block people from going the evil way. Because people think about ways to put themselves in the forefront, in order to completely break that religion tells them, "Hey you, go to the place of death. Die for others!" If it succeeds in making people die for others, it spreads to the world immediately. Do you understand?

When one gives his life for others, when one sacrifices for public problems, then one can go anywhere in the world without any difficulties. Therefore Jesus came to this earth and taught that those who were willing to die would live and those who sought to live would die. If we think of this from a worldly viewpoint it is foolishness, it's the rambling of a madman. But if we look at it in view of this principle, we exclaim, "Wow, that's how it goes!" Those who seek to die live, and those who seek to live die. (56-180)

3. A True Religion

What religion can be called a true religion? First, it is the religion which monopolizes God's love. Then the one who is the subject of that religion and who should be able to monopolize God's love, what kind of being is the being who can monopolize God's love? A man loves his creative work. Then if there is a person who likes and loves that work, the creator will also like and love that person.

In the same way, if there is a person who loves God's creation even more than God Himself, God will love that person most, and He will want to bequeath totally to him His fortune, His authority and even His love. But the only being who could love and cherish all of God's things more than God would be God's son. Therefore the being whom God loves most is His son who loves Him as His father. That son is the being who can monopolize God's love.

The son who monopolizes God's love has the same subjective authority as God. In that way we can understand that in the Garden of Eden, Adam, the being who was to become the true father of humankind, was the real body of God who had equal authority with God. The religion of this son who can monopolize the love of God, is the true religion.

Second, the religion which is seeking the masterpiece of God's creation which is monopolizing His love is the true religion. That is to say, the religion which is seeking God's son and seeking to establish a relationship with him is the true religion. In order to establish this new relationship, the religion which centers on the spirit and denies the body, and centering on the new relationship denies the old relationships, centering on the new family, tribe, nation and world while denying this world, that religion is a true religion.

Third, the religion which reveals God's love is a true religion. The religion which reveals God's love as parental love, which reveals God's love as conjugal love, and which reveals God's love as children's love is a true religion.

Then which religion is denying the world in order to find God's son and is revealing God's love? It is Christianity. By proclaiming God as the Father and saying He was God's son, Jesus proclaimed a deep realm of moral principles. And Jesus said, "If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." And he said that we must love him more than anyone else. And in view of the fact that Christianity says he will come again in the Last Days as the King of Kings, in the glory of the Father and He will come in love, we can see that Christianity is the truest religion. For that reason we pray in the name of the True Parents. (23-188)

Then among the religions, which religion is the true religion? It is the religion which seeks to establish a Father-son relationship centered on God, and furthermore to establish brotherhood relationships, and seeks to realize one family on earth centered on God. It is the religion which has these truths. To the extent that a religion is like that, it is the great religion which God desires and the religion which humankind insists is best.

We must remember the main content of a true religion. It wouldn't do for Buddhism to not pass the test, nor for Islam, nor for Christianity.

Whichever religion can come close to this is close to God. As long as God exists, such a religion will develop worldwide. That religion will establish a foundation which will be able to move the world. This is most logical. (91-225)

Among the religions, which is the best religion? Which religion is the true religion? To be a true religion, it must fulfill the conditions for happiness. It must have the necessary requisites. Then what are the conditions for happiness? What is the absolute condition for happiness? It is God's love, isn't it? [Yes.]

Unless a religion is centered on God's love, and has in it the conditions to be able to possess the complete content of God's love and to teach it, it is not a true religion. That conclusion can be reached. (160-270)

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