The Tribal Messiah

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4 - What is a Tribal Messiah?

1. The Position Of A Tribal Messiah

What is a tribal messiah? He is the master of true love. To be a master of true love was the hope of Jesus, the hope of Adam and Eve, and the hope of God? Thus everybody has to become a master of true love and march on. If that happens, everything will be finished. Telling you to become a tribal messiah means telling you to become a tribal ancestor. (1989.1.3. Hannam-dong House)

In fact, to be a tribal messiah is the greatest assignment. It is like saying, "Hey! This is the best thing in the world. You could not buy it with billions of dollars. Hey! I finally realize it is the best thing in the world. There is nothing better, Nothing." How much did you think it was? If you retreat, how much would it be? You must know that it has a value that outshines the President of America or Queen of England. It has a value that outshines even Jesus.

You must understand that the tribal messiah is the vanguard who guides his tribe to their historical hometown in one generation. You must know that you are the vanguard, just like Moses was in the exodus. It is not blind devotion. Moses did not know some things, but I know everything concretely. I know everything logically. You must return to your hometown, but you cannot return to your hometown without finding Cain; that is a principled fact. Since the elder brother's tribe remains in the satanic world, you must save the elder brother so that his tribe can come to my tribe. If that is not done, you cannot do the work of tribal messiah because of Satan. By saving him, he becomes your fence, and you can return to your hometown and restore your relatives. If you do not do that, even if you witness to your father and mother, Satan will claim them again. They will be pulled away. Since there is that danger, God has to work this kind of providence. Even if you witnessed to your father, mother, your relatives and hometown, they will be pulled away again. (1979.1.14. Belvedere)

What is a tribal messiah? In one word, it is doing the work of raising your mother and father to the position of kingship. It means that you can then return to the hometown of the heavenly kingdom, where parents are centering on love; this is the original hometown where you were born.

If this is not done, there is no hometown. Where there is no hometown, there cannot be parents. By establishing this hometown, the hometowns of all the people who lived in Korea will be gathered in the place of the hometown of the heavenly kingdom. In this way all places that man was born on earth will belong to the heavenly kingdom, and we will inherit the position of a parent born in an unfallen place.

Then what is the problem? A tribal messiah first puts his father and mother in the position of messiah, with the same rank. After that, since there is no heavenly hometown, he has to find it. In this way the world hometown and cosmic hometown are connected, since Parents already prepared the grounds, and heaven and earth become the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven.

What, again, is a tribal messiah? First, it is making your father and mother into unfallen Adam and Eve. Second, by finding and establishing your hometown, the restoration of kingship occurs. If that happens, everything is finished, right? You just put kingship in there. First, you stand on the same level as parents, then restore your hometown. That means restoring kingship.

Thus all people who are born, whether in the former Soviet Union, America or anywhere, will come to have the hometown of the Kingdom of Heaven. In order for them to have the hometown of the heavenly kingdom, they must have parents in the heavenly kingdom. Becoming the parents of the heavenly kingdom is the mission of tribal messiah.

In this way, Satan also cannot reside on earth. Until now Satan has had custody of all the areas of the earth. Your becoming parents creates a region where a family of unity is born, and we can conclude that Satan originally could not exist in that place. (1989.10.17. Hannam-dong House)

2. The Authority Of The Tribal Messiah

What kind of time is this time? From now on, without exercising the right of tribal messiah you cannot inherit tribal messiahship, you cannot inherit world messiahship.

Once you inherit this messiahship alone, you inherit everything that the vertical parent and horizontal parent did in your age. If you do not, you cannot receive that. In other words, you only have to advance to the position at which Jesus could have lived, married and saved the tribes of Israel.

You must indemnify Jesus' mistake. Jesus died without becoming a tribal messiah. If that is fulfilled, you can also inherit world messiahship since I have fulfilled my responsibility. Why? Since I have the ideology of the Second Coming that substitutes for Jesus, you can inherit the ideology of the Second Coming that substitutes for Jesus' realm of Israel.

In other words, you are standing in the position to accomplish what Jesus did not fulfill and the victory that I fought to win for forty years. You can inherit the standard on the cosmic level. You must indemnify Jesus' mistake and the fact that Jesus went to the cross, and you must indemnify my path of the cross.

The road that Jacob traveled is the road that the Israelite families have to go; the way that Moses went is the way the people of Israel have to go. The way that Jesus went is the way that Christians have to go, and the road that I went is the road that Unification Church members have to go. What is your authority? After a tribal messiah fulfills the responsibility Jesus had, I will hand the worldwide victory over to him. (1989.4.1. Belvedere)

3. The Mission Of A Tribal Messiah

1) The Duty Of A Tribal Messiah

What was lost due to the fall? True Parents were lost on the individual, national, world and cosmic levels. Adam and Eve were to become king and queen on all these levels if they had not fallen and had instead possessed the authority of a filial son and daughter in front of God's love.

What then is the Messiah, the Savior? What kind of Savior is he? He is not a Savior of power, or money, or knowledge? He is the Savior of love, of life and of blood lineage. Why? Because of the fall, man lost God's love, life and blood lineage and could not inherit them. The Savior is the one who comes to find and restore these.

You received the wrong seed. You received the seed of the devil, of the archangel. Your root is the archangel. Thus God worked for 6,000 years until now to send the Messiah. But because God is in a vertical position, it was difficult for Him to send the Messiah horizontally.

It is the same with me, In order to become God's son, I must enter a vertical position. I must experience feelings of east, west, south, north and all the feelings of front, back, right, left, above and below. When I reach the position where God can look and say that I have undoubtedly experienced them all, I enter the position of son, the position that a true person should reach. In order to block me from accomplishing this, Satan obstructs me in a hundred directions. The thing that Satan is most afraid of is grafting into God's love. He is not afraid of money or power. In front of God, power is useless. God is omnipotent and omniscient; therefore, He does not need knowledge. Does an omniscient being need knowledge when He is the King of knowledge?

From this viewpoint, what kind of person is the Messiah? What is the tribal messiah that the Unification Church is talking about today? Until now in order to send one Messiah, there has been much fighting to prevent the victory of a person with God's vertical standard of love. Two thousand years ago, Jesus came as this person, but he was killed. In this time of Reverend Moon, all Christianity and the whole world combined together in order to strike and kill me. But Reverend Moon is a smart person. I am proud of this. I am a very intelligent man, so the devil is most afraid of me. God, however, loves me the most.

What is it that Reverend Moon did until now? I have overcome communism and democracy. The right-wing and left-wing directions have disappeared. Now only head-wing remains. The world will go crazy trying to grab hold of the Unification Church and its head-wing philosophy. We have now entered that stage.

Reverend Moon is a smart man, so in order to deal with the world, I have dealt with the scholarly world. In order to end the struggle between science and religion, I have explained religion with scientific logic and taught a content that today's modern intellectuals can digest. Through ICUS (International Conferences on the Unity of Science), distinguished scholars of the world have come to appreciate me.

How miserable has God been? He has been seeking tribal messiahs until today. He sent Jesus in the position of tribal messiah. Today Reverend Moon of the Unification Church has fulfilled the indemnity conditions of the individual messiah, family messiah, tribal messiah, national messiah, world messiah and cosmic messiah. Now I have reached the stage where I can go over the 38th Parallel, the national boundary between North and South Korea. Therefore, the influence of Reverend Moon now is going all over Korea and making waves all over the world. It is making waves in five oceans and six continents.

What about Korea? A rabbit in a mountain thinks that her home is the best, right? She does not like where the tiger lives. I can take care of Korea any time, in any way. It is I who saved even America from its place of perdition. It is I who drew out the Soviet Union. It is not the CIA or the American government. If a man like that turned upon those churches who were opposing me, do you think they would have been well off? I would have taken them apart piece by piece. But I do not do that. I say to them, "Give it all you have got. Do the best you can." If they do their best but lose in the last wrestling match, are they still the champion? Would that kind of person receive the prize? He would be struck down by the public. He would disappear without a sound. In the religious world I did not fall away from the position of champion, but I have come this far with victorious authority.

God alone stood in a miserable position and sent one man Jesus; but they killed this tribal messiah. Through all sorts of hardships and difficulties God made Reverend Moon, and what did he do? Centering on all the rights of unity in the heavenly world and physical world, he has climbed from servant of servant, servant, all the way up to adopted son, illegitimate son and direct son; and from hell to heaven. Then he drove down an iron bar.

Reverend Moon, centering on God's love, sent the iron bar down from the world to the nation, from Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel to the lowest servant position, Through Reverend Moon, God's vertical love now extends down from heaven's highest place to earth's lowest place. You cannot take this out.

Moreover, even horizontally there is nothing that I have not touched. The fight is over. There is no one who will oppose the Unification Church from now on. I have cleansed all opposition, from the individual level, through the family, tribal, national and worldwide levels, up to the cosmic level opposition. In the middle of all this, a person who can call out Heavenly Father and True Parents, who determines himself to go beyond life if necessary, becomes someone who has no relationship with the world of the devil and the world of death.

In this vertical position, I have come to the physical world as the representative of God in heaven, and dispatched tribal messiahs on this earth horizontally at this time. Even if I die now, tribal messiahs will inevitably be grafted into this domain that is prepared in the world, connecting through this iron bar to the vertical world.

Thus what am I doing now? I am sending out tribal messiahs and making them become the ancestors of Abel-type relatives. These ancestors have seeds of life. The Messiah is the parent, and so he appears with the seed. Your relatives and mother and father have received the seed of the satanic world. If you strike against something with the seed of life, you will pass through wherever you go. Both the sticks of Moses and of the pharaoh's magician became snakes, but later Moses' serpent swallowed the serpent of the pharaoh's magician. In the same way persecution has now all passed away.

Tribal messiahship is what I hand down as the definitive core. Through it we can indemnify all the mistakes of Judaism and Christianity, and with victorious authority become the place where the blessings that Buddhism, Confucianism and all religions want to receive are combined. That is the tribal messiah. You do not have to worry about the nation. You do not have to worry about the world. All you have to worry about is your extended family. (1990.2.4. Headquarters Church)

2) The Responsibility Of The Tribal Messiah

The three conditions for returning home are true life, love and blood lineage. In order to actualize these, you must dedicate your life. I have risked my life and gone over so many hills. When you risk your life, the morning sunlight from the East that carries the dawn of a new nation will shine on the road of the Unification Church. The sunbeams that shine on that country are God's love, and the life force is God's life. This sun of hope and tradition will continue for thousands of ages. Thus by your inheriting God's unchangeable and eternal blood lineage, you can receive that sunbeam and attend Him eternally. That sunbeam symbolizes God, who is the essence of mankind's life, and symbolizes Parents. When you change your life by inheriting Parents' tradition, and this tradition of Heaven becomes subject in your life, withstanding any threat or opposition, your new day will begin.

Until that day, you must fulfill your responsibility by giving your utmost effort. I am handing down to you the supreme gift, the result of 10,000 years of faith, and the fruit of all the pioneering that God has done for billions of years since the creation of the world, If you inherit this completely, you will be able to honor the authority of the blood lineage established through the Unification Church, which you can be proud of throughout the whole universe and in the heavenly world. You should know that there is nothing more righteous or valuable than this. I ask you to become people who can go directly to the world of peace with that value. You should know that with your returning to hometown, the unification of a new nation will arise. Amen! (1992.1.26. Headquarters Church)

Originally, the ancestor of mankind was supposed to have his internal mind and external body united in an exactly perpendicular ninety-degree angle. Our original parent was to unite horizontally in a perfect ninety degree angle with God's vertical love.

Thus we must enter the original world where we are to make the right angle of heart, the world of original hometown, and lay the cornerstone correctly. We must not forget that we Korean Unification Church members have this destined and necessary mission at this final point of restoration, during which we are going to hometown. When man and woman are bound together horizontally, they should then fit perfectly in a ninety-degree angle with God's vertical love and become united. God will have dominion only when that place is realized. (1988.6.1. Headquarters Church)

In actuality, to restore your tribe, you must fulfill the responsibility of tribal messiah. There never was this kind of command in history. The position of tribal messiah is the position of a second true parent and is better than the position of Jesus. This position is endowed with awesome value. You cannot trade it with anything else.

Why do you have to fulfill the responsibility of tribal messiah? The first reason is that you must save your parents. The parent is in the position of the first Adam, and you are in the position of the second Adam. You must complete the mission of Adam by restoring and re-creating your parents.

The second reason is that you need a hometown. By completing the responsibility of tribal messiah, you will be able to have your own hometown. Ultimately the reason for fulfilling your portion of responsibility as a tribal messiah is the perfection of Adam's family. Concretely, you must educate your tribe. (1991.5.12. East Garden)

3) The Mission Of The Tribal Messiah

Just as you shed sweat for Heaven, you must also shed blood. You must gladly seek to go to the historical hill of suffering. You did not know until now that for your liberation you must pour out even more. You thought that it does not have anything to do with you and that everything will be fulfilled in relation to others, but you are wrong. We have to come back to the origin. You must know clearly that in order to return to the land of your hometown, you have the responsibility to destroy the false base.

Now we must fix your root. What happened to the root? Because of the fall, something went wrong with the original father and mother. Something went wrong with the first son. Thus, centering on True Parents and centering on the original right of Parents based on their true son and daughter and the right of the first son, we must reverse the situation of our ancestry. Thus you are destined to return to your hometown and restore your ancestors. (1988.6.1.)

Because of Adam and Eve's mistake, Jesus had to come as a true parent, right? He had to indemnify the mistake of the first parent and also fulfill his own desire. Centering on the example of how the third parent has carried the cross of love, you then are to demonstrate to your relatives your ability to love even your enemy more than yourself. By doing that you can destroy any historical barriers in your path and go directly to God. The mission of the tribal messiah is to demolish and go over any tribal walls remaining which block the way to God. Centering on what? Centering on True Parents.

Thus you cannot think only about yourself. Night and day you have to care for your grandfather, grandmother and everyone first, and then be the last to go to sleep. By working and shedding blood and sweat, you have to not only feed your son and daughter, but also your whole clan.

It is the same as being in the wilderness course. If you are among the 600,000 Israelites in the desert with Moses, you cannot just feed your own household. You have to go beyond your own tribe and put food in front of Moses and tell him that even if we die, we should die together. Even if you eat in one day what you have been eating for a hundred days, the twelve tribal leaders have to donate it in front of Moses.

Without living this kind of lifestyle, you cannot connect through heartistic relationships from your family to the tribe, nation and world. On the national level, I have established the standard of restoration through indemnity and prepared a foundation that can connect things, but I cannot make your own tribal foundation, right? That is the responsibility of each tribal messiah.

Do not look to me from now on. Until now I took responsibility for everything, but now you must take responsibility for your own clan. Your heart must be absolutely vertically connected with God in a ninety-degree angle, individually, and in your family and tribal relationships. Nothing -sleeping, waking, eating, living -should be centered on yourself. Everything you do is for your clan. You should feel, "Even if I die, and if I am a Kim, I must solve all problems and difficulties for the sake of the Kims." Even if Kim Il Sung comes out and asks South Korea for elections, he cannot make any progress because we have connected strongly with our tribes. The Unification Church has to make this preparation. That is the way to stay alive. That is the way to save the nation. That is why for the sake of the mission of tribal messiah we must march forward. In order to restore Adam and Eve's and Jesus' mistake on the national level of heart, the tribal messiah has to bear the cross. (1988.10.3. Yongin Factory)

If an individual gains victory and forms a family, that family has to go over the hill of restoring their tribe, society, nation and world. What is the desire of the individual? It is to establish a family that can stand on the side of God. After an individual establishes such a family, what would happen if he says, "To get to this point, I have overcome all sorts of hardships and suffering, but since now I am married, let's relax"? Let's say he lives in luxury and fun, and takes naps whenever he wants. What kind of realm is that? That is the realm where Satan surrounds him on every level, from the tribe to the world.

When we know this, should we say, "How wonderful"? [No.] In that realm, the more children you have, the more trouble you will have. You might wonder, "What is he saying now?!" But I am telling you something very interesting and important.

In order for an individual to find peace, he needs a family; thus the Unification Church has been fighting to establish true families. In the same way, a family cannot find peace without a tribe. Your tribe serves as a fence to protect you and your family from the blowing wind. Without connecting to your tribe, you cannot exist in a peaceful family.

In order to do that, you should become the tribal elder for your relatives. If you become their tribal elder, even if there is fighting going on, relatives from different villages will go out to the front line and fight, and the elder just has to direct their efforts. Then he can rest!

Therefore, I am telling you to fulfill the mission of tribal messiah. Have you heard that kind of talk or not? [We did.] I have taught you everything already. Do what? [Mission of tribal messiah.] I am telling you to do the work of a tribal messiah. Then I am telling you to become a messiah to a race. In the future if you go out in the world and witness, you are doing mission of a messiah on the level of race. (1972.5.18. Taegu Church)

4. The Proclamation Of Tribal Messiahship

1) The Day Of The Proclamation Of Tribal Messiahship

Why did I send you out as tribal messiahs? Two thousands years ago, Jesus was sent to this physical world from the spiritual world through a vertical course. Today Reverend Moon, in the position of God and representing heaven, is sending out thousands of messiah-type families who can represent their tribe. Now we cannot perish. I proclaimed tribal messiah this year January 3rd, at 2:30 p.m. (1989.1.8. Headquarters Church)

2) The Background Of The Proclamation Of Tribal Messiahship

These days I do not cry, right? If I cry, God cries. The spiritual world cries. Even if I am in a very sorrowful situation, as a man who has the responsibility to comfort God, I cannot cry even if my younger brother is dead. At that time I should not cry, but must have what seems to be a cold attitude. Why did the words "tribal messiah" appear? For what reason did the words "tribal messiah" emerge? The position of the Messiah is the position of parent. Without becoming a subject of true love, one cannot fulfill the position of parent. Even in the fallen world something remains that is from the original world -that is, the parents' mind that lives for the sake of their children. Parents' love for their children is the only standard of heart from the original world that continues with any dignity in the fallen world. It is a realm of heart that is slowly being extinguished, but is like a kindling that still remains in its essential form since the creation of the world.

The crab apple of Taegu is famous, right? Sariwon's crab apple is also famous. If they are the same color and shape, you can exchange the Taegu crab apple with the Sariwon crab apple. When they are the same, it is all right.

Who is the most famous person in the Unification Church! I am, right? What about when you are the same as I? When they are same, even if they are exchanged, God will think it is all right. If you, who have been exchanged this way, play the role of the head of the Unification Church, would God complain or not? [No.] Then when I say to Unification Church members, "Whom do you want to resemble?" what would they say? [Father!] Right, they would like to resemble me. What then should Reverend Moon of the Unification Church say? I have to tell them to resemble me.

The road of restoration through indemnity is traveled by coming to resemble me. Without restoring what was lost, indemnity cannot be paid. That is why if you are thinking of taking the road of indemnity, you must come to resemble me, You must shed blood and restore through indemnity the standard that was lost a long time ago. The providence to restore a heavenly nation proceeds through the strategy of willingly receiving persecution.

Since Father has suffered, should you suffer or not? [We must suffer.] Some children from a rich household may squander the wealth they inherited from their parents in one generation after their mother and father die. Why is that? They are different from their mother and father, who did nor inherit anything but amassed their wealth by themselves, even one penny was precious for them. In that sense their son and daughter are different. They will perish because they are not like their parents. (1990.2.16. Hannam-dong House)

The religious body of the Unification Church is a tribe. It moves with my blood. It should cry when I cry and be happy when I am happy. It is my blood relative. We are establishing a new nation of heaven by demolishing walls and then uniting into one all races, nations and cultures. When this new united race becomes sacred, the heavenly nation will appear. When you live as people of that holy nation, you will connect with the Kingdom of Heaven. That does not happen with words.

Each individual has to work to proclaim this new race on every level, from the family up to Heaven and earth. Last time I came here I said that one person in every blessed family has to be mobilized. When the nation is having difficulty, we should spread out through the whole nation and fight for its life. I told you that this kind of age of national destiny is coming. This is why I sent your families to the countryside.

Now is the time to declare a victory centering on your tribe. To do this, Reverend Moon has to set up the absolute condition of victory on the worldwide level for all people and nations to go in the direction of heaven. Without doing that I cannot enter the nation and proclaim the last liberation is at hand by uniting tribes and following the public law. When I proclaim, "Satan be gone," your ancestors will come into your families and play the role of master. Things will be different.

If you can say, "In our family we have loved Heaven more than we have loved our parents, our spouse or our children, and we have sacrificed all our possessions, made an offering of our household, and are raising a heavenly family in order to fulfill the hope of our people," then you will be accepted. (1987.9.13. Headquarters Church)

3) The Meaning Of The Proclamation Of Tribal Messiahship

Now is the time to go out, after fulfilling the ideal family standard that Jesus could not fulfill. That is, now is the time for sending out the family messiah, As family messiahs, where are we sent? We are sent to our blood relatives, our kinsmen,

I walked the course of indemnity on the individual, family, tribal, racial national and world levels; thus you do not have to go the same kind of indemnity course as I have. Now I am sending you out as tribal messiahs in a position similar to Jesus' position. You are now in the position of being married. You have that kind of foundation of the individual, family and tribe being connected to one. I have always taken the indemnity course that connected with heaven. You did not. How can you then be connected to all those indemnity courses? You have not gone through those courses.

But I have blessed you. Having received the blessing means that you are in a better situation than Jesus. Satan cannot accuse those who have been blessed. He cannot accuse either the man or the woman who has been blessed, because their blood lineage is connected centering on God. When we see this, Satan cannot accuse on any level -individual, family, tribe, race, nation or world. If you act by taking responsibility in my place, Heaven will support you. The spiritual world is still helping us as they were doing in the past to support us when the Unification Church and I were pioneering in difficult times. At that time, even while we were being persecuted, Heaven helped the Unification Church develop into the age of tribal restoration. Now we do not receive persecution, so how much faster can we expand? (1989.1.8. Headquarters Church)

4) The Purpose Of The Proclamation Of Tribal Messiahship

You who want to do the will of God must proclaim to your relatives that you are their tribal messiah. Whether they listen or not, if you do not accomplish your responsibility well, the time will come when you will be caught by Heaven. Thus you should proclaim your tribal messiahship. In order to fulfill this time we have proclaimed tribal messiahship, so you must act. All have to go to your hometown.

If you cannot go to your hometown, then you should work to save the nation. If you cannot go, work for the unification of North and South Korea. Even if you cannot do tribal messiah work, if you give effort to fulfill the responsibility of a racial messiah who can save the North, you will be able to surpass the domain of a tribal messiah.

Upon returning to your hometown, if you think only of your own problems, of making a living, educating your children and so forth, you will all perish. When the Hebrews were starting the exodus, those who did not go perished, right? You can become cursed people. Because this is the heavenly will, Father is proclaiming everything, that is, tribal messiahship, now, before it is too late. (1990.10.8. Hannam-dong House)

The purpose of the proclamation of tribal messiah is to endorse, approve and proclaim, with the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven, the family that fulfills the standard of Heaven and that was found by restoring the mistake of fallen Adam and Eve. (1989,10,8. Headquarters Church)

5) The Influence Of The Proclamation Of Tribal Messiahship

That is how it is with the road of restoration through indemnity, right? We must separate from Satan's accusations on the worldwide stage. Then by coming back we must protect the national standard in this way and establish the realm of tribal messiah. By doing that we are making a worldwide connection that can pass through east, west, north and south. Our blessed families, the blessed families of the world, who correspond to 21,000 families, can be connected in this way. As all of them become complete and victorious, they make a base for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (1989.2.5. Hannam-dong House)

The time has now come to make a coalition of tribal messiahs. Less than three days after I proclaimed the tribal messiah providence, the Moon clan decided they wanted me to become a tribal elder. A long time ago these were people who laughed and mocked the Reverend Moon of the Unification Church. But then they bring me to the meeting where tribal elders are gathered and tell me to become a tribal elder. That is, they want me to become the chairman of all the elders. When we see this we can know that God is helping. Everything is prepared. (1989.1.8. Headquarters Church)

6) The Proclamation Of Tribal Messiahship And The Return To Hometown

Is today the last day of this year (by the lunar calendar)? Tomorrow is the lunar New Year's day? [Yes.] That is why before the last hour I must announce something. In the same way that I proclaimed tribal messiahship before, that kind of time is coming when you all must return to hometown.

I also want to go to my hometown right now. I do not want to stay here in Seoul. In this way when Unification Church members in foreign countries go to their hometown and fulfill all the activities of returning home, the effect of all this work will naturally allow me to return to my hometown in North Korea. Without a fight, things will just open up. The tides of this providence can fill up and flow through Father's hometown. That is the reason why we must make more effort than the junta of Kim Il Sung and form the heartistic hometown, the land of Canaan. This is the mission of the Unification Church. Thus you have to become tribal messiahs today. (1989.2.5. Headquarters Church)

5. The Awakening Of The Tribal Messiah

1) The Reason For Giving The Responsibility Of Tribal Messiah

I am calling you in order to hand down something noble. If I fail in this, all the spiritual world will accuse me. I know that. How fearful. I know very well. No matter how difficult my life course has been in the past, that in itself is not a problem. More fearful than that difficulty is the accusation of the spirit world. Thus no matter how much persecution I was receiving, I knew it was the easy way. I know which way is more valuable.

So when I make a decision, your nagging me to change it is useless. I see, hear, taste, smell and touch everything, and then make my decision. You cannot complain. I experimented with everything before deciding. Thus you must listen to me. You cannot see clearly what to do yourselves, so you must shut your mouth. You must know this clearly. How fearful it is. Everything else is bad. The only way is to act. Only by constantly working can you gain victory. That is the position of True Parents. Until now I have piled up victorious conditions like a mountain. They make a beautiful mountain, a beautiful river and a beautiful field, Thus naturally all kinds of animals gather there.

Sometimes I drive you around constantly, and you run away. You have done it many times, That is fact, How foolish that is! I often see members who take that kind of attitude. I gather those kinds of members and command them with force, "Get out there!" I have seen those incidents many times. There is always a problem. How miserable a scene it is. So many times I have seen your ugly face, ugly eyes, ugly ears, ugly mouth, ugly mind and ugly body. In the past you have manifested all those ugly appearances. How shameful it is!

Now I have given you the name of tribal messiah. What kind of messiah? [tribal messiah.] Tribal messiah! As that messiah, what do you have to do? I have prepared everything for you also to become a national messiah, world messiah and cosmic messiah. I have prepared treasures that are as large as a mountain. If you can become a messiah, you will be able to inherit all this. It will be as if a pipe is connected to you, and like flowing water, all that treasure will be handed down to you,

If, after you inherit this precious thing, you fail, your descendants in the future will accuse you. God will not help you. Mother and I, the True Children and all Unification Church members will not help you.

You must follow my way. You must walk the same road that I walked in the past. After that, you can have freedom, then the new Heaven and earth will unfold. We desire freedom.

Will you become a messiah this time? [Yes.] Are you to go by yourself or as a family? [Family.] Until now the Messiah was just one man, but from now on there is also the family messiah. The Messiah as one man received persecution until now, but when the family messiahs take their place in this world, there is no one who will oppose us.

You are to enter Canaan, but you might make a tent by the Jordan River and say, "We have arrived, so we should live here for thousands of years." But you have to shatter that tent, step on it and throw it out in the river. Are you going to sleep by the Jordan River?

At the time of the crossing into Canaan, Moses should have come, burned down everything and kicked everyone out -forcing them into the water. They thought the Jordan River was deep, but they opened their eyes and saw that it was not so deep -it was only as high as their knees. They must cross the river before dying. If two-thirds of one's body is on land, one can rest there. Satan cannot take that away. It is okay if they die. Crossing the river is a success even if they die. That is the purpose of the long forty year course.

At that time, would their feet be light or heavy? [Light.] Would their knees be like the knees of seventy-year-old Father or like the knees of you who are in your thirties? So, will you go ahead of me or behind me? [Ahead.] What would Moses say then? Would he say, "Hey, you, why are you going ahead of me?" In the middle of the desert when people do not know where they are going, he will say, "Hey, you! Watch where you are going!" But when they can see the river Jordan and the land of Canaan ahead of them, he will praise them, saying, "Go ahead! Good, great, my sons and daughters." Before they reached the river, he told them to follow him, but when they can see the land of Canaan, he will say, "Go ahead of me." This is beautiful. The people of Israel all crossed, but Moses did not. What happened? Did Moses say, "Ah, cursed people! You have abandoned me. Die! Perish"? Moses instead said, "Oh, it is all right if I die, but may you all receive blessing forever." Moses would raise his hand and pray, "Heavenly Father, look at the race of Israel who are more brave than me. Protect their future! How hopeful they are!" God would respond, "Ah, you are a great leader! I will grant you your prayers! And you shall pass away in comfort." How wonderful a death that would be!

I am thinking these kinds of things. I also want to see that kind of brave Unificationist. While following me, you have become exhausted and sometimes look strange. But at this time you should bravely cross the river, saying, "I will cross to the other side first." If there is that kind of Unificationist, I will feel the same for you as Moses felt for those who were crossing the Jordan River.

We are the tribe of love, right? [Yes.] I believe in the tribe of love. I love the tribe of love. I want to guard and protect the tribe of love. I am proud of you who are in the tribe of love. The tribe of love can only go one way, not two.

This time, without fail, everyone with the responsibility of tribal messiah should return to his or her hometown and proudly say, "I have returned as a tribal messiah." This is for you and for your descendants. It is similar to the time when land was allotted to each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Now we have entered Canaan. A long time ago Canaan referred to the land past the river Jordan, but now this earth is Canaan. It is to be one people and one nation under God, There is no separate single place to go. Anywhere -whether it is Korea, America or elsewhere -each country can be one's Canaan. The Canaan of long ago had seven tribes who opposed the people of Israel, but now there are no people who oppose us. Everyone is in the position to be able to welcome us. The Israelites were like beggars when they entered Canaan; then, as they forsook their own traditions and followed the customs of the seven Canaanite tribes who were living well, they perished. But now we are in a position where people respect us and can follow us; so there is no way for us to perish. The Israelites were in a position where they chose to follow the customs of the Canaanite tribes. Now the external world is all ruined and decadent; only you have hope. Because they want to follow your example, the satanic world also will not perish. It is the opposite kind of situation.

At time of Moses, the Canaanite tribes had money, beautiful women and so forth, but the Israelites came as a group of beggars. Since they also wanted those things, they humbled themselves and entered into the Canaanite society. But now it is different, It is the opposite way.

Now is not that kind of time. Because people of today welcome us and almost envy us, it is different. The problem for the Israelites was that they followed the culture and tradition of the seven tribes of Canaan. That is how the Israel people perished. That is important. It is different now.

Unificationists are the center. The rest of the world is perishing and does not have hope. They look at us, saying that Unificationists are the only hope.

Unificationists have to become one and, from now on, fulfill their responsibility as messiahs. Be bold and strong! Just as God told Joshua and Caleb, be bold and strong. Since we have an earthly foundation prepared with Parents, Heaven and everything, let's push forward for the restoration of elder sonship! God is supporting you, and True Parents, True Family and the power of the Unification Church is protecting you from behind like a fortress. The only thing you have to do is march forward on one road. That is the road of victory.

When I was fighting in the American court system, I was ready to go to jail. You should determine to go forward for liberation despite the threat of jail. You and your family should fight and work, with more boldness than I had in court, to become the leaders of Canaan. Can you become that kind of soldier? [Yes.] Can you or can you not? [We can.] It is not just you alone. You must go as husband and wife, as a family.

You cannot have habits that you received from your mother and father and have kept until now. You must sincerely teach the heavenly tradition to your sons and daughters from now on. If you just let things continue as they are, your family's blessing will perish. That is why I am giving you the responsibility of messiah and pushing you out. That is the responsibility of us who are living in the greatest age of history. You must become masters who own this wonderful time of love when the spiritual world, the physical world, Heaven, earth and the cosmos are watching you! Amen! (1989.4,9. Belvedere)

2) The Nobility Of The Tribal Messiah

You think tribal messiahship is cheap? Smart Father dedicated his life to accomplish the mission of the messiah and still I am ashamed because I feel I am not worthy. The words "tribal messiah" for you are astounding! You can stand in the position of being more worthy than Jesus. Moreover, you can raise up the people who opposed the Unification Church and cursed it with all kinds of bad words to the position of unfallen Adam. Can those kinds of words even be possible now in this world? They cannot be possible because Reverend Moon, who is speaking now, is in the position of True Parent. I have fulfilled everything that I have said until now. There is nothing that has not been fulfilled. (1991.8.29. International Training Institute)

Why is the tribal messiah precious? Because he stands in the center of the family. That is the tribal messiah. What then really is the tribal messiah? I am the worldwide center and the center of the nation, but you do not have that position. You have not accomplished your five percent responsibility. Therefore, in the same way that I loved the world and loved the nation, you should love yourself, your wife and your family as if you were loving God. You should love your relatives like you love your children and your wife or husband. Centering on that kind of love, you are to love your nation in the same way and love the world in the same way. Since I am already connected with the nation and world, you will also be connected automatically.

When this happens, the road you go forms a foundation that can connect from the individual realm of heart to the family realm of heart, tribal realm of heart, national realm of heart, world realm of heart and cosmic realm of heart. You can see how important is this standard of tribal messiah.

When you see this from the Divine Principle point of view, if the family is the formation level, the tribe would be the growth level, and the nation, perfection. If you look centering on the nation, the nation would be the formation level, the world would be the growth level, and the cosmos, perfection. If you look centering on the world, the world is the formation level; Heaven and earth are the growth level, and God Himself is the perfection stage. They are combined by love. When we see the law of progress that connects in this three-stage law, we should know how precious the standard of tribal messiah is when establishing a heavenly nation. (1989.2.5. Headquarters Church)

You are the tribal messiah, tribal savior. You have the name of tribal savior. How long did Jacob's family long for the Messiah to come? They waited thousands of years. They were supposed to welcome him after waiting several thousands of years. I have appointed and sent you as tribal messiah to your tribe. So how precious is that messiah? (1990.1.14 Headquarters Church)

3) Realize The Value Of Tribal Messiahship

Those of you who came to this place have the same mission as the messiah of the Kim clan if you are a Kim. You should think, "I am the messiah," representing the Kim clan if you are from the Kim clan, or the Park clan if you are from the Park clan, and are responsible to build the nation of Heaven representing that clan. Think that you are the savior who redeems the Kim clan. In order to do that, you must fulfill the responsibility of high priest to the whole Kim clan. (1965.10.31. Taegu Church)

What is the last remaining goal? What is the final method to find the solution? What do we have to do to finish breaking through all the walls and to finally restore health to the world? We have to become tribal messiahs. When this is finished, there will remain nothing that can be an individual condition for accusation, a family condition for accusation, tribal condition for accusation, racial condition for accusation, and national and world condition for accusation. (1989.3.19. World Mission Center)

You must know the serious fact that you can now inherit the foundation of Israel through three ages. We should not forget that we can inherit the victory of Israel.

Do you understand how fearful are the words "tribal messiah"? If the messiah does not fulfill his responsibility, he has to die. He cannot return before he dies. This is the mission of the messiah.

You should not infringe upon the standard of the messiah. You should not violate it even if your life is extinguished or your whole clan is extinguished. Your mother and father cannot capture and kill you, right? They cannot crucify you. That is your good fortune. If Jesus had that kind of blessing, how well would he do his mission? Who has pioneered the tradition of returning to hometown by winning the fight with the world and making the necessary indemnity conditions? By making the realm of the tribe, I have opened the way to go, not only to this tribe, but also to the family. When have you walked the course of indemnity on the worldwide level? From the servant of servant level, all have to become sons centering on Cain and Abel, and return to the mother, the realm of Eve centering on the realm of Adam, right? After that we have to return to God who is the owner of all things. From now, that kind of time will come. Since we have found one vertical realm of heart, we should be able to embrace the world centering on the individual, family, tribe and race.

Therefore, do not take for granted the amazing realm of tribal messiahship that I have established for the sake of restoration through indemnity while holding thousands of years of unsatisfied desire in my heart. (1991.1.20. Headquarters Church)

I sent out blessed families as tribal messiahs, representing the families of the world. That is why you must become record-making men and women before the couples of the whole world. You must know that the son and daughter who were born to be a record-making man and woman have became ancestors of all the men and women on earth. You should, therefore, become sons and daughters who can take a direct route from here to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (1989.3.1. Headquarters Church)

6. Applying For Tribal Messiah Activity

1) Confirming The People Who Submitted Applications

From July 1st, blessed families should actively perform the responsibilities of tribal messiahship. When we send out applications that indicate the portion of responsibility that you have to fulfill as tribal messiahs, fill them out and submit them. I will not take responsibility for those who do not send them in.

Until now we have invested much effort, but it has not brought you much result. However, from now on what you invest will be your asset. Your effort will be your preparation for the future. You are being given a powerful weapon. During the daytime you should work to educate people and, at night, make money. There is no time to play around. You can cut down your sleeping time. Always think of how serious God is. Use all your time for the sake of God. Are you making a strong resolution to go back to your birthplace and fulfill the responsibility of tribal messiah? (1991.5.12. East Garden)

Those of you who applied to become tribal messiahs on the first of September, raise your hands. Hmm, you all did. (1991,8.29. International Training Institute)

2) Total Mobilization

From the first of September, there should be total mobilization! Moon Seung Lyong, you are chairman, right? You are to coordinate the packing and moving. Start with the company you operate. If you really need some people, you may discuss and choose a few people to stay behind; otherwise, there could be a problem. connecting to the company when we return again. You have to return again, right! After going to your hometown, you must establish yourselves in society, right? Because you have to come back and continue the business for the public, a minimum number of people can stay behind.

Because you have to go and then come back, there is no other way but to decide by yourselves to leave behind the minimum number of people. It is a clean sweep, That is why you are refugees! Pack up your bags and leave. (1991.8.29. International Training Institute)

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