The Tribal Messiah

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Detailed Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Key Words Regarding Tribal Messiah

Chapter 2 The Messiah And True Parents

Section 1. Messiah
1. The Messiah Comes as a Father
2. The Messiah and the Restoration of the Blood Lineage
3. The Messiah's Responsibility
Section 2. True Parents
1. The Messiah
2. True Parents Are Absolutely Necessary
3. The Mission of the True Parents
4. The Proclamation of True Parents

Chapter 3 The Essential Restoration And The Establishment Of Elder Sonship

Section 1. The Essential Restoration
Section 2. Establishment of the Birthright
1. Origin of Israel's Birthright
2. The Second Son and the Blessing
3. True Parents and the Establishment of the Birthright
4. The Restoration of the Birthright and Us

Chapter 4 What Is A Tribal Messiah?

1. The Position of a Tribal Messiah
2. The Authority of the Tribal Messiah
3. The Mission of a Tribal Messiah
4. The Proclamation of Tribal Messiahship
5. The Awakening of Tribal Messiahship
6. Applying for Tribal Messiah Activity

Chapter 5 Activity Of Tribal Messiahs

1. Prayer for Tribal Messiahs
2. Resolution as Tribal Messiah
3. The Goal You Must Accomplish
4. Attitude at the Time of Activity in Hometown
5. Things To Do at Hometown
6. Tribal Messiah and the Relationship of Ancestors
7. Hometown and Unification of South and North
8. Attending to the Holy Pictures
9. The Results of the Activities of Hometown Providence and its Blessing

Chapter 6 The Restoration Of Kingship And Registration In The Hometown

1. Hometown and the Ideology of the Three Subjects
2. Eight Stages and the Ceremony of Pal-Chung
3. The Ideology of Heavenly Father
4. The Restoration of Kingship and the Tribal Messiah
5. The Formation of the Tribe
6. Hometown Providence and Registering in the Original Hometown

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