True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 8 - The Great Subjects Thought and the Proclamation of True Parents (Part 4)

2. Declaration of True Parents

D. No Fights in the Future

Korea has never invaded other countries. Koreans are a people that have deep hearts of love for humanity. Seeing from this perspective, we can say that Koreans are closer to the realm of God's heart. Also, from this perspective, because they sacrificed more than anybody else, they are close to the realm of God's heart. What is supreme in the world and the most precious in the world of fallen humankind? It is True Parents and the right of the elder son. The next is the right of parents and the next is the right of royalty. These are the particular rights.

Korean history is the history, which God sought in order to create the rights of the elder son who can inherit the heavenly kingship. Japanese history is the same. In the Last Days, he who succeeds the emperor position has the birthright. The eldest son must become a true parent. The original eldest son in humankind was Adam. Therefore, the birthright must be tied to True Parents and restored. Without that, one cannot stand in the position of True Parents.

After returning from Russia, Father declared the True Parents. The Declaration of the True Parents was made. After the restoration of the birthright, True Parents must be established on the world level. When the True Parents go beyond the nation and expand their environment to the world level, tribal kingship and national kingship are established. Therefore, if there is the national standard of the True Parents, then True Kingship begins. When North and South are united, True Kingship begins. The sovereignty that originated from God is established. Accordingly, the nation born under this sovereignty is equipped with the three elements of a nation: sovereignty, land and people.

A nation does not begin without sovereignty, land and people. Now Father is recruiting people on the world level. We do not have people and land now, although we have the sovereignty. Therefore, people who achieve the unification of North and South must establish the sovereignty as the nation of heaven and earth, in accordance with the Unification Church.

There will be no fighting in the future. We had useless fights centering on the self until now. People fought to rob each other. Because the unified world is a world in which we live for the sake of others under God's sovereignty, there is no need for wars. Brothers do not need to rob each other. People will have to run away because everyone will be trying to give them so much.

Therefore, if we live in our own villages, we can travel everywhere. Temporary living is manageable in a village. People sincerely prepare everything so that you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can sleep there, too. Such an era will come.

From now on, the separation of powers will disappear. Laws will all disappear. If self-governing by love is realized, laws are automatically observed. If love for the sake of others is practiced, there will be no problem. Higher and lower become one, and front and back, left and right, all become one.

5) The Amazing Fact of the Declaration of the True Parents

Father brought under control the leftwing and the rightwing. Do you know how much hardship Father has gone through in order to walk this path? We must create an atmosphere where Godism centering on Headwing thought is officially recognized by leaders of schools.

Now we reflect and return. Where should we go? Where should we go? We must again return to the homeland expanding to the world, going beyond the nation. The fallen ancestors began with the family of Adam and Eve. We must strip off the fallen blood lineage. In three generations we must clean up the mistakes of our ancestors in three generations.

Adam fell, didn't he? Satan killed the original ancestor of the human race. In one generation, Adam fell and became an object resentful toward God. It is Jesus who came as the second true parent, the Messiah. People of the human race, his own sons and daughters, these people arrested and killed the Messiah who came as the Savior. How great the sin of the country would be for arresting and killing the true parent? They could not escape from it.

You must know that people of Israel wandered around for this reason. It lasted two thousand years. If we trace all their history, many people bled by swords, were kicked by horses' shoes, and cursed. After two thousand years passed, and after all these tribulations, America finally helped them gain independence.

Satan killed our original parents; sons and daughters of Satan killed the second true parent. Satan and satanic forces in the entire world tried to kill the third True Parent, mobilizing all their thoughts and powers. However, True Father did not die and survived under tremendous hardship and tribulations. How amazing this fact is, that the norms of parents and True Parents can be declared on the Earth! How much God desired this fact!

6) The Direction for the Management of Life After the Declaration of the True Parents

Father told President Mikhail Gorbachev to remove the statues of Lenin and Marx. There is no one other than Rev. Moon who said such a thing in the history of the Communist Party. The staff persons of the Soviet Communist Party were confused and said, "You speak about Godism in front of us? How arrogant it is to say such a thing!" (Laughter)

No matter how much they hated Father, the Communist world has now turned the way I said. The man whom they hated most became the only hopeful being for them. There is no other hope. Therefore, Father clearly taught them, "Listen to me and follow me, or you have no hope." Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes)

Looking down at Rev. Moon, how proud God is: "I have wanted that declared to the Soviets for a long time. How I am proud of you, my son!" Because of this God said, " I chose you for the sake of humankind." Father became pretty famous after that. Isn't that so? (Laughter)

American leaders said, "How can you do such a thing?" European leaders said, " How can you do so?" The Communist world said, "How can you do such an act in the Kremlin?" (Laughter) God looking down was thinking, "It is very interesting!" Father knew it. Then, Father declared it clearly. Do you understand? (Yes)

Everything is made this way. Everything is linked to True Parents. Your ears want to find True Parents, your nose, mouth, and eyes are the same. Everything. Why? True Parents have a strong attractive power. Father knows it. (Laugh) This carpet, blanket, grass, water, all desire True Parents (Clapping). All of nature is the same. They say, "True Parents, please stay here." Nature cries out. But Americans are not so, are they? (Yes, we are.) Is that so? (Yes)

With what do you want to fill up the entire country America? True Parents. The sound of True Parents is good. "I met the True Parents." "Where?" If you say, "Come with me," they will all want to follow you. That is the power of True Parents. True mother, true wife, true children, true grandchildren, true patriots all come out from there. Everything begins with True Parents. Do you understand? (Yes) That is the most hopeful gospel. We do not need the Bible. The purpose of the Bible is to find one couple, True Parents. Isn't that so? Therefore, you understand why the name of True Parents is the most precious, don't you? (Yes)

What part of True Parents do you want to be? This is the question. If we think of True Parents as a tree, you are the branches. This branch can live well wherever it is planted. This branch lives well wherever it goes, whenever it is planted, be it night or day, winter or spring or rainy season, as long as there is love. It lives well regardless of circumstances Why? Because it accepts all.

Our purpose is to liberate and save God, the human race, and all that belongs to Satan. That is our goal. Do you understand it clearly? (Yes) It is the purpose of True Parents. We declare such parents' heart. We make advancement. Satan cannot exist there. This is the view of the Principle.

Think about all things. Looking at you, who are saved, they say, "Mansei!" You must know the way to listen to such voices. Wherever you go, all things welcome you and humankind welcomes you. The original world centering on love is filled with the voice of love of all things. In the world of original love, everything understands all, as does God. True love, true inheritance. When you inherit, you inherit all. You have the right of participation, which allows you to participate wherever it is. These three concepts are sustained by True Love. Do you understand what I am talking about?

It means that you can automatically catch true love. This word means these things. You inherit God. God becomes yours. Wherever God is, you can participate there. How wonderful it is! How happy you are! No one can deny this concept.

We have such a surprising thing. How can we have a worry? There is no shadow. We are as bright as a pearl. This is the pride of a Moonie. Do you understand?

Therefore, wherever a Moonie goes, there is no opposition from Satan. From now on, things are absorbed in the way that we shout out, they are resurrected in the way that we shout out, and are born in the way that we shout out. Why was there oppositions until now? Because we were in the process of climbing up. We have already climbed up. Here there is no left wing and right wing, so Headwing was born. The Headwing is higher than these. Because it is higher, it is better.

Communism is the thought of servant, the thought of master and servant. There is no freedom. Democracy is brotherhoodism. Since there are brothers, there is freedom. They have freedom among themselves. Therefore, they have continuous fights. They fight each other constantly, each claiming their own superiority.

Headwing Thought is parentism. Senators and congressmen fight, and the Republicans and the Democrats fight, don't they? (Yes) Why do they fight? Because they are not parents, they fight.

If parents come and say, "Hey, why do you keep fighting, sons? You are not servants," then the fight will be over. Parents rejoice for the marriage of black and white. Isn't that right? Parents desire that brothers love each other more than that they serve the parents. You must know that. (Yes) That is truly the way of loving parents.

Then, do you also love Father? (Yes) I can't believe it. (We love Father.) You are different from Father, aren't you? (No) Why no? It is because we are the love race. We are absolutely and eternally one if we place the center on God's true love. From there, you are connected to Father. Nobody can cut this relationship.

We will also walk the path of True Parents. Isn't that so? Although we are like branches now . . . we are the same. I set my roots to become a trunk, grow branches, blossom flowers, and bear the fruit. All are the same. It means that we all become True Parents. Then are you becoming so now? From now, you will become so. All are the same.

Therefore, what honored people we are! You open the door and people say, "Look here. How wonderful master is, who is standing here now!" You feel so good. Animals are the same. In the spiritual world, people say, "You are the savior centering on True Love, like Jesus, who was a messiah. Wherever you go, all people there will be saved." Is that the true fact? (Yes)

By the announcement of the Declaration of the True Parents, Satan's rights disappear and all the indemnity laws, which governed struggles centering on religions, disappear. Good spirits have attained the level of the archangelic world. They can assist the earth at their will in the world where there is no fall. We have come to such a time. These angels are your ancestors. Do you understand? (Yes) Therefore, if someone opposes the Unification Church, all kinds of things can happen. That person can die by sickness or all kinds of things can happen.

You must be brave and strong. This word means that you must have ownership. Even if you face difficult circumstances, there is no problem. God does not want bad things. If you say, "Disappear from my sight!" they will disappear. They will go down. The spiritual world is the same. If you say, "I don't want such a thing!" then it disappears at once. You have power for all of your surroundings. When the center of love appears, everything comes to be directed to it and move around it. When the sun rises in the east, all nature -- mountains, rivers, trees and grasses -- all turn themselves to the sun. It is the essence of life and love.

True Parents are the central foundation of cosmic true love. Therefore, when True Parents appear, the entire created world turns itself to True Parents, just as all of nature turns to the rising sun. All the creatures are the same as leaves and branches. In the spiritual world, all are directed to God. Likewise in the Unification Church, members' consciousness follows Father whenever he goes. It is the same.

Your whole purpose is true love, and the center of the world is true love. All liberation begins from there. If you stand in this position, all four gates open like an automatic door. There is an automatic door in a large building, right? The spiritual world is just like that. Where the master of true love goes, there is no barrier. All gates open automatically. All welcome him. Spiritually elevated people say, "Welcome. We have been bored for a long time. We welcome anything exciting and interesting." Such a situation is created. How wonderful it is! Do you like it? (Yes) Therefore, you should know clearly from now on that we have inherited everything from True Parents. Nobody can tell me this or that. I become the master automatically. I become the teacher and the true parent. Nobody else can guide you. You will stand in such position in the near future. [202-35]

Because of the fall, it was hard to connect God's mind to the human mind, vertically. However, True Parents connect them. The environment of relatives, who do not oppose, is not the realm of Cain. They come in as the realm of Abel, which stands on the heavenly side. Therefore, now the breakdown of the religious realm takes place.

Until today, the spiritual world and the physical world were mainly connected through the religious realm centering on the chosen people. Today, however, we have come to the stage of the substantiation of the Old Testament era, the New Testament era, and the Completed Testament era. So the rights of the religious realm come to an end, and the environment of Cain and Abel disappears.

Therefore, families centering on you, who do not oppose, are standing in Abel's position on the heavenly side. Therefore, they turn around the way you turn around. Now is the time. Do you understand what I am telling you? Therefore, our world comes now.

You should know this time. You now see the end of parents' satanic lineage by the Declaration of the True Parents. The True Parents fought with Satan's world and came up with all necessary preparation. We have come to the stage at which both the Democratic world and the Communist world fall down. Satan's world has come to the end by the Declaration of the True Parents, and Father's return with all victorious conditions.

What is the meaning of the end of Satan's world? It means the liberation from Satan. Until now, we have been living in the environment of the cultural realm of the satanic world and satanic living. But now we are liberated from that satanic world, the realm of satanic living, and Satan's blood lineage.

Liberated from Satan, where do we go? We must return to God. Right now the world does not know God. Satan made it this way. Humanism does not know God either. Now, American humanism has become a humanism, which expelled God.

What is the standard of humanism? The body. It is the body, but a self-centered body. It pursues sensual pleasures. If you pursue this, you will perish. That is the way. We must be liberated from Satan and satanic life. Life here means cultural sphere.

There is a difference between Americans and those who believe in Confucianism, isn't there? We must be liberated from that realm of life and next, from blood lineage. When we are liberated from Satan, to where do we return? We return to God. We must return to God. But Communism and secular humanism do not know the way back to God.

Then, where must we live? We are not made to live at our own will, like animals. It is the ideal to begin our life centering on True Parents. We must live centering on the territory within the world-level ideal that is centered on True Parents. Therefore, we cannot go to Kingdom of Heaven without believing in True Parents. Now we are in a situation such as having many branches, which we cannot engraft. These words can stand. [202-276]

Those who are here, what should you do now? You must go to your local area and establish the foundation for True Parents. True Parents must establish the foundation for Heaven. God establishes the path, which True Parents must walk prior to True Parents, and True Parents establish the path, which you must walk. Therefore, you can simply follow the path of True Parents.

God walks one step further than the coming True Parents. Therefore, in the Providence for Restoration, there is the Providential Age for the Foundation of Restoration, the Providential Age for Restoration, and the Providential Age for the Completion of Restoration. Heaven established this foundation, and later True Parents knew about it. True Parents established this foundation, and later we knew about it. You also must establish the foundation, and later your descendants will know about it. You must go over the standard of the nation and the world.

If this happens, God will go beyond the standard of cosmic history. When we, the members of the Unification Church, go over the standard of the nation, True Parents will go over that of the world, and God will go over that of the cosmos. In this way, all humankind will go over the cosmic standard, centering on God.

You are two stages below God from this perspective. You, who are two stages below, cannot be reluctant or be tired. Before you walk this path, True Parents walked the path for your sake, and God has walked the path before True Parents for your sake. God's hardship and True Parents' hardship is a tremendous hardship that even death cannot turn. You must know that you walk the path with such debt.

True Parents inherited God's Will, and you must inherit True Parents will. You must not lose this traditional thought. What is the traditional thought? You must strip off the blood lineage of the enemy Satan, because you were born with this blood lineage. After that, you must restore your blood lineage centering on God and True Parents. To do this, you must be united with God in heart.

Based upon the unity in heart, you must inherit heavenly blood lineage, becoming a branch or a leaf of a tree whose root is God. You must become a being representing God and establish the absolute standard on Earth, by which you can subjugate Satan. If you do so, the history of restoration can proceed. You must know this. [13 -297]

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