The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 6 - The Restoration Of Kingship And Registration In The Hometown (Part 1)

1. Hometown And The Ideology Of The Three Subjects

1) The Origin of the Ideology of the Three Subjects

God is the originator of the ideology of the three subjects. Who is the union of the three ideal original bodies? God is. Who is God? He is the True Parent among parents through whom we can acquire all that humans desire. He is the True Teacher of true teachers. He is the True Owner of true owners. (1990.7.1. Headquarters Church)

2) The Center of the Ideology of the Three Subjects is a Life of Living for the Sake of Others

You must live centering on True Parents who possess the heavenly lineage. The ideology of three subjects is the way of life and ideology of True Parents -- to be a true parent, true teacher and true owner. It is an ideology of altruism, a concept of ever-expanding parental love. Is knowledge the only thing that is taught? You must teach how to build character. Considering all the different character types in society, parents who center on their parents alone are not sufficient. Therefore, as parents you must teach the ability to have the greatest love, centering on God. (1991.1.1 Headquarters Church)

I care for you with the heart of a parent, the heart of a teacher, and the heart of an owner. You have to understand this. What are we trying to accomplish through this? As we go visit the northern peninsula, the Chun La province, and the island regions and connect with those who are wandering all around this Korean peninsula, we are sowing seeds which can grow and spread to become heavenly sprouts so that on the basis of good merit, they may bear the same fruit. In this way, with the ideology of the three subjects we are trying to help promote goodness in this nation and the world. (1990.6.26 Kwang Ju Church)

3) The Ideology of the Three Subjects and Us

Today is the day of the proclamation of the True Parents. In this hopeless world where one cannot believe in anything or hope for anything, one sprout of hope is blossoming; that is True Parents. The only hopeful thing left is True Parents.

At the very beginning I said that America is hopeless and is destined to decline, right? This is also true for the whole world. There is great chaos because it has become like the most pitiful of orphans, weeping because he doesn't know where to go and desperate because he does not have a parent. There is no true owner, no true teacher, and no True Parents in this world. All these three have been lost.

How can you gain back these three things? The three things are connected through the True Parents. True Parents are to perfect these three. The True Parent is the true teacher and the true teacher is a True Parent. Why? Right now, Satan holds all of humanity in a tight grip. Since the time of the fall of man, there was none who revealed this. You must understand this. True Parents are true teachers. They are true teachers because they teach centering on true love. This is the true owner. At times, they may give strict orders as if they were talking to servants. This is the true owner. No matter how difficult their situation is when they are commanding you, they still want to give all the rights of possession to you as your inheritance.

You must understand this clearly. You can inherit all of their heart, and thus have the potential to automatically become an owner; and also become true teachers and true parents. Other people cannot guide you. You do not need another teacher, owner, and parent. (1990.5.27 Belvedere)

What do you do once you get to your hometown? I am telling you to go in order to become an owner; then go in order to become true parents. You should go to completely educate the fallen world, the ignorant people. You are to go in order to complete the ideology of three subjects centering on the three loves. Who is the unity of the three subjects? It is God. Isn't God the Owner of owners? God is the Parent of parents. He is the root. God is the Teacher of teachers. . . . The ideology of three subjects centering on the ideal of creation and love is the ideology of owner, then the ideology of parents, and then the ideology of teacher. Making a comparison to the nation, parents are in a family, teachers are in a school, and the owner is in the nation. It all works out. The question is how to connect these together; there has been no theoretical way to harmonize them in love, but now because the Unification Church is equipped with the correct theoretical content, if it is applied to the nation, then the peace of the nation will be achieved. If it is applied to the world, then the peace of the world will come about. If it is applied to Heaven and earth, then the peaceful world of Heaven will dawn upon us centering on true love. (1991.8.29 International Training Center)

2. Eight Stages And The Ceremony Of Pal-Chung *

* Pal-Chung is not a word that can be found in the dictionary. It is a word that Father invented, putting two Chinese characters together to express a concept of the Principle. Pal means eight, and chung means many things, among which determination and fixation might be the primary meanings. The Pal-Chung Shik or the Ceremony of Pal-Chung is often translated as the ceremony of the eight stages, but this is not a literal translation.

1) Eight Vertical and Horizontal Stages

Has your body freed itself from the control of Satan and attained oneness with God? You cannot overcome Satan if you cannot completely deny yourself. Therefore, you must go through suffering for three and a half years. You should start from the position of a beggar and a slave Of slaves, and then rise up. From a slave of slaves to a slave, adopted son, illegitimate son, child in direct lineage, next mother, father, God -- this makes eight stages vertically. Moreover, there are also eight stages horizontally: individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world, universe and God. In this way, there are eight stages horizontally and eight stages vertically. This is the Principle point of view. These are not my words.

I am the first to talk about these things. You cannot find them in the libraries. Can you unravel this with Eastern philosophy and Western philosophy? [No.] God, Satan and I are the only ones who know. I am the one who controls it. This cannot be done by God or Satan. (1989.4.1 Belvedere)

2) The Activities of Satan and the Eight Stages

What is Satan biting onto right now? What has been his accusation historically until now, centering on the eight stages of the individual family, clan, people, nation, world, universe, and God? He makes the argument, "You, God, are the original owner, and Your children, the ideal Adam and Eve, in other words the true parents, are Your original children. Yet because You as the original Father created me as an archangel, the Principle required that before I fell I should receive the love of Your true child. Without completely fulfilling this condition of love, as the Father of the Principle, how can you be in a position to love Your own son?" This is the problem. What Satan is saying is that although he has fallen, unless God first loves Satan, He cannot claim back what Satan now possesses, which is the love of Adam in the original Garden of Eden, and all the things that should have been dominated within the sphere of God's love.

He is arguing that all this can be taken back only after God and Abel become one on the individual level and by loving Satan, they set the condition of love on the individual level to reclaim what should have belonged to God; otherwise, these things cannot be taken back. After that, he insists, the same is true for the family, tribe, race, nation, and the world, and even Heaven and earth are in the same situation. This is the rope by which Satan grabs onto our neck, or how should I put it, strangles us. (1984.5.19 East Garden)

3) The Eight-Stage Victory of the True Parents

Think of the absolute preciousness of the original blessed family. How much did God yearn for this until now and how much did Jesus long for a blessed family during his 33 years of life? During the past 2,000 years how much did they long for this path by which they could come into the era of the Second Coming and return to the original blessed family?

This will not come about with no effort. Since this is a course of restoration, it took me forty years to restore the right of the first son by going in and out of the eight stages seven times. Because Christianity and the free world could not do it, I had to pay the indemnity to turn it around and fit it into place. If you do not match it, then it would be devastating. Can you imagine how busy I was? If I could not indemnify it within forty years, there would be no way to reverse the past 4,000 years of history. This is true for sure.

This is not just some casual observation. There is a great interplay of different historical dynamics from Heaven and earth crisscrossing in a chaotic fashion. If these are not resolved, there will be disaster and destruction. (1986.2.9 Headquarters Church)

Is the direction, "be like the teacher," a good thing? [It is good.] I am trying to enable you to inherit freely all the blessings that I have been piling up. If I have crossed over a big hill, then you should follow a similar path, centering on my example. This perpendicular line is the same. This is how you should move forward while paying indemnity.

The individual indemnity, family level indemnity, clan level indemnity, racial level indemnity, national level indemnity, world level indemnity, universal level indemnity and indemnity of God's heart -- all these eight stages still remain. There are also eight vertical stages: the restoration of the individual, restoration of the family, restoration of the clan, restoration of the people, restoration of the nation, restoration of the world, restoration of the universe and, finally, God. This means that the vertical course of indemnity and the horizontal course of indemnity can be traveled up and down with ease centering on love. By making loving relationships on every level centered on God, we can bring everything into the sphere of God's love. When this is substantially accomplished, Satan will no longer be able to claim the possession of anything on the earth, and as a result he will be automatically chased out. This is the end for him. (1990.2.16 Central Workshop Center)

4) The Eight Stages and the Tribal Messiah

In order to rise up to the position of parents representing humanity, all matters must be resolved so that the first Adam, second Adam and third Adam can all say, "There is absolutely no condition here for Satan to invade." On the foundation of worldwide domain on the children's level, one must build the worldwide domain on the parental level. Of course, when we see how the growth and completion stages of this seven-year course of True Parents have been completed, then we see that True Parents can come into being as they enter into the direct dominion of God. Until that time Adam and Eve were to grow as a brother and sister, too; isn't that right?

Where do True Parents come into existence? It is at the place where oneness with God is attained. Accordingly, while one is still in the dominion of being governed by the Principle -- the indirect dominion one cannot become one with God. Unity between the indirect and the direct dominion is possible when a couple becomes one centering on love and completes their portion of responsibility. On the foundation of having completed their portion of responsibility, God and True Parents can become one. Isn't this how it is? For this reason we must rise up to that position.

After the liberation and restoration of the children have been completed, then things must unfold on the parental level. Five billion people in this world are all the descendants of Adam; after that, because of the religious sphere, they are all the descendants of Jesus. For this reason, the dispensation of restoration calls for the third Adam to come in the future and, although the fallen descendants have already expanded to populate the whole world, everything must be linked, and everyone must be restored back to the position of the original children of Adam before the fall. Accordingly, we must liberate the realm of parents.

Because the era of the liberation of children has already passed, we have now become children who can chase away Satan and be embraced by God completely; then the parents who can be embraced by God must create the realm of parents. In order to create the realm of parents, then the era of Adam, the era of Jesus and the era of the Second Coming must stand in the realm of liberation.

For me, I have been leading the histories of the individual Adam, family level Adam, clan Adam, people level Adam, and the national, world, and universal level Adams. Starting from the position of servant of servant, I climbed up the eight stages vertically. Not only must I ascend up these eight vertical levels, but also I must embrace horizontally the individual, family, clan, people, nation and world levels. I must complete the establishment of the realm of liberation that cannot be invaded by Satan through the process of ascending through all levels vertically and horizontally by paying indemnity for the five billion people of the world and the world itself. As long as I can complete the realm of parents by going through this course, then Satan has no right to make an accusation in the past, present or future. This is why I gave the direction for the completion of the domain of the third Adam, since both Adam's family and Jesus' family failed, these failures must be restored. Moreover, in the years of Jewish history up to Jesus, from Abraham to Jacob and Moses, there were also many failures. These must be resolved as well. The liberation of the children's domain and even the liberation of the parental domain cannot be accomplished until these problems are resolved. Therefore, for the liberation of the parental realm, someone who is both a perfect national representative and also a parent on the world level must emerge. Although all the foundation has been laid, this has not been connected horizontally until now. The indemnity conditions for the formation of our Unification Church clan and people have been set, but this is not yet connected on the worldwide level. The center is already complete, but it is not linked to the world.

What do we have to do to link it to the world? Through the efforts of the tribal messiahs, the failures of the families of Jesus and Adam can be restored, and by setting the necessary conditions according to each time period, our foundation can be linked to the world and eventually all of humanity will be included. (1989.10.17 Hannam-dong House)

5) Eight Stages and the Religion of the True Parents

Human history until today is believed to be 850,000 years. This number is an approximation. During this time, religious movements started from a primitive stage and progressed, often under great persecution, until today. So who is the causal force behind such a history? It is God. It is God, and from the position of servant of servants, this history is divided up in stages. Consequently, among the servants of servants, the servant becomes the master. The master is not served by the servant, but the servant governs the master.

For this to take place, in order to become this heavenly master of servants, one must win the victory after receiving persecution as a servant which combines all aspects of the satanic world. For this reason, you must be ready to die. This is why we have the saying that those who are willing to die will live. Even when rising from the position of servant of servants to the position of a servant, and then ascending to the position of an adopted son, there certainly is persecution. It is the same when going up through all the eight levels, up to and including God.

Who has to endure all this? People go through changes but God is unchanging. Among the religions of the world there are religions that correspond to the positions of servant of servant, servant, adopted son, illegitimate son, true son, mother, father and True Parents. At the end, the religion in the position of parents will emerge. In the last days, there will appear a religion of true parents centering on the True Parents.

The meaning of the name "Unification Church" is that religions cannot be united without the doctrine of a religion that possess the content of true parents. (1983.1.23 Belvedere)

6) The Ceremony of Pal-Chung

After taking command of the history of the spirit world and the earth, swimming past all the coast lines of the Pacific Ocean, and then landing in Alaska after crossing the Atlantic, I performed the ceremony of Pal-Chung. The ceremony of Pal-Chung means that by settling down after passing through the vertical historical course of indemnity and the indemnity courses of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world, namely, the eight vertical and horizontal stages, the birthright of the eldest son will be restored. Therefore, the course of indemnity for all people in this world will be resolved. This will take place as a result of the Pal-Chung ceremony. I proclaimed this in Alaska on August 31, [1989].

The reason that I performed the ceremony in August is that since I survived the three years from 1945 to 1948, 1 have to do everything according to the schedule of the dispensation from January to August this year. This is the reason that I did this with haste. Because on August 31, centering on the era of restoration, we can stand in the victorious position to serve the parents, we are to seek God after forgiving, with parental love, all the historical people that have wronged our brothers. (1990.1.27 Hannam-dong House)

As a consequence of the restoration of the right of the eldest son and the embrace of God, the history of war and conflict during this era of the restoration of the birthright of the eldest son has been consummated, and we have entered a time when we can attain harmony with love and without indemnity. The Pal-Chung ceremony was necessary to achieve all this.

By performing the Pal-Chung ceremony, parents who can stand behind their children, the first son and the second son, can come into being, and because they forgave these children, the era of the realm of parental forgiveness will come next.

Accordingly, I am proclaiming the era of dispensation of Ae-won. [Ae means love and won means salvation; therefore, Ae-won means salvation through love.] It is not the dispensation of salvation. It is the era of salvation when love is being used to help. Until now, it was the dispensation of salvation through the restoration by indemnity. This will now vanish away because I have made the environment in which the brothers, through the restoration of the birthright of the eldest son, can be embraced by the parents directly and be forgiven centering on parental love. As a result, the forces opposing the Unification Church will perish. The era of opposition will pass away. This is how it is right now. There is no one in America now who opposes Rev. Moon. Even if there is, it is limited to extremists among the communists and the liberation theologians. They all do not really understand this world. (1989.10.3 Little Angels Performing Arts Center)

Because the vertical and horizontal indemnity of the eight stages has all been completed, on August 31 of last year [1989] I performed the Pal-Chung ceremony in Alaska, the highest place in the Western world. It is the highest place. Having done that I proclaimed the ideology of Heavenly Father on September 1st. It is the ideology of Heavenly Father. It is simultaneously the ideology of salvation through love, and the ideology of parents. The ideology of parents teaches one to love. Satan cannot oppose when you are loving someone. If Satan does not oppose the path of Unification Church, it will expand out to the worldwide level immediately. (1990.2.16 Central Workshop Center)

What can you do after the conclusion of the Pal-Chung ceremony? [The ideology of Heavenly Father.] The liberation of the realm of parents will take place. Because this time will come, I as the parent put you in the position of the tribal messiahs and begin the liberation ceremony for the position of Jesus' and Adam's family. By restoring the failures of the past through your families, the hometown of all people will be transferred to the homeland of the heavenly kingdom. Your hometowns are all different, right? Can you say that it is a Korean nation? Centering on me, and connecting to your hometown and having your parents' birthplace be chosen as the place of the parents of the heavenly kingdom, you will enter the era when your hometown can be recognized as the hometown of the heavenly kingdom. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes.] Only then can all the people in the world have a hometown. (1989.10.4 Hannam-dong House)

3. The Ideology Of Heavenly Father

1) The Reason For Calling it the Ideology of Heavenly Father

Why did I talk about the ideology of Heavenly Father? We have the communist world and the democratic world, but how did these two worlds come into existence? Because they were formed based on the family, all we have to do is connect to the family centering on our ideology of Heavenly Father. You do not need all of this. As long as you set the condition, all will turn around quickly. Neither the communist world nor the democratic world has the true ideals of the family. There is family breakdown everywhere.

The Russian people have only two hobbies, and they are drinking wine and womanizing. Because their women also drink heavily, they like these women. This is the reason why the families are in chaos. Therefore by connecting to the family right now, by expanding the domain for educating the families, we will see the completion of the ideology of parents and the ideology of the kingship centering on the ideals of the family. By achieving this we can return to the original world. (1989.10.17 Hannam-dong House)

2) The Background of the Proclamation of the ideology of Heavenly Father

How do we decide upon the standard of existence? When we consider the ideal of creation, we can conclude that it must be done with love. People were divided into two kinds because of the fall. Consequently, the whole world was forced into the realm of Satan. What God has to do here is to penetrate inside and take it all back. The era of individuals, era of the family, era of the race, era of the nation, era of the world, up to the era of universe . . . all must be reclaimed. Indemnity must be paid on every level: from the individual, up through the family, clan, people, nation, world, universe, and finally reaching God. It is indemnity. In the Unification Church this is called the eight stages. Horizontally there are eight stages, and one must climb up vertically through eight stages also. I proclaimed that I have settled down after tying these together.

I have proclaimed the Pal-Chung ceremony in Alaska on August 31, 1989. The result of this is that no more indemnity for mankind or the world has to be paid. This means that wherever I or members of the Unification Church go in this world, persecution will no longer be present.

No matter what we do now, whether we build the Kingdom of Heaven or do some other similar things, no one can make accusations against us. The Pal-Chung ceremony is the occasion when we make the foundation for this. On the foundation of the Pal-Chung base, I proclaimed the ideology of Heavenly Father on September 1, 1989.

When the Pal-Chung ceremony was over, it meant that the restoration of the eldest son had been completed. It is the time of the restoration of the eldest son. Because the birthright of the eldest son has been restored completely, we are able to stand on the pinnacle of the world where we are invulnerable to any satanic opposition. If we move forward with audacity and power, then America will be pushed over, the communist world will be pushed over, and Korea will also be pushed. Japan will also be pushed. Thus, you should be strong and bold. (1989.10.4 Hannam-dong House)

After the Pal-Chung ceremony I proclaimed the ideology of Heavenly Father. Before proclaiming the ideology of Heavenly Father, I liberated the parents. Since the realm of brothers has been liberated, the realm of parents must be liberated next -- parents of the world, parents of the nation, parents of the clan. . . . Jesus died because he could not become the tribal parents. Next, his father and mother could not unite before Jesus. If his father and mother had served Jesus, they would have become the father and mother of the clan and family in the realm of Adam; yet they did not understand this.

Jesus was supposed to simultaneously become the representative of the clan and the representative of the nation and people, but because he could not win the right of parents on the family level, he had to die. Since we, the Unification Church, have now liberated the realm of brothers, we should liberate the realm of parents. By following the path of tribal messiah today, you must resurrect and restore the opposition of your parents toward the Unification Church and the failures of Adam and Eve. Then you are to recognize and proclaim publicly the qualifications of having won over the family with the authority of the heavenly kingdom. This is the purpose of the proclamation of the tribal messiah. (1989.10.8 Headquarters Church)

3) Family is the Center of the ideology of Heavenly Father

The era of the ideology of Heavenly Father, which we are talking about here today and which is proclaimed as a result of having finished the Pal-Chung ceremony, is to be created not with individuals, but with the family. This is what you must understand. You establish the ideology of Heavenly Father with the family. For this reason, the most critical question in the satanic world or the democratic world that surfaces at the time that God's will is being accomplished is the break up of families.

The communist world does not recognize the family. They say that the family stands on the foundation of exploitation. They do not have a relationship with God. This is the same for the democratic world. Therefore, in reality all the things that would contribute to the formation of a stable family have been thrown off balance. Although it is the very foundation of the society, the foundation of the nation and the foundation of the world, today the condition of the family becomes more and more chaotic. Accordingly, in the future the left-wing world and the right-wing world will be absorbed by us centering on the foundation of our family.

Then, centering on what do we achieve the ideology of Heavenly Father? This is to be attained centering on the family. (1989.10.17 Hannam-dong House)

Now is the time when the establishment of a heavenly family must be the ultimate concern. If you were to leave the family out, then what can the ideology of Heavenly Father do? Without the family, the era of the ideology of Heavenly Father makes no sense. An ideology describes a kind of action. It is like crossing a bridge.

Isn't the unified nation a nation that unified the families? It has to take place centering on families. Satan has been guiding democracy in such a way that it destroyed the family. America is primarily a Christian nation, so why are the families in America breaking up? Why, when the Bible preaches no such law? This is because America has been dominated by Satan.

For this reason, now families must become completely centered on God. Parents should represent the dual characteristics of the absolute God, and should be served in that position. The dual characteristics of God, sung sang and hyung sang, always stay together without any possibility of separating. This is the same as Adam and Eve becoming completely one without committing the fall. (1989.10.17 Hannam-dong House)

The ideology of Heavenly Father is restoring the kingship by centering on families and by linking them together. It is restoring the universal kingship; so, it cannot be accomplished without the family. Surely, the family is the center for this. It is through the unified foundation of the family, the Adam-type unified family on the level of tribe. Shouldn't Adam have a clan? This must all be connected centering on Adam's family on the level of the people. Through the unified foundation of family, the kingship will be restored. (1989.10.17. Hannam-dong House)

4) The Ideology of Heavenly Father and Kingship

What did I do on the first day of September? Since we have attained the liberation of the realm of parents and the realm of children, the unified family was established. The master of this new family is the ideology of parents centering on True Parents. Going over the ideology of brothers, it is the ideology of parents.

Because there is none among brothers who can deny the love of parents, here, with the foundation of family and with the fortune of unification having been firmly established, the universe starts to turn around to follow its true path. The world will begin to revolve on the normal orbit of day and night. By proclaiming the ideology of Heavenly Father after having done this, we are able to pass over to the era of unified kingship. God has to become the king. This is the first paragraph of the five paragraphs of our Unification Church pledge.

Centered on God, what are we? We are to be proud of the dominion of God. We are to pass over to the era of the unlimited power of love first by building the unified kingdom that the Unification Church is advocating and that God and Jesus wished for, and then by dismantling the hell on earth and the hell in Heaven. Having understood what perpendicular love according to the tradition of love is, and having realized clearly how it is combined centering on vertical love, one must apply it to daily life. By doing so, in any place in the world of 10,000 nations and in the heavenly world we can go beyond any boundaries, and as a result the era of liberation and unification will come.

The test that remains at the very end is to advance toward the world of ideal government centering on the eternal kingship and the eldest brothership. The president of Korea is the king of the nation, and the governor is the king of the province. It is this type of concept. For this reason, when I talk about kingship, do not think that it is odd.

In a county it is the kingship of the county, and in a borough, it is the kingship of the borough, and if it is a village, then it's kingship of a village; next in a family, it is kingship of the family. This is the ideology of kingship that was bestowed on Adam originally. Our family has this ideology and I have started it here, but we are to circle around for 10,000 years through this kingship so that we can pass through to the top and become branches or leaves that are linked to the root.

If you stand in this place, you will be connected to everywhere. A true family is connected to the true tribal county; the true family of a county is linked with the province; the family of the true province is linked with the nation; the true family of the nation is linked to the world; and the true family of the world is connected to the heavenly kingdom. What is to be done after making the connection? You are not to live for yourself when you occupy that position. You are to live for the sake of others. Centering on the basic altruistic principles of creation, you should sacrifice more as the scope becomes larger. You have to go through more suffering. In this way, the era of liberation and unification will come. [Amen.]

As I was saying "it will come," I ended with "Amen," so this means that in the end, we have to make this happen with our own hands, isn't that right? The unification of Korea is to be done with your hands, not mine. It must be done by the hands of Adam who has inherited the kingship, and the representative of Adam. You have to tie it to the kingship of the family. You should at least establish the tribal kingship before you die. Otherwise, there is nothing that can be connected.

In other words, this is very much like how fluid from the cells in a tree can pass through the branches, trunk and roots, able to get to any place through the tubular channels. Unless you can be equipped with the essential nature that can represent the actual authority of a king, you will lose the right to exist in the household of the heavenly kingdom.

What I am talking about here is kingship. This is what kingship is. Your father and mother are kings. They are kings of the family that represents the nation. In a company, the president of the company is the king. He is the representative of your parents. This is the bridge with which one can pave the way to inherit the kingship of the nation. The Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven is where we are all to rise to the equal status of royalty through this lifestyle and live on for 10,000 years. (1989.10.8 Headquarters Church)

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