The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 5 - Activities Of Tribal Messiahs (Part 4)

7. Hometown And Unification Of South And North

1) The Reason Why the North and South Separated

As soon as you go back, there is land which we wanted to buy to establish 1500 churches. just as the Israelites came to the temple to resolve all their sorrows, you must cry as your nation's representative. Why is Korea so corrupt? Why did this nation become so pitiful, and why are South and North divided? It is because they did not serve God's will and lost it. As tribal messiahs, we must plant the tradition of the realm of heart in every place. You must cry with such right of ancestors. (1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

2) What to Prepare Before the Unification of South and North

Will the unification happen? It will happen, right? [Yes.] Will you bring unification or not? [We will.] For something to look feasible and for something to be ordered are not the same. So far you have done what seemed feasible, but now you must follow my words. I did everything according to the word. I kept all my promises and did all I foretold. You must also keep your promise, then Korea will automatically turn around. The unification of Korea we will achieve this long cherished goal.

Centering on the unified country, if we achieve a Cain and Abel unity with China, the world will be automatically united. I have been making conditions for more than 35 years in order to achieve unity with communist China. At the 1981 International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, I said that I would be on the front line of Asia by universalizing technology with China, and the chair-people thought I was joking, but I achieved it in five years. Wasn't a change of system announced on December 7, 1984? When we announced that the Soviet Union would fall, we said to wait for five years. How many years have passed now? [Four years.] How much did they oppose us? They sighed and worried about me. It was not to be listened to. It happened in this way because we announced it.

You also must announce the unification of Korea. Do you know the right methods or not? [We know.] If I hear that you are building churches, I may visit you sometime. You thought that I would forget, didn't you? Instead, I have all the maps. To wish to achieve the unification of South and North without first building a temple of God is to be a thief. Only when local churches flourish, can the sixty million people of North and South Korea unite and prepare a place where God can be served.

We must show the tradition of effort through your example so that the surrounding people can say with a desperate heart, "They are amazing. God will be with them." When we establish the country you desire, we will make it a source for educating the sixty million people. Do not do it in a clumsy or lazy way. Work hard. (1989.1.3 Hannam-dong House)

3) If the Tribes Become One, the Unification of South and North Korea Will Occur

Among those who have lived here, there must have been filial sons and royal ministers. You must inherit the tradition of True Parents better than those filial sons and royal ministers, return home and plant it there. How do you plant it? You must serve your parents better than any filial sons who have ever lived, and you must be more royal than any royal ministers who have ever lived. Unless such a realm of heart appears, it will not take root. Thus, my declaration of return to home, town is the first in the history of religion. Though millions of years have passed by, now that I have come and indemnified everything, you can return home and win the repentance of your parents and tribe. I have not been able to do it. Now I am trying to do it for the first time.

Previously, we had to abandon our hometown and country. We had to desert Korea and fight in America. Why? Because Abel can return home only when he subjugates Cain and restores the elder son's birthright. He returns home with the elder son's birthright gained through winning a battle with the free world. Only when you love God more than satanic love, can the elder and second son go to God's bosom. Where does it start from? From your hometowns and families.

Just as one becomes a part of the True Parent's body, horizontally inherits the tradition of parental love and expands it through the tribe, nation, country and world, we must go to forty million people with the same principle. So inheriting parental love on a vertical level, we plant it horizontally so that it takes root. Our responsibility upon returning to hometown is to plant it with tears and blood from the highest level of love. Because you know this, I will find a landing place in your hometowns after having wandered in the wilderness without fulfilling the will for seventy years. When a family is established and a tribe spreads, we can indemnify the tribal standards of the families of Zachariah and of Joseph, which were lost at the time of Jesus. Centering on that standard, you, instead of me, are connecting to the country and going to the age of the unification of South and North Korea.(1988.5.11 Chung Joo Church)

If you go back to your hometown and connect your ancestors and tribe, the South and North will be unified automatically. (1988.5.11 Headquarters Church)

If you go back to your hometown, your ancestors are supposed to help. With regard to your tribe, you are Abels, and your parents and relatives are Cains. You are in the realm where Cain, Abel, country and world become one. There is no one to object to it. Thus, standing on the foundation of restoring the elder son's birthright, forcefully teach your tribe truthful values in a subjective manner. We must become one, from grandfather to father, mother, to our most distant relatives. We must work with purpose. We must unify the South and North, and for this all tribes must be one. (1989.2.5 Hannam-dong House)

You must know what to do and where. From the tribal stage, you must go over the national stage. Since you are at the tribal restoration stage, I must become one with you on a national stage by connecting you with the truth. If we become one like this, the unification of South and North will automatically happen. We can digest China and the Soviet Union only when we become one like this. The conclusion is that we set up tribal messiahship. Where? In your hometowns in Korea. The idea of the Fatherland is vague, but assigning tribal messiahs is concrete. We assign a tribal messiah to the place where he was born. It is the return to hometown on a family level. There is an exact landing, and no more movement. (1989.1.3 Hannam-dong House)

4) Return to Hometown and the Unification of South and North

The slogan of 1989 was "Unification of Korea." The Fatherland God desires is the Fatherland and hometown of mankind centered on true love! In other words, Korea is the Fatherland God desires and it is the Fatherland and hometown of mankind centered on true love! Korea must be the Fatherland and hometown of mankind, so Korea must be unified! So far mankind has not had a hometown and Fatherland! Korea must become that hometown and Fatherland! This means that Korea must become unified.

How is unification achieved? It is done through the principle of love and life. This is the principle of unification. First, with the individual centering on love, the body and mind become one. Centering on God, the mind and body of an individual become one.

Next is the unification of the internal and the external centering on the family! This is the unification of the internal and the external based on the relationship of the parents and children. It is the realm of unification based on one's family; one is to bring together one's family with other families centering on the parent-child relationship. It is the internal and the external unification. By internal and the external unification, it is talking about one's family, the Abel position.

Moreover, next is the internal and external unity of the people. This is the same. After making the tribe one, it will become the Abel and bring many other tribes together. In order to make those tribes unified, one has to invest one's self for the restoration of the birthright of the oldest son. This principle is unchanging.

Next is the internal and external unification of the nation! South Korea and North Korea are different. For South Korea to stand in the internal position to unite externally, it has to walk the path similar to that of Cain and Abel. For this reason, South Korea must invest itself for the sake of North Korea. This is the reason that the president recently is repeatedly trying to give to North Korea, isn't this so? Because we have come upon such a time, he involuntarily has the desire to give.

However, one problem is that there is no way to protect or defend centering on this principle and rule. Because the path is not known, each person cannot ward off Satan from entering, so this has become a problem. For this reason, we have to quickly proceed on with education. You have to hurry up. In order to enter the native land and prevent Satan's invasion, all you have to do to bring it to a conclusion is to become a tribal messiah and live for the sake of the nation centering on the restoration of Cain and the foundation of tribe. We are dwelling in this era, the era of the internal and external unification of the nation.

If this unfolds all over, if in South Korea the tribal spheres can be unified on the world level completely centering on the Messiah, then this unified realm of love will go beyond the standard which has historically been dominated with Satan's love based on the national level. When this takes place, the nation will take on the form in which it will make an input for the sake of the world in the name of God. From that moment, Satan cannot raise the banner of opposition.

Up to now, Satan has been opposing religion centering on the national standard and by dividing into many nations. However, if we meet the standard of unity centering on the people now and on the national level in South Korea, then with this as the basis, when we enter North Korea, we will have already stepped over to the national standard. North Korea must become one automatically. (1989.1.3 Hannam-dong House)

Now, you have to go back to your hometown and play the role of owners. In your hometowns, you have to connect to me the individual, family, tribe, people, and all the way to the world. All you have to do is make the connection to the Republic of Korea. For the sake of the nation, you must mobilize the tribe and engraft them. All of you are to follow the path in which you can follow me. When you do that, the national standard will automatically be restored. You are not to claim the country of Adam and Eve through conflict. It is to emerge automatically when I send you to your hometown. (1988.10.15)

What is the task of the Unification Church? The Korean people must accomplish the unification of the north and south, centering on the Unification Church. You must correctly teach the path that America must walk and the path that Russia must walk. In order to do that, you have to create the materials needed to teach the American people and materials with which you can teach the communist people, yet where would you gather those materials? They have to be made at the headquarters for the unification movement of the north and south of Korea.

This is the last fierce battlefield of the world. Because the pivotal point of the liberation of the world depends on this, the Korean people must not limit themselves to loving their own children, family and tribes, but also sacrifice for the sake of the south and north as a whole, as well as sacrifice for the sake of the world. Because such times have dawned upon us, you are to return to your hometown.

The unification of north and south will take place through the heads of boroughs and districts. It will begin to take place from the time you go back to your hometown and restore the four position foundation of mother and father. You must be able to engraft into the true love of God centering on your older brothers and sisters. Because they do not understand the true love of God, you must teach them. You have to become the educational resources. You have to teach them, "You must love the nation like this and love the world like that." You have to return to your hometowns and love in that manner. Unless you exert yourself, by shedding tears, sweat and blood, more than any patriot or filial son who has passed through that hometown land in history until now, even if God is present substantially He cannot guide you. This is the principle.

You must love Cain. In order for Adam to enter the kingdom of Heaven, he has to love Cain. Without loving the archangel, he cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven. Some people did not return hometown for ten, twenty or thirty years after leaving home. This has been the case with me. You should not return to hometown. You must return only after defeating Satan and take with you the blessings. Because I have laid the victorious foundation of indemnity on the world level, those among your ancestors who are in the spirit world on account of the merit of that blessing are on the national level. You must understand that because the national level is within the world level, they are waiting for you, who are to return to your ancestors, in the position of archangels which had been created first.

What do you have to do? You must love God more than Adam and Eve. As long as you do that, your ancestors will support you from a hundred directions so that all sorts of miracles will take place. From now on, if your relatives try to oppose you with their mouths, then their mouths will be glued together. Their tongues cannot be moved; such phenomena will take place. All sorts of miracles will take place.

In this way, within one year we must place a banner in the families of the Korean people and, centering on the love of God, implant the true roots in those families. In order for the blessed couples to implant the roots, you must establish the bond of heart so that all of your relatives can engraft themselves onto the tree whose roots have been implanted. As this unfolds in the land of the South Korea, the land of the North Korea will also be connected automatically, so that there will be enough light of liberation radiating from the south and sweeping the north. Until now, the realm of love and heart of the True Parents has been lost, but for the first time in history, through the love of True Parents, we have established the standard that can cover over the divided North and South Korea, as well as the whole world. That is this horizon. I have come in from the world in the opposite direction and returning again, I am standing here. After entering, I have paid the indemnity to chase Satan out. From now on, as long as I connect you to the development and recreate the family, tribe, people and nation centering on your families, the world will then come to a conclusion.

The day that liberation is brought upon the problem of Korea, the problem of east and west will naturally be liberated. The key to this is Korea. Do you understand? (Yes.) There is no other way to open it except with the realm of heart of True Parents' love.

You should understand this and go back to your hometown, and love your homeland with more effort than that which you have expended during your work throughout the decades that you have been in the Unification Church. Even a handful of grasses in your hometown should have formed pairs and receive the original loving heart of the Parents millions of years ago, yet they could not receive it. If this relationship of love can be bestowed upon them through us, then the land and creation can become one with us and return back to God, and by belonging to the name of the True Parents they can proceed forward toward the world of unification.

When you become one and make the effort, new roots will be implanted in the families of the thirty million people, so that not only would the unification of the north and south, but also the beginning point for the unification of the east and west, as well as the unification of Heaven on earth and Heaven in Heaven will emerge. You should know that the blessed era which comes only once in history is dawning upon us, and without falling off during this era but participating in it, you should become the victors who can praise the triumph that moves forward. As the original hometown becomes restored centering on God, Satan will be eternally locked up in the prison where he cannot resist, and the banner of liberation will be perpetuated together with the nation of true love. (1988.5.9. Guang Ju Church)

Centering on September 27, 1988, we are to return to the ceremony of the transition into the world unification. Centering on the GaeChun-Jer (the day of the opening of Heaven), it is amazing how the number matches so well with the year 4321. As I was carrying it out, that day came out to be exactly right. We can freely proclaim before Heaven and earth the appearance of the unified nation of the world, the new kingdom of Heaven on earth. Why? It is because all the members of the Unification Church are returning to their hometown. I have already distributed all the things they need to live in their hometown.

The meaning of the hometown providence this time is entering here to build a house and rear sons and daughters to raise meritorious ministers of Heaven. In the history of world religions, the concept of returning to the hometown is unprecedented. When one believes in a high level religion, one is taught to leave home, but there is no concept of returning to the hometown. You have to understand that the directive to return to the hometown is the joyful news given for the first time in history. When you return, you are to serve the parents and return after inheriting the nation of the parents. Do you understand? (Yes.)

In the future, I am going to order the dissolution of the Unification Church. What does one do in the Unification Church? One is to go to one's hometown and seek the nation of the hometown. What do you do in a church when you have created the nation that is directly connected to the hometown, and the kingdom of Heaven that is directly connected with the hometown? Isn't this so? It is found within you.

You are the ones who are to tie up the earth and also the ones who are to untie the earth. just as the Bible teaches that in the spirit world it will be loosed or unloosed, according to how it is loosed or unloosed on the earth, just like how the key to the door of Heaven is given to Peter, I have given to you not the key to the door of Heaven but the kingdom of Heaven itself. This is the instruction which tells you to return to your hometown and then by sowing seeds of love restore the tribe. (1988.10.14. Headquarters Church)

5) The Unification of North and South is the Beginning Point for the Unification of the Earth and the Unification of Heaven

If you go to your hometown and bring unity, then your tribe as well as the nation will be connected. When you can connect to the nation, then liberation is next. The world will automatically be linked together. Until now, restorational history has been conducted centering on nations. If the sovereignty of one nation is formed on the national level, then there is the formation of the patriotic citizens centering on the nation. The character of people who try to leave something behind for the sake of the ideals of God's love even if it entailed giving their life for the people more than any people of any nation in history, then the connection will automatically be made to the realm of unified world. (1988.8.22 Hannam-dong House)

We have to reclaim the nation. Now, I am sending you to your hometown, as the tribal messiah of the hometown. I have sent you in order to restore the standard that could not be establish by Jesus.

Although you have gone to your hometown, there is no nation. Who is supposed to pioneer the nation first? It is your job. Because True Parents have the responsibility to be one step ahead in the dispensation of restoration and make the progress, I have been making all the preparation for the north-south unification movement; you have to understand this. You must go to your hometown. By restoring your tribes completely . . . this will expand out to the worldwide domain automatically when the one nation comes into existence. It is substituting the position of Jesus. Jesus failed at the restoration of the tribe.

When my work to establish the central nation that represents the nations in the world is completed, then as long as your tribes are restored, it will come to you automatically. If you can become the tribal messiah, you are making the link with the foundation for the national messiah, starting from the nation, on the world domain, by paying indemnity for the central nation. . . . What the unification of north and south signifies is the unification of the communist world and the democratic world. It will become the beginning point for the unification of the earth and the unification of Heaven. (1988.12.20. East Garden)

The way that the unification is brought about is that, centering on this love of Cain and Abel when the connection is made with the foundation that the realm of Abel can digest, Cain and Abel will become one, and the Abel will become the center at the place one level higher, and there, by expanding the foundation of having loved for the sake of the domain of Cain, a tribe or people that is greater in scope, and having brought harmony to them, as one reaches the level of the archangel, then all will come to a successful conclusion. This is how the principle model is. It will unfold based on this formula. (1986.1.3. Hannam-dong House)

6) The Unification of North and South and Peace Will Come

I could not speak to my older brother about the principle. I could not even speak to my parents about the principle. How earnestly, do you think, I have longed to gather my family and share the words of the principle? However, the dispensation of restoration will not be fulfilled centering on one's own kinsmen. In order to restore the death of Jesus, I have to go out to the world and then return. There is no other choice for me but to turn it around and return to the point where centering on the spiritual foundation the substantial foundation can be built again.

The nation that stands before the world must be protected, within the nation the tribe must be protected, within the tribe the family has to be protected, and within the family the couple and children have to be protected, but in reality a nation wherein this can be done does not exist. Without the foundation of a nation, even if I were to love my kinsmen, I would be accused by Satan. You have to understand this. (1989.1.3. Hannam-dong House)

There is the foundation of God that He has been establishing on the earthly world throughout the history since the creation until now. Finally, in the era of Rev. Moon, He has renewed his expectations on the individual, family, and tribal level, but this tribe is becoming a tribe destined to doom. Everyone is only thinking about his own wife, children and parents. This will perish. I am not telling you not to do that. You are to settle down only after the fight and winning victory, after the unification of north and south. (1987.11.8 Church Headquarters)

8. Attending To The Holy Pictures; Raising The Unification Church Flag; Submitting The Application Form For Membership

We, the Unification Church, are rewriting history. We are rebuilding a new heavenly nation. In order to do that, what do we have to do first? We need citizens and public service personnel, right? From the viewpoint of the dispensation, Unification Church members are the public servants, and the people who are submitting the application forms are the citizens. Their missions are different.

Those who have submitted the application forms have placed their stamp [signature] on them. However, people are very scared of putting their stamp on anything because, during the Korean War, it got them into a lot of trouble; they saw how people were executed and their families were massacred because of this.

Recently a regional leader from the Kangwon province came up and reported that members from a certain Catholic church went beyond their normal area of activity to do witnessing. However, when they got there they found that pioneering members of the Unification Church had already given lectures there and had seventy percent of the people sign applications. When the Catholics thought about the fact that Unification Church members already had a majority of the people sign their applications, they were displeased. They decided that they should also go and witness in the same region; as a result, they rushed there and visited all the places.

They visited all the important figures in the village and said, "You should believe in Catholicism. The Unification Church is a cult." Then these people said in reply, "We have already joined the Unification Church." They declared that they had already enrolled in the Unification Church party. They thought that joining the Unification Church was like joining a political party. They consider it something even greater than a party.

From now on, you will find that it is better to bring my picture with you wherever you go. My picture will protect you so that you can persevere through the most difficult hardships. In the Old Testament when Moses was performing miracles in order to liberate the people of Israel from the pharaoh and lead them into the land of Canaan, all firstborn sons died of a deadly disease, except for those who lived in houses which had the blood of lambs painted on their front door. In the spirit world, the spirits not only watch over our actions but also provide protection. (1984.1.15 America)

The Israelites met their doom because after they entered the blessed land of Canaan, they did not know what to do. However, I know what to do. Nonetheless, I did not talk about it. Do you understand what you have to do after entering the blessed land of Canaan? Do not follow in the footsteps of the ancestors.

If you understand this, you should prepare a prayer room in which you should put my picture and bow before it a thousand, even 10,000 times. In the past, the groups, such as that of Huh Hyo-Bin, who were preparing to receive the Messiah bowed 3,000 times each day. You should try this. When they were making clothes, they sewed each garment by hand, one by one. They believed that doing it on a sewing machine showed disrespect. Even with such great devotion, it was still not enough. But their effort did not yield rotten fruit without seeds. Although the result of this heart flowed away, it still left good seeds. It will revive.

I will not employ the service of those people who are not recognized in the society of the Unification Church members. People who are like the beggars with no place to go should not come here. (1988.5.15 Headquarters Church)

The reason for this is that even in the satanic world, everyone hangs up the pictures of their parents. Because the last days have dawned upon us, we are to revere the heavenly parents and use them to educate our family in the right traditions. Rev. Moon is very famous. Everyone, including the Christian ministers, acknowledges that I am a patriot living for the sake of the nation; isn't that right? Go, ask people. I am well-known as a patriot. Moreover, the whole universe bows down in recognition of my achievements. Furthermore, if, as a result, people come to say, "Since we have put the picture up, even a husband and wife cannot have a quarrel before it," and tell their children, "You should not do such things in front of Rev. Moon," then what is wrong with that? Because you are revering it more than the picture of your own parents, your ancestors will come and also revere it as their ancestor. Do you understand? It will become the altar where ancestors can come and pro, vide service for the household. Because the way to receive heavenly blessing will open up as a result, even after you fall asleep at three o'clock in the morning they will chase out all the selfish devils from the surroundings of your family. (1991.8.25 Headquarters Church)

Having brought about unity in your family, you should implant the words of the teacher, and the mentality of the owner and patriot in the minds of your family members.

The love of God and love of man as expressed in the ideal of creation -- this horizontally and vertically combined ideology must expand from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation. . . . You should put up a public notice that states that you have won the right to a new tribe that has inherited the standard of the true lineage, and then, possessing the victorious kingship, raise high the flag. If someone passing by curses at that flag, then he/she will be punished. This is the reason why I told you to put up the flag. I have asked you to put up the flag again, right? Isn't hanging up the pictures and flags all you have to do?

When you hang the picture of True Parents in the room and put up the Unification Church flag, does your place fall under God's dominion or Satan's dominion? [God's dominion.] You will belong to God's dominion. I am trying to make you a part of God's dominion. For this reason, there were many people who were struck by lightning while they were cursing at the flag. This is quite miraculous. Some people developed sickness in their hands because they were pointing their fingers at me; they were able to recover from it only after holding their hand like this and praying in repentance for several days. This kind of phenomena takes place, right? Why?

When the heavenly fortune comes, it cannot be blocked by individual fate. It is an unchangeable destiny. When Moses held his rod up high, all who looked up to it lived. Do you understand? You will live as long as you took up to the Unification Church flag, bowing to it every time you come and go; every time you set out or come back, bow before the picture. (1991.8.25 Headquarters Church)

9. The Results Of The Activities Of Hometown Providence And Its Blessing

1) The Results of the Activities of Hometown Providence

Up to now, the reason that Unification Church members have been bearing the cross and receiving persecution is to restore the elder son during this era of the restoration of the eldest son. Should you suffer more hardships during the era of restoration of the eldest son? [We should do more.] We should be doing more. For this reason, a tribal messiah must liberate Jesus and me.

The family of Israel must liberate Jacob, the clan and people of Israel must liberate Moses, Christianity must liberate Jesus, and the Unification Church must liberate Rev. Moon. You cannot enter Heaven otherwise. This is the Principle. These are not merely my own words.

When I come to Korea and proclaim that I will bring its unification, who will help me? God will help me. For this reason, in the position of being one with God, I loved the satanic family, satanic tribe, satanic people, then the satanic nation, satanic world, and I even loved the spirit world and hell. I even loved hell. Because this is what I did, because I loved them, Satan cannot make any accusation even when everywhere I go becomes the individual heaven, family heaven, tribal heaven, people heaven, and national heaven. He cannot say, "You did not love me along with God." There is no room for such an accusation. For this reason, when you become one with me, when you become one with my word, the Satan that has been following you will be completely shaken off.

The meaning of tribal messiah now is that you are going with your family. You are blessed families, do you understand? You have passed the requirements for the family level. Sending the Messiah during the Old Testament Age was the sending of a bridegroom; in this Completed Testament Age now, what I am trying to achieve through my course of suffering is to send the Messiah on the family level.

God was trying to send the Messiah in the Old Testament era. He was trying to do everything in this way through the vertical path. During this Completed Testament era, we are to send the messiah to the four directions on the earth centering on me, and I am centering on the earth and God.

Whose responsibility is the messiah supposed to fulfill? He must restore the failures of Jesus. Did Jesus get married or not? [He did not.]

Did you get married or not? [We did.] Centering on this issue of marriage, who is better? How did you get married? Was it done randomly or casually; how did you do it? Your blood lineage was transferred through True Parents. Your bloodline has undergone a transformation.

As a result, this has become the beginning point for the liberation of Jesus, for the historical wall to be dismantled centering on your family, and for the alleviation of the suffering of God and of the pain of the 2,000-year history caused by the failure of Jesus to marry and have children. Consequently, the land of your original hometown will come into existence. It is like the birth of the original hometown of Jesus. Do you understand? The original hometown of love will emerge.

What must we do next? You must liberate me. Unlike you, I do not have a hometown. Even now, shouldn't I go to my hometown? Isn't this true? I must return to my hometown. I did not have the free environment in which as a young man I could educate my mother, father and family members to start God's hometown there and begin God's nation in that place without any persecution.

I was unable to preach the words of the Divine Principle to my parents. My older brother was truly a great man. He was an exemplary older brother in his life of faith. He had received the revelation that our nation would be liberated. Moreover, although he did not know who his younger brother really was, he knew that 1, who stood in the younger brother's position according to the secular viewpoint, was to become the greatest man in history. He understood this. He understood what kind of person his younger brother was. God told him, "He is the best of all the younger brothers in the world, so you must listen to whatever he says in your position as an older brother."

Therefore, Cain was restored naturally. Do you understand? It was restoration of Cain on the level of brothers. No matter what I did, whether I sold the house or did something else, he did not object to it at all. But I could not teach a word of the Divine Principle to such a great older brother. Can you grasp how miserable that situation was?

Traveling all over the world and learning while passing through numerous societies and national borders, I have given my life and suffered all kinds of hardships for the sake of resurrecting the people as citizens who can enter heaven. Yet I could not do a thing for my own mother and father; I lost everything there. This was because Christianity opposed me and the Korean nation did not fulfill its responsibility.

Even if I was to return to my hometown now, I assume that my parents have already left it and only a few brothers and sisters still remain. Probably one or two brothers are left. When I visit my hometown, this will probably be the most incredible of any other sorrowful event that I have experienced outside of it.

For this reason, you must do your hometown mission so that you can do all that could not be accomplished before, either by Jesus, who has been waiting for the day of blessing while persevering through the past 2,000 years, or by my hard struggle during the almost seventy years of my life to love the enemy despite walking the road of opposition and cross; this is what you must do. Accordingly, you must understand that even if you are to suffer tens of times more than the hardships that you have been experiencing for the last several decades after joining the Unification Church, the glory and value of your returning home is better than any position you have now.

You have to shed sincere tears of love for your parents once you are there. You should say, "Father, Mother, I have failed to be a filial son. Older brother and sister, I am sorry to have caused your heart to suffer," and after bringing harmony through love, you should serve the family and rise up to become the ancestor.

You must become the ancestor. This is the beginning of the world. The grandfather is to become like the grandson and the father is to become the son. This is the phenomena that will unfold.

First, accomplish the liberation of Jesus, and then the liberation of who? [Liberation of True Parents.] You cannot accomplish the liberation of True Parents by sitting here. You must return to your hometown. You must have the determination that you will restore the environment that prevented Jesus from teaching the universal truth in the true sense of the word without persecution centering on his own clan; you must build the environment in which you can teach the universal truth without persecution and be determined to stand in the position to receive more persecution than I have received and to love your parents more than me. By your doing so, communism will collapse. Communism will retreat automatically. This is the Principle perspective.

The actions of a tribal messiah must surpass Jesus and me. Do you understand? (1989.1.8 Headquarters Church)

2) The Value of Having Participated in the Restoration of the Hometown

Now the time is different. The past was the time of brothers. This is the era in which we must restore parents. It is completely different. You must understand the concept of parents.

Now, as long as you are proud of doing the mission of a tribal messiah and become a worthy Messiah like me, then you will not face opposition wherever you go. I have been carrying on the battle while looking to one side. By walking this path of life, I have laid such a foundation. It is not worthless; rather, it is very precious. You should realize this, too. How proud you should be of this time. This is the first time in history. (1989.4.2 New York)

Parents! Messiah! How much did the ancestors and religious leaders of the past yearn for a Messiah? No matter how much they yearned for him, they could not meet him. However, in this era, in your generation, this has become possible. You do not realize how blessed the generation is that can be together with the True Parents. This era is incredibly blessed.

Even Satan cannot oppose such parents. True Parents can bring the true brothers into one and embrace them, but Satan cannot do that. For this reason Satan lowers his head in submission. This is the Principle. This is God's perspective of creation.

How proud we should be of this time in which you can be messiahs!? Do you understand? (1989.5.1 World Mission Center)

3) The Blessing Due to the Hometown Providence

The fact that the hometown providence has been proclaimed in this present era of religious history is extremely joyful news in the dispensation of restoration. However, until you heard the content and explanation of the good news, didn't you think that it was no big deal? If you did, how ignorant are you about the dispensation? (1988.7.22 Hannam-dong House)

I cannot love my hometown, isn't that right? Are you the ones who are blessed or am I? [We are.] You can meet your mother and father. (1989.1.3 Hannam-dong House)

For this reason, in your time you can embrace your parents and call out, "Father." Then your parents can also cry out, "Father!" So how happy must you be? As for me, I could not do this. I was never in the position where centering on the tribe I could call out, "Father, " and my family members could feel my heart and shed tears. I could not call out the name of my father. I could not share with him about the victory of the heavenly kingdom. You have to understand that I possess this kind of sorrow.

You should love your family in place of me, who has such a sorrowful history. You must free your relatives. The word is the stick with which you can liberate them. It is miraculous that now the time has come for the proclamation of the word of truth. (1988.1.23 Headquarters Church)

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