The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 5 - Activities Of Tribal Messiahs (Part 3 )

5. Things To Do At Hometown

1) Hold a Feast

Last Thanksgiving, didn't I give you money to hold feasts? [Yes.] You must have had a lot of rice cake (ddeok). You should say, "This time I will sponsor a feast." If someone says that since he is thankful to Reverend Moon for having given the money before, he now wants to give money for the feast, even if he incurs a debt, he will be celebrated at a national feast.

Do you think a time for a national feast will come or not? [It will come.] When South and North Korea are reunited, should we hold a feast or not? [We should.] How many thousands of cows do we have to cook? [About thirty thousand.] Each family should cook one cow. Wouldn't they do this when such a historic day comes? When people made a sacrifice in the Old Testament Age, they always cooked at least one cow. If I pray that Satan cannot take away those who ate the meat and drank its broth at that time, then Satan cannot drag them away.

Last year I gave as much as 2.2 billion won for rice cake. That amount of money disappeared. It was for feasts. I think the whole nation must have eaten the rice cakes from the Unification Church! If the whole nation has forty million people, how much did each receive? Calculate. Fifty won. How many rice cakes do you get for fifty won? One? Half? [It is a hundred won for two rice cakes.] If you get two for a hundred, you can have one for fifty; so the forty million people got one rice cake each. Would they have spit on us after eating or would they say, "Oh, it is delicious. I want one more"? They must have said, "Why just one? They should give three." Now that I have given one, you must give the remaining two. That is how we establish the number three. The number three is the number of perfection, isn't it? So will you do it or not? [We will do it.] Will you pay the rice cake money or not? [We will.]

Since I did it, those who returned to their hometown should offer a feast to celebrate their glorious return, shouldn't they? I offered a feast. Religions teach the importance of fasting, serving and sacrificing. Now that kind of age is gone. In the Unification Church we did a lot of fasting and prayer vigils. Now, when you go home, you should hold a feast in order to save your kin and clan, even if you have to sell your house to pay for it. It is okay to sell off everything, right? In the future, the world will feed you. Since Reverend Moon is working hard for the world, the time will come when all nations will pay tribute to me.

That is why the Tong-Il Ilbo [newspaper] is afraid now. Isn't it afraid of the Segye Ilbo? [Yes.] All the political parties are afraid. They shiver with fear. Will you be happy seeing this sight? [Yes.] They should not fall and die from shivering. We must catch them when they fall. We must feed them when they have not eaten. Why are they shivering? At that point you say, "Do not shiver; just bring your father and ancestors. You will be saved if you eat and dance joyfully at my banquet. Will you do that?" If they say yes, that is the restoration of the tribe. (1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

2) Hold a Welcome Ceremony on the Family Level

The Unification Church is a frightening organization. What does it frighten? The devil, sin and evil. That is the only way that hope can come. The conclusion is simple. At this time of transition I proclaimed to the nation a welcoming ceremony for the True Parents. You must go back to hometown. You must return gloriously. These days Korea welcomes me, doesn't it? [Yes.] You must be welcomed by your tribe, then Korea will turn around. May you become heavenly princes and princesses who serve! [Amen.] May you become royal couples who can do all these things! [Amen.] (1990.5.20 Headquarters Church)

Now, in order for Korea to change its direction at this time of transition, it must be centered on the True Parents. The root must be different. The time has now come when we must eliminate the root planted in the fallen history of selfishness and turn everything around by planting a root in the history of serving the whole. As we have proclaimed this through the welcoming ceremony for True Parents, we must also hold welcome ceremonies for the True Children and True Family. Your tribes must do that. So far the whole of the Unification Church and the nation have done this, but now you must go back to your own tribes and, finally, hold a welcome party centering on the true clan and tribe in which you celebrate the salvation of your ancestors. That is the proclamation of a tribal messiah. Then a heavenly country will naturally come into being. You do not have to think about other countries. There is only Korea. When it expands, there will be no problem no matter what part of the world we go to or what people we meet. Different cultures are not a problem. As all unite with one essential standard, the unified world of true love comes into being in which every, thing is harmonized and all things can be handled. For this job, along with the True Parents' welcoming party proclamation, you must also proclaim for yourself a welcome ceremony for the tribe. You have the responsibility to do that. (1990.5.20 Headquarters Church)

3) Follow Father's Tradition and Establish His Tradition

What can I do from now? You cannot complain even if I live happily with my family. Inherit the tradition I established. Until now, for the sake of restoration, Cain and Abel separated and so did the mother and father, but now one family moves and stays together even when you go witnessing. The time has come when one family can work together, even starving and getting cursed together. Then what is your hope? If families have wishes to ask me, what would they be? They will ask, "Oh! God and Parents, give me the land where we can go and receive blessing." Where should they go? Everybody said, "Let us go to our hometown." You must go to your hometown as a messiah centering on your family. You must know that you must go as a messiah centering on your family, as messiah centering on family.

What do you do in your hometown? You must make them become one with you. The method is simple. The son goes out as a teacher of heavenly tradition and shows an example of how to create the Kingdom of Heaven. The mother and father show the village parents how to create a heavenly village, then it will work. It is simple. Create a loving family, in which the husband loves the wife and the wife loves the husband and the parents love the children and the children love the parents, and bequeath it all to them; then it will be done. (1985.8.20 Belvedere)

From now on, do not complain and do not think of your sons and daughters. I deserted everything. You also must make a new determination, and take it deeply within your heart that in order to carry on my tradition, you must tread the path that I have gone. I have gone through all the historical indemnity necessary to become a parent, the heavenly parent, the true parent.

I have done this in order to stand in the position of the worldwide ancestor. But you must go this way in order to inherit the tradition to become a tribal ancestor, a tradition specific to your individual areas. You must establish the tradition for the sake of your tribe. From now on, the twelve tribes will be organized. So we need a tradition. Those who only think about themselves will be left out. (1984.4.1 America)

I pray that they all go back to their hometowns, fill up the land with loving tears by planting God and True Parents' tradition, and make conditions such that they offer a repentance by the sacrifice of their blood in enduring hardship and establish a heavenly foundation where there is forgiveness. I pray all this in the name of True Parents. Amen. (1988.5.11 Chung-ju Church)

4) Plant a Shimjung Realm

You must go back to hometown and create a realm of True Parents' shimjung. That is why I am assigning all of you to go to your hometown. Everyone is going back to hometown, right? Have you heard of going back? [Yes.] The shimjung realm of your hometown in South Korea should be on the same plane with the standard of shimjung I established through paying indemnity on the worldwide level. Where do we plant the original shimjung? In the hometown. (1988.5.15 Headquarters Church)

We must plant a true shimjung in hometown. Failing to plant it is the fall. You must become the head family of your clan.

5) Restoration of the Tribe

A. Salvation of the Tribe

You must go back to your hometown before I do. In the process of restoration, parents do not go first. Abel must be restored first. If the Unification Church is Abel, the established churches and the people are Cain. They must be united and go back to hometown. What do you do in your hometown? You as an Abel must completely embrace the realm of Cain. As you all return to hometown, your hometown return is different from Adam and Eve's fall. The Parents achieved a total victory and restoration by overcoming all of Satan's persecution on the individual, family, tribe, racial and national levels, and by making indemnity conditions on the worldwide level. After this I have returned to you so that you can inherit it from me.

If you return home with this, you are not a wanderer. You have been a wanderer so far, moving with the wind. But now you will plant an unmovable frame of true love in the land where God can come. In whose name? [In God's name.] In the name of God, who is the vertical parent, and of the True Parents, who are the horizontal parents. As a result, our nation and our tribe will not perish. The seeds planted through the parents' victorious foundation cannot be touched by the devil. So you return to your hometown in order to save your tribes. The persecution and opposition will all disappear. The time has come when the intellectuals will perceive that opposing Reverend Moon only does harm to the country and the world. Thus we must return to our hometowns and work. (1988.5.20 Taegu Church)

Now the time has come! Do not go just anywhere, but to your tribe. I have sent you so that you can become tribal messiahs. Centering on your own tribe, restore the Cain tribe. We must restore our tribes. It is the same as the effort to unite the northern and southern parts of Israel through Elijah. Through miracles Elijah eliminated all the prophets of Ashra and Baal, 850 in number. Then he thought that the people would serve the living God, but instead they tried to kill him, so he ran away. In despair he asked God to take his life, at which time God said that there were 7000 people who did not yet worship Baal. That meant there was the possibility for the two Israels to unite with Elijah.

If Korea is like the southern dynasty, all the people in the world are the northern dynasty. If 7000 people had been united, would Jesus have had to die? The restoration of the tribe did not take place. The families of Joseph and Zachariah did not unite. That is why Jesus died. The central figure can stand victorious only when Cain and Abel unite. Adam and Eve are saved through Abel. Only when Abel fulfills his responsibility, subjugates Cain and totally unites with him, can the parents appear. Otherwise Gods will cannot advance.

Individually, you can come before God only when your mind subjugates your body and creates a man who is united in mind and body. It is the same with the family. You can go to God only when you totally unite with your wife. Your whole family can go to God only when you unite with your children. The whole can go to God only when the tribe unites centering on this family. Then you go to the realm of the nation. This is the path to find God. (1989.1.27 Hannam-dong House)

B. Method of Tribal Restoration

What did Jesus have to do on earth? He had to establish tribal messiahs. But since he died without accomplishing this, he automatically lost the level of the national messiah. So I am sending you across Korea with the mission of tribal messiah who can represent the twelve tribes.

However, you are not yet at the perfection level of the growth stage. You are marching to the satanic world centering on the connection of shimjung in which you serve God at the perfection level of the perfection stage. Thus, if you have faith and if husband and wife unite, every, one will be easily won over, including the father-in-law. You must have such a faith. You must bear the responsibility of Abel. You must fulfill the mission of the family level Abel.

Of course, you must give the offering according to God's will, but also Abel himself needs a strategy to subjugate Cain. For this purpose, what if Abel says to Cain, "Older brother, I am sorry that Father only loves me"? Wouldn't it make a good condition if Abel says, "I am sorry that God receives only my offering"? Standing in this position, centering on the family level Abel's standard of Heaven, before you brag about the right of Abel, you must use a similar strategy to subjugate the Cain families. You must use strategy.

Here, though God is the Abel of the universe and mankind is Cain before God, God has gone through the history of restoration with the body of a servant of servant, of an adopted son and of a child. You must inherit this tradition and go to your tribes, reactivate the tradition and subjugate them. This will not take long. The longest it should take would be three years. So we estimate ten years. (1968.3.3 Tae Jun Church)

You are Abel. If your family, in the position of Abel, unites your tribe, Mother and I can come. Since Parents are one and victorious, all is fulfilled if Cain and Abel unite centering on this. That is why I am returning you home as tribal messiahs. You must be as one when you are back home. Only through this will the desires of Jesus and the Second Coming be fulfilled. This is also the hope of the age of the Second Coming. Thus, the failures of Jesus will count as having been indemnified in this age of the Second Coming. This way you can go anywhere the Parents go.

Where should you go? [To the place of our birth.] You must restore the Cain relatives. Blessed families stand in the position of Abel. Abel families must save the Cain families. By Cain family, I mean the nearby tribes. Thus, by uniting the entire tribe, you can automatically be connected to my victories on the national, worldwide and cosmic levels. You must make your tribe one. This is the last mission. (1989.3.19 World Mission Center)

What do you have to do? What is your first task? It is important to go out witnessing, but also you must save families. You must save your tribe. The nation is connected from above, and now is the time to save your tribe. Now is the time when you can unite your tribe at once even without effort. Work [three times] as hard as you did outside. Parents will quickly turn around with that effort. We must use things in your culture. If you make something like a movie and show it to your parents, they will say, "Oh, I did not know," and turn around. You must be responsible for your parents and family.

Where do Cain and Abel go after they are restored? They must restore the parents. The Principle is that you restore the outside Cain and Abel and then your own brothers and sisters. Thus, if externally our foundation can connect with the nation now, then you are responsible to restore your own brothers and sisters and parents internally. From now on, you must concentrate on this. That is my point, understand? [Yes.]

That is why you should serve your parents. You must serve your parents, be an example to your neighbors and become a child your parents like. You have been lecturing outside, but now you should lecture at home. If that does not work, you should ask someone in an Abel position to you to sacrifice for your family; instead of sacrificing for you, he sacrifices for your family. If you work on your family in this mutual relationship, a lot will be restored. Those whose parents are not restored, raise your hands. They all must be restored. (1974.4.29. Chung Ang Training Center)

C. Tribe Revival

From now on, we must do a revival for families. This will be a family revival representing the world. Your family revival involves your tribe, but it also represents all tribes. You must all think that way. You must think that not just in Korea, but also in the world many blessed families are connected to their own tribes, and your revival represents all these tribes. This way everyone in the world can participate in the revival. Today, since Korea became the basis of the Korean Unification Church, we can do a revival with our tribes representing the world. This is such a blessing.

For this revival festival you can cook a cow. It is up to you. If you want to cook a chicken, cook a chicken and you will be blessed that much. If you cook one hundred cows, you will be blessed that much. Everything will be determined by a serving heart and by how much effort you make. In proportion to this, your ancestors will be liberated. (1989.1.3 Hannam-dong House)

Now the reunification of Korea is possible. If you go to your hometown now and do a tribal revival, it will become a historic revival. This event is more remarkable than the March 1st Independence Movement. The circumstances have become such that the progress of God's way is welcome. If you cannot move your tribe even in such a circumstance, you must die. (1989.2.5 Hannam-dong House)

Evil spirits gave medicine and then disease. Now good spirits do not give medicine and disease, they give medicine and send them to heaven. Our (good) ancestors gave medicine and let them live. Satan gave medicine and took them to the hell, but we give medicine and send them to heaven. In order to send them to heaven, your ancestors sometimes hit and give medicine. They say, "You rascal, why aren't you going? If you do not go, you will get sick." Wait and see. Your ancestors will do that. These things will happen, so they will not be able to help going. Even the governor of a state, in his arrogance, will be grasped by the neck by his ancestors and be told to go and bow in front of the Unification Church. Among these ancestors, if any of them committed a sin and became an enemy, he must indemnify his sin. Thus he must send his representative and beg for forgiveness. That is why these things happen.

So far Satan gave disease and medicine. He dragged them to hell this way. No one likes medicine, right? Medicine is a beating stick and suffering. Should you do a revival or not? [We should.] Truly, you must become a messiah. Then, if you just pray, you will appear with the right of messiah. So far we have kept talking about tribal messiah, right? Now you must do the work of the messiah, so you must do the revival. (1989.1.3 Hannam-dong House)

Why did I tell you to gather here? You must do a tribal revival, offering your life. In the future, the district leaders should be able to give a workshop, though they may not have it now. If you go back to your hometown now there is little you can do to earn a living. You must earn a living by the Divine Principle. If you simply teach them the Principle, they will say, "We will provide for your family." Who would let a priest starve? It must happen that way. (1989.2.5 Hannam-dong House)

6) Tong Ban Outreach

What is our purpose? Tong Ban outreach, which we have been doing so far. Tong Ban outreach is our purpose. In your hometown, we can never tolerate Satan invading the Tong and Ban centered on your tribe. You must eliminate the root. Eliminate the weeds. (1988.6.1 Headquarters Church)

In the tribe, there are families. In the nation, there are many tribes and a nation is formed through a connection of tribes. The country can do nothing without following the Unification Church.

If we set up the tribal foundation, the nation will automatically be formed. Tribal and Tong Ban outreach are related. Tong Ban outreach occurs within the realm of the tribe. A village or Tong Ban are all within the realm of tribe, aren't they? That is why I used the term "Tong Ban outreach." If you become a tribal messiah, is Tong Ban outreach completed or not? It is completed. (1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

7) Building a Church

I wanted to buy 1500 churches across the country. How many are there now? [530.] We have established 530 bases. From now on, you must pray in these bases instead of at the holy grounds, okay? You know that though there have been so many religions, including Christianity, there was no religion that could serve the heavenly parents and plant the root of heavenly shimjung. You must set conditions to make churches in which a new root of shimjung can be planted.

Now is the time when the spiritual world can help us. You must organize your hometown and become the chief. Become the chief, establish a holy place and altar and, in this place of God, set up an altar of atonement. You must establish a church. Your hometown has experienced great sorrow throughout the fallen history! Just as the Israelites returned from Babylon after hundreds of years and restored the temple and served God, you must return and build a church. As for the myun level church, I do not build it. You must build it with your relatives. In order for your tribe, which is Cain, to be restored through indemnity, they must build a local church centered on you as the head and priest. Your close relatives must build it. You do not build it yourself. For the sake of God, you build a church and then a school, then you build your house.

If you have a house, sell it, if it is necessary, to pay for building a church and a school. Why? The second generation of Israelites restored Canaan. The second generation in the world now is on our side. You must establish an educational foundation that can make the second generation more loyal than you and pray, "The foundation of the present and future where You can operate will expand from here."

What do you have to build first? A temple to serve God. Next? For your sons and daughters, you must build a school where you become a tribal messiah teacher and show them your example of how you love God and mankind as their textbook. It is the same for me. I worked to make churches and schools, but the Korean government gave no approval for schools. We built Sung Hwa University, right? One building cost enough money to build more than twelve ordinary buildings. It is a building to remain for a thousand years of history. Did I build the house for my own children or yours? Yours. You must make a donation and build the school. Have you made a donation? When I talk about building a church, you think I will do everything. This kind of thinking will lead you to disaster. If you cannot do it, I will have the Japanese members do it. Do you understand? If you fail your responsibility in your hometown, I will have the Japanese members do it, even by selling their blood. In the future, the husband or wife must go to the hometown church and live. You must invest blood and sweat to build a church.

Centering on these tasks and churches, you must make a prayer place. You should pray in the church, but if you cannot find a place to pray, you must make a place through selling your land and through a meeting of your relatives. You must make a place of prayer yourself. You must know this.

Next, if there is a rich person among your relatives, his house must become the church. You must even take down all the good houses and give to the church. In order to be an ancestor, you must make a church and then a school. You must pioneer a new history in order to keep the tradition. Each clan has its own tradition, right? Without this, forget about everything else. We must make an ideal blessed land where Heaven is served as Parents are served, and the clan can be settled eternally. If you set up a foundation of tribal messiah, your tribe must pay a tribute to the country. That time will come. Didn't you earn money and spend it on your own? From now on, everyone must pay thirty percent of what they make. How much do I give? [One hundred percent.] Not one hundred, but two hundred percent. I have done this all my life, even incurring debt.

God does not accuse you if you are indebted because of the providence of restoration. Those who are indebted for the sake of the God will be blessed. Understand? You will be protected. If you have money, you think of a bank account and your children's tuition, don't you? I think of the world, if I have money. That is why God protects me. Understand? That is the way to get a blessing. How much percent do I give? [Two hundred.] Two hundred? It is actually a few thousand. Even when I have money, I try to skip lunch or dinner, even though I am hungry. That is why a leader should not be indebted. I am not indebted to the Unification Church members, and nor to Korea or America or Germany. All the countries I have dealt with are indebted to me. Those to whom others are indebted never perish. Since you gave sincerely, you must reap sincerely. That means that you will get a tribute. The reason why the Japanese come to me and give me their life is that in the time of the Japanese occupation I secretly let the enemies go, though they would have been killed with just one word from me. Americans are like this now, and Koreans, too. You must know clearly. So how much will you give? Ten percent is for the church, another ten for the country, and another ten for the world. You must pay tax. You must know that.

When I visit you, if a church member has a house that is bigger than the church, he will be blasted. People like that in our church cannot be blessed, understand? They cannot belong to the family of Heaven. With this understanding, you must go back to your hometown and establish the 1500 holy places that I have determined. Didn't the Pilgrim Fathers build churches and schools better than the European ones, and then build their own houses? You must do likewise. After this, you must do more than establish an independent country. By all means you must distribute my plan. By distributing the design and making effort, our tribe and nation can have the best church. Shouldn't we have this? That is the only way to receive the blessing. I proclaim this today, and carry it out exactly. (1988.6.15 East Garden; 1988.7.22 Hannam-dong House; 1989.2.5 Hannam-dong House; 1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

8) Establishing a Lighthouse

When you go back to hometown, establish a lighthouse, okay? What is a lighthouse? At night, it gives light in the dark. What is it for? It is for the unification of north and south and east and west. From now on, you must light it up so that the light in the holy place does not go out.

6. Tribal Messiah And The Relationship Of Ancestors

1) The Original Ancestors-True Parents

The world thought lightly of the Unification Church, didn't it? It thought that we would be extinguished and float away on our own. But that is not right. No one can solve the problem of the country. It is full of problems, and its fortune is declining. What is the original standard that will restore this? It is the ideology of the True Parents.

Adam and Eve had to become true parents on the family and tribal level, right? Historically, True Parents are ancestors. When a country is formed, who are the ancestors of the country? True Parents. Who are the ancestors of a family? True Parents. Who are the ancestors of the world? True Parents. (1990.5.25 Hannam-dong House)

2) Attitude Before True Parents

You must liberate your tribe. For your ancestors, go to their graves and pledge that you will give your life. You must start with the following declaration: "Our ancestors, I will be responsible for your errors. If there are people in opposition, I will get hit instead. I came to liberate you so that when I stand in front of God, you can help me without Satan's accusation." Centering on this, your ancestors from different generations should support you, just as I am supported. This way our nation can participate in the realm of Israel. This way you can go into the Kingdom of Heaven, a land of liberation. This is your responsibility. (1988.1.23 Ex-headquarters Church)

What will you do in hometown? First of all, you must take care of the graves. The Korean custom is to serve the ancestors. You can erect a gravestone, plant trees and make it your ancestors' favorite garden. Clean up the village and make it a place which everybody can praise. How would you feel? Make a bathroom in such a way that even a fly comes and runs away. If you do so, would you become the head of the village or not? The "head" is a bad word, but now it means being a king of good works. Only if you become an ancestor this way, will there be no trouble later. (1991.8.29 International Training Center)

Has there been a person who really loved his village? You know your village and each house, don't you? You know to whom a certain field of crops belongs, but you loved only your own fields. Is there someone who really loved his entire village? You only loved your own house. Is there someone who loved the village and the myun? No. Only God. That is why all things followed God as the master. There has been no master who could love the village, but because of Reverend Moon, these masters can rise. Who are they? They are the ones who are assigned to the mission today. You must live so that you are not ashamed before your ancestors. You must love the country more than your ancestors did. Love is such that if you give one hundred percent, 120 percent returns. True love never dissipates the more it is practiced. It moves history. (1988.7.22 Hannam-dong House)

3) Ancestors Are in the Position of the Archangel

You go back to your hometown, and plant God's true shimjung of love and the original shimjung. Who then becomes the ancestor? You become an ancestor centering on God. Then the realm of ancestors centering on the heart begins to spread on earth at a level that transcends the nation. The time has come when a garden of shimjung can blossom in Korea. You must restore the fall centering on your family. So you must unite with God, and husband, wife and children must totally unite to form a four position foundation; then you can rule as an ancestor. Thus, centering on you, your ancestors are in the position of the archangel, and thus they are waiting for you to come to your hometown. (1988.5.15 Headquarters Church)

Your ancestors will all follow you. Your ancestors are in the position of the archangel, understand? The road of restoration is that of re-creation. According to the principle of creation, the angel was created first and then Adam and Eve. Hence, your ancestors, who went before you, are in the position of the archangel. You are in the position of Adam and Eve. Who protects them until they get old and married? The servants, not God, are supposed to take care of Adam and Eve. When the servants, namely, the angels, raise them and they get married, there opens a new area in which the servants are also blessed. Thus, the good spirits wait for the true Adam and Eve's appearance, upon which they return to the earth and welcome your steps toward returning home and saving the country. (1988.6.4 Hannam-dong House)

4) Support of the Ancestors

If you return home with a determination to overcome indemnity and plant a seed of goodness, your ancestors must all support you and tell even the remotest relatives to welcome you with a big feast. Has it happened or not? I am worried because it did not happen. In the past, as I was following this course, a woman served me with rice and rice cake when I got hungry. The previous night her ancestor had appeared in her dream and had told her, "A precious guest will pass by a certain place, and you will encounter a disaster unless you do what I say. He is the top secret agent of Heaven. If you mess with this, your whole tribe will be wiped out. Take out all your possessions and make your best effort to serve him." Naturally, if your heartistic foundation coincides with mine, the spiritual world, which has served me, will also support you. It is not happening yet because you are still lacking in this foundation. (1988.10.3 Il Hwa Yongin Factory)

Your ancestors want to support their good descendants and want to come down. Many ancestors will come down around you. This is a world of religion centering on a tribe, transcending religious denominations. Your ancestors trust and love you, and want to follow you. Everything will follow you and want to be devoted to supporting you.

The Messiah is absolutely the central concept. Once an order is given, this is final. You cannot hedge and discuss it and say this and that about it. Once an order is given, it is all over. You must follow this. Such a center is the Messiah. So, standing in God's position, I send out the blessed families as tribal messiahs. So far God has not had such a family. Families could not have such a realm of love. Now the time is different. True Parents are on earth as such a family. God has sent the Messiah here. Now horizontally, you stand all over the world. I sent you out. This is what could have happened at the time of Jesus if the Cain and Abel tribes had become one and received the blessing. (1989.5.1 World Mission Center)

Now your ancestors will support you. In the past, evil ancestors used their descendants, but now is the time when good ancestors come out and act. There has to be someone who is willing to bear the cross of the tribe, pay indemnity for the nation, bear the cross of the country and world, and pay indemnity for the country and world. In the realm of the worldwide blessing, if you bear a cross and fight, everything can be quickly resurrected because of you. Then, in the horizontal position, a foundation is laid to save the ancestors across generations. That is the only way your tribe is liberated. Now you must pray like this: "Though I do not receive any reward, please forgive my ancestors' wrong-doings. Please forgive that they did all kinds of things, hesitating on the path or going in the wrong way. Though they hesitated, please now open the road of resurrection for those ancestors who can stand for God's will."

First, you must liberate your ancestors. You must know this. Then you must liberate your tribe. For this everyone is assigned to their home. towns, right? Assigning everyone to hometown is the first event after 6000 years of biblical history. In the history of restoration, in which Cain must be saved first, there is no logic for saving the hometown. You are supposed to save it after you save Cain. You are being blessed because I paid indemnity for the worldwide Cain and came back. (1988.1.23 Ex-Headquarters Church)

5) The Foundation of Ancestors Is Hometown

We must show how to love your hometown in the right way. It is far from you to love the country and society, so go to your hometown. It starts from saying, "I did not know, but as I heard Reverend Moon, it makes sense with the great way of the universe." You must lay the foundation of heart; only then can ancestors come to their hometown and be restored through their descendants. How can ancestors come to Seoul and find Dr. Lee there? They are attached to their hometown. They only think about the hometown where Dr. Lee was raised. Your success is known only to you, but would your parents know? The restoration of hometown means the restoration of the spiritual world. With the support of the spiritual world, we should establish a foundation of tradition whereby our successors can advance. Heavenly fate works in this direction. I cannot do it blindly, but it must be done.

Love starts at my home. If I have received love from my parents, I must love them back. This is the heavenly way. The fundamental source of heart is the relationship of father and son. This is planted in the villages. Due to the fall, all this got overturned. This must be resolved on earth. You must go back to the village and become a better filial son and daughter than those who love their parents on Satan's side. Only then can good ancestors come down to earth. Spirits, who can move horizontally, then bring the name of the beloved one from their hometown and come to Seoul and support you. This way you expand your horizontal base. This is restoration. (1988.4.6 Hannam-dong House)

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