The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 5 - Activities Of Tribal Messiahs (Part 2)

3. The Goal You Must Accomplish

1) Foundation of Heart

I am busy, but why did I come here to do today? I won a tremendous victory by establishing the heavenly conditions of indemnity, and in that way restored what had been lost on every level, from the individual standard to the family, tribal, racial, national, world and cosmic standard. Today I have come to hand all this down to the Unification sons and daughters who are throughout the whole peninsula of Korea. We say that the right of inheritance centers on true love, right? [Yes.] Also, the right to have the same rank? [Yes.] And the right of attendance, right? [Yes.]

Since this is so, we must have the firm belief that, "I represent the world! I will, with my own hands, unite Korea, unite North and South and unite our clan! I will be remembered as a true ancestor!" In that way you will be able to inherit the destiny of a heavenly connection with me.

What is it that you have to do before uniting North and South Korea? You must go to your hometown and move all your ancestors and everyone living in your hometown to sincerely love you. That is your task. You are returning with the restored right of the first son. When they try to oppose you, their hearts will beat faster with an uneasy feeling. Believe this. Do you understand? If you push forward with the confidence that any barriers will fall away, they will indeed be removed. Feel with assurance that you are a powerful representative of Heaven: "By the path that I am going my clan will be liberated and the tribe of the Kingdom of Heaven will be liberated. My country will be liberated, and my world and the Kingdom of Heaven, where I will go, will be liberated. You are that kind of representative.

Why? Since you have the rightful position of true child in front of True Parents, you are endowed with the right of inheritance and the right of the same rank. You must believe this truth, that you have the special right of heaven, and invest everything to create the realm of true love. In the same way that God invested everything He had, by your investing completely, your clan will be resurrected and, as your clan resurrects, the nation will resurrect. (1988.5.17 Headquarters Church)

Why is it that I came to send you to hometown? I sent you to your hometown for you to form a ninety-degree angle between yourself horizontally with God as the vertical standard, and for you as the vertical representative of God and True Parents to unite in a ninety-degree angle with your clan on a horizontal level. Centering on the will of God to form heavenly tribes, I sent you to your hometown. Therefore their lives have to turn around 180 degrees, but before that, they have to make this ninety-degree angle with you. It is your hometown. Nobody can oppose you. I have prepared a foundation of victory on the worldwide level; then on this foundation of public victory that Father has prepared, you must return to your hometown. Then, just as I did, you must stand in the position of a substantial model of love for all of history, someone who has inherited the victory over historical struggles through the payment of indemnity. In this position, your whole clan and all future descendants will bow their heads to you and pledge themselves to you, saying that you are truly the ancestor of love. Without doing that, you cannot have victory in your hometown. (1988.8.20 Il Hwa Yongin Factory)

Would you like to fight for a good result? [Yes.] This is the fight to send your mother and father and your entire clan to the Kingdom of Heaven. You should go find them and fight for this result.

For seven years I slept only two hours a day. You have to do that, too. I made President Hyo Won Eu lecture sixteen hours a day for three and a half years. When President Eu was feeling tired, I would shout, "You, are you lying down in order to kill someone? How can you lie down without even telling me?" When I think about this now, my heart feels pain. He liked fish. Do you know a kind of tiny shrimp? Is it called gonjengee? That shrimp is preserved with salt. Wow! I could not even go near him, because of the smell. I can still visualize how he ate that with his hands in this way. Since our expansion in America I could have given him ribs to eat by the dozens instead. When I think of how wretchedly he lived, sometimes I feel pain in my heart. Why did we do that? We lived that way in order to establish a tradition.

From now on, you must proclaim the word. From now on, proclaim Divine Principle by staying up all night and lecturing in your town for eight hours or even more. Just as I did it for seven years, you can do the same. It will not take seven years. If you do this for seven months, everything will turn around. If that happens, you never know what I will bring to you in trucks when your clan invites me to come.

If your clan invites me, should I receive their invitation or not? [You should receive it.] Why should I receive it? Where Cain and Abel unite, God will dwell. When a tribe unites, Reverend Moon can go there anytime.

When I go there, you can lead all of the clan, your grandfather, grandmother and all of your relatives; 120 people can gather and they should be able to bow, saying, "Our ancestor has come." That should be your desire. (1989.1.8 Headquarters Church)

2) Securing the Right of National Messiah

From now, you are all tribal messiahs. Since I dispatched all the tribal messiahs, you should make the right of the national messiah. (1990.3.27 Belvedere)

3) Responsibility to Fulfill in One's Hometown

From now on, you should not put the Unification Church behind you as everyone goes home, saying that he or she will eat well and live well. First, you should work in your hometown so that the church is improved. Second, your sons and daughters should not receive contempt. You should not become a begging tramp and be indebted in any way. By shedding blood and sweat to make a true and valuable foundation, you should raise your children and educate them with this new tradition. Moreover, you make your living by saving your clan, by investing yourself completely and, after that, allowing them to establish you. If not, with a sacrificial spirit you should just offer yourself as a clean offering. Without people who can inherit and exemplify this kind of spirit, we cannot prepare a national foundation for unity in South Korea. You should know this clearly.

When you think of becoming a true owner in your true hometown, understand that the individual is not the owner. The owner is the person who takes responsibility for his clan; the owner is someone who leads a tribe, and who represents the twelve tribal elders. Moreover, he is the owner who can represent the nation, and the messianic proxy who can represent the world. You should know clearly that when Unificationists return to their hometown, it is their responsibility and duty to represent Heaven and earth and to accomplish the responsibility of the owner and victor who is a true, loyal servant centered on God and who lives to liberate God and True Parents. [Amen.] (1988.5.17 Pusan Church)

In your hometown you must plant the new seed of God's lineage. You should do this such that all the hills and dales, the mountains and streams in essence bow their heads in praise of the great sacrifice made for this ancestry to finally begin. If a flower blossoms, you should regard the first flower as the flower of heaven; the second as the flower of Parents; the third as the flower of your first son, and the fourth and fifth flowers as yours. You rascals! Does doing things as you see fit work? Far from it. (1988.10.3 Il Hwa Yongin Factory)

4. Attitude At The Time Of Activity In Hometown

1) Do Not Envy

Why did the Israelite people who left Egypt perish when they encountered the seven tribes of Canaan? What did they think when they entered Canaan? How wretched they must have looked with everyone having wandered around and lived in the desert for forty years? Would they have worn beautiful clothes? They lived in the middle of sand, sand and more sand. Could they take a bath there? When they got to Canaan, the people there had nice houses, sheep, farmland and lived prosperously. When they entered Canaan, their elders should have taught them not to envy the women and men of Canaan. Unfortunately, they did not teach them to resist being contaminated by the materialistic standard there. You who are returning to hometown now are similar to the people of Israel who entered the land of Canaan, so do not envy rich people as you return to your hometown! Do not be jealous of men with power! Do not get spoiled! You must have the proper education. The tradition of loving God, loving your descendants and loving the people who are restoring the realm of Israel is the best.

When you attend a church holding your child, do not get distracted. You should soak that land with blood and tears and with weeping that makes your cells and bone marrow tremble. You should be filled with the happiness of returning home after thousands and thousands of years. Heaven should proclaim that this land, which has been drenched in blood and tears, is an exalted land. From there will start the Kingdom of Heaven. (1988.5.20 Taegu Church)

You are going back to your hometown to resurrect it. Your hometown is not yet connected. You have that kind of mission.

The people of Israel did not do that. Arriving after forty years of living like beggars, they deeply envied the seven tribes of Canaan; they envied their sheep, their houses and their way of life. After all, they had been living in tents. By adopting the customs of the Canaanites, they betrayed their nation, and they also betrayed God. (1988.4.6. Hannam-dong House)

2) Be Bold and Strong

Until now the foundation for salvation has only been on an individual level; but now there is a different foundation. Now you are on the level where you can unite with your family, and your whole tribe can represent the Kingdom of Heaven. You are on the family foundation, so have great confidence. In order to elevate your tribe, you have to be bold and strong. (1988.12.20 East Garden)

When you return to your hometown, there is no enemy like the Native Americans. When you return to your hometown, there is nobody like the Indians to attack you. The reality that your hometown will welcome you is a very surprising fact. Everyone will shed tears and clap their hands when you sincerely report the reality of how hard Reverend Moon has worked in this country, with sacrifice and effort that cannot even be adequately described with words, and explain that he is a righteous man whose stature is rising throughout the world. Moreover, when you explain about all the work you have done, as well, they will tearfully say that you did a good job.

When you return to your hometown, try lecturing in schools or colleges where there are students around the age of twenty. Everything will turn around suddenly. People who are close to the age of twenty are on your side. Those older than twenty are like your elder brother, and those below twenty are like your younger brother. They will naturally unite with you. Those people who are slightly younger or older than twenty should respond to you. If there is a problem, they will follow you.

Since that kind of environment awaits you, where will you go? Will you just stay here or will you go away to your hometown? [Go to hometown.] This is the only way to become their true ancestor. This is an incredibly tremendous truth. Unification Church members are entering that stage all over the world.

Moreover, since you are blessed families, Satan cannot accuse you. Thus you must be bold and strong. If there is a confrontation, they will break down and have to yield. We will not break. Now, according to the Principle, Satan has no condition by which he can accuse you. In the viewpoint of Divine Principle, they have to receive your advance. They have to retreat.

Until now you have witnessed to ministers, political leaders and others; it should be no problem for you to make unity in your hometown, right? (1988.6.15 East Garden)

Now North Korea and the Soviet Union are both in a state of saturation. They want to do things as they like, but because Reverend Moon intervened, they cannot. Do you understand? According to the Divine Principle standard, I have already established a foundation through the victory of Parents' heart centering on true love. This has created a foundation on the worldwide level that is free from the realm of Satan. Therefore, if they invade that, the satanic world will utterly crumble. Now we have entered an age when they cannot hit the Unification Church. Have confidence. Be bold and strong. When the Israelites were entering Canaan, Joshua commanded the descendants, who were in a miserable situation after having had to roam around and beg for forty years, to be bold and strong. Those descendants who received that command entered the land of Canaan like beggars. Since they endured forty years of wilderness life, they were the most humble of all beggars and did not even possess a penny. Their situation was one of no-man's land. They probably entered with caps of sand on their heads. Their situation was a painful contrast to that of the Canaanites, who had sheep, houses and were all living comfortably.

Even so, they should not have been dazzled by that. Their mothers and fathers should have counseled them saying, "This land is not where you are supposed to live. You still have the responsibility to march into God's kingdom, going over this land and always toward a higher world." (1985.5.17 Pusan Church)

3) Have Strong Conviction

If you go with strong conviction, your ancestors will push down and pressure them so that if your mother or any relative does not support you, they will not be able to open their mouth. It is like saying, "Listen to me." Why does this happen? You are standing on the foundation of Parents who are connected to the national standard. You are able to be connected to Parents centering on the original, tribal foundation of goodness, and on the foundation of driving Satan out on the worldwide level. Thus Satan will withdraw, and all your ancestors in the archangelic-type spiritual world will support you. (1989.3.19 World Mission Center)

4) Do Three Times More Activity

This time I returned to Korea and chased everybody out to his hometown. I dispatched everyone to his or her hometown. I told them to return to their hometown to do five times, three times more activity than what they did in the outside world or in a foreign country. If that happens, everything will suddenly turn around.

Become a high priest. Then, following my orders, plant a new heart. If that happens, Satan cannot interfere. If you go with that kind of determination, your situation will be the same as the situation of Adam and Eve before the fall. The archangel, your ancestors, will all come and cheer.

One iron rule that you must know is that you have to do more than any loyal servant, filial son or church minister have done who were born in that region. If you do more than them they will all support you.

That is the condition. If you do that, you will be standing in the place which is above the realm that Satan can accuse. Therefore, Satan will not oppose you and, with the support of the spiritual world, your ancestors will appear to their descendants and spiritually help them to join the Unification Church. All of them will witness to your clan, (1988.6.15 East Garden)

When you go to your hometown, you must become the best among all the farmers if you work on a farm, or the best among all students if you go to school. (1988.5.11 Chungjoo Church)

Love your hometown. Even Ph.D.s are returning to their hometown, which they did not think about until now. You must love the mountains and streams of your hometown. You must love its nature. You must love the land with a passion greater than the feeling with which your grandfathers and grandmothers tilled the soil while shedding their blood and sweat. This is the path that Reverend Moon took.

Dr. Lee, did you ever pick weeds out of a field while you were busy going to school? Now you have to go back and shed more sweat holding a hoe than your ancestors did, while you are thinking about how they shed sweat. Try digging furrows, cutting fodder and feeding cows. You have to do more than what your ancestors did, but I am not telling you to do it forever. You have to at least set a condition. By doing that, your ancestors in the spiritual world can come down and help you. Do you understand? Spirits who lived and died in that village will come to the land where they lived, find people they can connect with and come down to those people and receive benefit. A person who does not know how to manage his household cannot save a nation. There is a saying that a person with moral training who can manage a household can govern a nation or world effectively, right? That is true.

I myself did not manage my household. The fighting until now was between the brothers Cain and Abel. By returning home you must serve God, find the right of the elder son and the right of the second son, and unite North and South. So, I, Reverend Moon, still have the responsibility to unite with my ancestors in the name of True Parents and offer this country to God. (1988.4.6 Hannam-dong House)

5) Love Your Tribe and Love the Earth

After returning to your hometown, the husband and wife should not fight. You should not fight even if you starve, or when you receive abusive language, and even when you cry, you should not cry for yourself. You have to cry for your clan. You must determine yourself that you will do what your parents in hometown, your ancestors did not do, which was tilling this land while attending Heaven and shedding tears. You can be a person who is like a parent, an owner who loves the land and its citizens. You can be a person who can protect the homeland and who can love your hometown in place of me. By your doing that, the Kingdom of Heaven will come to the land of Korea. Do you understand? Do not think lightly about this.

Those who will go to your hometown, raise your hands. Can there be anyone who does not want to go? I have to strike the arm of that kind of person. If the 38th Parallel opens up, I would be the first to go to my hometown. . . .

Since there is no persecution, as you do your tribal messiah work when you return home, everything will come under your influence if you just speak. (1989.1.1 Headquarters Church)

From now on, from the time I said, "Go back to hometown. Return home," should I love the sons and daughters of the Moon clan more than you? Or should I love you more than the people in the Moon clan? [You must love the children of the Moon clan more.] Now is the time to sacrifice the realm of Abel and restore Cain, just as Father taught. Since we have entered the period of conversion, the period of Abel's restoring the right of the first son, everybody has to return to hometown.

Since this is so, you should return to your hometown. When Unification Church members return home, you must love your tribe more than the Unification Church members of the world. By loving your relatives more than you love Unification Church members, you can become king of your clan. In other words, become a tribal messiah. Only by laying the foundation of tribal messiah can you establish a foundation for a racial messiah to come. (1988.8.28 Hannam-dong House)

Now when you return to your hometown, look at the mountains and fields of your hometown again and think, "This is God's offering that He gave me." Looking at grandfather trees that are older than you, the stones in the river that are older than you, and the gardens, you should be able to say, "How are you?" That is love.

You have to know how to love nature in order to love people. This is restoration. Because Adam did not love all things, you must love all things. When you return to your hometown, you must love the nature of the area. You must love everything from the grasses in your village to the natural landscape around it. When you are finished with that, then love people. You can love people from the position of first loving all of the plants and animals. You are supposed to love people after restoring all things.

No matter what high position a person has or how much he owns, this is the law. Even if a person is a criminal, you must love him more than you love nature. This is the ethic of Heaven.

Why cannot God strike an evil person? Even that person can dominate the universe and all things. God would have to strike the universe before striking a person, not strike the person first. Since God knows this natural law, He has to endure and persevere. Therefore, you must love all things, and then love people.

When you love people, you must love starting with the most miserable people, miserable children, and go up to those who are more fortunate. Many people who are poor in this world are very good and conscientious. We Unification Church families should love the poorest people in the world. Even if they are now in the world of the devil, from among poor people emerge those who can inherit God's heavenly destiny. (1988.4.6 Hannam-dong House)

This year I created the slogan, "Unification of Korea." This year, in this historical age, I will live a life of greater hardship than anybody else, and will return to my hometown after having traveled all over the world throughout my whole life. That is this year's slogan. How can we achieve the unification of Korea? I will stand in the forefront and take a path which has more hardships than that traveled by anyone else.

Our Mother here will do that. Mother can stay home if she does not want to follow. Now is the time she can do that. Why? Because I told everybody to become a tribal messiah and go to their hometown. Since I am now speaking about the fulfillment of tribal messiahship, that is possible. Mother does not know why that is the case. Before this time I would tell her she must come with me, but from now on I can go around by myself

Why is that the case? I am a person, who more than anybody else in Korea, wants to stand in the most difficult position centering on God. Yesterday I traveled for more than twelve hours, even until after 11 p.m. It is utterly exhausting. While visiting regions, I should love all things, right? Then I have to love people. What should I love after that? I should love God. But a fallen person cannot love God without returning to the state of an original man. (1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

6) Tolerate Any Church

Telling the second generation to restore their hometown was among my directions this time. You should bundle them up and return to your hometown. This means you have to take the second generation, who can represent the ideology of home church that the Unification Church teaches, and return to your hometown. If one person brings ten or twenty young people and does whatever is needed in that village, even dying if they are told to die, the village people will not be able to oppose them, or their mother and father. Now the world is being pulled more and more into an environment in which it cannot oppose Reverend Moon. People will say, "Great." Things will turn around instantly. Go back to your birthplace and do not slander or oppose them. We have to enter existing churches and instill God's ideology there. (1988.4.6 Hannam-dong House)

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