The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 5 - Activities Of Tribal Messiahs (Part 1)

1. Prayer For Tribal Messiahs

Heavenly Father! Today is January 3, 1989. At this time, 2:25 p.m. I have clarified all the contents of history and decided on the location of the Fatherland that heaven desires. As I prayed in greeting You on the first day of 1989, please bring forth tribal messiahs. Please gladly receive the Unification Church delegates gathered here at this hour, and the families who are blessed as tribal messiahs.

The people who belong to all the tribes on this earth are in the position of tribal level Adam and Eve. Their ancestors stand in the position of the unfallen archangel, and they should receive the support of Heaven to protect their tribes and descendants in the physical world. Thus they should become one body centering on the Messiah, and then the unity of Cain and Abel on earth will occur. The unity of the spiritual world and physical world centering on the vertical standard will also come about. Since the territory of the love of tribal messiahs centering on God is decided, Satan cannot reside where he wants. Therefore, according to the Principle, the time has come when Satan has to move out of his place and leave from here.

Since they know this, these families who bear the responsibility of tribal messiah should represent with all their heart and effort the road of hardship that was taken to restore through indemnity the external Cain nation on the world level. They should realize that in their family, they must work hard to restore their mother and father, siblings and relatives. Since that is so, no matter how difficult it is, in order to quickly bring about liberation, they must take on the responsibility of tribal messiah by offering all their heart with sincerity. They have gathered here to start this mobilization. In the name of Heavenly Father and True Parents, I want to send out these people who desire mobilization, so please receive us.

I pray that all people who are living on earth now will be filled with one mind, the mind of Heaven that cares about the nation. On the foundation of the fulfillment of Your desire having been prepared on earth, all the spirit men in the spiritual world who came with resentment in their heart now stand in the position of being harmonized and united with that place. By doing that they can perfect the vertical foundation of Cain and Abel, and they know that the basis for God to dwell in the heavenly world and the physical world centering on true love has been decided. Moreover, the time in history that You desired has come on a worldwide level when the family foundation, tribal foundation and racial foundation can be connected with the national standard. Please make this time, as I proclaim this, a glorious time, a victorious time, a time of transferring everything, and in so doing, I fervently desire that You approve the right of tribal messiah.

Now we know clearly and pledge by raising both hands. Therefore, please receive it with glory. I pray that You record this event in the Book of Life in the spiritual world, that we proclaim tribal messiahship to all the cosmos in the name of True Parents and Your name. Now that we have finally reached this time in history, please receive this in gladness.

Now the central world headquarters of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth has been established, to which all people can connect to their hometowns by going beyond national boundaries and centering on Korea. A national standard now exists where ancestors of the original hometown can settle centering on true love. When all nations on a horizontal level can connect with this vertical standard, Satan cannot touch any of them. This is that kind of time.

When each person seriously asks where he is in the course of his lifetime, he can know the answer. When a person seeks to know whether he is a genuine child of Heavenly Father or not, he can realize how external and false he is. If he sees this, he cannot return to God without shedding tears of repentance. We know this is that kind of time.

Now your sons and daughters can return and do the mission of tribal messiah without persecution, centering on the foundation of victory that Jesus wanted. They have determined themselves to become tribal owners who can guard the heartistic foundation that can go beyond the nation and connect to the world. Heavenly Father, please bring blessing to them for their sake.

All people who chose the path of religion in this history full of resentment had to leave their homes and abandon their family; they even had to betray their nation. We can now attend to our nation, our hometown and our parents. Finally, we have won a victory in this world so that we can praise Heaven by that attendance. Please grant that we do not become people who forget this joyous age, people who deviate from righteousness. Please bless them that they become people who follow what is right and who form tribes that can connect to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father, You know how much You have longed for this time in history when I can now offer this prayer, and You know how much I have hoped and worked for this time by risking my whole life. Though at this time I would like to liberate and comfort the Unification Church members who are following me, still we know that without fulfilling our responsibility for restoration centering on our tribes, neither the land of South Korea nor of North Korea can be saved. When we know this, we must again go the miserable road of the cross. In order to attend our physical father and mother, we must again fulfill our filial responsibility in the same way that True Parents have attended God on this earth and carried the cross of love. Thus we must take up the cross and attend our mother and father with love. I have bestowed upon them the right of tribal messiahship and the opportunity to accomplish this task. Heavenly Father, please mobilize all their ancestors, all the thousands of ancestors and, in the same way, that You have supported me in the past, please support them as well.

We can unify the world and establish the right of liberation by connecting to Father who is the worldwide center. By doing that we can become the ancestors who can liberate all people. Please make us people who can build Heaven's nation that is occupied by ancestors and citizens who can take care of the world.

True Parents also welcome this day with joy and establish it as a day of hope for the nation; therefore, Heavenly Father, please bless it.

Let us remain connected to the providential effort of all the ages and continue to advance, always holding on to Your love. As they travel the way of Your will, I hope that You will give them good fortune in all their affairs. Let the glory of victory surround them for 10,000 years, and let that glory appear wherever they go.

Make them bold and strong. Allow them to establish their true messianic authority with a bold and strong mind that never loses the subjectivity of Heaven, and to take care of their parents, ancestors and environment with Your love. I sincerely wish and ask for this.

Even though we have not yet accomplished it, I give them the name of tribal messiah. With warm love, please give them great support and help them expand the realm of the restoration of their tribes so that they can achieve the standard of Heaven and advance to the world of the unification of north and south. Please allow them to connect to Asia, the world and finally to the liberation of Heaven. All this I proclaim in the name of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen! (1989.1.3 Hannam-dong House; 1989.1.8 Headquarters Church)

2. Resolution As Tribal Messiah

1) The Tribal Messiah Needs Determination

Until now you did not know how to go to your hometown. Why do I tell you to be a tribal messiah? I am telling you to become a true parent. Those who are here should say, "Thank you," even if I make you suffer until you die. You should know that if you suffer until your death, there is a hundred, even a thousand times more blessings of Heaven which will go to you. If you make an environment where you gladly take on that hardship, the Fatherland will be established automatically.

Thus, you have to become better than any filial son in history, any loyal person in history or any historical saint. You have to become better. You must inherit this tradition. In return for my sending you to sacrifice for the world, I am giving you the kind of love that does not exist in the world and giving you blessing. You must know this tradition clearly.

Your value, which is higher than that of any great saint, cannot be exchanged for a million dollars in gold. Knowing your great value, do not become a foolish person who abandons this in a brief instant. Can you abandon this because of your individual feelings or because of your individual difficulty? [No.] Unless you attain an unwavering standard, both your hometown and the Fatherland may be lost. (1979.1.14 Belvedere)

Take responsibility for your tribe. Save your tribe tribal messiah responsibility. Risk your life and go.

How incredibly difficult has it been for me to pioneer this road of restoration by pushing forward through the opposition of all Korea, the opposition of all of Christianity and the opposition of the whole world?

When you think about what I have persevered through and accomplished, you must at least be able to save your tribe since you are working in a situation where people do not oppose you but even welcome you.

You cannot think that meeting like this is normal or habitual. This is historical. We are going back, returning to the original ideal. This is different. This age will be different.

You should go out into a foreign land, train and develop new habits of working hard for God's will; then you should reform the whole village. You cannot follow. In the same way that God created the objective realm of His love by investing His whole being, you must also invest yourself completely. You must unite into one without fail. If you rise to the highest position of any people in your hometown, the spiritual world will support you. Watch and see whether that will happen or not. Make many video tapes and witness. (1988.6.15 East Garden)

How many tears have you men shed in your longing for me? That is the problem. How much have you lived with that kind of heart? I can weep for God so easily, even now. No words are needed. If Heaven asks, "Are you thinking about God's heart and will?" I can always say, "Yes." Since Heaven desires this, we must become like that.

As what kind of person should you return to your hometown? You have to become a person who is always connected to the heart and will of Heaven. (1988.6.1 Headquarters Church)

2) Become A Substitute

Who do Unification Church members love? We love both God and Jesus. While attending Jesus and God, we make a connection with our parents and become a person who loves the land of our hometown where our parents reside. Without a true parent appearing who can do that, there still is no true land of hometown.

In this world, where is the real land of hometown? Is it in a big church where many Christians gather? No. A true filial son is a person who can think first of the heart of his parents, even when he endures the pain of a bleeding finger. God does not want someone, who in a good place, sings of his comfort and sleeps a deep sleep.

Parents are drawn to a person who, even while he bleeds and is in pain, says, "Please forgive my lack," and does not hesitate to shed his blood and work hard with agony.

What will you do when you go to your hometown and meet your parents? What will a person who comes as a true parent do? Because that person comes in the place of our fallen ancestors Adam and Eve, he has to repair and heal the wound that they made by their mistake.

Adam's fall threw mankind into chaos. Jesus has to restore this. The fall cannot be restored without parents' healing efforts.

True Parents have to do this. Would they have to restore the three billion people of the world? No. Their filial sons and daughters, the loyal men and women who have done their filial duty to their Parents -- go out in the name of True Parents and as the representatives of True Parents, restore them all.

What I felt as I returned to Korea was, "Heavenly Father! Can this Korea that You love so much really become the land of hometown for all people?" This country has to become not only the hometown for all people, but also the hometown for me. God loves, as His sons and daughters, the citizens of this country who fully accomplish their filial and loyal duty. We must make this land of Korea a foothold where the ideology that can save the world is fully established.

This is a harsh country where thirty million people have been mistreated and have had to face the cold wind that blows from the desolate fields and mountains, and even encounter the attacks of fierce beasts. Korea is in that kind of state. We have to think of making this country the hometown for God and the Fatherland for all people.

Just by our fighting for our nation we do not become a person who can establish God's nation. The nation we support has to be one which has determined to comfort the heart and mind of God, and to not only be responsible on the racial level for the path that the world has to go, but also to make the thorny path that God travels for the sake of world into a smooth and level road.

We have a place to go to. That place is hometown. We must go to our hometown, meet our parents and follow their laws. I have to take on the responsibility of parents in place of them, and by connecting to others with deep relationships of heart, we have to lead all people who are in the realm of death into the path of life. By doing that we can unite all levels into one and make the Kingdom of Heaven and of peace.

Has this nation become the Kingdom of Heaven? By centering on Korea, have all people and all nations been able to become happy for 10,000 years? No! But from now on, Korea has to prepare that kind of path.

This path we have to go, the path that God goes, is the path of the providence of restoration, and we must go this road absolutely. By establishing ourselves as true parents of our lineage, we have to realize that nation and take back the world again. This is the place that Heaven and earth must go without fail.

What are you to do after going to your hometown? You must meet your parents. Even though it is your hometown, you must also make a relationship of heart with your parents. If your parents are dead, you have to make a heartistic relationship with your hometown. If that does not happen, you cannot restore your tribe. A new parent and new son and daughter have to become united centering on a family that has established the heavenly new law, and they then form a restored tribe and nation. (1965.10.10)

3) Become the Best Filial Son

You have to return to your hometown and become a better filial son than anyone else. If there are filial sons in your hometown, you have to become a royal, filial son who is better than any of the filial sons who ever lived in that area in all history. If a loyal servant or employee is better than you, you have to become one who is even better.

Then no matter how much you have become a filial son and loyal servant, it still has no value if you do not also have a strong horizontal connection with True Parents. When a father stands on a horizontal line centering on True Parents, the vertical Father appears. As a perfect minus comes to exist, the perfect plus appears as well. (1988.5.21 Headquarters Church)

4) Go With A Grateful Heart

You are a group, going where? When you say, "I am going to my hometown, where are you supposed to go? If it is Choongbook, you have to go to your hometown in Choongbook.

When you were young, you ran around on a mountain, and there you plucked flowers and pulled out grass. You have to go to the place where you have many stories still lingering, the place where you can find all the numerous, stimulating elements which remind you of your father and mother and bring back your childhood memories. By going there you can look at the mountains and streams and say, "Here is the yard where I played a long time ago. The tree that I climbed has grown this tall!" You can hold the beautiful tree and feel fully all the memories of when you were climbing that tree, and suddenly your mother came and was so worried that you would fall that she wept as she warned you to be careful.

Again when you look at a well, you should be able to remember times when you were drawing water from the well and your beloved mother came and scolded you because she was worried that you might fall in. You should be able to think of times like when you took a bath in a pond like a naughty boy, or when you entered a rice paddy field and this happened and that happened. While remembering all these things, you can think of your mother and father, and how you loved your brothers and sisters. When you look for your mother and your mother is not there and your siblings also are not there, you go to where they are buried and say, "Mother, I am here," and tears will flow down your cheeks.

Which would make your mother happiest: for your tears to flow spontaneously and naturally when you call out "Mother" as you remember her with your mind and heart filled with love for her and your hometown, or for you to just sort of end up there alone and without any feeling say, "Mother, I am here"? Which kind of son would be more desirable for a mother: one who remembers in detail the circumstances of when you were young a long time ago and who longs for her with his mind filled with thoughts of her as he greets her in front of her grave saying, "Mom!" -- or a son who is less heartistic? Which son would be closer to the mother in the realm of the heart: the son who comes tearfully, feeling that kind of deep longing and love, or a son who does not have that kind of feeling but comes only with his ambitions for success and his achievement of having become a president or a government minister, and says, "I come as a son who can be a blessing to you, Mother." Would the first or the second son be closer? [First son.]

In the same way, when Reverend Moon of the Unification Church goes to his hometown, with what heart should I come? Should I be completely centered on God with my original mind, as a true son who is embraced fully by the True Parent of mankind who has searched for His object of love for so long? Shall I say, "Father, I have come," knowing that God created everything in the universe to be in the bosom of His love and feeling completely full of deep gratitude for all the things that God created, for their beauty and the value of His love as my True Parent? Should I shed tears in front of God with that kind of heart, or should I simply announce, "I have come out of Danbury prison"? [The first.] You are correct. ( 1988.5.11 Chungjoo Church)

5) Take the Role of Owner

You are the same. By returning to the hometown that you have been away from for forty years, you have to play the role of owner. Together with me you have to take the role of owner, of a new ancestor for your lineage.

In order to take the role of that kind of owner, I had to endure being chased out, but you can take the role of owner in this age when you can be welcomed. You must think of the fact that heaven and earth are completely filled with the love of Mother and Father. (1988.10.3 Il Hwa Yongin Factory)

When I remember my past, I remember searching through all the land and the mountain near the village where I lived, and feeling satisfied only when I had dug out what lives in the deepest gorge of that mountain. Similarly, I was comforted only when I exposed what insects or what fish lived in the swamp. In order to do that, I stayed up all night. I wandered all over the mountain and searched in every nook and cranny. When I remembered some of the creatures that I found, I felt comforted only when I was also able to remember where it lived. Because I have this kind of character, I could uncover Heaven and earth so completely.

This time when I went to Cheju Island, I felt the same. It is surrounded on all four directions by the sea. How can I live if I do not know what lives in it? I was frustrated. Since I did not know what lived on that mountain surrounded by the sea, I felt suffocated.

Since I have this kind of character, and since there is both the devil and God, if I think that I am enclosed in armor by the devil, how suffocated would I feel? God is calling to me while I am in there, but I cannot hear. We must destroy that being and that barrier to God. We must eliminate it without a trace. By breaking through in this way, I was able to disclose the Divine Principle and establish the Unification Church. Thus you must become the real owners of your village. You must love everything, even insects, and in that way love your hometown. If a person who does not love his hometown says that he wants to love his nation, he is a fake. If there is no root, there cannot be a trunk. One can, not exist without the other. You must love your hometown, and as you love it, become full of ecstasy as a perfected man and perfected woman. . . You must be able to attend your wife as a queen who is victorious in her fight with the world, as a queen of victory who pacified all the enemies of Korea, and as a noble person who attends her husband. Your wife has to realize that you have come together as a couple and she can attend you, her husband, as that kind of king.

Centering on this love, we can say that I am a part of a framework, a construction that is connected through 10,000 years of history. When we say that I am an essential part of one world of God's love representing the nation, representing Heaven and earth, and representing God, He will not deny this and say, "No." In your hometown you must become a person who can be proud of the authority of being a owner who can do that.

Your sons and daughters should become like that by inheriting this beautiful tradition. You should elevate your standard as much as you can as you mature yourself, your family and your tribe, and leave behind descendants who can completely inherit that kind of tradition.

By giving your love to your hometown with your blood, sweat and tears, you can make it your place of origin, where you can settle down. You are becoming the ancestor. You are the founder, the originator. It is the original ancestors responsibility to help refugees from the fallen world. You are to be like a true original ancestor. Without having the heart of an original ancestor, you cannot spread God's truth in your hometown. This is the teaching of the Divine Principle. (1988.6.1 Headquarters Church)

Now you should think that you are working as a servant of love for the Kingdom of Heaven. Think that you are a servant of love building the Kingdom of Heaven, a secret agent of love, an information agent for a network of spies. What is there that you cannot do? In order to live, a man can do the work of a woman. He can even take the role of a beggar. You should have the attitude that, in order to save your nation, to save your relatives and to save your nation, you can do more than that. When you actually work in that way, your village will submit naturally without a word. (1989.1.3 Hannam-dong House)

6) Become the Seed of Your Tribe

Today you must return to your hometown and become someone who is able to be like a seed of Heaven. As you establish yourself and in essence plant that seed, you can create an environment that not only all Koreans, but also Heaven and earth can visit, that God can visit anytime. If you depart to the other world after having done that, you will be able to live in the spirit world receiving love as a true son or daughter in the Kingdom of Heaven. From now on, you must choose to live this way of life. (1990.1.14. Headquarters Church)

To go to your hometown when I say, "Go to hometown," is the way to sow the seed of heaven, right? This is the way to sow the kind of seeds God wanted to grow. Since your lineage is descended from fallen Adam and Eve, by your sowing new seed, your relatives can connect to a new root. When you plant new seed, you should pour buckets of fertilizer on it. You must go there ready to receive abusive language. You must be able to hear slanderous comments from people who do not understand your genuine heart and you may suffer many hardships. Endure for three years. Actually, it will not take three years. Everything will be finished in six months. When you were going out for the first witnessing campaign, I asked you to restore 120 households in place of your hometown and to establish a church center, right? You all failed that, right? Then I told you to do home church, and you failed that too, right? Now is the last time. The last. (1991.8.29 International Training Institute)

I blessed you as the seed to create a whole new historical world, as one family of God. You are the seed. So many families have grown up, but they did not become the family that Heaven and earth needed or God needed. They were not the true seed.

When I tell you to go as tribal messiah, I am telling you to go to your tribe, plant new seed, and since everything born there is false, since they are wild olive trees -- you must make them into true olive trees, engraft them and make fields of true olive trees. For your clan there is no greater gospel. This is the most precious accomplishment in the world.

If the Unification Church has that kind of authority, if Reverend Moon has the qualification to appoint you to that position on behalf of God, all of your ancestors who are now in the spiritual world will open their eyes wide with astonishment and gratitude. . . . How they must have longed for that moment for many thousands of years. Your individual life is not the only problem with which we must deal. Until now your ancestors in the eternal spiritual world have eagerly waited for the one day of happiness when their tedious environment can be totally changed. When you think of this, the greatest blessing for that clan is the fact that the opportunity has now been opened and the leader has come who can hoist the flag of a new age and mobilize and command his ancestors and relatives.

It is not always an appropriate time to plant. Do you understand? Not just anybody can plant the seed nor can it be planted anytime. Even if a person is chosen as a seed, he can decay. You must emerge with a mind concentrated on fulfilling God's will and, with the deep heart that God desires and your teacher desires, go to your hometown, become a true seed and grow branches of a true olive tree, and then give the members of your clan a branch cut from it. By cutting and giving them branches, you must engraft them all. You must sever the base of your clan, which has the root of death from Satan. You must realize that the territory of eternal life will expand in the realm of your clan as you graft onto this precious root of True Parents. Your clan must be engrafted to the root of the true Adam, the root which is united with and centered upon God's love, the root which is centered on absolute love from which no person can separate, and upon the ideology which enables mankind to complete its portion of responsibility. (1990.1-14 Headquarters Church)

7) For the Restoration of Your Tribe, Unite Your Mind and Body

Heaven always prepares everything before we go. But because we do not see the opportunities God sets up and properly inherit that preparation, we always lose it. By not acting upon this preparation, we do so much damage and harm to God's work.

When you became a member of the Unification Church despite so much opposition, you came with a very serious heart, right? How serious is this current time? You must know that the path you must go to completely win over our opposition still remains. You must still become a patriot who works to establish the Fatherland despite all the opposition. You become a vanguard of patriots by building a tribe. If you do not save your tribe, you cannot become a patriot. With that kind of mind, you must enthusiastically return to your hometown and reach out.

The process is simple. Cain and Abet have to unite. Body and mind have to become one. You must come to your mother and father with your body and mind united. This is an admonition. This is the secret of unity. A person who is not one in mind and body cannot bring about unity. One's mind must be thinking for the sake of God's will. That body must act for the sake of God's will. Since the direction of the mind is concern for God's will, the actions of the body Must also be directed toward accomplishing God's will. Your mind and body can mix with each other. You have to know that.

By parents and children becoming one, centering on the family, you can restore the realm of your tribe. Since there are many blessed families returning to their hometown, those families have to invest themselves one hundred percent. The entire family has to become united as one in mind and body for the restoration of your tribe. All of them have to do that. In this way your grandfather, grandmother and all your other relatives have to come to want to live in your house, saying, "I like your house, so I will live there." Then your grandfather and grandmother will shed tears whenever they have to leave you. This will also happen with your mother and father, your elder sister or younger brother. (1989.1.3. Hannam-dong House)

8) Make Associations With Other Tribes

The unification of Korea will happen when, centering on Reverend Moon of the Unification Church, all Unification Church members completely become plus to the nation as a minus and then form a minus on the horizontal level to me as a vertical plus. Since I prepared this foundation for a unified nation, your tribes should coalesce into one united whole in order to bring about the unification of North and South Korea. (1989.1.8 Headquarters Church)

Those who restored their central tribe quickly will from now on emerge as leaders who can move all countries to unite into one country. Therefore, you must take on your tribe. The reason that the Israel people perished after following Moses is because the tribes did not unite.

When you look from a worldwide perspective, from twelve, they became 36, and then 360. Everybody has to be assimilated into that. We must go the opposite way of the twelve tribes of Israel and, instead of not uniting, we must bring all together under God. (1989.4.1 Belvedere)

9) Centering on Your Tribe, Compete

What do you have to think about today? [Pointing at one member.] What is your last name? [Morris.] As Morris, you do not represent America. You are a messiah representing your tribe. If you become that, I will entrust America to you. By entrusting America to you, I am telling you to save it. I will entrust to you the responsibility to save your nation. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Unification members can compete from now on. Centering on your tribe, compete to see who can make the number one tribe. Your ancestors also know this and are saying, "We must win! Why do you hesitate? Act! Act!" and in this way are already competing. (1988.11.13 Belvedere)

10) Tribal Messiahs Become Self Supporting

What I have to do now is connect the fate of world. Everything is already prepared to unify the world into one. If North and South Korea become peaceful, the foundation for their unity is already set and when they unify, the world itself will instantly unify into one world. From this year, the more quickly you act, the faster everything will be fulfilled. By giving your utmost effort there, you shall totally advance! [Amen!]

Now even if I do not come to you, you can act individually, right? [Yes.] You are now grown people who have families, right? You are tribal messiahs. Who helps the messiah? If he has to be helped, he cannot become a real messiah. In Japanese, "messiah" means rice salesman. There is no special, real messiah. Who is to help the tribal messiah? Messiahs should all help the nation. Isn't that so? They have to help the nation. The nation should not help them.

Who has to pay taxes? Should the nation pay taxes, or should you pay the taxes? [We have to.] Should a tribe pay tax or a nation? [Tribe.] The tribe should pay tax. (1989 Hannam-dong House)

Should a tribal messiah come and ask for help? Tell me. I never prayed for help. What will happen if I help? If someone is helped, that assistance becomes a chrysalis [cocoon]. Before praying, act more, ten times more. If nothing happens by your giving all your energy even to the point of death, then pray. Even if you do a little bit, witnessing will work. Even if you do not pray, money will follow. That is how things are. (1990.5.25 Hannam-dong House)

11) Work at Least Four Years in Hometown

For the sake of your tribal messiahship, you must run with all your energy. The day there is unity, you will automatically receive the blessing.

A long time ago I was fiercely persecuted as I developed everything, but now your relatives welcome you. Your ancestors are bound to help you directly. They are bound to teach you everything. Do you understand that? Unification Church members look simple, but they remain because spiritual world teaches them everything. Do you follow me because you like me? How hard it is to follow me, right? But it is not hard anymore. If you go through hardship for four years, you Unification Church members will hit the jackpot. (1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

From now on, do not close your mouth. If people come and gather, in the same way that I taught you for seven years in the 1950s without sleeping more than two hours a night, try teaching them for seven years night or day. You do not have to do it for seven years. It does not take four years. Everything will be finished in four months. If I go to hometown, I will unite everything instantly. You must teach your parents well. Teach your siblings clearly with sincerity. With your own hands, without borrowing another's mouth, you must teach through your blood and sweat. If your parents, elder brother, sister, younger siblings and cousins follow your example, they will all call you the treasure of their house. (1989.1.3 Hannam-dong House)

12) Plant the Root of Heart

Until now you have been living in a foreign land. Now you are to return to your hometown. Go to your hometown, shed tears and give all your effort.

Just as the people of Israel lived in Egypt for 400 years, we have done a similar thing for 43 years. Now you must return to your hometown and plant the root of love. Love God, and your parents, brothers and sisters. In that way, you must cut the source of accusation from Satan on a world, wide level. Because the Israelites did not do that, they could not form the ideal Kingdom of Heaven in their blessed land of Canaan. Do not desire something of Satan's world. Even if we wander around wearing nothing more than a sack, we are the best. With that kind of confidence and pride, you must advance by digesting all opposition and filling your village with the sounds of love. Remember this well and join the effort. (1988.6.1 Headquarters Church)

What are you to do when you go to your hometown? You should not fight. Instead, make effort to plant the root of heart so that it can blossom. In the land of your hometown, there must have been many loyal servants of the nation, many loyal wives, filial sons and filial daughters among the ancestors who lived there through thousands of years of history. You have to do more than them, so that your standard is greater than theirs. That is the condition you must set. If there is a patriot among those in the spiritual world who formerly lived in the area of your hometown, no matter what kind of patriot he was, your standard should be such that he must be able to bow down to you when you go to spiritual world and say, "You were exemplary." When these people were living in the physical world, they lived in the domain of Satan. So can they, who are in the position of the good archangel, surpass you, who centering on God, is sowing this heartistic seed of a new ancestry and planting the root of original heart in your hometown? You must make a foundation which moves them to naturally bow down to you.

Then the spiritual world will support you. To support you, they will pull the whole clan to you, gathering them closely around you. In that way, the spirits who are centering on God will come down and surround you in the position of Adam. Because your good ancestors will be surrounding you, they will create a realm where evil and Satan cannot invade. As you make a foundation centering on that standard of original heart, you inherit the position of the original true ancestor. Then through your heartistic connections with your clan -- your grandfather, grandmother and everybody else -- will be moved to bow down to you.

Thus you should live for their sake. Do many activities for their sake. Representing your clan, fulfill the mission of tribal messiah and thereby resurrect your clan.

In that way when your relatives support you, the village will support you. Then when many people join the Unification Church, their counties will automatically be connected to a province, and thus, from the bottom up, the family standard will be connected to the tribal standard. They will be connected through many layers. (1988.5.15 Headquarters Church)

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