The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Sermon 2. Establishment Of The Birthright

1. Origin Of Israel's Birthright

When Jesus as the Messiah came centering upon love, did his blood lineage come from Satan or God? In order for Jesus to be the Messiah, he must be born with the birthright from God in the womb. You know when his blood lineage was changed and the standard of the birthright was restored. The Old Testament Age is the age to prepare that foundation. The Israelites, who knew the Messiah was coming and prepared the foundation for him, organized Judaism and tried to match it with the time of the Advent. Since the Messiah comes centering upon a national level religion, the Israel nation and Judaism in unity together were supposed to meet the Messiah. The religion of Judaism alone was not supposed to meet him. Judaism was in the position of Abel and Israel was in the position of Cain. Without restoring the birthright, the providence cannot proceed. If Israel and Judaism had been united, the standard of Cain and Abel restoration would have been established.

The first son and the second son were to be reversed, so the birthright was to be automatically bequeathed from parents on God's side. In other words, if Adam had not fallen, both his first son and second son would have been on God's side. If Israel in Cain's position was completely united with Judaism in Abel's position, on that foundation for restoring the birthright, Jesus in the parent's position could have engrafted the nation into God's lineage. Everything would then have been finished.

Who was the representative of Abel at that time? It was John the Baptist. There was no law of baptism in the Old Testament Age, but John the Baptist executed this new law of baptism. Everybody was receiving baptism from John. It takes only four hours to go around the nation of Israel. It is such a small nation that if you shout from one edge, the sound seems to be heard on the other edge. Rumors can be spread everywhere in a day or so. It would be easy to restore such a small nation. God is a very wise being. How difficult would it be to restore a big nation like China? God laid a foundation of Cain and Abel centering upon the tiny area of Israel, and expected the Cain and the Abel positions to be united centering upon Jesus.

One needs to get married in order to become a parent. Jesus was to be Abel before marriage. Who was Cain? [John the Baptist.] When Jesus and John the Baptist unite, Judaism can stand in a position to be automatically connected to them. If John the Baptist had listened to Jesus, Abel and Cain would have automatically become one. It could have been so easy to unite the nation of Israel with Jesus, John the Baptist and Judaism. If that had happened, there would have been no need for hurry. Unfortunately those on the Cain side did not unite with Jesus.

The Messiah must come centering upon a nation. Why? The satanic world is composed of many nations. Do you understand? Therefore, the Abel nation should make the Cain nations surrender. This is similar to Joseph's course in Jacob's family. All eleven brothers wanted to kill Joseph, didn't they? They sold Joseph to Egypt. But when Joseph became the prime minister of Egypt and saved the lives of his parents and all members of their tribe who were about to perish, they surrendered to Joseph. The family foundation of Israel was then restored. Through whom? [Joseph.] Six hundred thousand soldiers of Israel started out from Egypt. Later on, they entered the time of a huge national migration in order to restore Canaan. They organized the new heaven and earth.

When did Jesus' blood lineage change? It had to happen in a mother's womb. The satanic Cain was born first and stole the heavenly principle, so the lineage has to be crossed and restored in a mother's womb.

What is the history of Cain and Abel? It is the history of a younger son turning his older brother's birthright inside out. It is reversed after birth. The birthright of brothers is to be reversed after birth and then, finally, it is to be reversed in the womb. This is the providence of Esau and Jacob. Isn't it easier to reverse the birthright of twins in the womb? [Yes.] When Cain's birthright was given to Abel after birth, the older brother killed his younger brother. The hearts of twins are easily connected. When the younger brother of twins is sad, the older brother becomes sad, too. Restoration has to happen in the much more intimately connected position in the womb from which the twins are born.

Because the mother bore Cain after the fall, the mother must be the center of restoration. Restoration must take place centering upon the cooperation of mother and son. Rebecca deceived Esau centering upon Jacob. How could God take such a capricious woman? Eve deceived her father God and her husband, and she also deceived her older brother. Likewise, Rebecca deceived Isaac, who stood in the place of God, and her first son, who stood in the place of her husband. Eve deceived God and Adam, who was her husband and older brother as well. The older brother is in the first son's position.

Eve deceived two men centering upon Satan, so in order to reverse this and follow the principle of restoration through indemnity, a mother must deceive two men centering upon her second son and God's will. Eve deceived God and her husband, so Jacob united with his mother to accomplish God's will and restore this by deceiving his father and his brother.

What does God want to do with the cooperation of mother and son? He wants to restore the birthright. After coming back from hunting, Esau, the older brother, sold his birthright to Jacob for bread and lentils, so he was caught by this condition for restoration. He had to surrender to Jacob in actuality because he substantially sold the birthright. If Esau had not sold the birthright to Jacob, Jacob would have deceived Esau. Without a condition, deceiving is impossible. Right here, Jacob could have the name of Israel. For the first time in human history, the birthright was restored.

But the exchange of the birthright had not happened inside a mother's womb yet. What happened inside the womb later on? Judah was Jacob's fourth son and he had three sons. His first daughter-in-law was Tamar. Tamar knew the precious value of the tribe who had received God's blessing, so she wanted to do whatever it took to inherit and pass on the blood lineage of the blessed tribe.

One of the interesting stories in the Bible is about the fighting of the twin brothers, Esau and Jacob, inside their mother's womb. When Rebecca asked God why the two babies were fighting inside the womb, God answered, "There are two nations inside your womb and the older will serve the younger." Since we know clearly the principle that the second son should restore the birthright by winning a battle against the first son, we can understand God's answer.

Tamar had the same experience of two babies fighting inside her womb, and she prayed to God with the same question as Rebecca. God gave exactly the same answer as He gave Rebecca: "Two nations are inside your womb and the older will serve the younger."

Perez and Zerah were born with such a background. The older brother Zerah put out his hand first, and a midwife tied Zerah's wrist with a scarlet thread. This gives an advance notice that communism will surely appear in later history. Perez, who was to restore the older son's authority, drew Zerah back into the womb and he came out first. Here, finally, the restoration of the birthright took place in the mother's womb. Since he "broke out," he was given the name of Perez.

In the history of Rebecca and Tamar, we see how the first and second sons fought with each other in order to accomplish the change of blood lineage. When in Tamar's womb the first son became the second and the second became the first, then the birthright was restored for the first time in history. (1986.1.31 Hannam-dong House)

2. The Second Son And The Blessing

1) The Restoration Providence Is the Providence to Restore the Birthright

What would have happened if the progenitor of humankind had not fallen? The owner of this earth would be only one, not two.

Due to the fall, God lost His position as the Lord and human beings lost their position as God's children. instead, Satan became the lord of this world and human beings became closely connected to Satan. It is not that easy to establish the providence of salvation in this world ruled by Satan.

As you learned from the Old Testament, Jews, the descendants of Jacob, were the first ones to win a battle against Satan. Therefore, centering upon the nation of Israel, a family, tribe and a nation are organized. God promised to send the Messiah who is to rule the world centering upon this nation of Israel. God has been pioneering the way centering upon a nation.

Israel means victory over Satan. What is it anyway? History has been the work of separating the satanic side from God's side. As you all know, Cain was the first son on the satanic side. Then what is Abel? Abel is also a descendant of fallen Adam and Eve, but he is on God's side. Abel is to stand in the first son's position on God's side. He is to establish the birthright for God's side. Then two birthrights can appear here -- one on God's side and the other on Satan's side. That is why conflicts and fighting have been relentless. The fighting has to do with the problem of Cain and Abel and of the satanic birthright and heavenly birthright. Since the older brother was claimed by Satan, the younger brother cannot escape being persecuted by him in his attempt to restore the birthright. While receiving such persecution, Abel has been separating from Satan and expanding the level of obtaining the birthright from the individual level up to the family level, tribal level, national level and worldwide level.

What does Israel mean? It is the place where there is a standard which can be victorious and replace the satanic birthright with the heavenly birthright. What then is the external world -- the satanic world? Satan has maintained the birthright on a national level. Since God has been looking for the birthright on the worldwide level in His restoration providence, Satan has been promoting division among all the nations and making people be very nationalistic. Satan causes people to care only about their nation, not the world. That is why all godly people always want to transcend their national boundaries and go out to the world. They are on the way toward the world. (1986.6.8 World Mission Center)

2) The Blessing of the First Son

As you all know, after receiving the blessing, Jacob led the life of a servant and was treated with contempt for 21 years. He lived among Laban's clan and endured all their persecution for 21 years. But when he returned home with all the blessings he had won from Laban's clan, Esau completely united with him. At that time the realm of the Israelite clan was formed. Without winning the blessing of Laban's clan, Jacob could not appear as Abel in front of Esau's clan. When a heavenly clan confronts a satanic clan, the exchange of ownership between God and Satan takes place favoring the side which has most endured and led a life of love for the sake of others.

Why should this be? In God's world, originally the first son is to receive the blessing. The second son is not supposed to receive the blessing. Unless the second son restores the birthright, he cannot stand in the position of a son of a heavenly nation. This means that he cannot represent a principle standard to receive the blessing. Where do we see Jacob's shrewdness? He showed surprising wisdom in buying the birthright with bread and lentils. He knew that his older brother would be hungry enough to offer it when he returned from hunting. He had a right to restore the birthright even though his father opposed him. It was inevitable in order to indemnify the fall.

The clan of Abel had to enter the satanic nation centering upon Abel's family. Since the satanic world was holding the birthright, before entering Israel, Jacob's descendants had to enter Egypt -- the representative nation of the satanic world. They fought in Egypt. The clans of Israel endured persecution from innumerable Egyptians for the sake of God for around 400 years; finally, they defeated Egypt and were liberated.

They had to go through the wilderness course in order to restore the right to acquire the nation of Israel, which should have become the heavenly nation, but they failed. Their utmost hope was to build this nation. They could have encouraged each other to risk even their lives in order to establish this nation, but they fell into disorder and turmoil.

If Moses had not been hot-blooded and instead been more wise, he would not have killed the Egyptian. If he had been calm, he would have become a pharaoh, inheriting the sovereignty of Egypt. After becoming the pharaoh, he would have possessed all the treasures of the land. On the foundation of restoring the Cain nation, the restoration of the Israel nation was supposed to happen automatically. But because of his hot temper, Moses killed the Egyptian and blocked this quick way of restoration.

In the original world, only the first son is supposed to receive the blessing. Because Satan rules the whole world, which is in the position of the first son due to the fall, there is no way for Abel to win back the first son's position unless he wins a battle against the satanic world and brings back the gifts of the victorious champion. That is why the battles of the individual Cain and Abel, of the family level Cain and Abel, and of the tribal, national and worldwide level Cain and Abel have been inevitably developing in order to restore history through indemnity. Many religious people have been sacrificed in this restoration process, but until now, no one understood why this was happening. (1984.5.1 World Mission Center)

3) Why Was the Second Son Blessed?

The fall is the deviation from the realm of the ideal blessing. That is why fallen men come under the dominion of Satan. All the first sons became Satan's sons. Because of this, the first sons in Egypt were struck down. Why are the second sons blessed by God in biblical history? Without knowing the principle of restoring the birthright, biblical history is like a riddle. In the story of Esau and Jacob, Jacob with his mother received the blessing by deceiving Esau. God knew that Jacob had deceived Esau and He still blessed Jacob. This has been a mysterious riddle which cannot be logically explained in terms of the teachings of conventional religions.

There is no way to solve this riddle without knowing the Divine Principle of the Unification Church. The Unification Principle is not something ambiguous. It is the principle of re-creation. The principle of creation was destroyed, and it has to be re-created. The principle of creation is eternal. Centering upon such an unchanging, eternal principle, God is leading the way of restoration through history.

Father has been visiting strange lands for forty years. You are not supposed to settle until you restore the indemnity on the national level, starting from the individual, family level and tribal level, which is in 1992. (1986.1.21 Headquarters Church)

According to God's law of love, the second son is not supposed to go directly to his parents; instead he is supposed to make his first brother represent him. Because the first son committed sin, he pushes his younger brother to represent him in front of their parents. That is why the second son goes to the parents, instead of the first son. Even though the older brother came before the younger brother, the younger brother is more advanced. The second son receives the blessing in the Bible because he gets persecution. (1986.11.17. Little Angels Art Building)

3. True Parents And The Establishment Of The Birthright

1) The Establishment of the Birthright

In God's original ideal of creation, both the first son and the second son would be on God's side. But the elder son was claimed by Satan and only the younger son could be on God's side. This has to be changed. That is why, in the Bible, Jacob is supported by and unites with his mother and takes away the birthright from his older brother with bread and lentils.

Nobody knew the reason for this biblical history. For the first time in the history, the Unification Church makes it clear. Unless the second son restores and establishes the birthright on the worldwide level, parents cannot stand as parents. That is because fallen parents bore Cain, who is the first son on Satan's side, and Abel, who is under satanic dominion.

When the elder sonship becomes God's and the younger sonship becomes God's, transcending the fallen dominion, the original world can be established. This is the original ideal of creation. Because God is absolute, God's ideal also remains absolute. We must actualize this ideal by passing through the restoration history of indemnity. (1985.8.16 East Garden)

The restoration of the birthright! How difficult it is! Because of this, everything has melted down. Countless religious people were sacrificed and Christianity suffered, shedding blood under the Roman Empire for 400 years in order to overcome the satanic world. Have you entered the catacombs in Rome? People made an altar and buried their ancestors' corpses. They lived, smelling the corpses and walking on the water under the altar. They did so because God ordered them to. Otherwise, who would want to live like that? Human beings cannot stand it alone. You can imagine how much God suffered. You must know about such meritorious services done in history.

Knowing such conditions made throughout past history, I unraveled them in forty years. It took several hundreds and thousands of years even for God. (Human history seems like 850,000 years to 1,500,000 years.) This is an incredibly surprising fact.

You might think that I lead a mundane life every day. Who has thought about the pain of my internal life? You are happy and you like me when you are loved externally. But have you tried to understand what kind of pain I carry?

The will of God must be accomplished centering upon God, not by the support of others. You cannot rely on anybody in the world because the birthright is restored now.

It is extremely difficult to restore the birthright. Nobody can claim that I am a person of mere words because I took the principle of restoration and actualized it according to the theory. (1986.2.9. Hannam-dong House)

2) The Result of Winning the Birthright

The place where people bow in front of the four position foundation centering upon True Parents is not a fallen dominion anymore. We are entering an age when all the spirits in the spirit world will come to earth and protect us, like the archangels were to have protected Adam's family, because God rules us directly and because liberation has taken place. The spirit world was Cain's dominion and the physical world was Abel's dominion in the past, so earthly people have been utilized by the spirit world because it was time for Abel to be sacrificed in order to save Cain. Now the birthright is restored, so the spirit world takes the archangel position, and the Unification Church is Adam's dominion. The archangelic world is supposed to support us; it is not supposed to use us. That means there is no land in which Satan can take action. When we strongly and boldly march forward with an aggressive attitude and a determination not to yield to Satan, the satanic dominion will fall off a cliff. (1991.1.1 Midnight, Headquarters Church)

From now, you must have love instead of parents. You must become an older brother who can love Abel. Who is Abel? It is the enemy. We must initiate a movement to love our enemies more than we love our physical younger brother; otherwise, we cannot lead the world to God's side.

It is said, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son. Isn't that so? Even though God sacrifices His loving Abel, He must restore Cain. Unless Cain is restored, the restoration of the birthright cannot be achieved.

Now our age has come. When people oppose and deny us, they will experience terrible phenomena. Their ancestors will wring their necks as well. The spirit world will directly put this into action.

We are about to enter a time when witnessing is not necessary. The spirit world will do everything. This earth is like the world of Adam and Eve, so angels are to protect us, not to destroy us. Because we entered a stage in which fallen angels can be banished, the birthright can be restored. Due to the restored birthright, the angelic world is to cooperate with the physical world. So far, the angelic world has overridden the human world instead of cooperating with us. That is why many spiritualists were sacrificed in the past. (1986.2.9 Hannam-dong House)

When the standard of restoring the worldwide birthright is accomplished, the direct dominion of God will be connected to the earth in the name of True Parents. Satan cannot exist under the connected and united standard. (1986.1.3 1 Hannam-dong House)

When you set up a condition of having loved Satan on the worldwide level, Satan cannot take all the people who follow you. What will happen? Cain and Abel will be exchanged. Abel's dominion has been driven out to a comer so far, but now the satanic world is bound to perish in front of the restored heavenly birthright. There is no way for Satan to stand face to face; he is just hurrying to retreat. He will be completely extinguished once he tries to hold out against us. This is the Principle view.

Since Satan has caused people in the Abel position to shed so much blood with guns and swords, and he has blocked God's heavenly providence, which resulted in a great deal of turmoil, he dare not stand before the standard of the restored birthright. This is the Principle, isn't it? He cannot rebel against the foundation heading directly to the Kingdom of Heaven. No matter how big the communist party is, it will fall down just like fallen leaves hit by fallen ghosts. At one stroke it will fall down. We will then make the rotten parts of it a fertilizer so that it can be a foundation for a new life to be resurrected.

Such a time surely has come. I have the authority of the first son who has fulfilled the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level and worldwide responsibility. Therefore, the more the Korean government opposes and hates Rev. Moon, the more confusion will take place. They will start perishing as their opposition gets stronger and stronger. The world will not be quiet and the people will not be silent. A whirlwind will automatically strike them. Heavenly fortune will come back a hundred percent. The problem that we must consider from now on is how to cope with such confusion and how to administer all the organizational systems. (1986.1.31 Hannam-dong House)

3) The Birthright Formed in the Spirit World

Satan prevented Abel from gaining the dominion of Abel in the spirit world. Now the birthright is exchanged, so all the walls in the spirit world will break down. Because the Unification Church with the restored the birthright is welcomed internationally on earth, all the historical walls in the spirit world can break down. The wall of the satanic birthright is bound to perish. When the satanic birthright is destroyed, paths to the heavenly birthright, which have so far been blocked, will open in the world. The path for the first son to walk must be built.

I did that in Danbury. I paved the road -- the highway -- from hell to the spirit world. Therefore, once you follow this narrow path, even though it is zigzag, you will reach the throne-the palace of the heavenly nation. This is impossible without the restoration of the birthright. (1986.2.9 Hannam-dong House)

Heung Jin stands in the position of the first son in terms of the heartistic standard in the spirit world. If he, in the first son's position, cannot become one with the second son heartistically, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Even Jesus could not go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Isn't this the Principle? In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, the first son and the second son who have the tradition of the heart of True Parents' children must be united. Is Jesus in the position of the first son in the spirit world? He does not have the heartistic bond with True Parents that the True Children do.

Therefore, Heung Jin takes the position of first son in the spirit world. It is correct that Heung Jin is called Lord there. He went there instead of Parents, which means that the birthright is restored in the spirit world. That is why Jesus must serve him absolutely. (1987-12-4. Hannam-dong House)

4. The Restoration Of The Birthright And Us

1) The Reason that the Birthright Is Precious

Which one is more precious, Cain or Abel, in the Principle view? [Abel] No, you do not know that point well. Abel is the younger brother and Cain is the older brother. Know this correctly! The position of the older brother is more precious than that of Abel -- the second son.

There is only one first son, but there are many younger sons. Can several people become the first son? The first son is precious because he is the only one. Isn't that so? There can be many second sons.

God feels deep regret and resentment that He has had to allow the first son to be claimed by Satan in the providence of restoration. That is why contemporary history is so troubled and sick. What is the disease? Mankind is attacked by the disease of fallen love. The first son was born of diseased love. It is impossible for a human being to be elevated according to the standard of the original law unless mankind understands this disease.

What then is the purpose of setting up Abel? It is not just to save Abel's children, but to correct the tradition of a family with the achievement of the proper birthright. The Unification Church members do not know this. Leaders think, "Um, I'm Abel!" and "That's it! We are in the position of Abel!" That is not all. The reason that you are chosen to represent Abel is to establish tribes under the restored first son. You are to set up the dominion of the first son first and then to receive the blessing, if the first son shares it with you. You are not the first son. Centering upon the Second Coming of the Lord, you should make a bond with the vertical spirit world. The bond with the horizontal world is not enough. It would be better if I explained this point in detail in terms of the Principle, but I speak simply like this because I thought that you already knew this. Because Rev. Moon of the Unification Church discovered this Principle, I could set up a powerful and logical system to explain why you must decide to "live for the sake of others." We are born to live for the sake of others. A man is born for the sake of a woman. (1985.12.22 Headquarters Church)

2) The Standard of Restoring the Birthright

Jesus is mentioned as the last Adam in the Bible. Rev. Moon is called "parent" in the Unification Church. This means the third Adam. The third Adam is to indemnify the mistakes of the first and second Adams. Parents made mistakes, so parents should take responsibility to restore them.

Why do you have to be obedient to my words? Because I fulfilled the worldwide individual restoration of indemnity. I fulfilled the standard for the worldwide individual restoration of indemnity.

Next, what must happen? I am supposed to go out of the house. In the original Garden of Eden, the first son is supposed to go the way of the Principle. The first son and the first daughter are supposed to go through formation, growth and completion periods first. By doing this, they are to be perfected.

Father is the representative of the Abel world. I am in the position of the second son. I came as a third son, so I must restore the standard which the first son Adam reached. The first son and the first daughter were supposed to reach the way to perfection first. That is why I cannot reach perfection in the position of the third son. I must go out and restore the elder sonship birthright. I must fight outside, and come back after winning a natural surrender from the first son.

Then the first son must push me up, saying, "Go ahead! Because you belong to the heavenly side, you must go ahead of me; I cannot go first." Unless he pushes me to go up, I cannot go up. I must go by receiving the inheritance that allows me to go instead of the first son. After winning a victory on the family level, one is supposed to go to the tribal dominion and to win a natural surrender from the first son on the tribal level. Then one should go on to the national dominion. In religion, there is a term called "leaving home." Why is one supposed to leave home? Nobody knows without understanding the Principle. (1985.12.24 Headquarters Church)

People did not know why religion had to go through the suffering course and why religion has developed in the midst of receiving persecution. Rev. Moon is the first person who clarifies the secret content regarding the spirit world, religious world and the world of mystery that has been only known to God and Satan. This is not a futile argument. Try witnessing. When a person is strongly determined to go to the Unification Church, satanic phenomenon surely takes place. This is a very clear formula.

In order to win a victory, one must go out and restore the birthright. There must be a situation in which the first son serves his younger brother as his older brother and the first son must be convinced to receive the blessing through his younger brother. The first son must be in the position of the second son, and the second son must go up to the position of the first son. The birthright on the tribal level and on the national level is restored when the first son pushes the second son, urging, "Go up, instead of me!" Only when the first son pushes the second son up, can he go one more step up. Since this is the Principle, the standard of restoring the birthright must be completed, otherwise God's providence cannot be accomplished. This is the secret of religious history.

So what is "leaving home" in religious terms? In order to go a true religious way, one must leave his home and his nation. (1986.1.21. Headquarters Church)

3) The Essential Factors for Restoring the Birthright

Could you exchange your wife and son for satanic people? [No.] Jesus is God's son and He sent Jesus on earth. Can He kill the son of His direct lineage in order to make satanic people His children? In order to make the adopted son His direct son? Is such a God crazy or normal?

Since the beginning of human history, God has not been able to give blessings to His people. Instead, He made them sacrifice. He made them shed blood. How could Almighty God bear it when he saw Christianity receiving persecution from the enemy in Rome for 400 years? Why could God allow people to conclude that there is no God? Why has He been doing all this? This is the problem.

The satanic side is represented by Cain-the older brother, and on the heavenly side is Abel. God is supposed to love the first son first, then He is allowed to love the younger son. But the first son was taken by Satan. In order to save the first son, God sets up Abel. God wants to restore the birthright through Abel. The birthright is restored through love, not through the fist. The second son is to restore the birthright by, first, melting the first son with love. Unless one sets up the condition of having loved Cain and receiving his natural surrender, one cannot love one's own children. In God's ideal of creation, the first son is supposed to receive love first, not the second son.

That is why, in the Bible, there is a history of hitting the first sons. Do you know how much God sacrifices his second son before hitting the first son? In Egypt, God hit the first sons of the Egyptians only after having hit the second son Abel for 430 years. God gives the blessing to Abel after his fulfilling his responsibility as a sacrifice in front of the whole nation. The law of the blessing is that after God receives the sacrifice from Abel, He should give a blessing to Abel that is larger than that of Abel's previous sacrifice. Because the Israelites had sacrificed for 430 years in Egypt, God had to give more blessing to the Israelites than to the Egyptians. When the Egyptians opposed this law of the blessing, God had to do something to get rid of their opposition.

If you want to live for the sake of God's providence of love, you must think that in order to save the whole world, all the Unificationists are to be sacrificed. If I do not inherit God's tradition of sacrifice, I am a fake and all my disciples are fakes.

Conventional churches have been opposing me for forty years and they might still be opposing me. Ah! Remnants of a defeated army!! The battle has finished. The theological field of the world now begins to change its direction and promote Rev. Moon's theology. Even though the central leaders already decided to change their direction and declare they are defeated, the remnants of the defeated army in the deep mountain valleys still oppose us. This is exactly what is happening with conventional Christianity. They will be extinguished in the very near future.

Did Rev. Moon love the satanic world more than he loves his wife and his children? We are not supposed to love our wife and our children more than the world. God must love Cain first before He loves Abel. He is not supposed to love Abel more than He previously loved Cain. (1986.2.1 Headquarters Church)

4) The Secret Method for the First Son's Submission

What is the secret method to make the first son surrender? Satan claims, "God is perfect and the Adam and Eve that God is looking for also must be perfect. Adam and Eve, if they had not fallen, would have loved me (the archangel) according to the standard of the Principle. Even though I am in an evil position after the Fall, if you are in a truly holy and righteous position, you must set up the condition of having loved me. Otherwise, you cannot act like God in front of me." This is the problem. Satan puts on the brake. "The person that you sent must love me. Unless the person in union with God stands in a position to love me, he cannot take back the right of the birthright, which is under my charge." That is why Jesus said, "Love the enemy." Loving the enemy does not mean loving only an individual enemy. Unless we love the enemy on the family level, tribal level, national level and worldwide level, we cannot restore the birthright of the enemy world. Satan, who is very well aware of what the course of God's restoration providence is, has been claiming this. You must know this clearly in order to restore the first son on a family level.

Therefore, after restoring the first son on an individual level, you must go out to the frontline, where a satanic family persecutes you and wants to kill you, and fight with them. You must make them surrender to you by love and teach them our traditions and customs. Unless they pledge in tearful repentance to follow you at the risk of their lives after being naturally inspired by your beautiful tradition, you cannot restore the blessing from the satanic world. (1984.5.1 World Mission Center)

5) The Reason We Must Love the Enemy

Without love, you cannot make Satan surrender to you. In order to become a family qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, there must be the conditions that God loved the fallen archangel and that the family of God's children also loved Satan. You must also set up a condition to make the satanic world surrender with love after going out and fighting with them. You must be able to say, "I did not destroy the enemy by force; instead I restored the birthright by winning the natural surrender of the enemy."

God must set up the condition that He loved the enemy instead of killing him and that He loved the enemy Satan as a person substituting for Adam. Only when we win a natural surrender from the enemy Satan after enduring all persecution in tears, sweat and blood, and come back with God's love, are we qualified to receive the blessing. At that time, Satan will set you free. You must get an official recognition from Satan, "Ah! From now on you can become a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." At the entrance of the Kingdom of Heaven, you need Satan's signature first, next your signature and, finally, True Parents' signature. Only when you have True Parents' signature do you get to go to God. That is the Kingdom of Heaven. (1986.2.22 Headquarters Church)

So far religious people and divine religious leaders have gathered at the gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to enter there, you must love the enemy. Who is the enemy? If there had been no fall, perfected Adam and Eve together with the archangel would have lived in the Kingdom of Heaven, dwelling in God's bosom. This is the original ideal of creation. Therefore, Satan, even though he is fallen, accuses God, "Even though I am fallen, is Your ideal of creation changeable?" It is not changeable. Satan continues to say, "Control me after realizing Your ideal," and, "Unless there is a condition that You and Your son restore the standard of love that existed prior to the fall and love me with the same original standard, nobody can enter the Kingdom of Heaven." God cannot but agree with him. That is why Jesus on the cross had to pray for his enemy. (1989.11.15 Hannam-dong House)

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