The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Essential Restoration

Due to the fall, we received Satan's blood. If the progenitors of mankind, Adam and Eve, had not fallen, they would have been God's children without sin. But they became Satan's children through the fall. Originally, human beings would be governed only by God. God is to be the only Lord of human beings, but Satan became our lord through the immoral relationship between Satan and human beings.

Foundation for the Separation Providence

Principle teaches that love is the governing power. That is why Satan has a right to claim ownership over human beings even though his love is immoral. According to the principle of creation, God is the original owner of human beings. Therefore, God and Satan together can claim ownership over human beings. But it is physically impossible to divide Adam into two -- one for God, and the other for Satan. God had to set up a certain rule to divide a human being in the viewpoint of the Principle. God set up the rule of separation in terms of internal-external relationship and subject-object relationship, and in the position of God being an internal being and of creation being an external being. In other words, God divided fallen Adam and Eve into two through their two children.

Cain is the representative of Satan and Abel is the representative of sinless Adam. God put the second son in the internal position. Abel represents the second love between Adam and Eve, which contains less evil elements.

Abel is the fruit of the second love and Cain is the fruit of the first love. God took Abel because Adam and Eve's relationship is more principled than Eve and the archangel's relationship.

In the original system, the order of love should be from God to Adam and then to the archangel, so the position in restoration must also start from God to Abel and then to Cain. God restores the lost Principle by restoring this formula first.

The blood lineage of mankind was twisted by the fallen action, Satan's blood occupies mankind. That is why restoration should start from the origin, and the second son Abel must restore the first son's birthright.

The fall started from a mother's womb, so restoration must be established inside a mother's womb. The womb was the original starting spot of evil, so we must revert to the place of the first cause in restoration. That is why God initiated the providence to restore the birthright through these two brothers. Cain must go down to Abel's position, and Abel must go up to Cain's position -- the first son's position. But Cain killed Abel. This action is just the repetition of Adam and Eve's fallen action. This action created the same condition with which Satan controlled Adam, and is the opposite of restoration. This part is quite difficult to understand, so I will explain it with a diagram.

Because the distance was too far when the brothers were of different ages, God started to took for brothers much closer in age. In other words, God wanted to lead this providence of restoration toward a standard much closer to the origin. The best way is to push Cain and Abel back into their mother's womb, but this is physically impossible. This is like overlapping at the center. I coincides with II. The part of I is repeated in the realm of I.

So God's providence proceeded through the twin brothers, Jacob and Esau. The same principle applies to them. Jacob should take his elder brother Esau's position, and Esau should go down to his younger brother Jacob's position. The twin brothers' mother was Rebecca. When she was pregnant, the two babies inside her womb were fighting, so she asked God about it. God said, "Two nations are in your womb, and two people from within you will be separated; one person will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger."

Jacob was setting up the condition not to be accused by Satan. He could buy the birthright from Esau with bread and lentils, so Satan could not accuse him even though he stole the birthright from Esau. The birthright was restored and their father's blessing was given to Jacob; but Esau was extremely angry and he wanted to kill Jacob, just like Cain killed Abel.

Jacob's Mission

Jacob was to restore Adam's position as well as the position Abel lost. That is why he had to be in exile in Haran for 21 years. He was not fulfilling his mission completely during that period. After 21 years, he returned to his hometown, Canaan, with his property. In the course of the fall, the mother initiated the fallen action and her son completed the action. Mother and son together brought the fall to mankind. Therefore, in the course of restoration, the reversal process must take place. That is why the mother, Rebecca, and her younger son, Jacob, cooperated to accomplish the purpose.

In the course of the fall, Eve tied to her father (God) and to her brother Adam; therefore, Rebecca deceived her husband, Isaac, and her first son, Esau, in order for Jacob to receive the blessing. Isaac, as the father of the two brothers, was in God's position, and Esau was in Cain's position.

That was just a foundation; the substantial restoration was not yet established. Until that time, Jacob's mother was fulfilling her mission, and then it was Jacob's turn to fulfill his mission. Jacob's mission was to restore Adam's position invaded by Satan and to restore the position of Abel, who had been killed by Cain. Jacob was to go up to Esau's position and to make Esau surrender to him.

You should remember how Adam lost his position, because Jacob's first chief mission was to restore Adam's position. Adam was dominated by Satan; therefore, Jacob had to fight against an angel at the ford of Jabbok. He wrestled with an angel all night until daybreak. What was the result of it? The angel admitted Jacob's victory and blessed him. In this way, the original position was restored.

Why did the angel hit Jacob's hip bone before giving him the blessing? The human fall was caused by misuse of the hip bone; therefore, indemnity was completed through the blow to the sinful part of the body. The principle of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" was applied there. For that reason, the angel was able to bless Jacob.

What was Jacob's second mission? First, he needed to win a victory over the angel. Adam's position was restored by winning an internal victory. Next Jacob was to restore Abel's position on this condition to restore Adam's position. Coming back from Haran after 21 years, Jacob gave all his possessions to Esau in order to appease his brother; he just wanted to receive the blessing from Esau. That is why the older brother Esau welcomed Jacob. In this way Esau went down to his younger brother's position. Because Jacob restored Esau's position, he could cross his arms to put his left hand on Joseph's elder son Manasseh and to put his right hand on the younger son Ephraim when he was blessing them.

According to the Bible, Jacob's nature seems very cunning. Isn't it strange that God blessed such a cunning Jacob? There is a clear reason for this from the viewpoint of the Principle. Because Jacob fulfilled his mission given by God, God could bless him. Can you believe such a story? Do you think I made up all those stories? All those things happened several thousands of years ago, so nobody could understand the true meaning of the stories in the Old Testament until the Principle was revealed.

The name Israel started from D in the above diagram. Even though Jacob set up a victorious foundation, at point E the original position was not restored. So D had to be restored at point E through a certain condition. If God had stopped His providence at Jacob's age, the standard prior to Jacob's age at that time would have remained unrestored.

Let's say God's providence started with Jacob and was completed during Jacob's generation. Then the generation after Jacob's age is to be restored due to his victorious condition, but the generations before Jacob's age -- from children to middle-aged -- cannot be restored. Therefore, restoration should start again from the origin-the mother's womb.

The Providence of Restoration inside the Womb Centering Upon Tamar

God's third providence started once again from mother's womb, which was where the fall originated. The first mother Eve fell because she did not believe in God's words, so Tamar, who was supposed to restore Eve's position, had to demonstrate absolute faith in God. She had to forget her self-esteem and pride and, furthermore, she had to determine to risk her life. Eve's faithlessness made her abandon her father, God. Instead, she accepted Satan as her father and put him in God's position. Therefore, Tamar, on the contrary, had to talk directly with God. Eve was not able to be united with her father, so Tamar had to be united with her father.

Judah was Tamar's father-in-law, which means he was in the position of father to Tamar. She became pregnant by uniting with her father. Actually, she conceived her son by her father-in-law. Let's examine this again by referring to Genesis 38. Judah had three sons and Tamar was the first son's wife. Her husband died; according to Jewish custom in this case, she was to conceive a son by Judah's second son. But the second son also died, and the third one was too young. That is why Tamar had to take the final method. Since inheriting God's restored blood lineage is the most important and most necessary task of all, she decided to abandon her pride and cast away her life.

In order to accomplish her mission, she risked her life. Isn't that so? She had nothing in her mind at all except the desire to accomplish God's will. Finally, Tamar set up a condition to restore Eve's fallen position by walking a course totally opposite to Eve. Nobody knew this fact except God. You are really blessed people with utmost benefit because you can know this hidden riddle and the secret within 30-40 minutes.

Tamar conceived twins. God had been waiting for that moment for 2000 years. When the time came for her to give birth, the first son Zerah put out his hand, and the midwife tied a scarlet thread on his wrist. This illustrates symbolically that communism would appear first. This symbolizes 7000 years of human history (the 6000-year restorational history plus the 1000-year kingdom = the completion of history) and shows that satanic communism will perish in seventy years. The reason 1978 appears is here. Communism started in 1917 (with the victory of the Bolshevik Revolution) and it is to continue toward reaching its peak for sixty years; but then it will start declining in 1978 and will be terminated after seventy years. This is the truth. That is why now is the time for those who are leaving communism to abandon it.

The fight took place within a mother's womb, and the second son Perez came out first, pushing Zerah aside. This restoration, this reversal of a situation, took place within the mother's womb. The principle that Jesus had to be born of Judah's blood lineage is set up here.

Centering upon this point, Cain went down and Abel went up, and centering upon this one point, history has been proceeding to expand from the family level and tribal level to the national level. At the same time, the expansion of the satanic world has paralleled it. These two different camps have proceeded to the national level and have formed two different realms of the world. F in the diagram is the history of Israel and G shows the Israel nation.

The satanic world is formed from the satanic nations expanding from the family level and tribal level to the national level. Circle H is the Cain nation which is expanding its realm, starting from the smallest family level and going up to the national level. Circle G is the Abel nation -- the chosen nation of Israel which also has been expanding from the family level to the national level. God waited for 2000 years until the formation of the one nation of Israel. Because Satan had already formed one nation, God had to wait for 2000 years.

Therefore, God's nation should excel Satan's nation, but Israel made many mistakes in the process of going through the restoration of history from the family and tribal levels to the national level.

Complete Restoration Through True Parents

John the Baptist came with the mission to restore all the mistakes committed by the nation of Israel so that he could prepare the foundation for the Messiah. John the Baptist appeared in the position of Cain and Jesus came in the position of Abel. Jesus was to come as the Messiah in the subject position to the Israelite nation that should have been united with John the Baptist. If the people of Israel had been completely united as an absolute object with the absolute subject, Jesus, they would never have perished.

God's providence is to reach the peak of completion with True Parents as absolute subject united with an absolute object.

Because Jesus was crucified on the cross, the True Parents in a physical form could not be actualized at that time. In other words, God's blood lineage was established, but the substantial True Parents with both a spirit and a physical body were not actualized. Christian history, I in the diagram, is limited to the spirit world and spiritual salvation, and the physical salvation-physical redemption-was not realized. There have been only a spiritual father and mother in Christianity until today. When True Parents come, we have to set up a symbolic condition to be born again as a new life from the mother's womb. We are now walking such a course of restoration.

The Holy Spirit has played the role of mother in Christianity so far. We are to go through the motherly Holy Spirit and the spirit of Jesus, and then to be born anew in spirit.

Of course, we are born out of our mother's womb, but when we think one step further, the origin of life is the father. Although our blood lineage can be restored by going through the mother's womb, in this case we still do not get to meet our father. That is why Christians have been waiting and hoping to go back to their father Christ -- the origin of life -- with the help of the mother spirit, the Holy Spirit's power. The life of a son and a daughter, prior to the fall, was started as a seed in father Adam's body. The seed of life is inside the father's body.

From the original viewpoint, we cannot be satisfied with only spiritual rebirth. We must be born again substantially with both spirit and body. That is why we must go back to the position of the seed in order to restart both physically and spiritually. In order to accomplish such a providence, True Parents as a bridegroom and a bride must come and we are promised to be born again as a new life by going through True Parents who re-plant us as new seeds; so we can be born again as a new restored life. Considering all the facts mentioned above, we can automatically know that a new Messiah is necessary.

In Order to Stand as Restored True Children

Because the restoration was not completed at Jesus' time, it has expanded to the worldwide level now. Therefore, in the Last Days, the world will be divided into two -- one representing Satan and another representing God. Nothing else exists. There will be great confusion and many problems in the Last Days. The new Messiah must inherit such a background and foundation in the world. The new Messiah must spiritually inherit all that from Christians who are in the position of seeds inside Jesus' body.

Since Christians still are not completely born, they are like seeds inside Jesus' body. The carrying of such elements has been only spiritual so, first of all, a substantial father must appear and set up a certain foundation. He has to set up a foundation on the E circle in the diagram. Mother fulfilled her mission at point E, but at J I have the mission.

For that reason, everybody has to be united with True Father during the seven-year period prior to Mother's appearance. Therefore, you must return to the position of seeds inside the perfect Adam who is not yet married. You must go back to the very origin. That means we must start from the sinless human being who is not fallen -- Father. After all, the seed that started from the body of Adam who is not fallen and who is single must dwell in the mother's womb. The egg in the mother's womb is original and we must return there. Truly such a work is to be accomplished by the Unification Church.

Heavenly Four Position Foundation

A very difficult task remains for the Lord of the Second Advent. He is to restore the position of Jesus who was banished by the nation of Israel. Of course, those who are already born and grown physically cannot literally go back to the position of seeds inside perfect Adam's body. Therefore, we are to set up the condition of rebirth by uniting with True Parents and the True Children born directly of True Parents. According to the principle that when Cain is absolutely obedient to Abel, both can be restored, we who are in Cain's position must be united with True Parents and sinless True Children, who are in Abel's position. By uniting with them, we can receive the same benefit as restored children. When sinless children are born of True Children, we must set up the condition that we shared food and other things the same as theirs. By doing this, we go through a course to participate in True Children's position.

Through whom do you set up a condition to be united with True Children and to be born again as new children? You must go through True Parents. Even though the father is very important, the father alone is not enough. You must go through the parents and their children. All women must be united with True Father, True Mother and their True Daughter. All men must be united with True Parents and their True Son.

Since a woman fell first, women are supposed to be restored first. Who stands in the first restored woman's position? That is the first daughter born of True Parents. The first restored man is the first son of True Parents. This is a very simple way to explain the essence of this process, but you must know that the process is very deep and complicated. With the birth of sinless True Children, for the first time in human history the heavenly four position foundation can be established. This is the restoration of the heavenly four position foundation in the Unification Church. Anything in the satanic world cannot be connected to this foundation. Since the chosen nation was not restored, this four position foundation on a family level must expand to the tribal and national levels. The central nucleus is the heavenly family -- the place for the establishment of the heavenly four position foundation. The nation built upon that foundation is the strongest nation with which no other nation can compete, and it is the nation that Israel failed to become. This nation will win against all the satanic sovereignty and will stand as the center of the external world.

Circle L in the diagram shows the satanic world. Once the heavenly nation is restored, it will expand to two, three and four sovereignties, and ultimately will continue to expand until it covers the whole world. The people who belong to the heavenly nation will automatically restore everything. Until we restore such a heavenly authority, we must go through a course that is like climbing up to the summit. Even though we have accomplished a great deal of results for restoration, unless we restore the one nation-the heavenly sovereignty-there is a possibility for everything to perish with the establishment of a satanic government, a satanic sovereignty.

Our Most Urgent Duty

The work of restoring God's sovereignty is our most urgent duty. For that purpose, we must be absolutely united with True Parents. The members from Korea, Japan and all other nations of the world must be united with True Parents. You must have realized how difficult the way of restoration is by trying to unite all these different members from different countries.

Jesus said to Nicodemus, "You must be born again," and Nicodemus raised an objection, "How can a man be born when he is old? Surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother's womb to be born?" Jesus responded, "You are Israel's teacher and you do not understand these things?" Jesus was talking about the very principle of unity.

The resurrection and new life mentioned in Christianity have to do with such a pattern of unity. At the point E in the diagram, the restoration of blood lineage was established through the mother, so the sinful blood lineage was restored to the heavenly blood lineage. The complete and the essential rebirth is to be established through the True Father. From that time of the new creation, the complete salvation of receiving both spiritual and physical redemption is possible. Our children can then go to the Kingdom of Heaven without going through the process of salvation. (1972.4.1 Paris Church)

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