The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. True Parents

1. The Messiah

1) The Core of the Bible -- True Parents

From where does a fallen man look for the foundation of the original true love? This is a matter for serious consideration. From where? The foundation starts from God and True Parents. It originates from the place where human beings are completely harmonized centering upon God.

What does the Bible teach us? The 66 books of the Old and New Testaments teach us the key point to accomplish God's will. The Bible should teach us the key point of God's desire, the ideal world of love the key point of human desire, and the direct road to the Kingdom of Heaven. The key point is to took for True Parents. When a bridegroom and a bride who can combine the original standard of love become completely united, they automatically enter the realm of vertical love; then they are supposed to establish a strong standard of true love which can unite the whole cosmos with the brilliant and radiant five-colored light of love. If a religion does not have the content to teach this fact clearly, it cannot resolve God's will.

It is amazing that Christianity has such a content. Because Jesus knew the determining factor for the success of the providence centering upon all religions of the world, he put special emphasis on looking for a bride for himself as bridegroom. That is why the Bible concludes with a bride and a bridegroom. This means we must look for an original garden of love through the course of restoration.

Genesis says there were two trees in the Garden of Eden. One was the tree of life, the other one was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What are the two trees? They symbolize the true man and the true woman that God has been seeking. Due to the fall, the positions of True Father and True Mother are lost, so the trees symbolize True Father and True Mother.

When God led the Israelites in the wilderness, there was a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud. The pillar of cloud led them in the day time, and the pillar of fire led them at night. The pillars of cloud and of fire symbolize parents, representing the man and woman who are supposed to come in the Last Days. It shows us that the people of Israel should serve them. Anybody who does not follow the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud will perish.

When the Israelites were struggling in the forty-year course of the wilderness, not knowing where to go, God, with deep concern to elevate them after the fall, called Moses to Mount Sinai and gave him two tablets after Moses' forty days of fasting. What were the two tablets? They symbolize Adam and Eve -- True Parents. Why do the Jewish people put the tablets inside the Ark? The two tablets symbolize the essential people, Adam and Eve, who are vital for fulfilling God's will.

Then what are Aaron's budded rod and the manna? They represent all things which are the origin of life from a reciprocal viewpoint. Human beings are to be one with all things, and then the union of human beings and all things are to be one with God. God directly worked through Aaron's budded rod and the manna because they were to be reciprocal objects to human beings. In order for the Israelites to be united with God, they had to be one with Aaron's rod and the manna. If they did not fulfill their responsibility to unite with the Ark, they would meet a sudden death. This shows that human beings are to be united with all things.

The forty-year course of restoration into Canaan guided the Israelites in the way to serve the Messiah who will come as True Parents in order to actualize God's ideal world and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Because they were about to fall in the wilderness, God gave the two tablets in the Ark, and the manna and the rod, as symbols of the Messiah. Serving the Ark absolutely would lead them to serve the substantial Messiah. It would show the way to start building the heavenly nation. The idea of the tabernacle was to discipline the Israelites to unite with a symbolic Messiah in order to prepare them for the coming of the real Messiah. (1985.4.7 Belvedere)

2) Jesus and True Parents

What are we supposed to know from now on? What will happen in the Last Days? Heaven and earth will be turned upside down. The heavenly law will be changed. Turning heaven and earth upside down does not mean that a cracking heaven transforms the circular earth into a square. The change of heavenly law means that the latter becomes the ancestor, and the former becomes the descendant. Because the true progenitor of the human race came to earth after 6000 years, we are supposed to receive his blood and body in order to be on the right orbit of life.

That is why Jesus said, "I existed before Abraham." What did he mean by that? Jesus came as a parent and a parent cannot be two. A parent is one. The originator of the human race cannot be two. From God's viewpoint, Jesus precedes Abraham because he came as the true parent of mankind. He is the first one; that is why he precedes everybody. Those who come after the very first one cannot be recognized in God's program. (1966.5.25 Chunju Church)

3) The Messiah is True Parents

Who is the Messiah? The Messiah is an ideal man whose mind and body are united into one centering upon God's love, and he is an original man who transcends the fallen natures. Such a person comes as a center of the universe; he leads people to restore their original nature so that they can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

What should the Messiah look for? A bridegroom looks for a bride, which is Eve. Eve was lost, so he must look for Eve when he comes to the earth. Therefore, Parents' Day, centering upon the words "True Parents," was established for the first time in human history in the Unification Church because an original couple of a man and a woman centering upon God's original love was found. (1983.6.11. World Mission Center)

It is absolutely wrong for Unification Church members to think that we have nothing to do with Christianity. Why is that so? The Old Testament Age and New Testament Age existed in order to restore True Parents. The Completed Testament Age also exists for the restoration of True Parents. The content of those three ages is the same: restoration of True Parents. You should have such a concept. The Messiah is, in fact, True Parents; therefore, the content and the purpose of Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church are the same.

Then what is different? Judaism wanted to receive the Messiah on a national level, and then to expand it to the whole world. Christianity was formed after Jesus' death in order to receive the Messiah on the worldwide foundation. What about the Completed Testament Age? It is the cosmic level, the time of the desire to receive the True Parents even in the spirit world. The dimension is different. You must clearly differentiate them from one another. (1984.4.29 East Garden)

The Messiah should act as the True Parent when he comes on the earth. Then what is the True Parent? He is a horizontal parent centering upon horizontal true love, representing the vertical True Parent. Christianity says that the Messiah is God and God is the Messiah. This is wrong. God is the vertical True Father. He is the only one vertical Father. There is no other. The Messiah is the horizontal True Parent. (1989.1.24 Il Hwa Yong-In Factory)

2. True Parents Are Absolutely Necessary

1) What Is the Truth?

What kind of a person is the true person that God longs for? To find an answer to this serious question, scholars read abstruse books and interpret the difficult passages. They have an excellent talent in explaining them. But how much do such things relate to God's true will? This is really a serious problem.

Where does God head for? The modern world abandoned God just like an old shoe, concluding, "God is dead. There is no place for the dead God to go and we do not need a noun called 'God' anymore." Morals are being destroyed in this present age. There is no content which sets up an absolute standard of goodness. Because people cannot set up the absolute standard of morality, they look to relative standards, The way to reach the absolute is totally lost.

Are there any special things about Reverend Moon? He eats and sleeps just like everyone else does. Is my opinion so different from others? It is almost the same as others. The question is, "Centering upon what, is it the same?" Centering upon the "truth," it is not the same. The truth is truth equally for the people in the past, present and future. The truth must also be the truth to God as well as to human beings. It transcends national and racial boundaries, the boundary line between the spirit world and the physical world, and the division between the poor and the rich. It also overcomes the divided cultural content of East and West. The truth can overcome everything.

From this viewpoint, what is the truth? No matter how much I declare something to be the truth, if it does not match with the truth of past history or of the future world, it will surely perish later on. Although its start and its process were good, it will get ruined in the end. If the standard of truth lacks something, it cannot survive in front of the truth. This is a very serious viewpoint.

What is the standard of truth? Centering upon what kind of people does the truth exist? The content which has universal validity is the truth. Should it be Korean or international? Should it be historical or contemporary? Scholars all know the answers to such questions. It must be international, rather than Korean, and historical, rather than contemporary.

Where is the root of the truth? The problems of juvenile delinquency or family breakdown result from the uncertain definition and standard of the truth. There is one more point to add. Truth does not belong to only one individual. Truth belongs to a family, a society and a nation before it belongs to me. It must belong to the world before it belongs to Korea, and it must belong to God before it belongs to the world. (1987.7-14 Alaska ISA house)

2) The Messiah is a Model and a Standard

The Messiah is a true man who represents heaven and earth, the world, nation, tribe, family and the individual. He is a model who surpasses all levels. The Messiah is the one who does not have any conditions to be accused by Satan or human beings. In all aspects, he is a man with God's ideal standard and is officially recognized by God, human beings and Satan. (1989.3.5 Headquarters Church)

Reverend Moon has been teaching the American presidents, leaders and people how to walk the right path. Such an exemplary man should appear. Otherwise, nobody can officially recognize the true standard.

Without a criterion, how can we decide which one is good or bad? There must be an individual standard. There must be only one individual standard representing what the history of religion and of God's providence has been seeking. What can we do to look for such a man with this standard? In order to actualize the ideal, there must be an example of what God has been seeking in His providence. The content of the standard is love. There must be a man with this standard who can be the model of love.

How much would the satanic world oppose such a man? The whole satanic world is mobilized to deny him. The spirit world, the religious world and the secular world altogether deny him. In order for him to be a perfect standard, he must stand in a position to be denied and persecuted badly.

Would Noah have had to follow him if there had been such a model in Noah's time? Or would the model have had to follow Noah? What about Jesus? What about God? They would have to follow him.

Once one model is decided, a nation cannot survive without uniting with it. Even God must follow it. What about Reverend Moon? Can he do whatever he wants to do?

The one man with the ideal standard is the Messiah. In religious terms, he is the Messiah; from the historical viewpoint, he is the Savior; and from the providential viewpoint, he is God's son and a saint.

Does the Unification Church have the proper content needed to represent such a model man? This is the problem. What about Reverend 'Moon? [He has it.] How do you know? All the great people, all the religious leaders and God in the spirit world should know exactly the same way. The spirit world must recognize him. It does not matter if the people in the physical world recognize him or not. The representative model should fight the secular world controlled by Satan after he has been officially recognized by the spirit world. When the individuals, families, tribes, races, nations and the world who have been opposing him can then also recognize him officially, the world meets the end, (1989.3.15. Belvedere)

What is a model? Consider a gold cast. Once a gold cast is made, from it can be made several thousands of the same kind by mass production. ( 1989.1.8. Headquarters Church)

A model has already appeared. You will enter an age when you must decide if you fit the model. When you fit the model, you will be officially recognized. When there is a model, it is imprinted on the original form and then the imprinted ones are passed over to the assembly tine to be assembled. You cannot assemble them as you wish, but they must be officially recognized and assembled by the owner. After the goods are made in an international factory, those which pass the test are reproduced and distributed to the world. The "goods" found acceptable must engage in the movement to liberate the world.

To properly evaluate an individual on a scale, a model must first be prepared or chosen. This applies to a family, a tribe, a nation and the world. All Ph.D.s in economics from Harvard University must go through the same evaluation process by comparison to the model. Once a standard measure appears, everyone should strive hard to fit the original form.

Since there is a model, a tribe is significant. A tribe is needed more than a family; when tribes gather properly, they form a nation. The individual level represents the formation period; the family level represents the growth period; and the tribal level represents the completion period -- these are most important. Individual perfection, family perfection and tribal perfection all must fit the original standard. Therefore, the Unification Church must initiate a movement to create such forms. (1987.3.15.)

3) What Are True Parents?

What is the True Parent that the Unification Church talks about? If there had been no fall, God would have been the vertical source of love and Adam and Eve would have been God's bodies. They were supposed to be God's bodies in which God is like a bone. God also has mind and body. God is to be the internal parents in the internal position and Adam and Eve were to be the external parents in the external position. Human beings are to serve both internal parents and external parents when the internal and the external parents are united in love. The True Parents perfect human beings-are to be created by the cooperative fusion of God and human beings through love. There are no perfect human beings unless there is this fusion through love.

The perfect human beings are our original ancestors -- the original human beings that God intended to create. We were to be born of such perfect human beings. Because we were to be born of such divine persons, we were to have both the divine nature of God and the human nature of horizontal parents. Only when Adam and Eve were bound up in God's love, could they become perfect. The root of our ancestral blood lineage lies where God's vertical love and horizontal physical love are bound up. From that point, the whole of humankind was to be born. However, due to the fall, man's love, woman's love and God's love are separated. Due to the fall, man's love, woman's love and God's love are not bound together. If there had been no fall, man and woman would have been automatically bound up in love. Why does a man want to be united with a woman? Because of love; then what do they want to do after being united in love? They want to receive God's blessing. This is the purpose. (1988.11.13 Belvedere)

True Parents means a perfect man and a perfect woman who are vertically connected with God and horizontally bound with each other at a ninety-degree angle. The blessing is the process in which I cut the neck of virgins and bachelors and implant the buds of the True Father and True Mother in them to graft them into God's lineage. (1984.5.1 World Mission Center)

4) The Reason We Need True Parents

What do True Parents bring on the earth? They have organized a new realm of heart centering upon true love in humankind and in the spirit world. What is the realm of heart? The realm of the fallen heart has a different blood lineage. The root of the realm of true heart centers upon True Parents. It is not a fallen root. You are to grow by engrafting yourself onto the root, which is True Father. Bum the branches and cut off your bond with the satanic world!

After recovering the realm of the original heart by engrafting onto the original root, you can participate in the original position and in true love centering upon God's original and absolute love. Furthermore, you can inherit the universal way of God's true love.

The reason we need True Parents is to plant the original root centering upon the realm of the original heart; in the world, the root is different now. Due to the fall, the trunk and the branches are all different, not the original ones. A new trunk and new branches originate from the new root of True Parents. You are to cut off everything that has originated from the satanic world and engraft yourself onto True Parents, and you are to become the mainstream of the universe.

This is the Last judgment. When does this judgment take place? It happens when the root and all the side branches of the satanic world are cut off. Only the mainstream who connect to the original root can inherit the position of heir to receive God's love. The Unification Church follows the heartistic way of truth by working to connect the trunk, the branches and the leaves which originate from the root of love to mankind in order to resurrect the world. For that reason, True Parents and their love are absolutely needed. (1987.5.10 Pusan Church)

What are True Parents? How are they different from your physical parents in terms of love? The concept of love is different. Your physical parents teach love centering upon the physical body, whereas your spiritual parents teach love centering upon the spirit world. The content is different. Because of the fall, we need spiritual parents as well as physical parents. What have your fallen parents taught you so far? They have taught you to go downward centering upon individualism, abandoning the way of higher dimension. From your physical parents comes the decisive line to drag you eternally into this fallen world. There is no way to cut this line without True Parents.

On such a foundation, True Parents teach you concepts of a higher dimension. The more you go up, the more important are the lessons they teach you. They teach you principles which will enable you to live in the eternal nation in Heaven so you will not have any problems harmonizing with the rhythm of that world. They teach you the lessons you need to know so that you will not have any problem breathing there. (1983.10.1 World Mission Center)

3. The Mission Of The True Parents

1) The Correct Establishment of the Blood Lineage

What does the Messiah do when he comes on the earth? His root is God. That is the difference. The Messiah is rooted in God, whereas fallen men are rooted in Satan. What kind of being is the Messiah? He is bound completely to God's root of love and is the substitute for Adam, who fell in his immature growing period.

The Messiah comes to the earth for the history of recreation. God created Eve after the model of Adam. Saying that Eve was created with one of Adam's ribs means that she was created after the pattern of Adam.

Did God create Adam after Eve or Eve after Adam? Since Eve was created after Adam, when a perfect man in the position of Adam comes, Eve is supposed to become perfect after the model of the perfect Adam. Because Adam fell without fulfilling his responsibility, the person who restores what Adam did must look for a woman from the satanic world. He must not bring the woman to him by force. He should win a natural surrender centering upon love, and the satanic blood lineage should be absolutely denied.

How is the satanic blood lineage formed? If there is a bride, the bridal family, bridal tribe, bridal nation and bridal world all are tightly connected. When the Messiah seeks his bride, Satan will utilize all kinds of cunning methods to stop him. Because Satan is well aware that his nation will be uprooted by this man, he will do his utmost to oppose the Messiah. (1987.10.4 Headquarters Church)

What does Reverend Moon of the Unification Church do in this world? The Unification Church uses the words "True Parents," which is an astonishing term. Since false parents have been born, true parents must appear. What is the mission of the True Parents? They must correct the false blood lineage -- the root of the satanic world and of the false life and false way of love. The Bible says, "Those who want to die will live and those who want to live will die." The reason why such a paradoxical statement has to appear is that Satan must die. (1987-10-4 Headquarters Church)

2) Salvation is Through Love

Because our course of life is distorted due to the fall, it must be restored. The Messiah represents humankind and comes as the person in charge of restoring the disorder. The Messiah has to save the lost love itself. Innumerable religious people do not know that saving this lost love is much more precious than saving one Adam or one Eve.

That is why the Unification Church works for the unity of people. How should people be united? With force? With knowledge? With threatening power? People are united with essential love. Where does this fundamental love come from? It must come from God. Why must it come from God? Human beings are born of love. The love of parents is the root of your life. When that love is connected to God's love, the root of God's love itself can settle down within your mind and body. (1986.2.1 Headquarters Church)

3) Opening the Gate of the Age of the Blessing

What is the Holy Father in Christianity? It is God. What is the holy son? It is Jesus. What about the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit like a dove or water or oil? What kind of spirit is it? It is a motherly spirit. When this motherly spirit on the spiritual foundation substantially meets the word with a substantial body, the wedding supper of the Lamb takes place. It is the moment when for the first time in 6000 years of biblical history, good parents are to be restored. History started with false parents and extended into the satanic world of 3.6 billion fallen people. They have to be born again through True Parents. How can they be born again when they were already born? The only way is through a graft. They all became the wild olive trees. In order for them to be engrafted into the bud and the branch of a true olive tree, they must abandon their life.

What will then be the future history? The religious age of a bride and a bridegroom will take place when the Lord as a bridegroom meets his bride. That is the True Parents' religion. Actually, it is not a religion at all. Religion will disappear at that time. Salvation is to be achieved by attending True Parents. The salvation age of attendance is coming. Therefore, True Parents' words should be the origin of your words and all the biological feelings of True Parents should become your biological feelings. True Parents' life should be the traditional foundation of the culture in your family.

Where are the cultural form and the historical tradition centering upon True Parents? The current world, cultural realms, nations and churches have been formed by the descendants of fallen ancestors through the satanic lineage. In order to clean up all those satanic results, Jesus came. This is restoration.

The vertical history should be indemnified horizontally in the Last Days. Eve and the archangel should center upon Adam and the original standard of the Garden of Eden. Centering upon God, they must be united.

What is the fall? It is the separation of all beings. The Christian cultural age and the archangelic cultural age have been separated, but they are to be absorbed into the Christian cultural age. The culture of Satan appears as the communistic dominion. But when the culture centering upon True Parents appears in the Last Days, both communism and democracy will disappear. The international trend of religious thought also will fade away and a new age of international culture centering upon the meeting of the returning Lord as a bridegroom and his bride will come. Such a world will be a united world of language, life, action, hope and heart. The Unification Church began with the longing for such a united world.

The Unification Church teaches that you cannot receive salvation as an individual. You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. That is Principle. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden are supposed to go to the Kingdom of Heaven together. The husband alone or wife alone cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The ideal is that the united husband and wife-the united family-is to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Can you be happy when your father goes to hell and your mother goes to Heaven? Is it good that parents go to the Kingdom of Heaven and children go to hell? What kind of Kingdom of Heaven is that?

The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where the husband and wife -- a family -- and furthermore, the whole tribe, the whole nation and the whole world are to go together. The place where the whole group can go together is the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the way of the Unification Church.

The purpose of the Unification Church is not individual salvation. Our mass wedding ceremony takes place according to this principle. The mass wedding ceremony is an object of ridicule, seen as a kind of sideshow nowadays, but the content contains a great deal of importance.

Marriage is not allowed during the religious age of the archangel. Due to Jesus' death, the religious world had to branch out into two. One of them is Christianity.

Adam comes as a bridegroom and becomes one with Eve. This couple is to go back to God by loving the archangel. History is formed like that.

From now on marriage is necessary in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The time has come for the married Buddhist priest to win over the Buddhist monk. If Catholic priests and nuns remain single, they will all end up in hell. Now universal fortune seeks the bond of a bride and a bridegroom. Catholic priests and nuns must get married; otherwise, they will perish. The Unification Church blesses the bride and the bridegroom so they will not perish. Can Jesus manage this if he comes from the clouds? Can he build the Kingdom of Heaven if he comes as a ghost? It would be in vain if he comes from the clouds. (1971.10.3 Ex-headquarters Church)

4) The Accomplishment of the Unification Dominion

The Messiah comes in order to accomplish unification. He comes to turn the world upside down. To do so, he comes with the new church that works for unity. (1989.3.5 Headquarters Church)

True Parents continuously want to love the fallen world with the original heart no matter how evil the fallen world is. They want to love the individuals, families, tribes, nations and the world with such an unchanging heart. No matter how much the world is wrong, they want to forgive and love it. Nevertheless, the whole world opposes them, but they must march forward toward the united world, forgetting and overcoming the individual, family, tribal, national and worldwide level opposition. This is the mission of the Messiah and the responsibility of True Parents and God. (1990.7.15 America)

5) The Liberation of the Spirit World

The mission of True Parents is to indemnify, even conditionally, all the blocked realms of the spirit world from the very bottom of the earth. They must go through the course of indemnifying the entire history of mankind. Centering upon the conditional nucleus that can connect the vertical eight stages into the horizontal eight stages, they are to indemnify history. Father has been doing this for forty years. (1987.5.14 Korea)

4. The Proclamation Of True Parents

1) The Purpose of the Proclamation of True Parents

In order for you to become parents resembling True Parents, even though Father and Mother are not here, Father proclaims True Parents. The term "True Parents" means the perfection of everything. It is something that can make God perfect. When conventional Christians hear this, they ask, "What? Does something make God perfect?" They think God is an absolute Being, so He does not need anything. This is not true.

The content of the proclamation is: "When you live for the sake of the world more than True Parents and when you fly to the world like a swarm of bees, carrying a much heavier cross than Parents, the world will be transformed into God's nation at once." "Be absolutely obedient to Rev. Moon" is not the message the proclamation gives.

2) The Meaning and the Result of the Proclamation of True Parents

We have spent more money for saving the conventional churches, which have been constantly opposing us, than for the Unification Church during the last forty years. Even though America has been my enemy, I invested several billion dollars a year in order to save America. I was not indebted to the Soviet Union at all this time. I went there to give true love for their sake. My visit was not for making money, Gorbachev should automatically bow his head when he holds my hands. He was like a prodigal son driven out of his house, crying over the river, I had to go through countless years in order to hold his hands and finally meet him with rising heavenly fortune centering upon God's true love; because of this, Gorbachev's heart must bow down in front of me.

What do the True Parents do when they appear on earth? They have to live for the sake of mankind more than anyone has and they have to liberate God. When you inherit such a tradition, the pivotal point of peace for the unification of all nations will be implanted; it will revive nations and digest the whole world. When we cheered, "Heavenly Father, Mansei!" and "True Parents, Mansei!" in True Parents' welcoming rally, there were many ministers and elders from the conventional churches. They said on the way out, "Oh! What did I do? I must have been possessed by evil spirits. I have called them heretics until yesterday, but I have just given a cheer for True Parents. What is this?" Nobody forced them to raise their hands. They did it unconsciously. If they had not done it, their ancestors would not have been quiet.

True Parents' welcoming rally was held in order to correctly establish the origin of the beginning of history according to heavenly laws and principles. This rally soothed and dissipated all the historical walls composed of the regret and frustrated desires of God and mankind resulting from the fall. Reverend Moon had so many walls. All the negative people who wanted to kill me welcomed me this time. America, the Soviet Union and Korea must welcome me. My mother and father also wanted to welcome me, but they already went to the spirit world. (1990.5.24 Hannam-dong House)

I returned home after paying all the indemnity conditions and proclaimed the True Parents. True Parents are already proclaimed in the Unification Church. I then proclaimed True Parents to the Unification Group (the business side of Unification movement in Korea). Cain (Unification Group) and Abel (Unification Church) must be united, and then True Parents are proclaimed to the nation. When they are proclaimed to the nation, Cain and Abel -- the ones who have been opposing each other -- become one.

That is why those who are spiritually open receive the message that the last day of this world is April 30, 1990. That is the day when True Parents started a new world after defeating all the bonds with the evil parents. When a champion and a challenger fight in a wrestling match, the champion is a champion until he falls. But where the champion falls, he is to go into the hole in the ground.

What is supposed to take place when True Parents are proclaimed? All the good spirits centering upon God and all the evil spirits centering upon Satan will be divided. You must know this time. When True Parents are proclaimed, the biological parents rooted in the satanic blood lineage reach their termination. Because True Parents won all the battles against the satanic world and proclaimed themselves as True Parents, on this victorious condition the democratic world and the communistic world are about to perish and the satanic world will be completely terminated. (1990.5.25 Hannam-dong House)

When True Parents' proclamation is really finished, all the wicked beings under Satan must disappear and world unification will take place. (1990.5.6 Headquarters Church; 1990.5.25 Hannam-dong House)

When True Parents' welcoming rally is finished nationwide, we enter a new age. Those who are spiritually open have already received the revelation that the old world is terminated and we are entering a new world. That is why the spirit world returns to you. The good spirits who had believed in the world's major religions -- Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament -- and had left a good reputation on earth have been helping the earthly providence according to God's will. So far there has been no way to be related to the earth without going through such good spirits in the good spirit world.

But because True Parents victoriously went over the battles against the individuals, families, tribes, nations and the world, the religious realm became liberated. There is no religion in the age of True Parents. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, there would have been no need for a religion. Centering upon the one ideal of Adam and Eve who are eternally united with God, ancestors in the spirit world would have freely related to their descendants on earth at any time. (1990.5.24 Hannam-dong House)

Because True Parents are proclaimed, Korea will not perish. All nations, including the Soviet Union and the whole world, will not perish.

If there had been True Parents in the Garden of Eden, Satan would have never existed there. Because your ancestors went to spirit world earlier than you and they are in the position of the archangel, you are to precede them. (1990.6.26 Kwangju Church)

3) The Influential Power of True Parents

Every religion of high dimension has the ideal of a Second Coming. Why? What is the purpose of the Second Coming ? It is True Parents, the Second Coming of the Lord. The Messiah means True Parent, which is the goal of human history. When all the crowds of people who have been wandering around like orphans without their own nations come to True Parents, one world or one house of the family of God can finally be built.

There is no Satan in the world where True Parents dwell. This is the Principle view. When True Parents appear, Satan is to disappear automatically. (1990.5.27 Belvedere)

When you know clearly of God and True Parents, you are liberated and you are resurrected. You must show God and True Parents to the world. When you become the substantial proof to represent God and True Parents, the whole world will be liberated. People must see God and True Parents in you. Because people are all aware of the original mind, they can easily recognize the ones with God and True Parents. The reason why I talk about this today is because today is the proclamation day for such a transitional period.

What is God's original ideal of creation? It is to build a kingdom in Heaven and on earth centering upon True Parents. Without True Parents, the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world and on earth cannot take place. When we ask Christians, "How come Jesus is in Paradise rather than in the Kingdom of Heaven even though he is God's first son?" they cannot answer. The Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world and on earth can be established only through the completion of True Parents and the foundation of love. Uniting the kingdom in the spirit world is True Parents' mission, not somebody else's. Because Jesus could not be the True Parent, he is in Paradise.

Human history is a mystery because people do not know about restoration through indemnity. The law of cause and effect surely applies to history, so the evil one is destined to perish. But we did not know why the evil would perish.

Why is God's ideal not accomplished? God's love which is ideal must appear, but people did not know where God's love could actually come from. It cannot come from the scholar's brain. It originates from the bone marrow of the original parents. Therefore, the fact that True Parents' history takes place in the human world means the foundation for the origin of the Kingdom of Heaven to be connected to the earth is established. Without going through True Parents, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be born.

True Parents, in the position of having fulfilled the responsibility for the whole, should unite the indirect dominion of heart with the direct dominion of heart. Without the emergence of the foundation to unite the heavenly world with the earthly world, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be born. This is the ideal of creation, not my words. (1986.10.9 Hamnam-dong House)

4) True Parents and True Children

Are you the real children of True Parents? [Yes.] What are children? For what reason do we call True Parents and True Children "super champions"? [Because of true love.] It is the true blood lineage rather than true love. True Parents are connected to True Children through the true blood lineage, even though their bond is formed through true love. Those who are connected through the true blood lineage should resemble True Parents. Do you resemble me? Your eyes are blue and my eyes are black. Our hair is also different. I am an Oriental, and my face is flat.

To resemble me, you must resemble my core -- the essence. You are to resemble my essence -- winning over Satan and having absolute love for God, and then you are to control Satan. (1987.11.8 Headquarters Church)

Unless you can completely inherit from True Parents, serving them as your parents and feeling their liberation as your liberation, you cannot inherit God's blessing-the "heirship." (1962.10.7 Ex-headquarters Church)

With whom are the Unification Church members united? Who are True Parents united with? [God!] There is no other special way for you to live, except holding onto True Parents. Even for Dr. Lee and Dr. Yun, the base of the tree trunk that you know does not matter. Your past is in vain.

After cutting the root, buds, base of a trunk, and the branches of the past, you are to be engrafted to the new tradition of the Parents who are about to open a new history; then you are to carry on the new cultural background of the Unification Church. (1987.6.14 Headquarters Church)

How much should you love Father? You should go back to the original problem. You are not supposed to love with any trace of the satanic world. You must not love in the contaminated position. You must love Father more than you love your parents, spouse and children in the satanic world. That is why the Bible says, "Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me"; it also says, "Take your cross and follow me." You are to take up your own cross. Overcoming the power which pulls you in the opposite direction is taking the cross. Here you should shed bitter tears. (1988.6.1 Headquarters Church)

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