The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. Messiah

1. The Messiah Comes As A Father

1) The Necessity of the Second Coming

It is said that "The Messiah comes! The Lord comes!" What is the Lord going to do when he comes? He is to rule the nation and the world. The Lord will go around the world with his people according to his will and govern the world. The world that the Messiah wants to create is the world that God loves to be in. It is also the world that our conscience, which originates from God, longs to see. Racial prejudice, national boundaries, historical background or traditional thought would not be subjects for conflict in this world. There would be complete oneness about what goodness is and the contents would make a reciprocal base with God's view. The very day on which we can march forward to such a world is coming, and it is the day of God's advent on earth. It is the day of the Second Coming of the Messiah, according to the Christian concept. (1969.6.15. Ex-headquarters Church)

In the original ideal of God's creation, the way of restoration is not necessary. There is no need for the providence of salvation. We would not need a mediator, such as a Savior, the Lord or a Messiah. We would not need religion, Jesus or the ideology of the Second Coming. Because of the fall, we have needed them in order to complete the providence of restoration. ( 1987.5.3. Headquarters Church)

2) Jesus and the Messiah

Jesus came to earth and said, "I am the Messiah, the Savior." His words were most meaningful to those who were suffering to survive. He said, "Those who bear a heavy burden! Come to me. I will make you rest comfortably." How wonderful these sentences are! Leaving such words is much better than wanting to become a great man of these days. What a wonderful man he is to have such content! It was a historical proclamation.

When he said he was the Messiah, that was like saying, "I am the only one in all humankind." He was saying that he is the only one even though there are so many people living on the earth. When you are asked, "What kind of person are you?", you should be able to say, "I am the essence of the hope of humankind, the essence of life of humankind and the original body of the salvation of humankind." Otherwise, you are not needed in this world. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to Heavenly Father without going through me."

I think that such a proclamation alone can make Jesus qualified as the Messiah. We do not need miracles. When a person is truly connected to the origin, the root, he is the Messiah. Jesus bravely shouted out to humankind with a magnanimous scheme to accomplish salvation. That was enough for him to be qualified as the Messiah. (1962.10.28. Ex-headquarters Church)

3) The Messiah is a Father

History repeats itself and progresses toward the destination -- the harvesting point of the original purpose or intention. The destination is at a standstill; it does not move, but history develops in moving toward this objective. History is destined to reach the originally intended standard. What is that standard? Who should be the owner to control the standard? If there is Heaven, Heaven should be the owner. If there is God, He should be the owner. The original standard never changes and there should be a specific time and environment prepared to fulfill this purpose. God promised that when the time and environment are ready, He will send a leader.

Therefore, in the religious world is the promise that God "will send a leader to rule in the prepared time and environment in the Last Days." This is the "ideology of the Second Coming" or the "ideology of the Messiah" in Christianity.

What kind of a person is the Messiah? The Messiah is not a person who loves himself more than he loves the world. First, he loves God more than himself. The Messiah is the one who is responsible for mankind, knowing that he was recommended and elected by mankind. He is to acquire the victorious results centering upon one common purpose with them and, finally, he is to share the glorious position with them. Such a person is the Messiah, and only such a person is loved by all mankind.

What kind of ideology appears in the Last Days? Chun ju ju ee "Heavenly Lordism" [Godism] does. This is our ideology. Heavenly Lordism is the ism of God and of me. Myriads of people in this contemporary time do not know whether God exists or not. They do not know how to deal with the environment of the Last Days. They are also very ignorant of the time of the Last Days. Therefore, when the time and the environment are dreary, Heaven sends somebody who can take care of mankind in the Last Days. Such a person is the Messiah.

The Messiah that our Unification Church is talking about is not one of the great masters of history. The Messiah is a father. What kind of father is he? God is the internal father and the coming Messiah is the external father. (1963.10.18. Kwang Ju Church)

2. The Messiah And The Restoration Of The Blood Lineage

1) The Core of the Ideology of the Second Coming

What is the ideology of the Second Coming? It talks about the Messiah. The Messiah that I am talking about is me.

You must inherit a new blood lineage. In order for you to inherit the new blood lineage, the Messiah comes as a father and he, together with Eve on the victorious cosmic foundation where Satan cannot intervene, restores the world. He will establish sons and daughters in a bond of husband and wife in a family unit and horizontally engraft them to his lineage. That is why there is the blessing ceremony in the Unification Church.

The Unification Church is different. Where does the blood lineage of the Unification Church originate? It originated from God. That is why the more the satanic world opposes us, the more they have to pay the compensation for damages. (1987.10.4. Headquarters Church)

Because we human beings received Satan's blood lineage, we cannot go back to God by ourselves. The Messiah must absolutely restore the blood lineage contaminated by Satan. In order to change the contaminated blood lineage, the Messiah must come. Unless the Messiah comes, the blood lineage cannot be restored.

The Messiah must come to earth because the root -- the blood lineage -- is different. Other religions do not know this fact. Only the Unification Church resolves the problem of the blood lineage and becomes the true root. This root is the deepest and the highest, so the Unification Church would be deeper and deeper and higher and higher. Because it will become higher than a nation and the world, people do not have any choice except to follow the Unification Church. They should know that heaven stays with the Unification Church. From now on we can mobilize the good spirits of the spirit world.

When Adam is perfected, he can control the archangels. Likewise when you achieve the complete standard of goodness, the good ancestors in the spirit world take the position of archangels. You should play the role of a center to expand the archangelic foundation, as your tribe, to the worldwide level. Religion has the mission to resolve such matters. Only when religion fulfills its responsibility can the tribes become liberated. According to the standard of goodness of each religion, the history of liberation takes place.

The Unification Church is the world religion. Our root is different. We are to serve the Messiah and change our blood lineage. After chopping off all of the buds and uprooting the root of the past, you are to be engrafted to the Messiah's root and to become the Messiah's buds. We should bear the same fruits as the Messiah. (1988.1.7. Ex-headquarters Church)

2) The Messiah is a True Olive Tree

What did Jesus do on earth? He paved the way for defeating Satan, the representative of all evil spirits. But he paved the way only fifty percent; that is why he must come again to pave the way a hundred percent.

God established religions to save this fallen world. This world became the field of the satanic world. The Bible mentions a wild olive tree which is controlled by Satan. Therefore, the mission of a religion is to create an olive tree which can be totally controlled by God.

The field of wild olive trees belongs to Satan. He takes complete charge of it, so God cannot deal with any of these trees. A religion has to change the Satan-centered field of olive trees into a God-centered field of olive trees and to expand the heavenly field in order to create a foundation to excel the satanic realm of the evil olive trees. That is the purpose of the cultural realm of religions.

God has been in the position to be deprived of the whole creation by Satan, so the ideology of the Messiah comes up to provide an example of a true olive tree because God cannot be defeated by Satan. The true olive tree-the Messiah-is not supposed to come alone. Because the satanic world is composed of societies and nations centering upon couples, the Messiah alone cannot become a true olive tree. Only when a true olive tree of the Messiah and a true olive tree of the Messiah's spouse become one, can the true olive tree fulfill its mission. Then it can bear fruit.

Jesus was to come as a bridegroom and to look for a bride in order to create the field of true olive trees. He was supposed to prepare to chop off the wild olive trees of the satanic world and to engraft them onto him. The chosen realm of the nation of Israel and Judaism was created as the tribes which can be controlled by God and which can be instantly chopped off and be engrafted into the Messiah.

Where do you have to cut in order to engraft something onto another? Should you cut the neck or the legs? [We must cut the root.] Human beings are opposite from trees. The human soul is the root, so you should cut the human neck.

When a bud of Jesus' true olive tree is implanted in the chopped neck, the person becomes a true olive tree. I clearly taught you the principle of engrafting. Originally we are all supposed to be born as true olive trees, but due to the fall we are born as wild olive trees. The history of salvation is the history to engraft the wild olive trees onto the true olive trees which can produce true fruit. That is why the history of salvation is the history of restoration.

Therefore, God now lets His servants cut off all the wild olive trees. (1985.1.1. World Mission Center)

3) Fallen Man Must be Engrafted Onto the Messiah

What is the uppermost religion among all contemporary religions? The religion which completely denies the fallen world, centering upon the logic of love. After denying the fallen world, the religion must develop more positive love than that which it denies in the fallen world. When the world transforms itself into such a world of love, the ideal world comes.

What kind of place is the Unification Church? It is the place where God can experience love that He has never tasted before through relationships with human beings, and where God can implant the root of love in the human world that He has never done before.

Reverend Moon, who established the Unification Church, must lead the history of engrafting an individual, a family and so on, until the whole world is included, into the one root, one trunk, one branch and one leaf of love centering upon God's love. In order to be engrafted into the new root, you must cut everything belonging to the satanic world. Where do you cut? Should you cut your legs? You must cut your neck. That is why Jesus said, "Those who want to die will live, and those who want to live will die." Those who want to cut their neck will live, and those who do not want to cut their neck will die, because our destiny is to be engrafted onto the new root. It is a very simple content.

It is said, "In the Last Days, the world of happiness comes, and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth comes." The world should become one. If we do not become one in the Last Days, we will perish. We will be exterminated. God will burn us unless we become one. If there are only two persons who keep God's root of love, God will leave only the two, and He will sweep away everyone else who is fake. Because He cannot sweep everyone away, He has to do the providential work of engrafting. God does bud grafting, so He wants to distribute bud grafts rooted in true love as quickly as possible. That is why the satanic world actively opposes us saying, "What kind of distribution is this? This is God's tactic to destroy our nation and our world." Externally the bud of a true olive tree and that of a wild olive tree look the same, but they are totally different. How wonderful it is when a child brings a bud of a true olive tree, which looks exactly like the bud of a wild olive tree, and says, "Oh! This is such a precious bud that I can never exchange it with the whole field of our wild olive trees. This is the bud of a true olive tree." Who can recognize this? Only God knows the value of it. This is charming because nobody else recognizes it. (1986.2. 1. Headquarters Church)

3. The Messiah's Responsibility

What does God look for? Before establishing the true position and meeting the true tribe, He must find a true family. Before seeing a true family, He must find a true man and a true woman. For thousands of years since the beginning of human history, God has been calling constantly, "Let the man that I am looking for appear! Let the woman that I am looking for appear!" Actually, human history is more than several thousand years. We mention 6000 years of human history according to the Bible, but it should be lengthened to ten million years. Even now we talk about over 2.5 million years. For several million years while humankind has been developing, God has been calling, "My man and my woman! Where are you?"

Human beings in the fallen world also look for one man. There are so many men in the world, but they all are fakes. Everybody, man or woman, hopes to see the exemplary man -- the real man -- that God desires to see and that all women long for as an ideal man. Who is such a hoped for man? He is the Messiah.

Who is the Messiah? His responsibility is not just to save individuals. He has to save the Messiah's family. In order to save the Messiah's nation more than his family, and in order to save the Messiah's world more than his nation, he should liberate God, who is the Lord of the Messiah.

Some religious people think, "I alone must go to the Kingdom of Heaven." Those people are in deep trouble. A wife must think to send her husband to the Kingdom of Heaven first and then she must think to follow him there. It is wrong to think that she alone must go to the Kingdom of Heaven, abandoning her husband. The Unification Church is a group of people who want to send a family, nations and the whole world to the Kingdom of Heaven first. The one who wants to liberate God first and then go to the Kingdom of Heaven is a person like Jesus. That is the Messiah's responsibility.

The Messiah does not think, "Oh, I must quickly enter the Kingdom of Heaven." The Messiah is responsible for sending individuals, families, tribes, races, nations and the world to the Kingdom of Heaven. He is also responsible for liberating all people from hell and sending them to the Kingdom of Heaven, because he is the one who is determined to carry all the sadness of God on his shoulders.

Such a man is the Messiah! The Messiah never dreams of thinking, "I will live happily in the Kingdom of Heaven alone." He has to send all mankind to the Kingdom of Heaven and when people in the Kingdom of Heaven look for him saying, "Where is the Messiah? Come on in! Come on in!" -- only then can he enter it. If only an individual tribe asks him to come in, he cannot enter. Only when all mankind asks him to enter, and he looks back to make sure that nobody behind him needs his help, then finally he can agree to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Such a man is the Messiah, and this is the ideology of the Messiah.

God does not feel comfortable to see hell, so the Messiah is to liberate God from seeing hell and to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Only when God can finally see that the work of salvation is completely finished, will the Messiah be willing to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. These are very serious sentences and the most precious words of all.

There is no need for an individual Messiah who wants to carry only the individual cross. If there is only an individual Messiah, God would have to look for a family level and a tribal level Messiah again. Because the Messiah is responsible for representing everyone, from an individual to the whole world, he will only want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven after the salvation of all mankind is finished and they have safely entered the Kingdom of Heaven. What did Jesus call himself? He said he is the shepherd and we are the sheep. ( 1989.3. 1. Headquarters Church)

The Messiah has nothing to do with the fallen dominion. Because he comes as the subject of original love, he bears no relation to the fall, en dominion. He was born as an original son just like God's son and daughter in the Garden of Eden before they had anything to do with the fall. (1983.6.5. America)

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