The Restoration of True Love

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 7
International Marriage

How valuable will be the first black and white couple who were matched and blessed by me? Have you ever stopped to think how significant that matching is to the entire universe? No matter how ugly your husband may be, he represents all men of the past, present and future. There will be no one else like him who lived at the same time as the True Parents. Perhaps he will be honored by the grandest statue in the world.

Christmas in View of the Will of God 12-25-80

God alone has the power to bring together two people who don't even speak the same language. You accepted that challenge because you have infinite faith in God, and in True Parents as the instrument of God. You also play a role as the instrument of God. The catalyst to bring men and women together for eternity from different backgrounds and cultures is certainly the power of God.

You rejoice over the matching, not because your fiancee is the best person under the sun, but because the person who made it so -- God -- is the best personality in heaven and earth.

Why do I do these things? Not for myself or the sake of the Church, but for the sake of God. There is no doubt that I do not gain any profit by matching you to a foreigner with a different character and language. It is a totally unselfish deed done only for God, for you, and for the sake of mankind. Through your foreign fiancee you are closely united with me and the Unification Church and you are remembered by God. How wonderful that is!

Be thankful. Digest everything so there is nothing stuck in your stomach. Nothing is harder than international marriage, and if you can unite two extremes in marriage you can digest anything.

Who Is God and Who Am I 1-25-81

Unity of the four nations is our next challenge. The easiest way would be to bring people of all four nations within your bosom to receive your milk, uniting them in one family. If your brother-in-law is German, your uncle Japanese, your sister-in-law Korean, and you are American, then you have four nations in one family.

Core Love and Indemnity 10-22-81

There are all kinds of blessed couples. Certainly God takes the greatest joy in observing those couples in which the most extreme contrasts are harmonized. Within the black and white couples, their harmony is symbolic of harmony between midnight and noontime; thus the 24-hour daily cycle is harmonized. If your ideal is to marry someone just like yourself, you are not thinking the way God does. If you resist making harmony between extremes, you are in line with satanic thinking. When the Unification Church is living up to this ideal of harmony, there can be hope for unity of the whole world.

The Present Situation, Centering Upon the Will of God. 5-23-82

Suppose you were an Oriental woman married to a white husband with some black ancestors. You would be a mixture of everything in your family! You might have one white, one yellow, and one black child! That would be a beautiful, multi-colored family. In the recent Korean matching, I matched many Japanese women to black African men; this caused tremendous commotion in Japan. The parents are complaining against me but I am telling them, "What is the problem? As these men and women come together in love, mankind will be brought closer together in love; furthermore, God takes great delight in this. Therefore, I have no shame about it."

The majority of the couples in the recent blessing on October 14 came from Japan. This marriage caused a tremendous, earthshaking response in Japan. Most people took it very favorably, saying, "What a sacred way of marrying! What a beautiful way to start the race of God!" Many parents were very pleased to see that their children had gone to take part in that blessing; but then, their daughters came back with a black husband. However, they had already applauded the value of the blessing, so they couldn't take it back!

Home Church is Our Land of Settlement 1-1-83

This morning you had pledge service at 5:00. You said, "I am proud of the one sovereignty, proud of the one people, proud of the one land, proud of the one language and culture centered upon God." As you said it, did you immediately say, "That's impossible"? Or did you pledge it because you know it is possible?

Has it ever been possible in any culture for a black and a white person to get married, with a yellow person in the center, bringing them together? Such a thing has been beyond people's imagination in the past. No national president has ever sat down and thought about the day when a white man and a black woman would get married, even without sharing the same language and needing an Oriental to interpret for them! Such a culture was never even thought about. But in the Unification world, that is an everyday occurrence as normal as eating breakfast.

Without your realizing it, such a new culture is being constructed. Think of the international marriages. When a British and a French person are matched, or when a French and a German person are matched, they may not be so happy with each other, but they do get married! Blacks and whites marry, Orientals and Occidentals marry. As this happens, national, cultural and racial barriers are transcended.

Unification families are multi-colored. When a German marries an Englishman, where does their family belong? When an American marries a Japanese, does their family belong to Japan, or to America? Neither. The only place they belong is in the Unification movement. They belong to a universal nation. Therefore, when the Unification movement eventually stands up and manifests this culture, don't you think that nations and sovereignties will follow this ideology?

You have a very special position in relation to me. America has always taken pride in being a melting pot; whoever comes here becomes absorbed in the American culture. It is a process you call Americanization. But 10 or 12 years after coming to America, instead of becoming Americanized, I have made Americans "Moonized." Furthermore, these Moonized Americans are flying off to the Orient, to Africa, to Latin America; they get married and go away from America. Is this bad news for America?

Our Position From Now On 11-6-83

This is the final chapter of fallen human history -- the West must bring its material wealth to the Orient and pour it out there, while the Orient must bring its spiritual heritage to the West.

That is the ultimate dispensational role of the Unification Church. Our responsibility is to be like glue -- bringing things together. There is a type of glue nowadays that is so strong that once things are glued together, they are bonded and cannot be separated. We have to make such oneness between different cultures and ways of life. The quickest way to bond together two different ways of life is through our international marriages -- bringing East and West together in one home. The Japanese women who married Western men, please raise your hands and let me see. Who gave you your Western husbands? Did I force you, or did you want that?

These marriages represent two extremes coming together. That is the most beautiful and dramatic thing in the universe. No matter what other people may say, the most important thing is that you love happily, in an exciting and rewarding way. Furthermore, when you have children you can be most proud of them because they are the fruit of the unity of Fast and West. Be proud of the fact that those children are the closest to God's heart and a joy to Heaven. Think, "I may be further away, but my children are close to God. God really loves my children." How wonderful!

Road Toward the Ideal 9-7-86

How should an individual conduct his life? I have been teaching you many things, but there is one simple conclusion: each person has to change. To what degree must we change? White people must come to love black and Oriental people more than their own spouse, or else they cannot find a way to heaven. That kind of thinking is not part of the satanic lineage. If you have such a goal, you did not generate it yourself: it came from Heaven. Heaven gave it to you.

Liberation of the Spirit World and Physical World and Unification of the World 2-22-87

I am an Asian and you are Westerners. Different races and cultures have often been antagonistic, but for some reason you always like to be around me. Why do you feel good being near me? People of all races like Reverend Moon. Why is that? You like the ideal man, right? Germany is a nation which has been particularly hostile toward me. I went to a restaurant in Germany where I observed a very old, ugly woman eating a meal at a nearby table. My imagination started working. In my mind's eye, I saw her eating a big bowl of Korean noodles. Do you know how people eat Korean noodles? You can't eat just one bite at a time. You suck on the noodles and half goes in your mouth and half comes back into the bowl again. You keep on sucking on the noodles until the bowl is empty. I imagined that this ugly old woman was eating such noodles and that I went over and started eating out of the same bowl with her. Whatever came of her mouth and back into the bowl, I ate. I asked myself, "Could I do such a thing?" Then I told myself, "Absolutely, I could and I would." If I really did such a thing, that woman would have felt permanently attached to me. I know that I would have made her want to be near me.

When I first came to the United States and observed the people with their pale skin, blue eyes and blond hair, it was, in a word, strange. Everything was unfamiliar to me. The way people responded to me was even more strange. My only real experience with people had been with Orientals. I asked myself, "Am I ever going to be able to love these people as much as I love the Koreans? Will I love them like my own family, my own father and mother?" I really challenged and pushed myself to appreciate these unfamiliar white Westerners.

Thank You For Protecting Us 11-22-87

Father is now matching Koreans and Japanese. Japan cannot complain and say that Reverend Moon is making Japanese members give up their traditions and adopt Korean ways because we are living in a time of freedom when people can marry whom they want. The nations cannot complain any more when I do this. The time is coming when national governments will send congratulatory telegrams. The time will come when Father matches 20,000 or 30,000 couples at a time.

In Korea men in some parts of the countryside have difficulty finding brides. There was a story in the newspapers of a man who committed suicide because he could not find a bride. There were 500 young men in the village who couldn't find brides. There is an easy solution. In Japan there are 800 Japanese sisters awaiting matching. If the young Koreans want to solve their problem, they should join the Unification Church and get the blessing!

Nobody can really oppose Father's matching people as he wants because he is disconnecting them from the Satanic line and connecting them to the bloodline of True Parents. Nobody can oppose that. Father is one man in history who has fought with Satan on all levels and been victorious. There is no one in America who can now oppose Father.

The Tribal Messiah 2-5-89

In the Unification Church will an oriental husband and a western wife, representing the plus and minus poles, become one if they are both individually united in mind and body? Father is matching people beyond racial and national boundaries. He is not creating a Korean or any other race but a new love race. (In English:) Satan hates the love race.

Our Church and Korea as Seen from the Providence of God 2-19-89


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