The Restoration of True Love

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 4
Tradition of the Blessed Family

After finding the people whom He was seeking, God undertook the restoration of all things. The establishment of the Holy Grounds means the blessing of all things. Thus 120 Holy Grounds were established in 40 nations throughout the world in 1965. This was the turning point of our fortune.

Restoration and Blessing 2-2-69

In 1960 the Holy Wedding was conducted and Mother was installed. Thus in 1960 my victory was declared on the individual level. Then I initiated my public ministry and started the three seven-year courses. Then the dispensation moved to the family level, with renewed persecution and attack. The first seven years were a period of trial in which negative power tried to destroy the family, concentrating mostly on Mother. Women were despising her and trying to destroy her in her mission. In those days many members received revelations and knew my position. Since Mother was my bride, the realm of women was jealous. But Mother used my tactic and never made excuses or accused anyone, no matter how unjust people were toward her. In the meantime I silently laid the family foundation, and then by giving the Blessing, I laid the foundation for the tribe.

First, the 36 couples were blessed. What is their role? Twelve couples each represent Adam's family, Noah's family and Jacob's family. There were 10 generations from Adam to Noah, but Ham and Japeth were also dispensational figures, signifying a total of 12 generations. Dispensationally speaking, Abraham's generation was extended through Isaac and Jacob, again totaling 12 generations. Jacob had 12 tribes, so this period included a total of 36 generations.

The 12 tribes were intended to indemnify all dispensational history up to that point which had ended in failure. Jacob could make restitution, so God gave him 12 children through which to restore horizontally the providential history. Thus, the 36 couples constitute the new forefathers of mankind, representing the entire historical background of God's dispensation.

The history from Adam to Jacob had to be restored on the tribal level, and the history from Moses to Jesus followed the same pattern. Moses was equivalent to Noah on the tribal level. In Noah's time God judged the world by the flood. In the same way, Moses came on the tribal level and exercised the power of judgment, paralleling Jacob's course.

Jesus' role was that of the second Adam. There were 12 tribes of Israel, and Jesus had 12 disciples who increased to 70 and later to 120, restoring those numbers from history on the national level. The 120 disciples represented 120 nations, or all people. However, because of the crucifixion, that ideal was not entirely fulfilled. The dispensation was prolonged for another 2,000 years. Jesus' work was completed only spiritually, and there remained no physical central nation for God to work through. Therefore, the Second Advent was necessary, as promised by God. The Lord must come physically as well as spiritually as the third Adam.

When the Messiah comes a second time, he is in a position to restore horizontally all of the history preceding him, meaning the Old Testament and New Testament eras, as well as his own Completed Testament era. In order to restore those three levels, three groups of 12 families were selected. The most important pillar in erecting God's Kingdom was the blessing of the 36 couples, and erecting that pillar was most difficult. As history developed, the spirit world was divided into three different levels. By uniting the 36 couples under one father, the boundaries between the Old Testament era, the New Testament era and the Completed Testament era can be broken up and they can all become one. All would be combined through restitution here on earth.

The Unification Church has the role of restoring all of history. God has given me the authority to conduct that restoration, so I am responsible for Adam's realm, Noah's realm and Jacob's realm. Therefore, 36 couples were selected for the Blessing. By doing so, the tribe of the third Israel was created, surrounding the True Parents. This was the cornerstone of the third Israel. In this case, even though the people undertaking the dispensation might be individuals, a family or a tribe, it all had worldwide meaning and impact.

My topic today is "Territory of Goodness." How is that territory expanded? Certainly it started with the individual, and grew into a family and tribe, nation and world, but how was it done? Through the Blessing. How do we build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth? The family is the building block, and the 36 couples were the first brick laid here on earth. Next I blessed 72 couples, who represented the tribe; 124 couples represented the national level. That foundation of Blessing was finished in July 1963.

If Jesus could have fulfilled these Blessings after taking a bride himself, he could have built the Kingdom at that time. I received much persecution because of the Blessing, and had to organize heavenly families under tremendous opposition. Parents accused me of taking their children and marrying them off in my own way. From God's standpoint, I was claiming children back for God. But the world didn't see it that way!

In the Garden of Eden man fell through deceit and falsehood. In restoration, people are resurrected to the heavenly realm through the word of God. After 124 couples, 430 couples were blessed, representing the universal level. This was done in the 4300th year of Korean history. The Hebrews suffered in Egypt for 430 years, then made a new beginning. So with the Blessing of 430 couples, God marked a new beginning. The 4300 years included every conceivable element of both good and evil men. Actually 434 couples were blessed. The four extra couples represented people who had suffered in prison, thus opening the door for resurrection of those in hell.

That Blessing opened the door for all nations and races to enter heaven, since they represented all aspects of the human race. After they were blessed in 1968, I made a worldwide tour and blessed 43 couples in other nations. Thus the two Blessings are in positions of subject and object.

In 1970, 777 couples were blessed, signifying the formation, growth and perfection. That Blessing included various nationalities, and through it the heavenly territory was expanded. I personally indemnified the individual and family levels, and in 1970 after seven years of Blessing had been conducted, a new dispensation of tribal - level indemnity began. In 1971, I initiated a crusade in which families demonstrated sacrificial love for the nation, leaving their families for three years to go work on the national level. Even though they had God-given families, they made them a sacrifice for restoration of the nation. In 1970, 1971, and 1972 the blessed couples in Korea suffered the most, willingly taking up tribulation and absorbing what seemed to be many tragedies.

On the foundation of their taking up the cross so gallantly, I could begin the worldwide mission. In the second seven-year course the tribe gave itself in a sacrificial way for the national foundation, and in the third seven-year course from 1974 on, the tribes of the Unification Church united to give themselves for world restoration.

This is why families here in America are sacrificing their families for the mission. When I told the families to go to the front line, there was much grumbling about separation, but you must remember our ultimate mission is to restore the world. Representing the tribe and nation, we must give ourselves in a sacrificial way. Once we set this tradition, the world's people will want to volunteer to do what we did.

We can set a tradition of sacrifice that can be handed down from generation to generation, and then you will be liberated from Satan's accusation that you did nothing worthwhile to serve the world. That is the most important qualification to win the victory. When Satan knows there is no more room for accusation, he has to leave us alone. Then we can create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

1976 saw the culminating victory of heaven on earth. During that year Moonies were in the headlines everywhere. l went on the offensive on April 30, 1973, for three and a half years. On that day America granted me permanent residency here, and in the next three and a half years I consummated the worldwide level of restoration. When the battle was won in 1976, it meant that restoration of all past history was consummated. On September 18, 1976, the historic victory of Washington Monument was won and then on October 4, 1976 I declared the Day of Victory of Heaven. On February 23, 1977, I declared Year One of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The spirit world has been compartmentalized over the ages, but the victory of heaven meant that there would be no more barriers. After unity was made between Great Britain and America as subject and object, I entered Korea in 1978 and conducted a special ceremony to demolish all the boundaries in spirit world. For this purpose I conducted a special ceremony on November 2, 1978, in Korea. Until February 23, 1977, liberation was given only to the religious realms in spirit world. The rest of the spirit world has always been divided into the many family trees and nationalities. On the foundation of religious unity in spirit world, I could lift all the boundaries between tribes and nations on November 2, 1978. By liberating my tribe and linking the entire world to it, one tribe in heaven was formed.

Now the entire non-religious world can unite, meaning there is no more separation in spirit world. The entire spirit world is descending to work on earth as a unified force.

Territory of Goodness 10-14-79

Because Christianity failed to accept me in 1945, I went on with the arduous task of winning our own foundation after fourteen long years of struggle. At that time I erected the foundation upon which Mother and I could be installed as the first True Parents in the history of mankind. In other words, by then I had established a bulwark strong enough that the opposition of all Christianity could not break it down; no matter what, our movement would have enough strength to sustain itself and still go on.

Even though Mother was installed as True Mother, we could not live as a happy family right away. A three-year period of purification and separation was necessary, a period which was very important prior to moving on to the next stage of the dispensation. In order to go into the second seven-year course, all conceivable indemnity must be paid on a family level. This first seven-year course was the period of erecting the foundation upon Mother's installation, and the period in which Mother was to be perfected as the True Mother. It was the period of growth for Mother herself.

As you know, the human fall came in the perfection level of the growth stage. Therefore, the seven-year course Mother and I went through together was the period to cross through the growth stage to perfection stage, the period in which I would restore and install Parents' Day, Children's Day, and Day of All Things. The most important condition Mother and I made during the seven-year course was that no matter what difficulties or obstacles and hardships came upon us, we would not complain. We would not even feel discouraged inside, or anguished or rebellious in any way.

As you can see, it was God's method to utilize Satan to give Father and Mother the worst kind of test and tribulation. This is the way I had to be hardened and proven to be the True Parent. For Mother too, Satan created incredible instances in the first seven years, one after another, in which Mother could easily have given up and said, "Father, you are too great a husband and I simply cannot follow you. I'm not worthy of you, so let me pack up and go." She could very well have done that many times during those seven years.

To make things worse, I was not a comforting husband. I started out as the worst kind of cruel husband. That was the standard I set at the beginning because that's the way I also tested Mother, even harder than Satan. Knowing that Satan was going to test her, I tested her myself first. That was my purpose. Even though I tested her worse than Satan, still some hint of purpose behind could be understood by her. That made it easier to bear Satan's tests. In this way we became closer and closer for three and a half years, then another three and a half years.

After those seven years, our victorious foundation proved in front of God and in front Satan that I was an invincible husband and that Mother was an invincible wife. No matter how difficult Satan's standard was, God was justified in saying that we had passed the test. The many other blessed couples who came knew that the True Parents had set the true standard, and they followed that standard by uniting with them and serving them without a word of complaint. By doing so, they could obtain the same degree of perfection.

During the seven-year period I had blessed many couples, and they could easily have exclaimed to me, particularly the women, "I just don't understand you. What kind of husband are you? How can you treat your wife like that?" But these blessed couples who passed the test knew one thing: no matter how many things I did that they didn't understand, they were at least sure that I was absolutely God- centered, and whatever I did was for God. The 36 couples, 72, 120, and 430 couples were blessed within that seven-year period, and they knew one way or another what a difficult path Mother and I trod. Since they knew what kind of difficulties we had to overcome, they could not complain.

After that seven-year dispensation the time finally came to set up God's Day. Only after the seven-year course was completely secured did I declare God's Day. From the original point of view God's Day should have actually come first, then Parents' Day and Children's Day and Day of All Things. But because of restoration, all other conditions had to be ready before God's Day could be set up. That was finally done on January 1, 1968. Since God's Day was declared victoriously in 1968, everything is restored and celebration begins with God's Day. The first seven-year course was the time in which the True Parents were concretely established and upon which God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things could be restored to God.

The second seven-year course is the one in which the blessed couples had to take a major role. Their responsibilities were to teach the government and nation how to treat the families of the nation. At the same time, as the families of the nation, they are teaching other families how to serve the nation. This second seven-year course was the period of the total mobilization of the blessed couples. All the blessed couples in Korea and some blessed couples abroad were mobilized to take up the torch for the second seven-year course, and in 1970 I ordered every blessed couple to leave their family. The wives took up the front-line role and I sent them out. Why? Because the women had to experience what True Mother experienced before them. They had to go the same route to learn that particular tribulation.

All the blessed mothers in those days were given their marching orders and nothing would stop them. They decided to give up their children and leave them with someone else to be cared for. In this country you have many welfare organizations, but in Korea there is no such thing. So they wrote short letters and left their children with their un- welcoming relatives, knowing that they would be criticized. Their letters said, "I am not abandoning my child. I love him, and I will come back in three years. Will you please take care of him until I come back?"

You can imagine what the parents, in-laws and the public would say. They bitterly criticized those women and criticized me and our movement. People said, "Reverend Moon put those couples together and now he's separating them. He never even thought of their children. What kind of cruel man is he?" There was no direction from which criticism didn't come. But during those seven years the one group of people who adamantly refused to complain against me was the Unification Church husbands and wives. They looked like victims but they welcomed the mission, and even the children sometimes said, "Mommy and Daddy, go ahead and don't worry about me." How could Unification Church couples be so strong? Because there was a living example in front of them, Mother and I, who had gone through much more tribulation. Compared to that suffering, the blessed couples knew that their own suffering was small.

The major members of the Unification Church knew that incredible opposition would come to them, but they knew that the most accusation and criticism would go to me. They felt protective of me, wanting to shield me and not let my name be tarnished. That's why the Unification Church core foundation has become tight and strong. Therefore, the love of God is coming to my family and will be connected to the blessed couples. That inseparable bond between True Parents and true blessed couples was made under overwhelming and adverse conditions.

The first six months were the worst period. Throughout the entire nation there was criticism and negative publicity. People knew all about our movement and how our young couples were leaving their own children and going to the front line. As time went on, people knew they were missionaries of the Unification Church and then they asked, "Aren't you the women who left their families behind? Why did you do that?" "Yes, we love our children and we love our husbands, but we love this nation, the people of the world and God more. We want to demonstrate by the most painful experience of leaving these children behind that we want to save this nation. We love this nation and people more than we love our own children."

After one year these people who were negative began to weep together with our people, praying together with them and coming to help. Even without knowing the contents of the Divine Principle they wanted to be with them and be supportive. After two years passed public opinion was unanimous that if all the Korean people loved their country as much as Unification members, then indeed the nation would be saved. Furthermore, no matter how great the communist threat would become, it could be stopped. That was the conviction of the people.

What about the children who were left behind? During the first two years the people thought they were a burden to everyone. Villagers would talk about the Moonie children and say, "Their mother and father are crazy." Two years later what happened? Everyone wanted to come help, wanting to take care of the children for a couple of days to do something for that young couple before they came back. They volunteered to serve those children in some way. Even the Korean government looked at what you people were doing in every corner of the countryside.

The Christians who were traditionally very negative toward our movement thought they had a golden opportunity to criticize the Unification Church and call me all kinds of names, but two years later the villagers and common people stood up and said to those critics, "Are you true Christians? We found God in the Unification Church members. They stood up and fought for us. What kind of Christians are you?"

In other words, during these three years of tribulation unity was made with the people, and even unity between the government and the people was enhanced by our heroic actions. By doing so a condition was established; by our members' leaving their children for three years, all other people recognized their sacrificial work and came to value and respect our movement. Then they wanted to do something to help the children who were left behind. Thus, through the children a link was made between our members and other churches and the common people. That formed a coalition for God's blessing to flow not only to the Unification Church but through us to all the people, even to negative Christians and people who criticized us.

Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven 1-1-80

Tradition is not important for our sake, but for our children and grandchildren. It is also very important for society, and for Unification Church members to come. Without that they will have much difficulty. We are in the middle of establishing that tradition. I made sure we would do it, so can you say it is hard? If you complain, imagine what kind of enemy you will be to the future! This is a very fortunate place, but if you don't conduct yourself correctly, it is a very fearful place. Do you believe that? Can you continue establishing the tradition in the years to come?

The more you know, the more humble you must become. Likewise, if you work hard you should feel you need to do even more. Just like a stalk of wheat bows down as the ripening grains get heavy, walking humbly is the normal thing for man.

The Dispensation of Restoration and Myself 4-6-80

We have the tradition that married couples separate to work hard, and everyone upholds that tradition. You cannot find that anywhere else in the world.

True Parent's Mission 4-20-80

Three hundred and sixty homes represent 360 degrees or all directions. One year of twelve months is a complete cycle of seasons, or 360 days according to the lunar calendar. Three hundred and sixty contains both the numbers twelve and three. The 36 couples represent the entire history of mankind. So all meaning is included in 360 homes.

Home Church and Myself 72-74-80

Parents' Day was established because, for the first time in history, True Parents fulfilled the conditions for proclaiming to the world; "We have reached the original state of man and women, we are the parents of mankind." On that foundation, many children have now proclaimed, "I have chosen to follow these True Parents; I do not wish to return to the world in which love is more false than true." History needed a Parents' Day and a Children's Day to clear the record and set the proper standard.

Because of Children's Day, children now have the opportunity to liberate themselves from evil, become rooted in true love and belong to True Parents. Children's Day gives you the opportunity to announce, "I stand here determined to restore myself to the original state of a child. I will love my True Parents more than anyone in history ever loved their physical parents. No matter what may come against me -- even death -- I will not be separated from this true love embodied in God and True Parents." Children's Day is a day of proclamation on the part of children. Without making such a declaration, you cannot return to the realm of true children. Do you understand?

True Parents and true children have come together, but what about true things of creation? Satan still possesses the things of the world. Ever since mankind fell and created false parents and children, all things have suffered under the control of a false owner. Thus we need a day through which all things can escape their previous ownership and find their way back to their true ownership.

All things actually long to return to their true owner. Therefore, through fund raising, we can restore them. We devote our whole heart and love to restoring all things to their rightful ownership, enabling them to enter the realm of true love. All things need their day of proclamation, similar to the day of True Parents and true children. That day was proclaimed three years after the establishment of Parents' Day and Children's Day. It happened exactly 21 years ago. So today is the 21st proclamation of the Day of All Things.

If you ask True Parents what they most fervently desire, they will say, "To restore our children and return to the original state of God's love." If you ask true children the same thing, they will answer, "As children, our only wish is to be connected with the True Parents, to live with them, and to return to the domain of God's love." True children would not expect to go directly to God without parents. Without True Parents, it is impossible to become perfect objects to God and live happily ever after with Him as your subject. Do children need parents, or can they manage without them? Parents are absolutely necessary.

The Day of All Things 6-11-83

February 1st, 1985, at 3:00 a.m., I called Mother at East Garden from Danbury and said, "Pray for the liberation of hell and the creation of a highway from hell to heaven." That particular historical prayer of True Parents -- Mother in East Garden and Father at Danbury -- laid the historical foundation to liberate the hellish world. The highway has now been laid. Because of this, all the good ancestors in spirit world can now go down to the bottom of hell in spirit world and on earth to evangelize. Before this prayer, they were blocked and could not come down here on earth.

Reflection of 1986 12-28-86

When God's true love is consummated, we call that the fulfillment of the heavenly four position foundation. This is an absolutely clear sequence. The heavenly four positions are the love of God, love between husband and wife, and then the love of children and parents. Thus the Unification Church celebrates four major holidays each year: Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things, and God's Day. We are headed toward the perfection of people, all things, and the perfection of the joy of God.

The heavenly four positions are the love of God, love between husband and wife, and then love of parents and children. Thus the Unification Church celebrates four major holidays each year: Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and God's Day.

God's Day 1-1-87

After a man comes as the standard-bearer, there must also be a woman as the standard-bearer. Who shall be that woman? She absolutely conforms to the model which the man established. True Mother herself does not actually create the mold for the family, tribe, or nation. Mother's way of fulfilling is by absolutely following the True Father's tradition, fitting perfectly into that tradition and becoming the model woman standard-bearer.

Even if Mother's leg was too long, it must be cut so that she could fit into the mold. She has to fit into that mold somehow. You might think, "What a dictator Reverend Moon is!" But that is wrong because I cut my own leg, my own arm, my own eyes and ears, figuratively speaking, to fit into the mold which God made.

You might say, "Father is going this way but my physical parents are going another way, so I can ease up on my standard." But, if necessary, you must absolutely isolate yourself to focus on the primary job of fitting into the God-made mold for perfection. It is an absolute standard.

Even your hometown and your physical parents and relatives are not part of the same clan as the True Parents. When you come back from visiting them, you sprinkle Holy Salt on yourself and say, "I'm coming back to Reverend Moon's Unification Church model now. I am not stained by the world's secular traditions." You are establishing the standard of the individual living for the sake of the family, the family for the sake of the tribe, the tribe for the sake of the nation, the nation for the world. If you cannot accomplish it in this world, you must accomplish it anyway in the spirit world. This is your destiny, a mandate from God.

In an international marriage, if one spouse speaks English and the other speaks German, what language would the children speak? The children may say, "I've got to learn the language of my mother, which is German, and the language of my father, which is English." Then if the son marries a Japanese, the children will speak Japanese and English. If there are 100 grandchildren, they will speak multitudes of different languages. How impossible it would be for that family! You need one language that is spoken in all families.

If you have several children and one marries a Korean, one a Japanese, one a Chinese, Brazilian, Hispanic, German, or African, they would all have to speak through interpreters. Where would you find all those interpreters? A world library would have to contain books from hundreds of different countries -- the same book would have to be printed in 100 different languages! Therefore, for the sake of the future, the simplest solution would be to unify the languages, setting up one language as the mother tongue.

Many Americans are thinking, "A language revolution like that is impossible." Everyone who thinks a language revolution is impossible, raise your hands please. Only self-centered, individualistic people would say it is "impossible." The arrogant will perish in the future. Today, you should resolve to learn the True Parents' mother tongue. Why? For the sake of the unification of humanity, for the future. Think, "In order to give great blessing to our children, I have to learn the mother tongue of Korean."

The Model, and Those Who are Recognized in Providential History 3-15-87

We have tradition. That tradition is consistent. It doesn't go one way under one circumstance and then change and go in another direction another time. It is consistent with one direct line. The result will always meet with the cause. They will form one great big circle. Thus our tradition is following our system of thought. We are actually carrying out that thought within our tradition. We are not satisfied with just thinking about it, but we also must do it.

Our Pride 3-22-87

As church members, we should each do at least one seven-day fast. This time is a good opportunity for that. Today would be a good time to start. Seven days of fasting actually represent forty days of fasting from the providential viewpoint. If we repeat that condition for three years, then that is a total of 120 days. That will be a very precious condition, so don't take it lightly.

This three-year transition time -- this year and next year and the year after -- will be very significant. For those who have never fasted for seven days since joining the church, today is the best time to begin, followed by forty days of special activity. If you do that for three years, it will serve you well for your individual indemnity.

Eighty-four is the basic number we should restore. This represents the three main disciples, the 12 apostles, and the 72 disciples of Jesus. We have to re-indemnify Jesus' course. In Jesus' time, the 12 and the 72 disciples should have united to help Jesus, so he wouldn't have to go the way of the cross. Jesus needed to make that kind of foundation in order to go to the Roman Empire and move to the world level. Jesus didn't have those people to help him, so he had to go to the cross. Now, it is our time to indemnify what occurred in Jesus' time. After that, we will be standing in the third Adam's position. Do you follow?

From there you can receive the Blessing. Jesus could not receive the Blessing for over 2,000 years. Receiving the Blessing means standing upon Jesus' foundation. You can do that. That is the Principle view point. Do you know what I mean? Therefore, we need 84 spiritual children. If you work for seven years, gaining twelve each year, that would come to one member per month. Then for the first time, after Jesus' position is restored, the third Adam's position will be completely re-indemnified.

The home church came into being to accomplish this in the easiest way. We must re-indemnify the number 84 through home church. That's what I have been doing through blessing the 3 couples and the 36 couples, the 120, the 430, and on to the 777 to re-indemnify and renew that foundation. Likewise, we have to do that much, each of us. When we accomplish that, we become the messiah not only on the individual and family levels, but also on the clan level. We at least have to become the messiah of the clan level by accomplishing that number of 84.

I have been working all this time to pay the indemnity for the world- level foundation, but you only have to establish the clan level. We must connect and re-indemnify the clan level, the national level, and the world level. Unless you complete the clan level, you cannot connect with my world foundation. Do you understand? You need a personal foundation. After you indemnify, you will be standing in the third Adam's position, so you can receive the Blessing. This is the Principle. There's always a standard, a very rigid rule. I've never emphasized this so much before. Up to the very end of the world, we must continue this. My own clan and family will go to a certain place in Heaven and you cannot follow unless you have connected with the world level foundation. You are not at that kind of level now. From now on, you have to make that foundation.

You must restore what occurred at Jesus' time, making a foundation there. Upon that you can connect with my world-level foundation. Otherwise, there is no way.

You know me well. I am the founder of the Unification Church and you received the Blessing through me. But you can't necessarily follow me in spirit world. All the gates are open in spirit world, but you are not making the right preparation. You cannot move. First of all, you must make a foundation of indemnity. That is the problem. You must make your foundation at the clan level, which represents Jesus' time. Because of the failure at that time, restoration history extended Z,000 years. You have to make more than Jesus' foundation. After that, you can receive the Blessing.

This is the spiritual rule, not my rule. I followed this rule also. You must integrate with my foundation by making your own personal foundation. l am the father; you are the children. Children can automatically inherit their parents' property. But you don't have the foundation. Some of your ancestors don't want to indemnify. After the foundation, I am your ancestor. You will then receive the proper indemnification.

Centering on this, we are making this home church system -- the 360 homes. Home church is Cain, the external level. Then you can restore your clan -- the Abel internal level -- easily. Do you know what I mean? Automatically, Cain and Abel can unite. That is what home church is.

Indemnity requires a conditional time period and also a sacrificial offering. You as the central figure in the condition must work for a certain period of time and then an offering to God can be made. Therefore, you must work harder in order to restore Cain's place. Satan will not release his claim on the members -- only after a sacrifice. After that, Satan will release you. So you members of the Unification Church absolutely need indemnity. I knew the importance of indemnity, so I have taken on indemnity all my lifetime. My situation is world-wide; your situation is the clan foundation. If I didn't make the world foundation, then you wouldn't be able to make the clan level foundation. I came to pay the indemnity to make that foundation.

That's True Parents' property. If you want to inherit my property, you have to make your foundation. Otherwise, you cannot connect with the world level foundation of mine. We need 12 disciples plus 72. Together, these make 84. We must indemnify the failure at Jesus' time and take it back from Satan's world. Upon that, you can stand on the world foundation level and then you can receive the Blessing. Otherwise, the Blessing doesn't appear. So we need home church.

Home church means the restoration of the Cain level. Upon that, the family level can stand. If you don't stand on that, True Parents' victory doesn't mean anything to you. It's that important.

Precious Existence 7-19-87

You need to develop a consciousness of tradition. For instance, the first time you enter a room each day, you should smile at the family members, but in a distinct order. First you smile at your father, expressing love and respect; then you smile at your mother, and finally at your wife. You don't smile at your wife and talk to her first, ignoring your father and mother until later. Americans do not even think of such things, do you? You think, "Just you and me. We don't need our parents. We don't need children until we have planned for them." But such attitudes have no place. God cannot dwell in such families.

The Way to Grow 8-30-87

The third event which took place was the Blessing of 6,516 couples on October 30, 1988. The most amazing characteristic of that Blessing was the international matching between Koreans and Japanese. Korea and Japan were enemy nations for a very long time, and the emotional wounds have never been healed. By this mixing up, the two countries can become one. The emotional strains and hurts are being removed.

This Blessing was a huge event. The entire nation of Korea was watching. Likewise, the Japanese government couldn't believe what was happening. By the time they figured it out, it was all over. Koreans and Japanese were matched in 99.9 percent of the couples. They could not speak to one another, for the most part; they could just use sign language. The only way for them to stay together in the crowd was lo hold hands. In fallen history there was never such an event. Only in God's history could such a thing be possible. Another amazing point is that everyone joyfully and faithfully accepted their match -- 100 percent. That was a great miracle and victory in Korea.

The fall of man brought individual separation and enmity and ultimately enemy nations. This Blessing brought two enemy nations together into one through the couples. They are going beyond their own countries. No longer do they even think of themselves as part of Korea or Japan. The Heavenly Kingdom is the only nation they belong to. Satan has no more business with them. They have a higher foundation of true love, and since Satan can never follow the true love way, he has to say goodbye!

Children's Day 9-11-88

Today my topic is the tribal messiah. You know how difficult it is to be the tribal messiah. Do you think you can go the way of true love without a leader, a guide? The course you have to follow is for your body and mind to become one, your couple to become one, your family to become one. Then you can unite your tribe.

The providence of the tribal messiah could only be established after Father had sacrificed the family and tribe for the nation and world. Three years ago, after Father had paid indemnity for 40 years, the Moon clan asked Father to be their leader. Since Father became the head of the Moon clan, the tribal messiah providence could start. That is the basis for you to become tribal messiahs. Now is the time for you to go back to your home area to your relatives and family members who have sacrificed for the sake of the world. You must ask them with tears for forgiveness for not having loved them during this time and in that way restore them.

Father has blessed 21,000 couples worldwide. They represent the foundation that Jesus could not establish. Jesus himself could not receive the blessing and establish the family foundation. But now the Unification Church members have already received the blessing and have children. Only by becoming parents can the messiah actually be the root of mankind. Only then can the providence of God multiply. Now the Unification Church has multiplied to 21,000 blessed couples.

In Korean politics there are regional factions, like the Kyongsang province faction centered on Kim Yong-sam, but in the Unification Church there are no factions. The Unification Church blessed families represent all mankind. If at the time of Jesus the six prepared couples of his family had united, he would not have had to go his public course. He would have married and, based on the unity of his own physical family, the Jewish nation could have united with him. Now the unity of the family of Jesus, including the family of John the Baptist, is represented worldwide by the 21,000 blessed families.

The Tribal Messiah 2-5-89

All of us have so many childhood memories. We long to go home. In the spirit world we will need a museum exhibiting the places we loved. It's a beautiful experience to return to a place you loved long ago and find It the same, to find a tree as you remembered it.

We have to preserve the things that remind us of our past. In the Unification Church, too, we must do the same. Would it be better for you if we preserve the original church building or tear it down and build a new one? Which would give you more pleasure? You would be happy to find things as they were when the movement began. Would you like to go to my hometown? But I won't let you go. If you still want to go, then I'll let you. You have to have such a strong desire. Why don't we have a church museum? We have to make a museum that shows the history of the church from the beginning.

Hometown 2-12-89

Are you connected with my lineage? You can say yes because of the Holy Wine Ceremony. You are the branches connected with the trunk. The most beautiful part of the blessing from True Parents is receiving the Holy Wine, which will change your blood lineage from the satanic side to the True Parents' lineage. Your children will become children of God, in His direct blood lineage. This blessing shall entitle you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

However, you have a job. Since your family is an Abel family, that means you need a Cain family surrounding you. You must serve and witness to them. When you have united your Abel and Cain families, then the father and mother can be connected to them. True Parents are coming to your family now and you are one with them. Now all you have to do is restore your tribe, or Cain families. That is why I announced that you are to become tribal messiahs. The homecoming has begun. Jesus wanted an Abel family, and the Lord of the Second Advent wants restoration of Cain families. Both shall be accomplished by you so that you can become one with True Parents. This is such an incredible opportunity.

Each blessed family is standing in the Abel position and must save the Cain families, which means our relatives. Father has pioneered the victorious path and now you can be connected. This will create a unified world. True Parents are the global messiah. If you unite with this condition, you shall become tribal messiahs, and even eventually national messiahs.

The End of the World and Our Age 3-19-89

As the universal Messiah, I have the power to anoint you as tribal messiahs. Therefore, you must inherit my messiahship. How can you do that? All you have to do is rectify the situations of the first and the second Adam by setting indemnity conditions. The failure of the first Adam is that he could not receive the second blessing. You were blessed, so your position is greater than Adam's. I am like the trunk of a big tree. Each one of us must become a part of the tree by grafting ourselves into it. If you are grafted into the tree, then you already paid the indemnity for the failure of the first Adam. Jesus also did not receive the Blessing. By uniting with the third Adam level, you can become a national messiah.

You are walking the path now as the family level and tribal level messiah. I am working up from the national messiahship to the worldwide messiahship. You are following my footsteps; Satan can have no accusation toward you. All you have to do is graft into this third Adam's root. All of humanity will have one root.

God's lineage will go on, bequeathing the tradition from one gen- eration to the next. The condition is that you must love True Parents more than anybody else under the sun. Otherwise you cannot become one with True Parents. When you go to your hometown or your home church in the tribal messiah's role, there will be no more persecution, because I paid the debt. Follow my footsteps; gather the harvest.

Where is my hometown? North Korea is my ultimate hometown; it is your hometown, too. Now is the time for reorganization. The first, second, and third Adam are all consummated in True Parents. Therefore, I need to have 12 restored disciples, and then 72, 120, and 430 disciples. When you accomplish your homecoming, an organization of 12 tribes shall be made. You will eventually belong to a certain tribe of heaven. Your race, color, and nationality has no meaning. What has meaning is how much you can receive the support of spiritual world and truly create your own spiritual tribe.

Ultimately all of us will create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. That is our home on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven in spiritual world is our home for eternity. How can we return to those homes, on earth and in heaven? First, through True Parents; second, through citizenship; and third through homecoming. These are the three most important things for you to acquire.

True Parents and the Realm of Liberation 4-6-89


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