The Restoration of True Love

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 3
The True Children

I was fascinated one day watching Kook Jin and Heung Jin playing with a whole company of toy soldiers. They had a mock war under way and were so absorbed with their game that they never noticed time passing. I wished that I could play like that, and now maybe sometime I will. If all of you work as I have and bear the burden, then I will be relieved and be able to play like the children.

The Dispensation of Restoration and Myself 4-6-80

For the first time I can pay some attention to my own children. I never paid attention to them before now. The True Parents' children are the representatives of all mankind, and when they suffer or are unhappy, it means that mankind is unhappy. To preserve their well- being, I had to assist the well-being of mankind. It is your turn to liberate me. Will you give me liberation? So far, when I traveled it was always for the mission, and I would always take leaders around with me, so I neglected my own children. Now I will take my own children and embrace them. When you finish your home church dispensation, you can do the same with your children.

Why have my wife and children come last? We must love the Cain world first. Love your enemy first and then love your own family. By doing so you are completely free from Satan's accusation. Not only can Satan not accuse you any more, but Satan will have to obey you.

History of the Providence Through Restoration by Indemnity 2-10-81

Mother also worries when one of the children wants to ride a motorcycle or a horse, or shoot a gun, worrying that he will get hurt. But I feel they should do those things if they want to. If you have to arrest a gangster, you must be able to ride a motorcycle to catch him. It's not worth the risk if you are just going to show off, but if you are working for the country or the world, you can't avoid doing those things.

The Things We Want to be Proud Of 10-25-81

I spend very little time with my own children at East Garden. Virtually all my time is spent with church elders and visitors. Sometimes the children, without understanding my heart, have felt very lonely and asked me, "Daddy, why don't you spend time with us?" But I always tell them, "If I give more love to the 36 couples than I give to you, their love and my love will combine into one and return to you that much greater. Therefore, I am not neglecting you but loving you that much more."

The Ideal World of Adam 6-1-82

I have 13 children, and sometimes I think of each one as a month. I have January, February, March, April, etc. There are 12, one for each month, and a 13th, representing the center.

Our Fatherland 7-4-82

Before your physical child arrives you had better start loving Cain's children so they will love your child. I never paid a lot of attention to my own children; of course I love them but I paid more attention to the 36 couples and gave them precedence. Even now I am not able to pay my full attention to my own children. In other words my own children are being sacrificed for the sake of the world without their even understanding it. That is why members from all over the world want to serve and love my children. It is only natural.

In Search of Our Home 7-11-82

One of my children told Mother and me the other day, "Because you are so completely public and the parents to the entire Unification Church, I cannot feel sometimes that you are my own parents." Our children candidly feel distant from us sometimes. I thought about it and had to admit that such a thing must be true. Even if Mother said, "The children are right, Father. It's not fair for your family, so why don't you make yourself available for more family activities?" my response would be to say, "No, I will not do that yet. If I had achieved my goals, maybe I would be able to do that, but I haven't; therefore, I cannot commit myself to anything else yet." Do you understand?

What if my family did not follow me? That would not stop me. If I had to choose between forsaking them and following God's will, or the other way around, I would never forsake God's will. I know that is the only way God approves of my being a family man. God can tell the entire world, "Reverend Moon has even forsaken his own family for the sake of the cosmos." What about that? Was my decision right? What is your decision? Can you split your attention in half at this time, or direct it completely toward the ultimate purpose?

Emergency Time Period 12-12-82

Sometimes my own children feel regret for not having received unlimited love and attention from Mother and me; their hearts are pained by this sometimes. I know they have every right to feel sad and claim that they did not receive enough attention from us, but then what have we been doing? We have worked hard and suffered for the sake of the entire world and humanity, sometimes greater than our own children. Therefore I have no pain in my conscience. Since I have been pursuing greater and greater accomplishments, my family has received care and protection.

Home Church is Our Land of Settlement 1-1-83

Heung Jin Nim was in the Abel position within the True Parents' family. He was the most exemplary, obedient son, with the greatest piety. He was the son who gave the most comfort to Mother and me. Through the tradition of Christianity, we know that in order to receive greater blessing, there must be a sacrifice offered. Heung Jin Nim was that sacrifice in front of God and Heaven which humanity and our movement offered.

This morning I offered a special service, called a Unification Ceremony, in the hospital chapel. On the foundation of this precious sacrifice, we called for the unity of the first, second and third Israels -- Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church. Also we called for the unity of the Adam, Eve and archangel nations, the unification of True Parents and their family, the members of the Unification Church, as well as the races of the world. We called for total unification. At this moment, the life of Heung Jin Nim is hanging by a thread. I am calm; whatever happens, I know that God will achieve a victory for His dispensation throughout the world. As I told Mother, our son's life may have to be offered as a sacrifice. If so, that will be an incredible event in which the best possible sacrifice will be offered to God for the sake of humanity. In return, peace, harmony and the unification of mankind will be achieved.

Heung Jin Nim was a devoted son who loved Mother and me dearly. It is truly heartbreaking to see him lying injured in the hospital. But I know that we must not allow ourselves to become discouraged or saddened by this. God will bring much greater victory for the sake of humanity.

The important thing is that each of you must strive to succeed Heung Jin Nim in his piety, obedience and love of the True Parents. You should feel like bringing the victory to True Parents and building the fatherland on his behalf. That is most important. Heung Jin Nim has longed for and prayed to see the day of the creation of the fatherland. So his spirit must be succeeded by you; in that way, his sacrifice will not have been in vain.

This year's slogan is an unusual one. I am giving you this mission and responsibility so that you can feel deep in your heart that you will succeed Heung Jin Nim. Jesus died and because that one man died, humanity could be saved. By the same token, the life of Heung Jin Nim can make the spirits of billions of people come alive. That is the way God works.

I am totally calm, knowing that our destiny is within the hands of God. If God allows Heung Jin Nim to recover by some miracle, that will be a cause for His great glory. But if he is chosen to be a sacrifice for the sake of humanity, then let God's will be done. We shall move forward and prosper to an even greater degree upon his sacrifice. If Heung Jin Nim becomes that sacrifice, he shall be buried in the fatherland. Everything comes to the turning point.

At this especially sacred moment, we are consecrating our lives for the highest purpose. We shall move forward to the ultimate victory that God has ordained. That is the mission I give to you this morning.

In the creation of the fatherland, we shall exceed all historical standards of patriotism because we are doing it for the sake of God and His country. There is a drive now in Korea to gain seven million members.

This is the message of New Year's morning; it is a serious one and also one of commitment. You shall become the fulfillment of this message, becoming Heavenly soldiers, moving forward toward the greatest victory in the year of 1984.

Creation of the Fatherland 1-1-84

At the time of Jesus' crucifixion, there were two thieves hanging on crosses, one on Jesus' left and one on the right. By Divine Principle, we know that the one on the right represented the free world to come and the one on the left represented the communist world. The one on the left was scornful and said, "If you are really the son of God, why don't you get down from there and save all of us?"

At the time of Heung Jin Nim's accident, two other blessed children were with him. They survived and are now in good condition. They were driving on Route 9 and a big truck was traveling in the opposite lane. The driver of the truck threw on his brakes to avoid a patch of ice but his trailer jack-knifed into their lane. Normally such a situation would have caused the greatest damage to the person in the front passenger's seat. But Heung Jin Nim had just enough time to turn the car so that the fullest brunt of the impact was on his side.

When these two boys, Jin Bok and Jin Gil, got out of the hospital, they gave testimony in tears that Heung Jin Nim had died on their behalf. He could have easily turned the other way to protect himself, but they reported that he deliberately took the impact to save them.

Heung Jin Nim was truly born to save others, which he did even at the moment of his death. Thus the fact that he sacrificed himself for the other two boys is symbolic of the fact that he sacrificed himself for the sake of the world. Abel is always in the position to be a sacrifice and Heung Jin Nim never feared that possibility; in fact he virtually volunteered for it.

Jesus and the two thieves were all crucified; but in the case of Heung Jin Nim, he died and the representatives of the world survived, healthy and strong. Jin Bok and Jin Gil had often testified that Heung Jin was always saying, "I love my father and he is in danger. I am in a position to protect him and I am ready to die to do that." These two boys lost their own father many years ago; because of that, Heung Jin Nim always loved them very much and felt a fatherly heart toward them.

Because Heung Jin Nim paved the way, we now have a wide open door to save the communist and the free worlds. He sacrificed himself on the national foundation level for the sake of the forthcoming unity between the democratic and communist worlds. The accident occurred in the Western world but was buried in Korea; thus his body is linked to both worlds. His body returned to his homeland, which was the national foundation, and he died for the sake of the world. Since he was living on the victorious national foundation and he died on that foundation, he will be able to travel back and forth from spirit world. He will be able to work here on the national level and move on the worldwide level.

Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice brought back the situation of the two thieves being crucified next to Jesus -- it was their resurrection. Even though many sacrifices have been made by our church elders in the past, such as Mr. Eu and Mr. Lee and also my other children who died, they were sacrificed only on the church level. For the first time, a sacrifice was made on the national level by Heung Jin Nim. This is the reason why he can become a commander-in-chief in spirit world and the physical world, moving freely back and forth.

Since Heung Jin Nim was unmarried, his death has another significance. At this time, the spirit world is an unmarried realm and will remain so until the True Parents go there. He has become the commander-in- chief of all those unmarried men and women in spirit world. For that reason, I told Heung Jin Nim not to worry about being unmarried. I will provide him with an adopted son here on earth. That means he shall receive the blessing as well.

Heung Jin Nim took on all the blame for the Unification Church; by dying for that purpose, he has freed everybody else. Therefore, his contribution touches not only our church but also the free world and the communist world. All those people will come to love Heung Jin Nim. He loved the world and proved it by becoming the conditional sacrifice for the world. For that reason, the rest of the Unification Church must also love the world.

He died in my place. Therefore, your love for him must manifest itself in your love for me. Before this, spirit world has had no way to connect to True Parents; but because Heung Jin Nim is a direct representative, they can now connect. Also, they can connect themselves to the Unification Church because he died for you, too.

Here on earth, Heung Jin Nim showed the example of loving his fellow man unto his life. Likewise, for the love of his father, he died for the sake of the world, knowing that his father could continue to live for the sake of the world. By loving Heung Jin Nim in spirit world, those men and women can connect with the True Parents on earth. Therefore, his entry into that world was a great and joyful day; he came as the messiah of love for the spirit world.

Heung Jin Nim set the example for martyrdom for our church. The spirit world and the physical world will be loving him. The True Parents' position has been that of willingness and joyfulness to contribute their beloved son for the greater benefit of the spirit world and the physical world.

God never had the chance to love Adam and Eve, who fell as teenagers. Now this pure, unmarried teenaged son has been lifted up into spirit world. This is the first time such a gift could be given to God -- that He might love such an unstained child. Therefore, I told God that I would not feel sadness for myself but rather repentance that when I was a teenager I could not love Korea enough and that there wasn't enough foundation at that time. But now, with the sacrifice of my son for the world, I have fulfilled my responsibility for the nation of Korea and for the world. Those things which I myself could not do in the past can now be received by God through Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice.

The spirit world, the physical world, and the True Parents are loving Heung Jin Nim for the sake of those two passengers in his car, which symbolize the free and communist worlds. I am proclaiming that he obtained the victory of love. I will now physically save the free world and the communist world. Furthermore, I am declaring the resurrection of love. In this way, the realm of death has no more power.

That is why I declared that the funeral of Heung Jin Nim should be entirely different from any others. It was to be a joyful celebration, even like a wedding day. Furthermore, I declared the Day of Victory of Love. I never had the time to think in terms of my own son dying but rather how this victory would benefit God and hurt Satan's realm. Thus I concentrated upon making many conditions to lead into making the declaration of that Day of Victory of Love.

Instead of thinking in terms of our departed son, Mother and I were centered upon the dispensation of God. In the hospital, I held the Unification Ceremony for the overall benefit. I pledged to God that the True Parents would remain regally proud and that the entire spirit world and physical world would recognize the True Parents and praise them, due to this victory of love. The entire world would proclaim to the True Parents, "You are the true center of God's love."

The Day of the Victory of Love is that day in which the True Parents have reached a new level and are marching forward upon the foundation of Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice. Therefore I said to Mother, "This is not the time to shed tears. This is actually a moment of glory for God and humanity. Particularly during the funeral time, you are not in the position to shed tears." I admonished her not to shed tears in public; privately, as a loving mother, she would shed many tears.

At 4:00 a.m. on January 3, 1984, I declared the Day of the Victory of Love.

The Necessity for the Day of Victory of Love 1-15-84

I receive all sorts of information not only from one source but different sources and channels. I know that God is right behind me; I have been acting just as if no dangers existed. When Heung Jin went to the Cartagena Media Conference and to the Chicago Science Conference, he walked in front of me all the time, because he knew there was no one else who would serve as a shield if danger was imminent. You can learn a lesson from this.

Who Goes the Way of Indemnity 1-29-84

The True Children must suffer in a different way from you. Wherever they go, whether to school or for recreation, they are always whispered about, "That is Reverend Moon's child." And they are always hearing criticism about their own father. Even though you feel pain when you hear someone criticizing me, that is nothing like the pain felt by the True Children. Many times they are reduced to tears in their own school for this reason. How many tears have you shed because of criticism of the True Parents? How much agony and heartbreak have you felt for that? Therefore, no matter what, the True Children are spiritually higher than you because they are heartistically closer to True Parents.

Being the son or daughter of Reverend and Mrs. Moon is such an agonizing burden that sometimes the children wish they were not in that position. It is that difficult for them. What should be the attitude of the Unification Church members? Instead of standing back and pointing fingers of accusation at the children, you should say, "God, give me their pain so that the children can be liberated. Let them grow up experiencing joy and happiness. Let us be the ones to suffer instead." That is the righteous way to feel. How often have you considered the agony of the children? If you cannot go beyond their heartistic suffering, you had better just be silent and try to do whatever you can to help them.

Parents' Day 1984 4-1-84

There are a lot of long-time Unification Church members here from Korea. There was never a single instance in which I became indebted to them and for that reason I indeed became their central figure. Nowadays, my own children have come to a new realization about me. They have been somewhat empty-headed in the past, thinking, "My Dad and Mom are always taking care of the world and pay all their attention to the Church members. Why don't they care about me?" But lately they have come to tell me, "Now we can understand better why you did what you did. We see that you truly loved the world's children first, before you loved us. We love you for that and you are great in our eyes."

In order to become a true father and mother, Mother and I have been living according to the Principle. Before we loved each other or before we loved our own children, we had to love the world and be willing to give up our very lives. This is now being understood by the East Garden children. Ultimately, the Cain world will say, "Father and Mother, you gave too much to us. Now we want to give something to the True Children. We want you to be with them and do things for them."

If my way of life had not followed this principle and if the Unification Church had not been guided by it, then we would have diminished and would not have survived up till now. It is only because of this principle that I have been able to prosper and continue this far.

The purpose of the workshop for the blessed children is not to treat them in a special way but to give them 21 days in order to practice living for the sake of others. Hyo Jin has been given the responsibil- ity of leading this workshop and I am watching very closely to see how he does. If he is going to succeed, it will only be by serving the group lovingly and sacrificially. If he does, then everybody will love, respect and follow him. But if he behaves in a different way, then he will not be popular and he will not succeed.

True Way of Life 7-1-84

My childrens' minds are more excellent than mine or their mother's. All this came from God's blessing. He blessed them in love. By incorporating many difficulties along love's path, the children became the dwelling place of God. God demonstrated His guidance to me by blessing me with children as the most precious fruits of love.

Hyun Jin has had experience riding horses for only one and a half years. But upon seeing a horse, he immediately knows how to please it.

Recently I bought him a good horse, but one which even Olympic gold- medalists could not handle. However, Hyun Jin, who was only 16 years old, saw the horse and said, "Aha, this horse has such and such weak points. It likes such and such a thing. When he is even a little unhappy, he will make the rider fall." Then doing things the horse likes, Hyun Jin got on and the horse ran happily. When I saw that he gained complete control over the horse, I bought him that horse. Hyun Jin is a genius as a horse-rider. If I had done evil things, then my children would have reflected it. But my children even think in a different way.

Now I know that, because I volunteered to come through all this suffering and this fearful whirlpool of life, God gave me children as gifts of love.

I have been in Korea for six months so far, but I never called my children. I only answer their calls when Mother hands me the telephone. While in the battlefield, it is my tradition not to ask, "Are you and your children all right?" I have no room to be concerned with my children since I want to dedicate my energy to the will of God whenever I have the time. Though I treated my children this way, they regard me and Mother as incredibly precious, really caring for their parents. If they made a mistake in word, then they cannot sleep at night and come to repent before us as soon as morning comes. All this indicates that they were born as great blessings of God.

The Role of International Blessed Families 6-1-86

If your determination is firm, you can go forward without one iota of deviation no matter what difficulties you may have to face. I have done that in my life. Look at my own children. They came to America simply because their Daddy and Mommy came here; there was no other reason. They have grown up here, enduring a lot of ridicule from this society. Imagine the children's position when their father went to prison. Think of it from a father's point of view:

"What did I give to my own children? Am I bringing honor to them?" Now they have become an even greater target of ridicule from society and their peers.

True Parents and 16-15-86

Whenever Mother sits down at home, all the children want to go to her. It doesn't matter to the children if she is tired or wants to be alone; they just want to be close to her and be embraced by her. Mother always responds to them when they come to her; then, instead of feeling drained, she experiences more power. Because of the give and take of love, she feels more energy. That's what produces happiness.

The Glory of the Victor 8-31-86

By my coming here and creating this incredible and controversial movement, all the True Children were exposed to tremendous pressure and emotional pain. When they go to their schools, the other children make fun of them and whisper, "That's Reverend Moon's son and daughter. Oh, those Moonies." The children have had to endure that kind of daily scorn and come home with heavy hearts. I know that. This is different from your own position or that of your children. My children have to carry an extraordinary mental burden all the time. My message to them is always, "Look at me, your Daddy. I am receiving worldwide persecution and I am receiving it willingly, gladly. Can't you take this small persecution that comes from your school? That is really very small compared to what people have done to me."

However, I have the vision and the experience to see well beyond the present moment, so I never become discouraged or disheartened. But within the minds of my children, these experiences are gigantic because they cannot see as far beyond. For that reason, their suffering is much greater, in a way. You don't know about these kinds of things. If I had not come to America, these things would not have happened to them. But I came here for a purpose: for the sake of the world and the entire providential goal. I have never become discouraged even one iota or moved backward one step, even though my own children have had to be overburdened in that fashion and sacrificed, in a way.

Road Toward the Ideal 9-7-86

Just as tests evaluate students, the heavenly blueprint will be your judge. I have fulfilled this blueprint on the individual level and have extended restoration all the way to the global level. All the members of the True Family are united with me. Mother and the True Children are following this one principle I have established. That tradition has been set. Even Mother and the True Children cannot act according to their whim or personal desire. They too are following the blueprint of heaven.

One of my strongest determinations was never to be accused by my own children. That is why I always try to keep ahead of them, working so hard that they will inevitably feel humble and grateful. No convenient route, no practical, pragmatic solutions will help you fulfill the heavenly course. All that is to no avail.

God's and Our Decision 2-1-87

Isn't it true that, even though you are much older than the true children, still you consider them your elder brothers and sisters? Hyo Jin is younger than almost all of you, but you still call him "elder brother Hyo Jin Mm." The same is true of the sisters, no matter how young they are. You even call Hyung Jin, who is much younger, your elder brother. Likewise with Jeung Jin, the youngest. You still call her "my elder sister Jeung Jin Nim."

It is truly amazing that your elder brother, Heung Jin Nim, sacrificed himself at such a young age for you. This is opposite from the worldly elder brother, who tries to make use of the younger brother for his own sake. We must understand how difficult Heung Jin's position initially was. He went to spirit world; he did not have a body any more. He worked so hard there to make a foundation on earth so that he could teach you. Therefore, you must learn your lessons from him with great respect and with most serious attention.

You must believe strongly that if you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of mankind as Heung Jin did, and then work toward your goal, your victory is guaranteed. What other result could you get? You must be absolutely confident that you are completely one with the True Parents.

Children's Day 11-21-87


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