The Restoration of True Love

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 1
Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve fell as a betrothed couple. Therefore, restoration cannot be done by one person alone; salvation cannot be completed by a man alone. Neither can a woman go to heaven alone. Therefore, a man and a woman together must solve the problem.

Restoration and Blessing 2-2-69

Adam and Eve should have been the first forefathers of mankind, the first true parents, but instead they became sinful, false parents. They did not have a true God-centered tradition of love to give to their children. They should have set the tradition of true man and true woman living as brother and sister, then the tradition of true husband and wife, true father and mother, then true grandparents. Has the family existed on earth which fulfilled God's wishes? No.

Unless that tradition is born on earth, there will be no God centered tribe or nation. Until the man emerges who can settle the standard and be a model, the rest of the world cannot be set right. We cannot change falsehood to truth overnight; you have to go to the satanic world and demonstrate true love, and only then come back to the origin. It will be a great good fortune to have the tribe and tradition which is truly centered on God. It has been God's dream all this time to set the tradition of love on earth. To make it come true, He will send the Messiah.

The True Parents are the prototype of God's family; they have perfected the position of brother and sister, husband and wife, parents, and ultimately grandparents. Adam and Eve should have led their tribe, and then an Adam nation and Adam world would have been formed. All that begins at one point. Have you ever heard this before? There are all kinds of religions today, but they have never grasped this concept. Sin brought destruction of it all.

True Parent's Mission 4-20-80

The key word is Father God. Even at the time of Adam and Eve, God was invisible, but Adam and Eve were created to be the visible form of God. They were like the body of God, and God was like their mind. In spirit world as well Adam and Eve would have been the visible form of God. God created man so He could manifest Himself in a visible form; He wanted to have a visible form to communicate with. Second, God created man to fulfill love. God is our Father. Man is the temple of God, and inside the temple dwells a mind which is a microcosm of the infinite God.

Stony Path of Death 4-27-80

Satan is trying to destroy Adam's descendants as individuals, families, churches and countries. That is exactly what is happening in America, where individuals are corrupted, families are scattered, the churches are declining in influence and the nation is drifting. Now young people are so immoral that in open parks they commit the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Satan is trying to corrupt them ahead of time to prevent their being saved by- the one whom God is sending.

Home Church and Myself 12-14-80

Do you know at what age Adam and Eve fell? Around 15 or 16, while they were teenagers: so, the first woman became a mother around the age of sixteen. That is why we are restoring the fall on the same age level.

The fall of man was initiated by Adam and Eve, but was consummated by Cain and Abel. Thus, historically, restoration must begin with Cain and Abel; that is the first step in the restoration process. From the individual level, the process is elevated to the family level, the tribal level, and so forth. Abel is in the position of mind, while Cain is in the position of body. Anyone who is in the mind position must suffer more tribulation than others. How are the positions of Cain and Abel determined in the sight of God? Those who want to sacrifice more and suffer more in order to serve are Abel; those who want to suffer less and still get the greatest benefit are always Cain, from God's point of view.

Victory of Home Church 1-1-82

What is it that God considers good? On the sixth day of creation, God created Adam and Eve and He said, "It is very good." Did He say that because Adam had a handsome face or Eve was a beautiful woman? No, God said, "It is very good," because through men and women He had the potential for the fulfillment of His love. He could finally see the possibility of that love being realized.

The Ideal World of Adam 6-1-82

If Satan hears that Adam and Eve are growing, will he try to block their way? With all his might he will try to obstruct them. God's path has to be set in one clear direction; it cannot wander here and there. All the good angelic forces will try to support it, while Satan's forces will try to divert it. Even though the path is open, if Adam and Eve have conflict, their path will be blocked as they try to advance. Eve might say, "Why should I listen to you?" Adam might retort, "I am greater than you are." But if Adam can say, "According to God's will this is my position, and that is your position, so at this time you have to listen to me," and Eve can follow; then they can pass through the obstruction. The most important thing is for Adam and Eve to secure this passage, since it is not lust for themselves, but for all mankind to pass through. If that path is clogged, all mankind will suffer. We have to have absolute love in order to reach God's love. First we have to love our spouse, our families, our nations and the world, and then we can come to God's love.

When Adam and Eve reached maturity, God intended for the spirit world and physical world to become one, centering on the love of God and perfected mankind. Is it possible for God's love to come down before man and woman are united in complete harmony? When the horizontal line is completely formed, the vertical line can also be completely formed, and God's love will start right at the center. If a circle is drawn around any point except the exact center, a different kind of circle will result. Centering on this primary point, all realms can be situated properly, and can complete one world. That becomes the realm where love can reside permanently. God had in mind an ideal realm where love can freely exist.

What would the eyes rejoice at seeing? What would cause them to say, "It is good"? First, they wanted to see Adam and Eve living together completely surrounded by God's love. A nose functions to smell; would it have been most joyful when it smelled an apple tree in bloom? No, it would be happiest at smelling something that fully reflected God's love. Realistically, this would be when Adam and Eve were living fully in God's love. When would ears first be happy? Adam's ears would first be happy at hearing Eve's response to living fully in God's love. The same would be true for his mouth, when he and Eve could share food and talk together in God's love. The sense of touch would be happiest when touching someone else who was fully absorbed in God's love.

Declaration of the Ceremony of Unity between Spirit World and Physical World 3-28-82

Who was Adam? The visible, horizontal God. God in heaven is the vertical God, but Adam was the horizontal God. The creating originator is God and the created originator was Adam. How wonderful that is! In other words, human beings are co-creators with God.

Vertically, there is the subject God, but He needs an object God. The horizontal God needs a mate, and Eve is that mate or partner. Another way of expressing this is that God is the Father and Mother of mankind, the dual essentialities, and Eve represents the motherliness of God on the horizontal level while Adam represents the fatherliness of God on the horizontal level. Through marriage men and women are united, linking the horizontal father and mother God with the vertical God, creating a home in which every essence of the universe dwells. This is truly home sweet home where every creature can be harmonized. Such a family and such a home is the kernel of God's ideal for the universe. Such a home is the love-seed for creating all other creatures. Do you agree with me?

God Is My Home 4-25-82

This is the only road to heaven. We have to return to the original state in which Adam, Eve and God would have formed a perfect trinity and union of love. They would have formed the perfect heaven which would have expanded throughout the earth and continued into the spirit world. That was the original idea. With that attitude of true love for all things, all mankind, the spirit world and God, Adam and Eve would have fulfilled the original position.

Original Root and Self 5-22-83

God created all things for the sake of Adam and Eve. Flowers could be their jewels, leaves could be their spoons, too. Today we are touching the same things of nature that Adam and Eve touched in the Garden of Eden: the same grass, same flowers, same trees. If I asked the flowers whether they saw Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they would reply, "No, I don't go back that far, but at least my great, great, great, great grandfather did, and I am connected to them in that way; there is a giant line linking us all the way back to Adam and Eve." And if I ask the flowers what Adam and Eve said to them, they would reply, "They told us we were so beautiful!" So even this very flower is part of Adam and Eve's legacy to us. The important thing is the heart which created those first flowers in the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. That same unchanging heart has been handed down, throughout the generations, to us today.

Adam and Eve might not have had a house like Belvedere, but they must have had some small cave or dwelling-place. During the day, did they just lie around, bored to death, or were they busy and active? They had not a moment to be bored; there was so much to look at and explore: birds, rivers, fish, rocks, mountains, fruits, flowers, etc. Suppose they came upon a frog. What an odd creature a frog is! When they tried to catch it, the frog immediately jumped into the water. "Boy!" Adam thought, "I should learn some jumping, too."

I want you to understand that God gave Adam and Eve a textbook to learn from, and that textbook was nature and all its creatures. Ail things were created to be a manual from which Adam and Eve could learn. But today, many people forget the benefits of learning from nature. They don't care about trees and plant life; they get bored-to death! They aren't concerned about their neighbors; they just stay in their house.

We must fulfill the ideal standard of love. The love of Adam and Eve should have set the standard of love for the entire universe. They were the core, the center. But there has been a vacuum throughout history. Therefore, we must set that standard today. You are the ones to set the standard.

Watching nature, Adam found out that sometimes the male goes first and the female follows him, and other times the female goes first and the male follows her. But wherever they looked, they found that male and female somehow cooperate. When the male finds good food, he signals the female to join in the meal. Did Adam and Eve invent the signals they used for each other, or did they learn them from other creatures? Each morning, birds call out to one another; the male bird sings and the female responds in harmony. Actually, Adam and Eve learned from nature; nature was their best teacher.

The Day of All Things 6-21-82

The fall of man occurred between the first man and woman; let us take a closer look at how it happened. Adam and Eve fell as husband and wife, so those positions are the most critical in restoration. What is the next level of restoration which is most critical? It is that of brothers and sisters, or the children.

As a result of what took place in the beginning of human history, ail people are now situated somewhere below the line of the fall. We must realize that people are constantly struggling to rise above that line. We would all like to become husband and wife and brothers and sisters who can live above the line of the fall.

Satan dominated the position of the parents first, then the children, the brothers and sisters. Therefore the process of restoration is now centered upon the role of parents and the relationship between husband and wife. A major characteristic of the satanic world is that of reversed or improper order. For Satan to continue his domination, he must maintain that wrong order of relationship in the world.

If God cannot establish the right tradition, neither can He establish true and eternal justice for everyone. Satan knows that God's dispensation of restoration is moving forward so he is very desperate to maintain the improper order of relationship in this world. He is very afraid to see the new, right order of relationship being introduced.

In Search of Our Home 7-1-82

When God created all things, He said they were good. When He created Adam and Eve, He pronounced them very good, although Adam and Eve never did fulfill all the meaning of "very good." Which attracts God more: something good, or something very good? Very good, of course.

Only after the creation of a man and woman did God call His handiwork very good. He must have been wide awake and totally thrilled that day. He must have shouted with jubilation, loud enough for the whole universe to hear: "It is very good!"

What inspired such a response? Did God say, "very good!" when He looked at Adam's face? Or was it Eve that excited Him so much? No, it was the unity and harmony of Adam and Eve that God called supreme goodness. The content of harmony and unity is love. So the history of supreme goodness began when love entered the picture. Adam alone was not yet very good. Eve by herself did not meet the standard. But when God brought the two together and the current of love sparked between them, then He pronounced it very good.

Original World and Present World 5-29-83

God's Day is the day in which God is encouraged to wake up and be happy and excited by His children. Adam and Eve began the line of history, multiplying into a family and a clan; ultimately, nations and a world grew up. At this time, there are 4.5 billion people from that beginning point of two people. But from that beginning point, the line of history was within the fallen realm. Everything in the world grew up within that fallen realm. This includes the United States of America and also every one here today.

People in the secular world pursue material and worldly values, such as status and wealth. But the members of the Unification Church are seeking to get out of the fallen realm; that means you have to go the reverse direction. You have to return to the original root point, go through the gate and enter the new world.

Thus since the world is going in a certain direction, we go the opposite way. We must pass through the levels of world, nation, society, family, and finally return to the core, which is Adam and Eve. By passing through that core and becoming a new Adam and Eve, each of you can enter into the new realm.

God's Day 1984 1-1-84

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, mankind would have never experienced such agony. The children would only have had to follow the parents in their love and when the time came, the children as perfected seeds would automatically live in eternal happiness in spirit world. This was the original path for which mankind was created. Thus no religion was supposed to be necessary; the difficult ways we must go now would never have been necessary either.

The Purpose of Life, Coming and Going 1-8-84

Think of it: God created Adam and Eve for the sake of love, and they were His most lovely, charming creatures. Where would God want to take them -- to hell or to heaven? Certainly God would want to take them to the highest possible heavenly throne. Do you think that God would want to sit upon His heavenly throne and look at His creatures, saying, "Adam and Eve, you are so lowly, don't come near me! Go outside and just bow down to me." Would God say that?

No, God would say, "Adam and Eve, my beloved ones, please come here. Sit right beside me and let me embrace you." He would want Adam to be on His right side and Eve on His left, with perfect freedom to turn around in any position. Turned in one direction, Adam would be in the front; in the other direction, Eve would be in the front. They can turn in any direction but they will always be one. There is no real value difference between Adam and Eve.

Creation of the Fatherland and God's Day 1-1-85

History was begun in the wrong direction by Adam, Eve and the archangel, as well as by Cain and Abel. Now at the time of the end of the world, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel are all enemies on the world level. The appearance of the four primary dispensational nations is inevitable: Korea is the Adam nation; Japan is the Eve nation; the United States is the Abel-type archangel nation; and Germany is the Cain-type archangel nation. Originally, centering upon the second coming of the Messiah, England was supposed to have been the Eve nation, America would have been in the Abel son's position, and the Cain nation would have been France. However, all these things were changed because of the failure of the dispensation at that time. Everything had to be reorganized and thus Japan become the Eve nation to Korea. America and Germany became the two archangel nations. As you know, France and England have had a long history of enmity, and so have France and Germany, and Germany and England. Because of the failure of established Christianity after the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent, the four enemy nations-Japan, the United States, Germany and Korea -- came together in this historic role.

Where should this unity be accomplished? In the United States of America, because this is the central Christian nation. Therefore, I have brought together all the leaders of our worldwide church to America, and together with me they are serving this cause. Those four dispensational countries have to make a unified foundation in one country.

Day of the Victory of Heaven 10-4-85

God created Adam and Eve to be His Love King and Love Queen. When the time was right, the Love King and Queen were meant to be united into one, centered upon God's love. Centering upon true love, Adam and Eve are like East and West. Division between East and West, as well as North and South, came about because of the fall.

Did Adam and Eve ever see God? Even when you enter the spirit world, you cannot see God. In spirit world, the visible God is Jesus Christ and in the future world, the True Parents will also be in that position. In I Corinthians 3:16, what is God talking about? Adam and Eve are the dwelling place of God, a holy place, a temple. The human heart is meant to be the dwelling place of God's love. Thus Adam and Eve represent a walking and visible form of God on the earth. God is meant to dwell within them and through them to have dominion over all the creation.

This is the secret of the universe; no one in history has known this. If there had been no fall, God would have fully loved Adam and Eve. They were the most holy temple and dwelling place for God's love. But Satan took away that most holy place. This was the worst disaster of history. That is why the misuse of love is a cardinal sin in the sight of God; thus such places as Sodom and Gomorrah, in which immorality was rampant, were destroyed by fire and brimstone. Today America is receiving fire and brimstone indirectly. When the Roman Empire degenerated to a certain point, God allowed it to be smashed to pieces.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, their love relationship would have been sanctified and it would have glorified God. Through their God- centered love, they would have given birth to children. Who would those children have been? They would have been children of God, directly within His lineage, with God's own blood running downstream from one generation to the next.

God's Day 1-1-87

Throughout history, bad spirits have been coming down and influencing people on earth -- sometimes in tremendous groups. Before Adam and Eve fell, they were able to go anywhere in the spirit world without being stopped or bothered. If Adam and Eve had matured properly and gone about their lives, then all their descendants would have had the same privilege. But today we are in a different position because Adam and Eve fell.

For example, this sister is sitting right in front of me, but her thoughts are occupied mostly with her past and what kind of relationships she has had with various people. A lot of self-centered thinking is going on. All of you are like that, as well. That is the difference between fallen and unfallen ancestors. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and we were all original human beings, different things would go through our minds.

Liberation of the Spirit World and Physical World and Unification of the World 2-22-87

If Adam and Eve had established a family and perfected their horizontal love, God would have come and lived with them. God longed to live within Adam and Eve's family. Their home was to be His permanent dwelling place.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, there would not be a multitude of nations on earth; there would be one nation. The inescapable conclusion is that the ideal world would have been achieved and there would be no such world as we know it now.

Unification of the Cosmos and the Family Ideal 3-1-87

The only thing God wanted in the Garden of Eden was purity and total fulfillment of responsibility.

Parents' Day and Our Path 3-29-87

Because Adam and Eve failed to fulfill God's ideal of true love, they did not accomplish the four position foundation centered upon God. All of the problems and calamities that have befallen humanity are directly attributable to this one failure of the first human beings. Everything went wrong because God's original purpose of creation was not realized.

God created Adam and Eve for the purpose of the fulfillment of true love. Then Adam and Eve were meant to consummate that true love by giving birth to children of God. We can draw a familiar diagram representing the four position foundation, with the top circle representing God, the two middle circles representing Adam and Eve, and the bottom circle representing children. Adam and Eve each have to achieve unity between their mind and body, becoming a wholesome man and woman of completion. Then they must be united at the central point of love. This is very important. Otherwise, the vertical line coming down from God could not connect with them and their four position foundation could not be perfected.

Wake Up, America 6-72-88

If Adam and Eve had become one, free of the fall and centered on true love, this beautiful relationship would have made the flowers bloom. When the flowers bloom, can the butterflies stay away? Would the birds stay away? No, they would be attracted, too.

Our Church and Korea as Seen from the Providence of God 2-19-89

What kind of parents were Adam and Eve? Their unity should have been the unity of the male and female aspects in God. They should have become the vertical ancestors of mankind through their unity, passing on the love of God. But because of the fall they united centered on the evil one. They and their descendants were dominated by Satan. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and had lived and united centered on the love of God, the vertical connection would have been made. Also their horizontal difference as man and woman would have combined into one united whole. On that basis the family, nation and world would have been automatically related to that vertical line. However much mankind would have expanded, man would have remained united.

Unite, The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand 3-5-89


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