Proclamation of the Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon



The second advent of the Messiah took place at the end of World War Il. However, he had to reindemnify Christian history during the last 40 years, and at last the proclamation of the coming of the Messiah has taken place.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Two thousand years ago, the Messiah appeared on the earth in an obscure setting, and met with countless difficulties in his brief life, leading to accusation, rejection and crucifixion. Only by the power of resurrection, based upon Jesus' sacrificial love, did humanity awaken to the identity of the Messiah. But for his work on earth, this realization came too late. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Christians are awaiting the Messiah's return.

The Christian world must confront the fact that the Messiah's second advent took place at the end of World War Il, in an obscure setting. As did Jesus, he met with countless difficulties, including accusation and rejection. Bearing every cross, he -- the Reverend Sun Myung Moon -- took responsibility for the failure of this generation of Christians, and he stands today as the historical victor with a worldwide following.

In 1992, Reverend and Mrs. Moon blessed 30,000 couples in an international marriage for world peace. On the same occasion, he gathered leaders from the world's religions, nations and races, crossing all cultural and historical boundaries, to discuss the ways that make for true world peace. Further, Mrs. Moon spoke to large gatherings of the Women's Federation for World Peace in twelve nations of the east and west, of the free and communist worlds, proclaiming the True Parents and teaching the way of life based upon true love.

In your hands is the text of two sermons which Reverend Moon personally selected for translation and publication this month. The first, "The Crossing Point of Good and Evil," was delivered at the transition from his national level ministry in Korea to his world level ministry centering on the United States. The second, "The Reappearance of the Second Coming and the Completed Testament Era," was delivered in early 1993, at a great culminating point in his global ministry.

True Parents' Birthday, January 28, 1993

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