Chapter 11
"True Parents" and "Indemnity"
August 1985 -- Berkeley

Those who haven't seen me for over one year, please raise your hands. Where were you? In San Francisco? You are strange people, yes? [No.] Anyway, I am so happy to see you. You are so young; your face can only be compared to a flower, a blooming flower in the springtime. You have a wonderful face, but here in front of you is an old man. Maybe you don't need me. [No!] Sure, you don't need me. [No.]

Well then, what should I talk about? You are young people with vitality. Whatever you ask me to talk about, I can talk about that. In fact, I can talk about it for hours and hours, even months and months. I can talk about being happy or being miserable. I can talk about being excited or working hard in a sacrificial way. I can talk about being joyful or sorrowful. What would you like for me to talk about? [True love.] I don't know if I should talk about true love today. Maybe you should talk about that to me. How about Danbury? Do you know what it is, what it means? It's a prison. What kind of prison is it? It is an American prison. It is not a Korean prison. Why did I have to go there? You say it's because America didn't understand me. Why didn't America understand me? It isn't that America didn't understand, it is you who didn't understand, all of the members who didn't understand. I planned for thirty thousand members to have joined here in America by 1978. Had we reached that goal, we would have gained very different results. With that many members, we would have built a solid foundation here in America. Without that, the American people and government held us in low regard. Whose fault is that? Is that the American government's fault? Or, is it our fault? Whoever may be responsible, the government went ahead with its prosecution. However, you belong to the American government, don't you? Therefore, if you say that the government is bad, it means that all of you are bad as well. The fact that I was in prison for thirteen months can never be erased from America's history. For the next tens of thousands of years, they can never erase that. The record which contains the case fills up a truck, but when they realize more clearly who I am, how will they ever be able to explain this case?

In your own mind, how do you feel? Do you feel that I should never have gone to prison, or do you feel that I truly deserved it? I can tell from your faces what you feel. Why then, did this have to happen? One thing is this: the government was afraid of me. There was no reason for it, but they were afraid. Why should they be afraid of me? Do I have horns like a monster? Do I represent some monstrous figure in this world? You look at me and you see nothing unusual about me. The only difference is that you wear long sleeve shirts when you are cold, but I only wear short sleeves. I don't mind this cool evening in San Francisco. I am not so different though.

People my age, when they turn sixty years old, start to think about retirement. However, for me, my work is just beginning. I am ready to go out and fight if necessary. Are you also ready to go out and give it a try? The Unification Church has two incredible terms that no one else has. Those terms are "True Parents" and "indemnity". Those two terms are wonderful. Not everybody likes True Parents. And certainly, the other term, indemnity, is not well liked. That's true, especially in America. Isn't that true? Do you like that other term? [No.] That's okay. No one likes that term, that word, indemnity. I don't like it myself. No one likes indemnity, but we have to have that word right in front of our face and always tread towards it. Why is that so? Those who are blessed, raise your hands. Oh, there are too many of you. If there are that many, I think I shouldn't say nice things anymore. I should say harsh things and scolding things. That's what you need to hear.

Also, why do I find myself standing right in front of all these women? Why aren't the men up here? It's one thing I didn't think about when I first sat down. It's no secret that I don't like American women. That's because American women don't like me. Isn't that so? [No!] What do you mean, "no"? You always blame me for not being democratic and fair to women. You always accuse me about male supremacy. You are just boiling inside about these things towards me. And here I am, sitting right in front of you. You know, I am on the side of all you men. Let's get together and envelop all these women. However, can we do that through power or money? No, we cannot.

Let's go on. You know, my life has always been a fighting life. I am the one who has received the most blame and accusation from everyone around me. I may be the most abused person in history. I have been blamed and accused for everything. You cannot imagine it. There doesn't exist one Korean person who has never said something bad about me, about Reverend Moon. Such a species of person does not exist. There was nothing wrong that I ever did to them. I never robbed or cursed another person. However, I have been cursed again and again and again. The Japanese people are also the same. There isn't one Japanese person who hasn't said something bad about Reverend Moon. That's especially true of the Japanese Communists. They have written my name on placards and demonstrated against me for over twenty years. They have continuously said terrible things about me, with nothing behind it, no facts, no reason.

Unification through Indemnity

In 1975 and 1976, when I came to America and set up the theological seminary in Barrytown, and sent out missionaries to 120 countries, is the time when the American nation and the whole world came against me. I made those missionary teams from three people, if you remember; one American, one German and one Japanese. The reason that I did this is because they represent nations which were fighting each other in World War II. Why did I make the teams this way? They were enemies just one generation ago.

Look at it this way. The Japanese are small, but they are "go getters". Americans are tall and usually thin; they are like grasshoppers, leaping around and looking for just the good things in life. They are "go happy" and "be lucky" type of people. The Germans are precise like a machine or a robot. These three kinds of people were formed into teams, sent out to a foreign country, and they fought to their hearts' content. People wondered why I didn't select a more harmonious group which would get along together. It was a puzzle to many people, many leaders and members in the church. However, I could see the three points which these nations represented. The Japanese members who went on this mission boasted that they were the oldest member of the movement in the group. They had seniority in other words. That is always a very important point in Japanese culture.

On the other hand, America is the top nation in the world. No one can ever belittle the Americans and they insist on that. The Germans don't respect America, however, because they have better technology than Americans, they are more systematic in accomplishing things. The members formed teams, but because of such backgrounds, they wouldn't yield to each other. We not only had problems with pressure from outside, from persecution, but also we had problems within the teams themselves. The internal disunity was actually the greatest question. Then why would I send representatives from these three nations together? You already know the answer don't you? I did it for the purpose of indemnity. Since indemnity is the key to our work, I had to put such teams together.

The first step was extremely difficult because no one even spoke the same language. If you think about it, life can become quite interesting, quite unusual. If someone wants to say, "Let's have dinner," there is no way to say it with simple words. You have to do it with sign language. If you become harmonious in front of God, that is the highest, most stylish way of life. Not only that, but also none of the three spoke the native language of the country to which they were sent. You can imagine these three people coming to live together and not being able to speak the same language nor even speaking the native language. The resident people must have surely wondered what they doing in the country in the first place.

Each nation experienced almost exactly the very same situation. Then, some of the nations began to talk to each other. They would ask, "How about in your country? Did this Unification Church send someone who could speak your language?" They had to reply, "Well, no. They sent three people who couldn't communicate with each other and they couldn't communicate with us either. But, they are here."

Each country wanted to investigate these strange missionaries, but no one could understand what the other was saying. In some of the countries, they took the missionaries to each of their respective embassies and asked for an interpreter. In this way, they investigated about our church in their nation. They had to go to three different embassies. However, in some small countries, the embassy couldn't afford an interpreter, so it became quite difficult. Even though many of the embassies didn't support Unification Church, nonetheless, they defended their own people. The German embassy defended the German missionary and the Japanese embassy defended the Japanese missionary and so on. In that way, we were able to make relationships in many different nations.

Now, I want to reveal the secret as to why I sent out teams like that. I knew that by sending members out in this way, attention would be brought to these missionaries. Since no one likes the Unification Church, they would try to kick them out of their nation. Each nation tried to investigate the Unification Church, but they had to go through an interpreter from that missionary's embassy. Each embassy had it's own pride and didn't want to persecute it's own people. At least not on foreign soil. The world wanted to come against these missionaries and run them down. However, the embassies provided some resistance to that because they at least wanted to protect their own people. Do you think this was a foolish strategy or, in understanding this time of persecution, was this the best strategy available? While there was an uproar in more than 100 nations against our movement, I somehow had to sow a seed in these countries. The undeveloped countries don't know so much what is going on. They just accept what more developed countries say.

At any rate, I was very, very serious and had to make a foundation. The advanced countries were coming against me at this time. However, I sent missionaries into the less advanced nations so that eventually we could embrace the advanced nations. Is there any developed country in the world today which doesn't know the name of Reverend Moon? It's a household name by now, isn't it?

In the past decade, even though the advanced nations have come against me, we have established a strong foundation in many of the "third world" countries. Many of these nations don't want America to influence them anymore. They are putting up "Yankee Go Home" banners. Maybe we can start a new movement and have an affect upon that. There has been a lot of commotion about me in the developed nations like America and Japan, but, at the same time in many other nations, our foundation is growing.

The American government came against me with all that they had. However, the impact was opposite to their hopes. Thousands and millions of people do not believe that Reverend Moon was wrong and the government was right. While I was in Danbury, large segments of the Christian community, which initially came against the Unification Church, united with us and they united amongst themselves.

While I was in Danbury, I sent a package to every single minister in this country. It contained the Divine Principle book and Divine Principle tapes. We sent over 300,000 copies. Some of these ministers were astonished that we did such a thing, some were upset. In spite of that, many of them were drawn to either read the book or listen to the tapes. You know we have that kind of ability, don't you? People are actually fascinated about us and want to know what keeps us going.

The ministers in Christianity have the most valuable books in the world. They have the Old Testament and the New Testament. However, try as they may, they don't understand what these books are all about. They cannot always make a connection between the two testaments. Not only that, they cannot always make a connection between the Bible and the world as it is today. The Bible exists in many homes as something which decorates the book shelf, but it has no bearing on the events of the world today. It's often a mystery to intelligent people what connection the Bible has to the world today, to the culture at hand and the future towards which we are moving. More and more people no longer look to the Christian church as providing a function which is needed in this society. In this way, without a doubt, Christianity is declining. This alienation is the very point from which Christianity is suffering.

On the other hand, look at the Unification Church. We know the principles through which life unfolds. We know the pattern and timetable of God's providential history. Thus, we know clearly where we come from and where we have to go. When I was about to go into prison, many members cried and repented.

However, I said to them, "Do you know why I am going there? And do you know what is waiting for me when I come out of there? Do you understand the goal and objective of my going to Danbury? I knew there were several crucial things which I had to do while I was in Danbury. I knew that I had to accomplish things which American history could never erase, for however long it lasted. In Danbury, the prison officials were surprised to see many famous people come and visit me. They saw people from the Justice Department and the State Department visit me. They wondered, "How can Reverend Moon have such famous people come and visit him?" They wondered about that. Anyway, I did it.

They thought, "Hey! This is America; this isn't Korea. How can he do that? How come this man is leading so many people in America?" You know, inside our movement, the American members think the same thing. They wonder why I do things the way that I do, why I don't do things in an American style. I don't exactly know what American people outside our movement are like, but I know the ones inside our church very well. I can catch that kind of thinking right away. I know more about you than you know about yourselves. That's one reason why I'm the leader of the Unification movement, not you.

In ten years, in spite of everything, I have accomplished everything in America that I said I would. Some members in the church think, "Well, I've been in the Unification Church for ten years and I don't even have a new dress to show for it. I don't have a family, what will be my future?" You may be complaining inside yourself like that. Have you never complained like that in the past? What will you do, if after ten years, I order you to start fund raising all over again? This time around we should have a more meticulous organization than we had before. You may cry when you go out, but you would still have to go out. I might decide something like that. I know that your situation is a very difficult one. And you, you feel that I'm a strange person.

I'm not making you work so hard. Actually, your ancestors in the spiritual world worked much harder than you for this nation. They are pushing you. You Americans with blue eyes don't know the spiritual world so well. Oriental people have very small eyes. That means they can see deep into the spiritual world, while the big eyes of Western people can only see the external world. For example, when the camera lens is opened wide, it can only see a few feet away. However, the smaller the aperture, the more distant it can see. My eyes are very small and I can look deep into eternity. Also, blue is not a deep color. Black eyes are very deep. I like black eyes. That color is the color of African people. I like that. How about this? I have black eyes and when I ask professors who have blue eyes to come, they come. At the same time, when these world famous, blue eyed professors ask me to come, I don't go. The thing is, they understand. Why? It is because I know them inside and out, and they know that. Do you know how difficult it is to make a match? I can do it for hundreds of couples in just a few hours. These matches are very good matches. How can I do that in just a few hours time? Can you do that? [No.] So then, you need me. That's true. You Western people need me. [Yes.] Well, I say you don't need me, you don't need me at all. No, no, no! [Yes!] Well then, maybe you do. You young American people like excitement. You like too much excitement. Why am I talking about all these things? It is because no one in this country understands what I am doing. Not even Unification Church members understand what I am doing. You have not understood me for the last ten years. It's a miserable situation. If you don't understand me, how can I ever hope to have the American people understand me? It's not only you, my own family never understood me. My own brothers and sisters didn't understand me. They were so puzzled by me that in a way they acted against me.

America may be a great country and Americans may be great people, but all you think about is your own nation. How can you be so great if you think that way? The problems of the world aren't so important to you. There are situations today in some countries where millions and millions of people are starving. Can you understand that? No, you cannot understand that. What I have to do is connect the better side of this world to the spiritual world. And then, I have to turn my eyes down into the deepest hell and I have to pay attention to the most miserable situations. I have to solve that whole thing.

The outside world wants to measure me with inches, but I am going by miles. There are two different measurements, two different criteria. They don't know what I am doing, or why, but I have a deep responsibility. I have to teach the people who can be responsible in a language they can understand. I have to teach the Christian people what to do. I also have to teach the people in the deep part of hell what they must do, and I have to teach them in a language they understand. It's very complex.

A good example of this is American women. They want to stand at the highest, most respected place in society. However, I have to drop them down into the lowest hell and leave them to work themselves up from there. When they plummet down there, they find that they are still able to survive. They never imagined that they would have to live in such a miserable place, but they are still the same person they were before.

Not only that, I have to move people from one extreme to another. This means the Oriental people have to come all the way to the West and Western people have to go all the way to the Orient. I have to bring people of every extreme together. They can't die when I do things like this to them; they have to keep on living. Then, they find out that they do indeed keep on living. Their eyes start to grow and they find that their outlook on life is changing and getting much larger. In this way, even though they are resisting all the way, they are improving as people.

Before, all they could do was look straight forward. They couldn't look up or down, left or right. Now, their eyes can look in any direction. They can look all around and see the whole world around them. Before, Americans could only see America. Now, they see the world and they notice that it has become so small that they want to put it into their back pocket. Don't you think this is an improvement?

The Value of Indemnity

Look at this frail American woman. She can now look at the world and embrace the entire universe. She has that confidence. In this sense, America has to perish. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. I know about you. Unification members have been in the movement for more than ten years, but they don't own much. However, you have come to possess something that can never be bought for millions of dollars. You have an outlook, a character, a confidence to do anything and go anywhere, which can never be bought for any amount of money.

Within ten years, this small sister has come to possess such confidence and "guts" that she can knock on any door and say whatever she has to say from her heart. She knows that even if 240 million people come against her, she is not wrong. That is some kind of character, that is some kind of greatness. That resembles someone you know about. Who does that resemble? You know what kind of person I am. You are becoming a second Reverend Moon. Is that good or bad?

There is so much more to do and I want to push you even more. You often say, "I don't like hard work and I don't like my central figure," but, you somehow like me. How about if I make you work even more? Will you still like me? Until now, you went out and evangelized, coming home with drooping shoulders, drooping head, drooping eyes. The people persecuted you so much that you felt you were about to collapse, so, I always addressed you with nice words and comforting things. However, the times are changing.

When you go out, many people now welcome you. If you come back and I welcome you as well, it's no good. You would just stand still. When the persecution from outside begins to decline and cease, then it's my turn to persecute you. That's true. That is the only way the good leader can be. I have to be that way towards you. Look at the Roman Empire. It was a mighty empire and at that time, it had worldwide influence. However, look at what happened. They forgot one thing and that was that their greatness was for the sake of the world. They decided to keep it for themselves and from that point onward, they began to decline. Finally, they collapsed.

If you look at America, you can clearly see that it is in the exact same position at this time in history. God has blessed this nation; it is not an ordinary country. Unfortunately, the American people think it is for themselves. If they continue to use the blessings of this nation only for themselves and forget about the rest of the world, they will, without exception, collapse as well. After World War II, if there was a great leader in America who could tell the people that their role was to help the less fortunate nations in the world, the American situation in the world would be far different today. In one phrase, it would not be the country hearing, "Yankee Go Home." From this slogan, America is experiencing its own decline.

I know the patterns and secrets of history, when a nation will flourish or perish. I know what will make this nation prosper. How can I guide this nation in the direction it must go? It is the same way in which I guide you. In the last forty-three days of my Danbury term, the world opinion about me began to change dramatically. If I let you become complacent about that, you would follow the same pattern as the Roman Empire. This is now the time when I will have to chase all of you out, for the sake of the nation and the world.

I will chase you to such an extent that you will no longer want to stay around me or be near me. I will be like a lion towards you. Since you will be afraid of that, you will pack your bags and go to where you cannot feel my gaze. You will have to go to another country and serve that country. I know what makes a nation rise or fall. Knowing this, I understand what is good for this nation; I know what is good for you. How can I act in any other way?

Things go around. The whole law of the universe is simply this. What rises up must also come down. Those who are on the rising side often don't understand that they have to come down at some point. This is the problem and the danger. At this moment, I know that this nation will eventually welcome me. Because of that, my mind is already moving beyond this nation. By the time they welcome me, I will already be working in another part of the world. The time when this nation welcomes me will be the time when I leave this nation. Why?

If I stay here, just enjoying their welcome and becoming complacent, I may be able to help America, but the world will be in peril. You may love me and want me to stay with you here forever, but this is not good for you. You would stop at that point. I will tell you this much, "Okay, if you want to see me, then come to the farthest place on the globe. Come to the most difficult place with me until the last soul on earth is saved." If you still want to be with me, and if you go to wherever I am, doing that kind of work, then you will never decline. That is the one way for the American people to prosper.

Maybe you were expecting that when I came out of Danbury, I would make the Unification Church a nice environment. However, I have become even worse towards you. What do you think? Is it because I met thieves and people like that while I was in prison? Did they affect me and make me more difficult? How do you feel about what I am telling you? Are you thinking, "I never expected Father to be like this"? Or are you saying to yourself, "Father, please chase me out, I want to work even more"? Do you want to stay here or get out?

If you don't like my words, I will chase you out anyway. Those who mind are free to go. That's the easiest and most convenient way. Well, which would you choose? Are you going to go away and choose the easy way, or stay and take the difficult course? Why do you want to stay? You must be crazy! I know why you would want to stay. You know the meaning of the word indemnity. You want to follow the difficult path because you know that will lead you to a better place. You don't mind if I give you a pounding because you know you will improve from it. Why? You know it is triple and ten times indemnity. If I chase you out and you go out to a remote country, it is a sure way to gain God's blessing. You know that, and I know that. That is why I chase you out.

Since I have chased you out, when you finally come back, I will welcome you. I will make a big feast and we will have a great celebration. I will praise you then and tell everyone how wonderful you are. Your ancestors will welcome you and that will be all. That will be our time. Until then, you must live the philosophy of indemnity. What you've done tonight then, is say to me, "Father, please send me out to suffer and I promise you I will bring back the result."

We said earlier that the two most wonderful terms in the Unification movement are "True Parents" and "indemnity". True Parents are the ones who take care of you, who receive you when you need help, who clothe you when you are cold and feed you when you are hungry, who lift you up when you are down. Isn't that the case? If that was all, our life wouldn't be so exciting. However, because of indemnity, our life is made more exciting, more meaningful, more joyful. True Parents are really the ones who teach you how to live the life of indemnity. It is the life that I have lived myself. Because of indemnity, I never do one thing at a time. Instead, I do ten or a hundred or a thousand things at one time.

The government may come and investigate my life as much as they want. While they investigate, I am adding even more things that I am doing. If they made it their business to know everything about me, their job would never be done. They would never catch up. Where does this come from? It is because I have suffered. There has not been any kind of treatment that I did not receive. Because of that, I became a versatile person.

The one who is being chased and persecuted must think more than the complacent person. He has to think more in order to survive. While others are sitting comfortably, I have always been active, thinking and moving quickly ahead. I have learned to plan as I go along. I can do many things all at one time. Do you think I am a capable person or not so capable? Let me ask you American women. Do you want to have a husband such as me?

I speak to everyone with the same intent. When I speak to professors, I make them work harder, but they don't mind. Even while I'm talking to them, speaking strongly to them, they are smiling at me. They love me for doing that to them. It is because of the principle of indemnity. In Korea, for example, they persecuted me from A to Z. In other words, they persecuted me in every way possible. However, when I speak in Korea today, they listen to me. They not only listen, when I command them to go out, they are already on their feet to do it.

In Japan, it is the same thing. America will also be like this. Don't worry, it will happen very soon. There is no exception to this principle. If there is success that has been won in this way, I am one of the few people who have done it. Everyone, without exception who has persecuted me, once they were won over, came back to me and expressed their repentance to me in tears. There is only one way to glory and it is this suffering path that must be trodden with utmost patience.

What is my plan now? It is to make every one of you a victor in this very same manner. How about that? You don't want it do you? You don't like it, do you? The Korean way is to say, "No, I don't like it," even though you do inside. It's very simple. One thing that I wanted to do in America was to reveal this simple secret to you. Because you have known about indemnity, you have been able to go on and on. Because of this, you will win the victory.

You know something that no one else knows in America. What is that? You know the value of indemnity. You know the secret of paying indemnity. While others were running their own race, I retreated and studied, knowing that someday I would have to run a race that no one else could do. Those who have lived close to me did not even know what I had to do. It is still the same with whatever I do, even until today.

There is a very good example of this in recent American history. The situation in Nicaragua is so obvious to people with a righteous mind. There was a proposal in Congress to send the Contras fourteen million dollars in aid. When Congress denied them even that small amount, I knew that something was seriously wrong and if that situation was left alone, America would be in trouble. Congress vetoed the whole thing, but the Washington Times spoke out strongly against their policy and after a few weeks, that veto was changed, and the Contras got double the original amount. After that, quite a few people started calling to say that Reverend Moon should stay in America, that he shouldn't go to another part of the world. Those kind of phone calls actually came.

You don't always look at the world in the same way that I do, but you need to do so. That is why I want you to get more education. You have to begin to look at the world with the same eyes as True Parents. You have to understand the world through the principle of indemnity. The term, "True Parents" sounds nicer to us than the word, "indemnity". However, if you want to understand True Parents, you have to understand indemnity. If there wasn't such a thing as indemnity, I would not be where I am today. No one would even know who I am. I know that you don't like indemnity when you begin, but there is no other way to get a true and lasting success. The Christian ministers treated me very badly when I first came to America. However, if I invited all the Christian ministers to come and hear me speak, more of them would show up than members of this church. What do ministers believe in? They believe that if they have "belief," they just go to Heaven. That's almost superstition. And yet they call us heretics without a second thought. Their ideas are somewhat like those of people living in a children's world. It's truly ironic, isn't it?

When I came back from prison, everyone was applauding me. My own family welcomed me, all the members of the church welcomed me and many of those same ministers welcomed me. They all said that I had done the right thing. That's remarkable when you consider I had just stepped out of prison. This is history, and it has to develop in a certain way. How can you stop history? It has now been decided in Heaven and so it will be done on this earth. Even though the Western world has dominated recent history, it will eventually have to follow Reverend Moon's way. How can the Western world stand up against God, once He has decided something? God has now decided to back up Reverend Moon, how can the Western world avoid it? They cannot and eventually they will come this way too. You wait and see. There will be thousands of young Americans who will be fighting to get into the Unification Church.

Now, our course is miserable, but they will come looking for you anyway. Think about that. Your future course as a Moonie is wonderful. All over the country, people will be making noise that "Moonism" is good. The atmosphere all over the country is changing and now there is some excitement in a good way towards Moonies. You are going to go up and up. People will come, asking about you and wanting to know where you are going all the time. They will want to follow you there.

I have a reason then, to be concerned. When the people start coming in, they will come in multitudes. We will have a serious competition at that time. They may even be better members than you. Before that happens, I want to put a seal upon each of you signifying that you have passed the true course. That's why I want you to go out and work even harder.

What will become of you in the future is determined by what you do now. Do you fight all the time with the Korean leaders? You don't want to listen to them do you? What did they do to deserve such a position? It's the law of indemnity. They are like the pillars of a building. Once you build something, you don't go and replace the pillars. You will be pillars of this building as well, because we are expanding. You might be smaller pillars, but you will be in that position nonetheless. When that happens, I will not pull you down and replace you. That is what you are preparing for now.

You wait and see if this is not going to be true. The students from Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Stanford and so forth, are going to come in. That's absolutely true. The professors have already come along, so it is certain that the students will someday follow. The professors understand and respect what I stand for. The students will learn about this as well.

If you have pride, forget it. Some members in our church are so ugly that things, monsters which you are afraid to see in the dark, are afraid of them. But I love them because they have lived in the law of indemnity. This is the great secret about Moonies. No matter how hard my words are towards you, you don't mind because you know that you are going to be elevated.

You have already heard what we are going to do for the next four months, haven't you? I explained to you about the 30,000 member goal, but now the time in the providence has changed. We have to educate 70,000 ministers. If we don't meet this deadline, it will not be easy for us. How can we educate that many ministers in such a short time? We have to bring 7,000 ministers who have come to support us or have learned about us through the Religious Liberty campaign. We can motivate them to bring ten ministers each.

These ministers have heard good things about us and they at least know we are not evil people, that there is nothing wrong with us. They at least can listen to us. It will be great news for America when they move, when they start to help us wake up this nation. When they raise up the banners and shout out to the public, this country will once again be on the rise.

For us, this means that the next four months will be an extraordinary effort, working day in and day out in order to educate the ministers about their role in America, in history. I have good reason to be confident that we will move America in such a way that God will once again want to work through this nation. Let's compare your situation with mine. For thirteen months I worked very hard in Danbury prison, still meeting every day with all the different leaders. Until now, who has had the more difficult life? I know you are working day and night, but I have to think of the entire direction of this nation, of the world and I can never leave these thoughts.

Before I went into Danbury prison, if one minister came around to our church and showed some interest in learning about Divine Principle, the members were overjoyed. Now, there are so many ministers coming to listen and understand our theology that there are not enough members to staff the conferences. That has already happened. There has been a great change. Where did such a change come from?

I have been working in America more than twelve, almost thirteen years. Does it look as if I haven't succeeded? Suddenly, it is quite the opposite. Think about it this way. This is your own country; you know the language and customs of this nation. I had to come here without knowing the language, and the American people persecuted me so much they are almost my enemy. Who should work hard for this country? You should work hard because it is your nation. The law of indemnity is simple. The one who works the hardest will gain the greatest reward. I want you to have that reward, that recognition from your own nation.

Within two hours, I have explained to you about indemnity and you now realize how great it is. It is the guarantee for victory. So then, you have learned what I should do to you. There is another law or rule which is also simple to observe. For example, if you look at man's body, you will see that there is both hard bone and soft flesh. In a sense, it is a relationship of hard and soft or strong and weak, isn't it? If you have a strong personality, you may have a weak body. On the other hand, if you have a strong body, you may not have such a strong personality, but rather a soft or quiet one.

Likewise, America is a huge nation and a very great one, but it's personality is somewhat weak. The American people are not so patriotic towards their country; they are not so fervent to defend their own nation. In Korea, however, it is very different. It has been a weak nation, pounded by China and Japan throughout its history, but the people are bound to their nation with a deep sense of patriotism.

This law of existence seems to be at work wherever you go. Wherever there is the greatest amount of suffering, it seems that the greatest depth of heart and character emerge. From the abyss of suffering again and again for the sake of the nation come the people willing to do their utmost for the leader who can guide them to victory. Korea is now divided between North and South. They are surrounded by great nations and there is nothing that they can do about it. There is nothing that they can do which stems from their own will; they must always consider what other nations might do. They are miserable and suffering from this situation, but their spirit is high and their determination is very strong. Although the nation is externally weak, its internal character is very, very strong.

It is the same with me. The whole world has come against me. I have had to take everything in. I took the weak position, observing everything and allowing myself to be hit again and again. However, when I speak out to America and speak out against Communism, they will lose ground unless they can understand and accept what I am saying. If they cannot accept the righteous advice that I am giving to them, they will eventually lose. Until now, we have been on the weak side, receiving persecution. Once we gain a firm foundation, we have to become very strong and speak out for the truth and against what is wrong in the world. Can you understand clearly that we must become stronger in the realm of acceptance, not softer? As soon as I came out of Danbury you expected to hear comforting things from me, however, I have done nothing but kick you out and make you work even more than ever before.

In the American school system, you cannot hit the child, but here I am kicking the adults. Will you survive? Will America chase me out because I kick their young adults or will they keep me in? If they keep me, will they do that for a selfish reason? It will be because they understand that they need me. You already understand that. I don't need you, but you need me. Those who welcome me, even though I'm going to kick you out, raise your hands. I can work without you, but you cannot work without me. I am more fierce now since I came out of Danbury than I was before I went in. Perhaps you think I have revenge in my heart. No, but I know how God feels towards America and I am going to give that to you. Do you mind receiving tough treatment? "No!" Then, it is my turn to say, "Thank you." I accept your promise and actually, with that, there is not much more to talk about.

The Ocean is Our Foundation for the Future

Since I came here, I have been fed very well in this house and that wasn't easy to take. In prison, when it was time to eat, you had to eat whether you truly desired to eat or didn't feel like it. You get used to the schedule, but here in San Francisco the food came at all different times of the day.

Anyway, what is your impression so far from this talk? Do you think I still might love Unification members? Maybe? Maybe not? I found the word, "maybe" to be very useful in prison. When I wanted to say "yes," I said "maybe," and when I wanted to say "no," I also said "maybe." It was a very convenient term. While I was in prison, I studied the system very closely and I could not respect that system at all. After a careful look at it, I concluded that it serves no real purpose, it wastes a great deal of time and that it only creates a desire for revenge against the government within the inmates. That's no good.

Many of the inmates wanted to call and visit me when they also get out. Many of them came and asked me if they could do so. I couldn't say "yes" because they don't understand my life and my work so well, and I couldn't say "no," because I didn't want to offend them. So, I had to say "maybe." You understand why I did that, don't you? However, with you, there is no such thing as "maybe." I don't like "maybe" and you should not like it either. With our way of life, it is "yes," or "no." We have to be clear. Now you understand that you are either "yes" men or "no" men, but you are not "maybe" men.

It's truly good to see you, but it's getting cold here. Don't you want to go? It's too cold to stay here, so let's go inside. You are here with me and I think it would be nice to eat together, however, I'm going to have some raw fish, some sushi. I don't think you want to eat that. Let me ask you, would you rather eat it or sell it? We have Ocean Church now in our movement, don't we? When did we start that project? Almost five years ago. Do you know which mission Unification members care least about? The wives tell their husbands, "Don't go to Ocean Church; they have to eat sushi and I don't like that." Well, I don't like that kind of woman.

Do you know how the foundation for Ocean Church was made? I made that foundation. I had to do it by myself; I was completely alone in the beginning. Now, we are catching shrimp, lobster, halibut. Many Americans like that kind of seafood and I knew that, so I pioneered and developed every aspect by myself. Then, I had to convince the members. I watched many of them escape from Ocean Church during these past five years, but I kept going on. Now, we have a lobster pound in Canada and we have fishing in Alaska and shrimping in Alabama. We are developing the fishing on the East Coast as well. No one wanted to do this mission; no one really liked this kind of work. I was the only one working, in a lonely way, building this foundation.

In Alaska, we have an automatic system for processing the fish, otherwise, it would be far too expensive to run. I had to plan for that and even design how the factory should be laid out. No one had any interest in it at first. I had to think about how much fish it could handle at one time; I had to think about every detail. We went into a large debt in order to set up this automatic system. However, I knew that such an investment would someday be successful.

In Seattle, we will have to create a factory that can make surimi out of any kind of fish. From that kind of factory, we can make any kind of seafood. That kind of foundation is very important. In the beginning, I had to tackle this project on my own. Now, you are coming to understand it and you can inherit it. That's why I'm telling you to grab raw fish with both of your hands, grasp the providence of it with all your enthusiasm. Be excited about it because it tastes so good and it's very good for your health.

That's true. Meat is not the best thing to eat all the time. Doctors are now testifying about this point. They are telling people to eat more fish. Americans should eat more fish for their health. That's why we should make Japanese restaurants and a delivery system for fresh fish. Many people will get upset about Moonies doing this kind of work, but we are saving the fishing industry with this effort. They will come to see that.

You know about Gloucester, don't you? When I first went there, the cost of tuna was less than ten cents per pound. Now, one tuna is more than $4.50 per pound. When I came onto the scene, the wholesale people raised their voices against me. I didn't mind. That's good. I raised my voice as well, telling them that they exploited the fishermen. That is exactly the case. The fishermen began to see my true motivation.

After a while, when I went out on the New Hope, I heard many calls come over the radio, "Hello Reverend Moon! I don't hate you anymore. Have a good day!" That's true. Fishermen don't make much money at all. They are in a miserable situation. You think about the costs of going out on the ocean. The ocean towns are in a miserable situation. Why? The young people are escaping from. those towns and moving inland. They can't make any money working on the ocean. Maybe they tried one time, but the boat went out and was caught in a storm. That's a miserable experience and many people don't want to repeat that, especially if there isn't all that much benefit for them. The young people leave those towns, looking for an easier job inland. Young people are the future. It's as simple as that. For these towns, it means they will eventually decline and perish. It's a serious question for them. I thought about this and asked myself how we could attract young people back into these towns and back into the ocean way of life. That is why I chose tuna fishing. When an American young guy catches a tuna, he will never forget that excitement. After one or two times, he can't escape from the ocean. He will be caught by such experiences on the ocean. That is why I want young people to go out on the ocean for an entire summer season. I want them to have this kind of wonderful experience. I've visited many other fishing towns. Fishermen love to brag about the fish they catch. They say to each other, "I caught this kind of striped bass and it weighed this much," or "I caught a halibut and it fought for twenty minutes and weighed this much," and so on. They talk and make so much noise, too much noise.

However, when a young man walks up and shows them a picture of his blue fin tuna and quietly says, "It only weighed 1,000 pounds," they will go crazy. They won't believe it. They will look at him with open mouths, thinking, "Is that true?" Any young man would want to have that moment of pride. I want young people to feel that kind of pride.

Many fishermen will never tell anyone else where they fish, but after catching one tuna like that, you can invite them to fish with you and they will come. Then, they will want to show you all their places and teach you how to fish for different kinds of fish. Isn't that true? Of course it is. That is how people are. If you have a beautiful boat and invite them to fish with you, they will become your friend.

In a small town, if you have a beautiful boat like the One Hope and you tell the people that you helped to make it, they will automatically have respect for you. You don't know so much about the One Hope, but you will find out about it and you will see what kind of a boat it is. I have done many different kinds of fishing and I have researched many different fishing places. Also, my head isn't so bad. In fact, I'm a fairly smart guy. I see many details and I can connect them together.

With that kind of mind, I designed and developed the One Hope boat. Have you members, here on the West Coast, seen the One Hope boat? Oh, many of you have never even seen it. Well then, you are just like a country boy, not like a city boy, you don't know about anything that's going on. You should find out and catch up to other members.

I designed that boat and from that boat, I can make any kind of boat. I learned how to design larger and larger boats. Now, there isn't any boat that presents a problem to me. We can make any kind of boat. This also means that we can do any kind of fishing. That's how we have to be. If we can do any kind of fishing, we can also do any kind of fish selling. In New York city there is a huge and famous wholesale organization and they sell fish all over the world. Many of the Japanese members who came here worked very, very hard. For whom did they work so hard? They worked hard for America and for you! It is sad that this nation persecutes them, persecutes Moonies. You have to feel something deep inside you about that, otherwise, who will change it?

I know what you are going through. I know very well. You don't have the kind of responsibility that I do. I am the leader of the Unification Church and my concern is always how to make the foundation for you. I am down in the basement, preparing everything for the house you are going to live in.

Twenty years ago, the Americans used to look at the Japanese and say, "They are just like animals, eating raw fish." After these years, the Americans are changing. Now, they are paying a great deal of money, eating at expensive sushi restaurants. The Japanese restaurants in America will make good amounts of money. When those restaurants first came to America, they couldn't make so much money, but now the times have changed. We can make 1,000 restaurants in the cities of America.

Many other restaurant owners don't like the fact that Moonies are also in this line of work. However, it isn't a problem because if you offer people good food and nice service, they will smile every time they eat. We will have that kind of high standard and the customers will come again and again. It is very difficult to persecute the people who give you such a good experience.

We can teach customers who are truly interested how to make sushi in their own homes. We can offer classes during the off hours. Then, we can make a fresh fish store next to the restaurant. The customers who want to make their own meals can buy their fish there. That's a beautiful way to serve people and make good relationships. We can expand to every coast and to every coastal city in this way. It's good for you, it's good for the American people.

What is power? Power is the ability to be responsible for a situation. If you can truly take care of something, you have authority towards that. I know this point very well. The one who takes responsibility is the one who has authentic authority. You have to become people like that as well. Does America have that kind of authority in the world?

People need high quality protein in order to survive. America has that protein, especially within the 200 mile limit, but it doesn't supply much of that protein to the rest of the world. If America doesn't see the need and doesn't help the world, then I am determined somehow to do it myself. There is a lot of trouble over the 200 mile limit. The rest of the world knows the potential that lies in these waters and they want to fish in them. Their second choice would be to buy from America, but America doesn't even fish the waters it restricts other nations from fishing.

Do you understand what I am talking about? I know the contents of this situation and I know what it's doing to the rest of the world in relationship to America. There hasn't been one young American who thought about this. No American youth have come to help me, rather I am laying the foundation for you, you and you. Now that you see this foundation, you understand clearly what I have been doing all along. Now, you have hope

For the last five years, I have known about the situation of the American fishing industry. There are many connections to drug dealing as well. It's true. Behind many of the companies on shore and the small boats coming in and out of American harbors, there are many drug dealers. The term for these people is the "mafia". The American government won't do anything to prevent this organization from doing its activities. They often control the importing and exporting, the prices at the dock and many other aspects of American harbors. They gain their control by getting people involved in drug dealing. Then, they can make people do whatever they want in business, as well as the illegal activity.

Moonies have to be righteous. We have to correct this whole situation, step by step. The main objective of our organization is to help the fishermen. We have to be open twenty-four hours a day for them and for the restaurants. If any restaurant calls for a certain kind of fish, if we don't have it, we have to call everywhere possible and find that kind of fish for them. Everyone else works just eight hours a day. After that, they shut their doors. They don't have any feeling for what they are doing, they just do it and go home. However, along come the Moonies and they are going to put all their hearts into it. We will always have the freshest fish; it will be our pride. That kind of reputation will spread.

Not only that, we will also cooperate from coast to coast, from nation to nation. If they are catching fish in South America, we will help them sell that fish in Europe. If they are catching fish in Africa, we will help them sell that fish in America and so on. There are fish in rivers and lakes and oceans, fish all over the world. We just have to find all the ways to catch them, farm them, process them and sell them. I thought about making a boat that can also process fish at the same time. When we first started making boats in Alabama, one boat yard after another was closing down. Everyone said it was a terrible time to make another company like that. That's the kind of decline that the fishing industry is in. Why don't the Americans like fish so much? It's because they don't understand how good it is, how to fix it and enjoy it. We have to teach them.

They also do not know how wonderful the fishing way of life can be, so we have to bring the young people out on the ocean and show them how to catch a tuna. Then, they will catch the spirit of it. They will want to live their life in that way. I thought of that years ago. Now, I am telling you. Someday, people will look at Reverend Moon and they will say, "Reverend Moon is truly a good man." That will happen someday.

When you are making the foundation for something, people cannot see what you are doing. Only after you are done, do the people finally understand your purpose and motivation. That is why persecution is almost a natural phenomena. It has to happen. Many people ran away because of persecution, but I know all about it. My whole life has been spent in persecution. What happened by my going into Danbury? I lost four years of work and effort. Four years has been completely lost. My concern is how to make restoration go more quickly. I don't want it to drag on and on. That was on my mind the entire time I spent in Danbury. I thought about how things could speed up in America.

We have several cities on the West Coast. Centering on Alaska, Seattle and San Francisco are part of the providence of the North. Los Angeles and San Diego belong to the providence of South America. Think about that. We have many kinds of foundations and we have to make one in South America. They have a future as well; we have to help them make a good foundation in the world wide fishing industry.

All the way from the North Pole to the South Pole. In South America there is Chile and Argentina. They are connected to the South Pole. No one is the owner of the South Pole. Someday we should go there. You should think about that. We have to connect all the nations between the North Pole and the South Pole. That is something you have to think about. From now on, you are working to establish that.

What are you going to love most? [Fish.] What? [Fish!] Yes, we have to love fish and more fish. We have to research how to make fish in the best way and in the least expensive way. If we send fish to Japan, they have a very high standard and will look at the fish very closely.

People will persecute you in the beginning, but just keep going. America and Japan actually need each other. They have a future destiny together. That is why you see many matches between Japanese and American members. There is something from each culture which can benefit the other. American brothers who have a Japanese wife can go anywhere in Japan. The wife can introduce her husband and he will be trusted by Japanese people. They will feel some kind of connection to him.

America feels it doesn't need Reverend Moon. However, it cannot be isolated from the rest of the world. Japan and America need each other. It's good to have these marriages, to bring cultures together. Everyone benefits from this kind of thing. You have such a special position in the world because you are part of these international marriages. This is the hope for the future. How about you? Do you have any concern about the ocean, about the fishing industry? Did you ever stop and think how it could bring the world together? How wonderful the ocean providence is. You shouldn't feel that it's bad to go to the ocean, to process fish or sell them. The ocean is our foundation for the future and we will all participate in some way or another in the ocean providence.

We have to make this foundation for the entire world. This is the fastest way to bring people and nations together. I am always thinking how this can be done and that is why I am making a foundation on the ocean. When we make this foundation, our direction towards the future will be straight.

Behind us, whatever foundation we make, is the spiritual world. You may not know so much about that, but this is the case. Some of our members are working in Communist countries, risking their lives, but they are making a foundation for the future there. What protects them? The CIA doesn't protect them, that is for sure. Something else is taking care of them -- that is the spiritual world. Those members are always on my mind. You don't think about them, but I am the leader of the Unification movement all over the world. My mind is always thinking about things like that.

The physical world is a very narrow place. The spiritual world is wide; it has no limits. Therefore, as you work in the basement, building the foundation, think about how wide your work will go. Why is that so? Because, behind your work is the spiritual world. This is why I made the ocean foundation all over this nation, in the midst of persecution, when no one welcomed me and everyone tried their best to get rid of me. So, why don't you work hard now and see the result in the future? I did that much without your even knowing about it.

From now on, you can become a "fish selling father." Who is that? That is a Moonie guy. Who is responsible for San Francisco? Who is that person? You have to lay this new foundation. You don't like the ocean; I know that. You can't catch fish, but you have to learn how. Whenever I come, you have to be ready to go out to sea with me. I've already been here two days and nothing is prepared. And who is the leader of Los Angeles? You have to do the same. The "fish selling mothers" are the Moonie sisters; the "fish selling fathers" are the Moonie men.

This is the foundation. Once you have made the foundation, the future is large. Already, during the past ten years, I have prepared this foundation for you. We have invested so much money and manpower, without receiving a great return. That is to be expected when you are laying the foundation for something big.

Learning the Parents' Language

How old am I? I am already sixty-five years old. What age is that? It's the retirement age for most people isn't it? When they reach that age, they don't do much that is new in their lives. Usually, they settle into the habits that they've already established. It was not easy for me to learn English; it is very difficult for me to compose English in my mind and speak it properly to you.

When I was younger, I had a brain like a computer. I could write down the concise meaning of a lesson and having done that once, never forget it, not even after ten years. However, when I now study English, I write down the meaning of one word in the evening and memorize, but by the time I wake up in the morning, everything is forgotten. After ten times memorizing one word, still I can completely forget it. Think about how difficult it is for me. Yet, I have learned English, in spite of how difficult it has been.

If you listen to people speaking English, they fill their sentences with junk words. They know the language, but they speak the worst words they can find. Many times, I have read the Bible and the Divine Principle in English. I don't like English, but I have to learn it in order to understand you and your culture. I am here in America and I am the leader of the Unification Church, so I have to learn it in order to communicate with you.

However, you should learn Korean, you have to learn Korean. Why? Because it is the mother tongue. It is the language from which our faith emerged. You can say it is our "hometown" language. When must you learn Korean? You have to learn it by 1990. After that, I won't use an interpreter. Anyone who wants to come to the leaders' meetings will have to know some Korean or else they won't understand anything. That is why many of the Japanese members are now working hard to learn Korean. You American young people have a longer way to go because English is much further away from Korean than Japanese. Still, you have to learn it because the original language of the Unification faith is Korean. Many scholars are now learning Korean so that they can read the Divine Principle in its original language. They understand the value of doing that. The reality is that you lose about 75% of the meaning through interpretation. Any intelligent person knows that they have to learn Korean in order to come close to the original meaning. You have to come close to the source of our faith, the inner portion of our faith.

You need to learn Korean before you go to the spiritual world because your ancestors will be upset with you. I know this reality very well. If you don't believe me, then tonight you can pass away and find out for yourself. I am teaching you very clearly about life in this world and in the spiritual world. Some Americans, those big guys, feel too proud to learn another language. That's their misfortune. It's the same with the small guys, those Japanese members who don't want to learn Korean. In the future, when they come to meetings, they will be miserable. Because I speak in Korean and the translation is in English, the Japanese are already experiencing that kind of misery. Usually, they just fall asleep during the speech. I don't want to see that kind of miserable situation, so please learn Korean by the year 1990. Otherwise, don't come to see me in Korea and don't come to my spiritual world. I spent so much effort to learn English. I started at a very late age, so I had an excuse not to learn English. However, can I speak English or not? Can do, or cannot do? So, I learned English at my age. How old are you? You are just young guys. For you, it's no problem to learn Korean.

At my age, I can do anything. I learned English, I went fishing, I did things that other members never thought of doing and I set a pace that even young members could not keep. You are young! You at least have to keep up with me. If you cannot learn Korean, you haven't even come of age. Do you understand this point? After ten years, many members will read the original Korean Divine Principle and be able to listen to me in my original language. If you cannot do that much, you will feel miserable in front of those members who can. Please study the mother language, that is what I am asking you to do. After the Fall, mankind divided into many different languages and cultures. God didn't want that. That's Satan's kind of world. You have to restore the original language. What is the original language? It is the language that the first parents spoke in the beginning time. However, those parents fell, as we know, and the history of restoration has been developing until the True Parents could be established. Now that we have True Parents, what is their original language? We have to learn that language, that mother tongue.

Only the power of God can bring the world together under one language. The Divine Principle should be read in Korean by everyone in the world. In this way, a common understanding can emerge. People will never stop fighting each other until they have some kind of common understanding. Mankind is separated now because they speak different languages and have different understandings about life. How complicated this world is due to this situation.

Think about God. Every night people are praying to him in thousands of different languages. Actually, it's painful to His ears. That's true. It's very complicated for God to deal with. Someone is praying to "God", while another one is praying to "Kami", while yet another one is praying to "Allah". You have to restore one language for God's sake. Think about how miserable God is in this situation. You don't know how difficult it has been for me in America. It's the same situation with God and so I know how miserable God is. God desires one language, one heart, one common understanding between His children. That is why I am teaching this clearly to you.

The ministers who visited Korea understood this point very well. Many of them came back from Korea saying, "I have to learn Korean in order to understand Reverend Moon and the Unification movement." If they understand this reality, why don't you? If other people can think like that on their own, why don't you? They are not Moonies, but you are. You are the ones closest to me, so you have to know what I'm saying.

By 1990, which is coming in five years, you have to learn Korean. I said this in 1981, but no one paid any attention to me because they said to themselves, "that's nine years away." Now, it's only five years away. Soon, it will only be four years away. Korean will not be easy for you to learn. It's completely opposite to English. There is only one easy way to learn it and that is to memorize it. You have to absorb it as if your mind were a computer. Will you study it? Will you do it? You are always promising things to me, but I am not sure about you sometimes. After 1990, wherever I go, I will only speak in Korean. If I go to Europe, I will only speak in Korean, and those who don't understand me will have to tape record me and find an interpreter afterwards, but I may not allow them to do even that.

I learned English so that you would learn Korean. I just said in Korean, "Those who understand me, please raise your hands," and none of you here did that, so you know what you have to do. Korean is very difficult for you to pronounce. Wherever Koreans go, they learn to speak the language very quickly. You hear the difference between the Japanese members and the Korean members who speak in English. The Koreans learn the language more quickly and their ability to pronounce it is much, much better. Wherever they go, France, Germany, Africa or South America, this is the case. That's because the Korean language carries such a wide variety of sounds, it almost covers any sound in any other language. Those who would like to learn Korean, raise your hands. Your government doesn't like Moonies, but you still want to learn Korean?

Your government doesn't like the fact that I came here and didn't Americanize myself, but instead, "Moonized" you American young people. They didn't like that at all, so they called it "brainwashing" and tried to make it sound evil. That's not a Unification word, that's their word. What are we doing that makes them say things like that about us? Compare your life to what it was before. Are you better or worse? You know how much you have changed, you don't have to say anything to anybody. Soon, they will understand you and recognize how good you are.

From now on, we will work even harder, won't we? There are only 2,500 ministers in this area and that's too small a number for us. You don't understand now why I am pushing you and why I am in such haste, however, in the near future, you will see the reasons more clearly. I trust that you will work hard. My plane was to leave over an hour ago, but I have been speaking to you and could not stop. I will catch another plane later.

Before I came here, I was fishing in Alaska. From early in the morning to late at night, I was on the boat fishing and didn't stop once to rest. As soon as I came here, I began speaking to you and haven't stopped to rest either. So, don't be envious of me, rather be sympathetic if you want. Imagine how the fishermen will be grateful that I once came here, fishing in the different ports up and down this coast, exploring all the possibilities in order to make the fishing industry prosperous in the future.

Not only fishing, but also all of the other projects in which I've invested so much time and effort will remain as the historical record of my work in this nation, long after I am gone. Envision this much: the thought of Unification will embrace the world in years to come. White people, black people and yellow people will all be grateful to know Unification Thought in the future. In the future, there will be poetry and literature coming from those who miss me and long to follow in my tracks; black and white and yellow people will write such things. Even the people from Danbury will have such feelings and express them. This is also true for you. We are not living for the sake of today, but for the sake of the future. I am determined that my course, which started from suffering, will end in success. That same situation must hold for you as well. If I decide something like that, can you go a different course? This is the tradition of True Parents and I am leaving it behind for you and you should tread this way, all the way, until the last of the world is saved. You cannot go any other way until this is accomplished. We call this the greatest way of life and actually, for you, it is the greatest way of life.

In your own mind, you can never erase the memories you have of me. This even includes ex-Moonies. Many of them are now anxious to come back and they are finding some way to come back into the church. Even though they left the church, they can never forget their experiences with me. This situation is a very sad and miserable one. The first time I went into prison, everyone was suffering and I look back at those times and feel the weight of it. However, this time, as I came out of prison, people everywhere were welcoming me.

When I think of members who left, I know that when they see you working out on the streets, they have to look sideways and they cannot come up to you so easily. Who made that miserable situation for them? I didn't. I never want to see people in that position. They made that miserable situation for themselves. It's a very sad thing, and I understand it very clearly. In Korea, there are ex-members like that and they cannot get beyond the suffering they experience in missing this way of life.

This is the only way I have lived my life and I can never leave this way of life, even though so many people have left it while working with me. This is the only way of life for you and you will never regret it when you look back in history. Everyone in the spiritual world knows that this way is the righteous way, the only way. I know that you will work as hard as you can. May God bless you. Amen.

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