God's Will and the Ocean by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 5
The Ocean Church Foundation
June 10th, 1983 -- Gloucester

Today, I want to speak to you directly, but it is difficult because I speak one language, you speak many different languages from each other, and all of you speak a different language from me. When you learn Korean, you can pronounce anything. You hear how the Korean members can speak English very well. What upsets me is that the translation process only leaves you with half of the meaning. Many things get mixed up this way. In the future I only want to speak in Korean and not have to translate into English or Japanese. For this purpose, please learn Korean so that you can hear me directly whenever I speak

Work Hard for a Solid Foundation

Are you working harder than before? You shouted out "Yes" so loudly it must be true. However, think about this. Some members of Unification Church (you are also members; you put all your effort into the Ocean Church project), are working in some of the communist countries and they are risking their lives. No matter how hard you are working, compared to them, your life is still an exciting and happy life. It is something to reflect upon.

Our movement has so many other projects going on simultaneously, all over the world. Yet, I am taking precious time every day to be with you and give you guidance. I am working even harder than you are, so your position is one of sympathy towards me. To give you just one example: Do you know how much the Washington Times is costing? We have already invested several million dollars. At the same time, the providence in South America has already begun. However, I cannot think about only the things our movement is doing right now. I must also think about the future.

One thing I know is that the era of catching fish on the open sea will end soon. So, the era of fish farming will begin. Sooner or later, mankind will be looking for how to gain access to the ocean. The land will run out of room and resources for man. If you really make the effort to be successful, you will be supported on your way. Already, in Gloucester and in many other fishing ports, so much support has been given. Yet, I see that Ocean Church doesn't have the foundation to be trusted. Although we should have already begun to invest in and build tackle stores, there is no foundation for that to happen. These stores were to have been just the beginning point. I am concerned about you for this reason.

I want to go fishing with you all the time, but there is not enough time to do that. I am concerned about everything going on in this nation and in the world. Now I am worried about IOWC, so there just isn't enough time. I expect you to make even more effort than you have ever done before. Have you done the things I've already instructed you about? Does the Coast Guard of your city like you? Do they have a concept that Moonies are doing bad things or good things? There is a universal law. The easy way will never win. The hard working way will never fail. What is the easy way? That is the losing side. Alternatively, you have the hard working way. No matter how difficult the task, he who pursues this way will be successful. That's the truth.

So, what do you think? Some of you older and more experienced members, do you need a bigger boat? How big? Yes, you need to go beyond the training level of the Good Go. If you take the project and make it a success, then you can ask for and receive support. It's not a problem. However, you have to make up your mind that you will do it. Then, it is really no problem. It's no problem to build a 120 foot boat; we are already making the foundation for it to happen. We have to think about making that kind of large boat with fiberglass. Do you want that kind of boat? Okay then, make your own personal foundation first.

Those who are over thirty-five, raise your hands. Only a few of you raised your hands. You are all so young! You can still go to the army at your age. When you are as young as you are, you have to go through many experiences that will be part of your life. Do you mind? Sometimes you are working long hours, getting up early, going to bed very late. Well, you have to learn how to support yourself and your family. This is your training time. You never know what I am preparing for, what I might be doing next. I have already met many important people in my life. So many people are against me. They pray, "please God, help me in my effort against Reverend Moon." They have very strange concepts of me and because their prayer isn't based on really knowing me, God cannot answer them. God cannot answer prayers that are not based on truth. How about you? Are you a brave man or not? I faced all my enemies. How about you? Look at this brother. You are too small. How can you overcome those tough fishermen who might try to stop you from working on the ocean? If you are too small, it will be difficult for you. You will have to work twice as hard as the big men, you will have to have twice the spirit in order to succeed.

Can you do what I have instructed you to do this time? Do you feel your mission is to become a good person in front of the mayors of your towns? Unless you can establish good relationships with them you will never succeed. This is my absolute instruction to you. Those who are the chief of police and the mayor are already successful people in their city. You have to make a good foundation with them by earning, their support. You have to go through them and with their assistance, make something successful happen. You have to come to the point of being able to call up the mayor at his office anytime. Unless you build that kind of relationship, you cannot become a public person for that city. I too have gone this course. I have tried to deal with Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan. I spoke out strongly about Carter and clearly told him what was wrong with America. Wrong is wrong, bad is bad. You have to tell them clearly. I have tried to meet with every important person in society. Even if they didn't respond, I tried to meet with them. Some of them would never see me. Inside they feel some kind of fear, but I'm not out to get them. However, they sense that I will tell them the truth. Then, how about you? Why don't you see the small time mayor in your town? He isn't as big as the President.

Really, it's nothing. Just walk in. You have to make some kind of relationship. Go in there and make some tea. Have an afternoon visit. Make the atmosphere delightful. You can do that. It's more difficult for me. I don't know the customs that well. In that sense, I am very much a stranger here in America, but you are familiar. You just go in there and make friends.

I started the science conference years ago. At first it didn't seem like much. It took lots of thought, money and manpower to make that project go. In the beginning we had almost nothing. If you have a strong conviction and know within yourself that what you are doing is a righteous thing, nothing will stop you. You will meet difficult problems and you will overcome them, and you will just keep right on going. That's the way of life. No matter where I go, no matter what kind of clothing I wear, no matter how humble I look, I feel comfortable. Many times I have gone to the grocery store wearing my fishing clothes and people have come up to me asking, "Do you know when Reverend Moon is coming back here to fish?" That is a wonderful experience for me. No one even really knows what I look like. I prefer not to be known and seen like that. I can be natural then.

Sometimes I go to the department store and I am not even wearing shoes, just some house slippers. The sales girls who are working don't even notice I am there. I go to the department stores in particular when the sales are on. I want to buy the expensive shoes for less than twenty dollars. I am wearing shoes that are made out of snake skin which are supposed to be more than 100 dollars. I will let you guess how much I paid for them. People don't think of me wearing sales items. I have a big, old Lincoln car, but I don't mind going straight to McDonald's with it. It's a long car. No other cars in the parking lot are like that. Such cars are usually in the high class Chinese restaurants, but for me, this kind of meal is normal. I enjoy treating the members to high class places, but I don't like to eat at those places myself. McDonald's is the usual place for me. If I explained precisely and clearly where we are going to be in just ten years you wouldn't work so hard, so I'm not going to tell you. What is precious is that I am teaching you how to do it yourself. I don't want you to miss out in getting due credit for the result. So then, will you work hard and make your own success? How many times have you prayed to God with fear in your heart? I pray like that all the time. I am serious to the point of my life. What do you feel when you go out to sea in a boat? What do you think about, what do you pray about? These are precious moments for your life.

We have to know the difference between farming on the land and going out to sea. Especially on the sea, you have to depend on God and the spiritual world to guide you. Farmers also depend on such things because they have to sense when is the right time to plant and harvest. They have to know a great deal about the weather, but on the ocean you have to be even more spiritual and religious. You are completely dependent upon nature.

I love to have that kind of experience with nature and God. That is why I go to sea. Even Mother sometimes doesn't understand why I go so much to the ocean. Sometimes I am so tired. However, I understand the heart of God. Without help from spiritual world, you cannot do anything on the ocean. I know this point very well.

Do you think that God is helping you? What do you think? Is God helping me? If there is a difference, why is it so? If you understand why there is a difference, you are on the way. The ocean even misses me and I too miss the ocean. The spiritual world assists me and God comes very close to me. There is a deep bond of love that is there. I make an appointment to go out on the sea and I am anxious to get there because Heavenly Father is waiting there with intense longing for me.

I push you so hard and it seems to be cold hearted and severe. Maybe you feel God should stop helping me because I am so harsh with you. It looks harsh to you. When you look at things as they come to you, from the front side, it looks like persecution and hardship. However, as you look back you can see that actually God was caring for you, giving you direction and guidance for your life. An ordinary person cannot receive the kind of blessing that God and I want to give to you. Do you understand this point? Love is a discipline. It is not an easy thing to do. You cannot just love some people and not others. You have to develop three things: a high spiritual antenna, a keen sense and mind for analyzing, and many experiences in life. Those three elements are necessary. You have to think of these things clearly right now. You are young and should fulfill what you are doing with your whole heart.

Specific Instructions for Ocean Church

When you go back, are you going to work even harder? I sometimes feel your words are cheap. Today, you say you will do it, but when you come back again next time, you might say, "Oh, we're sorry because we didn't really fulfill it." So, do your best. Please do your absolute best. You have studied my previous instructions, but I want to give you more specific instructions today. Please write them down:

A: Self training and management 1: Train yourself

Before you train others, train yourself first. If you think you are already well trained and disciplined, you have already made a big mistake.

2: Practice

Practice what you learn immediately. Fishing must be learned through experience.

3: Management of boats

Take care of your boat with a sincere heart and prayer. You have to make sure that you clean the boat and manage the boat. Learning comes through practice and training yourself. This is all under self discipline. This summer you are going to stay and sleep on the boat. That is also part of the training. The boat is the place for your training. You have to learn how to love your boat, how to really cherish it. Then it will provide for you everlasting memories for which you will always have a special fondness.

4: The boat is your objective purpose.

The boat is your life. You have to take care of it with just as much love as you would give your wife. Each day, before going out, you have to make a checklist of what is needed. You have to check each thing in order. By doing this, you must make sure that everything is in good, perfect working order. You cannot have the boat break down. You have to maintain a constant check list and go over it every day. Make sure you have the proper oil and gas, everything. If you do not properly maintain your boat, you may die. It is absolutely that serious. You will be out on the water and something may break down. This should never happen. Do you understand clearly?

B: Raising up members

1: Witness to others (and create yourself)

When you are witnessing to others you are also creating yourself. As you educate others, you are also educating yourself. Therefore, in order for you to reach your own perfection, you must raise others up along the way. If you bring 100 people and educate all of them, you become the person who can manage 100 people. You will grow and create yourself by that same amount. Membership is the foundation. From there you can raise funds for your programs and develop your programs. Without membership, you cannot do much of anything.

2: Teach the future plan clearly

Make this your motto, "Let us prosper together, you and I." You have to clearly teach the vision for the future and share it with your members.

3: Move towards the great promise of the fishing industry

I have already explained the tremendous potential and future of the fishing industry in America. You have to develop it at all costs .

4: Create the local support group

Create the five member group for each boat and form a committee organization that will guide the ocean related interests of your coastal city.

C: Obtain the support of the local leaders

1: Create the sponsorship to restore your city

Find at least one good civic leader who will sponsor your committee and support it. Unless you create that kind of sponsorship you cannot give away the boats and let them be used for the public purpose. The restoration of such people, your mayor and local leaders, is very important for the restoration of your coastal cities.

2: Redevelop the coastal city itself

3: Educate those who follow

4: Bring Unification to your city

Prevent divisions in your city. Unite those who care about the future of your city. Especially prevent the use of your city as a port for illegal smuggling.

5: Education and Fishing business

One supports the other. Ocean Church members, you have to eat don't you? Your programs cannot be successful without economic support of some kind. You have to create that support.

D: Ocean related concerns

1: Import and Export

Study the relationships involved in import and export. You don't know much about this area, but it is very important.

2: Process factory Study about process factories and the fish processing industry.

3: Other related industries

Learn about ocean related industries and equipment, such as net making, tackle and fishing gear in general.

4: Research Institute

Ocean Church should develop a research institute. You have to use the boats, take them out and accomplish something with them. That is your foundation. Unless you follow this direction, you cannot fulfill my idea for your future. You really have to study the different ways of fishing, such as long lining. Check into the kinds of baskets you have to use. Study the lines and hooks. You have to check and study and learn everything. Then improve the system.

Although I made the course for UTS graduates to go first to CARP, Ocean Church and then state leadership, those graduates who have special desire and ability can settle down in Ocean Church. This is how serious I am for the success of Ocean Church. I want the kind of member who is deeply interested in the ocean.

These are my specific instructions. I am serious about all these things and want you also to be serious with me. Use the boats for which you have been given responsibility. Go to sea. This is the only way you will make your foundation. I have given you my direct instructions, but you have to think about, find out and create ways to catch fish. You have to learn about long lining, gill netting, and all different kinds of fishing. You have to practice and find out.

If you are in Ocean Church, that must be your focus. If you come to Ocean Church, that is your primary concern and mission. Don't go the complicated way in life. If you have more than one mission, you have to put them in order of priority. Move quickly between two or more projects. Make sure, though, that you accomplish your major goal. I want to establish a clear tradition for the graduates of the Ph.D. program. When they finish their studies, they should come and experience Ocean Church.

They can go to the local cities and meet the Mayor and civic leaders with the members. I am concerned that Ocean Church not only be a fishing project, but a religious movement as well. The Ph.D. graduates have studied theology and can explain our ideas in a clear and precise manner. However, in order to become a true Ph.D. in the spiritual sense, you have to go through many, many experiences. So, think of yourself as going through my own special school. This is my intensive course for the spiritual Ph.D..

I have a special Ph.D. program for you. For everyone. You have to pass that program before you are qualified to be a church leader. You may have a Ph.D., but that is just external knowledge. You have to also learn internal knowledge. You at least have to pass through the ocean going experience. This course doesn't just apply to you, but to anyone who wants to teach, lecture, or guide others in the spiritual life.

There are many graduate students in other church departments and they have important roles, but if necessary, I would take them out of their positions and put them in a boat. We should witness to the professors in those areas and let them take on the responsibility.

I am sending many Ph.D. students to work in New ERA while they are still studying, but the first one to graduate from the doctorate course is our example today. It's important to understand the core point. He should go to the local cities and witness with the members to the leaders of that city. Now, it should be clear that I want to make Tyler into a great person. He isn't such a tough kind of man, so he needs to go to the ocean. From now on he has to learn everything that the members already know.

However, he is worried because he also has to teach at UTS and he has responsibilities with New ERA. Why should he worry? Don't worry! It's simple. You know you have to go fishing this summer, so just go out. Don't be so complicated. Only ride on the boat, only catch the fish. That's all! Ocean Church is not so difficult. I myself have many responsibilities, so I understand how this brother feels, and I know how you feel when you receive so many detailed instructions. However, please use your time on the ocean. It is necessary. Otherwise, why would I do it myself? I am making a point to all these departments, such as New ERA and ICUS. I am making a point to the Ph.D. graduates. The point is to focus on the present task and work really hard.

I have many different and difficult situations to deal with right now. So, I'm worried about all these problems. I know your situation very well. The question is, how quickly can each of you be developed into real leaders. That's a real problem. Ocean Church, you have to encourage and advertise about the summer program. Then, many people will want to come for the summer program. The summer program is a core training program. If the Ocean Church members, if your own manpower cannot do it, then I will organize the sisters, woman power. At this same time, I am preparing and thinking about a boat run by computerized electronics. It isn't any problem. Physical power is not important. Dedication is important. You can make up for power in many ways. So, if you cannot accomplish, I will find other members who will.

Some of the most famous fishermen in the world are Koreans. The Japanese are very good too, but they don't take many chances. Koreans love adventure. What ordinary people would never try, Koreans gladly do. Thus, the Korean fisherman has earned respect throughout the world today. Many fishermen are trained in Korea. They come from all over the world to be trained by Korean fishermen. Do you think you can do it? I am serious when I ask you this. I am not only asking about this summer. I am asking about your whole life. Can you do this with your whole heart? Can you do it? Will you do it? Your answer encourages me. Let us go forward. Let us pray.

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