Science & Absolute Values, 10 Addresses by Sun Myung Moon


The Reverend Sun Myung Moon is, I believe, the world's record holder for the sheer number and duration of sermons, lectures and speeches given in one lifetime. From the earliest days of his public ministry in Korea, he would speak continuously for hours to small groups of disciples. Often, he would lead his followers to the seashore or the peak of a mountain, to inspire them with words of spiritual guidance and teachings of the Divine Principle. In time, his regular public sermons attracted hundreds and thousands of people, from the most humble farmers, fishermen and common laborers, to the most distinguished clergy, scholars, public officials and professionals In 1975, the Reverend Moon climaxed his awesome record with a speech before 1.2 million people! Indeed, today there is no place on earth where his words have not reached.

The Reverend Moon's tireless dedication has been to the teaching of the Ideal of God and its practice, In his view, the Hope of God and religion is the salvation of the world from a pernicious evil in history and society, moreover, in the very substance of human existence. He has repeatedly emphasized that the path to recovery must be found in a revolution of human consciousness, far more fundamental than an industrial or technological revolution. Significantly, then, he has exerted himself to the fullest to make his views known among scientists, scholars and religious leaders, and to take the lead in accomplishing the historical mission of man's restoration.

In the early 1960's when the Unification Church was financially very poor, the Reverend Moon was yet able to initiate a significant Interfaith Movement. In 1968, he founded the International Cultural Foundation, Inc. to support various scholarly and cultural activities. For the past ten years, world-renowned scientists and scholars have been gathering at the annual International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, also founded by the Reverend Moon, to bring forth a harmony among the sciences and to seek a bright future for all mankind by establishing the true basis of value.

In extending my personal greetings to you, it is my sincere wish that through this collection of ICUS Founder's Addresses, the thought and Ideal of The Reverend Sun Myung Moon will be widely disseminated and practiced.

November 8,1982

Chung Hwan Kwak
Vice-Chairman, International Cultural Foundation, Inc.

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