Raising Children in God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 8. What the Parents Have to Leave Behind

1. What Should You Leave Behind?

The problem is what kind of life should I leave behind? Some of you may be over 60, some of you may be over 40, and there may be some really young people here. In the position you are in, what kind of life do you want to leave behind? You have to have the mind to worry about the future of this nation. You have to be able to feel by yourself what kind of mission you have. When you older people reflect on your past you will realize that you have no fruit, and you will probably feel that no matter how much you struggle you will not be able to reach the level you are seeking.

But the more you feel this, the more you understand about this, it is not a time to feel discouraged. You have to determine that for your remaining short life you have to invest yourself more and more with all your power to settle everything up. There is no need to worry that you are old, invest all your remaining life and make a new determination, thinking about how you should invest yourself for your country and for history. (35-18)

What should you leave in your lives? What should you leave? This is the big question. Can you feel solid standing in the position where you are standing? Even if you have done one thing well you can feel solid. In the last moment of your life you have to be able to say to God, "Father, I am a good child. You have to become a child with that kind of qualification. That person is greater than all the undefeated generals and history -- figures that changed human history. (45-265)

What remains forever? It is leaving the standard of goodness. I am telling the people in the Unification Church to do this. So the problem of whether you have done it or not done it will follow you around. You have to know how to be a person who knows how to repent if you take a nap during the day because you are tired. No one who has the wrong attitude can be happy. You have to understand this. (24-31)

There are many people in the world that live and eat well. There are many handsome men and pretty women. There have been many people who have been the hope of their village, but none of them could influence the world. In the world where people live and eat well, those who don't live well strive to do so. Do you understand? Even if they don't eat and live well, they still try to eat and live well. People are born to live for their family, live for their country or live for the world.

What is the purpose for being born? What do we absolutely have to leave behind? Climbing Baekdu Mountain? Saying that you have prayed on top of the highest mountain? No, it is not this. You have to leave a spiritual something that all the people can respect. For example, let us say that a patriot was killed fighting. The more wretched his death, the more desolate and forlorn the place is, the more value his death has. Do you understand what I am trying to say? The value is decided in reverse proportion to the circumstances. The things that move history cannot be seen. Isn't that so? (181-13)

So, our Unification Church members ... I am like a free spirit. Other people say I am great but I like to live it rough. I don't like appearances. I like nature itself. Even if I am wearing a suit I don't care if there is any dung, I just sit down without looking. I don't clean the place first. In our lives, can there be anything more simple and honest than nature? There are so many false things in the world. Do you understand? [Yes]

People in the Unification Church must know that the way of true love, the way to go into God's realm of love is not to advance yourself or put yourself forward. I have learned this through testing everything. People in this world who have a lot of money are waiting to leave it all to their children. You have to first prepare what you can leave to the world and then leave it to your children. That is the right order of things. In that way everything can be connected. (130-52)

What will you leave to your growing children? The only thing that you can leave to them is the fact that you can say, "I lived for the nation. I lived for the world." This is the greatest inheritance you can leave. Physical things, a masters' or doctoral degree are not important. "Live for the world." This is what you should leave your children. You should say to them, "You were born as a Korean but you are not Korean. You are a child of the world so you must live for the world. Not only that, you should live for heaven and earth." This is 'cosmosism'. People who have heard and understand this incredible truth must not be of little account. (29-223)

2. The Life Course We Have To Leave Behind

"What road will I take?" is the question you must ask yourselves. You have to understand this clearly. Some of you may pray for your physical or external environment. Those people will be swept away with the external, physical world. Those people who entered the Unification Church for their own benefit have left.

You have to become people who can complete your destiny as a pioneer for the sake of future mankind and the world, pledging to connect yourself to the true ideal of God. There is no value in worrying about who saw you do something. When you think that it is in the unseen, deepest places of your internal heart that you make a bond with God, you have to become a person who, whether somebody sees or not, is willing to go the way alone, shedding sweat and blood to take on the responsibility, and working hard to establish this bond with God.

What do you have to leave behind? There is no parent who will leave as a family heirloom a dirty used cloth that needs to be thrown away, for his loving children. You want to leave a precious thing that you have made through your sincere effort, a treasure that only mom and dad know about. You don't want to leave something that is useless. It has to be something that you want to keep until the end. Something that is more valuable than everything you own or have sold until now. You want to leave that kind of treasure. Then what is this treasure? The treasure in itself is not important. It is the love, the mind, and the sacrifice that the parents have put into this treasure. It represents the very heart of the parents. It is something that can move not just your own parents, but Heaven and earth as well. When it is a sacrifice that can conquer all the historical people, when you can instill this treasure in their young minds, this is the greatest treasure in history.

3. You Have to Go Leaving True Sons and Daughters Behind

Even if you have lived your life investing all your effort, even if you are about to take your last breath, you have to leave the sap of love as your fruit. You have to leave sons and daughters. Have you left this kind of son and daughter? Mongrels have given birth to baby mongrels. And you want to show your babies to me? Huh! You should be ashamed. Giving birth to babies in any old fashion. (146-25)

4. Let's Go Leaving a Tomb of Love

The only thing that you have to leave from your heart is the original love of the ideal realm. Centered on that love, we have to realize the ideal family, the ideal society, the ideal world, the ideal Kingdom of Heaven on earth based on the standard of the true blood lineage and the standard of true love. When you want to leave something, if your business is very successful and you want to establish a university, this is good, but what should you leave? You should leave a foundation of the results of your love. There is nothing besides that. (120-183)

What will I do with my life? Let's go leaving a tomb of love. That is the conclusion. Let's go leaving a tomb of love! There are no regrets if you live in a tomb of love. No matter how tedious life may be living near a tomb, if you live with love there are no regrets. Do you understand?

Let's leave a tomb of love when we go! Then we will gain the eternal victory of life. If you die after having lived that kind of life, God will bless you. He will bring His sons and daughters out to greet you. Then if it is a ring finger that has never had a ring put on it, God will put a diamond ring on it for you. If you have never been able to wear nice clothes, God will clothe you with the best clothes of the Kings of the Kingdom of Heaven. If the people of the world find out about it they will all want to live in this love tomb. Some tragic things might keep on happening in the world. But you can find extreme happiness in extreme tragedy.

Because I know this, this is why I have been living the way I have. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] What should I leave? [A love tomb] Don't forget it. Those people, who will say I will try to live like that, please raise your hands. You all raised your hands! God's blessing will be with you all. (97-169)

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