Raising Children in God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 7. The Parents' Responsibility is Heavy

Have you fulfilled your responsibility as a husband? I am asking, have you fulfilled your responsibility as a husband within your family? Let's not even think about your responsibility in the church for a moment. Have you fulfilled your responsibility to your wife, your children, your family and relatives? You should feel shame. The person who has failed in his responsibility and is in that ugly state that won't come to his mother and father's house feeling great reproof will perish. He is worse than a pig or a dog. You have to feel shame. The person who does so has hope. The person who tries to avoid this will perish. When a piece of cloth rots, it becomes like a piece of dung. (126-25)

This applies to you as well, but in the future blessed families have to raise up their sons and daughters well. I'm telling you, you have to raise them well. Originally, you should fence off your children from the world today. You should raise your children without letting them have any contact with the world. That is how important the parents' responsibility is. The parents have to use their wits to protect their children. Our age should be that of the pure blood lineage, pure blood lineage ... That is the ideal. Your children will be born intelligent according to how much the parents loved each other, depending on how much hope and love they had before having the baby. They will be born with a deep and beautiful nature. Your children have to be better than you, don't they? How can you make them be born better than you? If you do what I just said. The motivation for coming together is love and the more you love each other the purer your baby will be born. (66-227)

Because you are living in the age of transition you must be careful to decide on the right direction to take. Where must I go? If I am the fruit then I have to bear fruit. I have to become the seed and sprout roots and then I have to grow in this way and become a trunk and branches and spread out my roots and then flower. This is the public course. You have to know clearly that if you don't follow the public path connecting the past, present and future you cannot arrive at the eternal realm of love. Do you understand? [Yes] In order to do this, centering on the heart of longing you have for me and as a blessed husband and wife, you have to long for each other more than you long for me. You have to long for your children more than you long for me. I have the responsibility to graft you in this way. Because man lost his connection to true love, I, centering on the Will, have the mission to enable you to connect your mind and body to the realm of love. That is why I have to do what I am doing. (141-74)

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