Raising Children in God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 6. Bringing Your Sons and Daughters Before God

Even though you are living in the satanic world, you still have to remain faithful and keep your integrity towards Heaven. Did you regard the children you are raising as God's children? Did you think that you and your object partner belong to God? Did you think my parents, my ancestors, my race, and my country all belong to God? The ignorant people who are living on this earth do not know that they are moving towards this standard. Take a few moments to think about it. Is what I am saying true or false? You will come to realize that what I am saying is true. (8-85)

So whom do you think the things you have belong to? You have to think that they are the father's. Who must your sons and daughters offer everything to? They must offer everything to the father. Loyal sons and daughters who could have taken the place of Jesus should have been raised. If you have become a parent, then you should use any method you can to make your sons and daughters have the standard of the Unification Church. You must do this. (23-322)

You have to restore your Cain family quickly. The person you try to witness to must be a filial son or daughter in the Cain world. You have to go to the countryside, you have to look everywhere to find filial sons and daughters that you can witness to. When the time comes these people will appear.

Seen in that light you also have to bring your own families into the Unification Church. You have to offer everything you own including your sons and daughters, to God. You have to return them to God so that they can be restored in God's name ... Everything you have owned until now has been dirtied by Satan. If you don't return everything to God and have it purified, and then receive it again, then you have no foundation to live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

If you offer everything to God then the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will spread. Do you understand what I am saying? Centering on God's ownership is how your own base for the Kingdom of Heaven is made. It is the condition of restoration to restore satanic ownership to God's ownership. Do you understand what I am saying? You haven't done this until now. We haven't been able to clear up this problem yet. We haven't done it. (131-151)

Even those people who have love will die one day. You have to bear the fruit of love before you die. If you don't, the love will not be able to return to its proper position. I will give you an example. Let us think of a fruit. If you sow the seed in the spring season, the roots sprout and it grows. The leaves come out, then the flowers bloom and after that the fruit comes. The owner feels joy on seeing the fruit. Isn't the fruit of a farmer his harvest?

God is the same. He planted the seed of humankind. Do you think He just planted a male seed? Or a male and female seed together? [Together] Planting the male and female seed together, the children sprouted roots and made a Moon seed, a Park seed and ...

As the trunk increased, the branches spread all over the world and the flowers bloomed according to the seasons. There were some successful families and some not so successful families. The summer causes the leaves of the weak trees to appear sparse. The season when the leaves should be plentiful is the summer but it is natural law that the leaves have to become thin in the autumn. It is not a bad thing that the trees become thin. Through the leaves dropping off, the hidden fruit can be ripened, which is a time for joy. Do you understand what I am saying?

In the wintertime no matter how thickly the snow covers the tree and although the tree looks like a dead tree, the owner who has picked the fruit of that tree has hope. He is not worried and he says to the tree, "I picked this fruit from you and with it I'll be able to multiply you a million times and make our garden green. I'll make an orchard where I can harvest much more fruit like this one."

In the same way, there has to be fruit on the road of love. What is that fruit from man's point of view? [Children] Children, and what do you have to do with your children? You have to return them back to nature. They are not your sons and daughters. Mankind has a common responsibility to harvest the fruit centered on the master of the universe and multiply it. So you have to put your children in the warehouse of your country. You shouldn't put them in your own warehouse and keep them for you own use. If you have to think it will be a good idea to offer the best of them for use in the country's garden. It is the parents' hope that their child can be an important person for their country. Isn't that so? [Yes] (177-115)

What do you have to do after you enter the Unification Church? You have to resemble the image of God. That will be a glorious day. And after that I am saying let's resemble the nature of Adam and Eve. This should be your hope. What I am really saying is that you should resemble me. And according to how much you resemble me, God will automatically love -- as he loves Adam -- His grandchildren who resemble him. You don't need to seek to be loved by God. You can't go back to this point from here. You can't go back to this point from Adam's point either.

You have to pass through these three stages. Why? Because the universal principle requires three stages. Do you understand? [Yes] When should we die? The person who dies after he has married off his sons and daughters and seen his grandchildren get married will receive glory. Do you understand what I am saying? You have to know how to love three generations. You have to stand and feel things in the mother and father's position, in the son and daughter's position and in God's position. You have to have grandchildren before you can stand in God's position.

Why is that? If God and Adam and Eve are in a vertical relationship, who are those born to the horizontal relationship? They are grandchildren. Isn't that right? If Adam becomes one with God, the horizontal position means his sons and daughters. When Adam and Eve become one, sons and daughters are born. It requires three generations. You send out your grandchildren in all directions. Do you see? In all directions... That should start from the third stage. (96-234)

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